Military Review

Weekly summary (16-22 of January) on the military and social situation in the DPR from the military officer "Mag"

The military review publishes a new report on the state of affairs in the Donetsk People's Republic from the war correspondent Mag. Spelling and punctuation of the original source saved.

Regarding the capture of "gray areas". The APUs have indeed occupied gray areas for a year and a half, since July 2015. They in 2015 occupied 7 from 8 villages in the “gray zone”. What violated the Minsk agreement.

The "gray zones" are not politicians' inventions or anyone else there; they arise during hostilities, most often they arise during positional hostilities, for example, open space between heights, where there is simply no possibility and tactical sense to hold positions. If you take these positions, the personnel suffer heavy losses from the dominant heights. Some zones are 200-300 wide meters between the positions of the NPT and the LC, others up to 1000-1500 meters.

In the LPR, there is the Seversky Donets river, the front goes along it, and it is a “gray zone”, we have the Kalmius river in the DPR, it stretches to the Sea of ​​Azov, along it also runs the front and the “gray zone”. But around large cities, such as Donetsk, Makeevka, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka or Lugansk, there the “gray zone” is 200-300 meters, this territory between the city and the satellite town, for example: - Donetsk and Marinka or Lugansk and Stanitsa Luganskaya.

Thus, the occupation of such “gray zones” is a political PR and the race for the ranks and rewards of the officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard, and the price is for the life of Ukrainian soldiers and equipment. It would be understandable if the occupations of the “gray zones” secured the flank of the subunit or improved the positions of the personnel. And so, it makes no sense to sit on shelled open areas or in lowlands, they do not improve the disposition of the battalion company, tactically this is wrong and, as a result, the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffer heavy losses.

In the first three weeks of the new year, the DPR lost 12 killed and wounded 13 soldiers. Eternal memory to the defenders of Donbass!

16.01.17, Monday

00: The 15 in the YABP area (Yasinovatsky block post) continues intense shelling. A lot of mines and shells fly in our positions. 07: 00 Good morning! Skirmishes at the airport, YaBP, Zaitsevo. Work to / to machine guns, snipers and 82-mm mortars.

In principle, before lunch across the front line, there were short firefights and shelling of AGS and mortars. We do not even consider this to be a battle and shelling - we are used to it.

17: 00 on the front line Airport - Spartak - YaBP - Red Partizan battles and shelling. Used small, RPG, AGS, LNG-9 and mortars.
18: 50 until midnight the Armed Forces of Ukraine were bombarded by the villages of Aleksandrovka, Staromikhailovka and Trudovskie in the western suburbs of Donetsk, the Airport, the neighborhood of Volvo-Center, as well as the villages of Veseloe, Spartak, Vasilyevka of the Yasinovatsky district and the territory of the industrial zone in the north of Donetsk.
21: 10 heard a strong cannonade at the Airport. APU are firing from artillery.
21: 30 on the front line Sands - Volvo-Center - Airport - Spartak - YaBP, strong fights continue. In the area of ​​the village of Spartak, our soldier was killed.
22: 30 in the YaBP area is another strong art attack. Also work small, mortars.
22: 50 mkr-Oktyabrsky under fire from APU mortar batteries.

“One soldier of the DPR died from mortar fire of the Ukrainian artillery,” said the deputy commander of the operational command of the Republic, Eduard Basurin.

"We found that one soldier of the 54 brigade, unable to withstand heartless attitude and constant extortion from the command, after heavy use of alcohol shot at the location of the unit more than 15 colleagues, seven of whom died on the spot, the rest were injured with varying severity hospitalized" , - Major Andrey Marochko, the official representative of the People's Militia of the LPR, declared.

During the first day of the week, we were shot at 427 times, of them: mines of 82-mm and 120-mm 143 times, 122-mm and 152-mm 28 times, the rest were fired from grenade launchers, equipment and various rifle guns. weapons.

DNR Children in the Dolomite came under fire from the Ukrainian Nazis:


17.01.17, Tuesday

07: 00 Good morning! Kominternovo, Aleksandrovka, Trudovskiy, Airport positional shooting. Zaytsevo village under mortar fire.
Voenkor Marina Kharkiv: - “From the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 7 in the morning of January 17, mortar firing began again on the northern suburb of Gorlovka - Zaytsevo village. The fire was fired by single volleys, the Ukrainian fighters conducted a disturbing bombardment, the mines lay down anywhere. But closer to 8 in the morning, mines began to burst near the village school. The school building, built half a century ago, had an attic space, whose entrance from the roof looks like a booth. After the fire from the mortars became more sighting, one of the mines fell into the attic "booth." But since there was no one in the attic or on the roof of the school at the time of hitting the mine, there were no casualties. As it turned out later, it seemed to the Ukrainian military that in the garret “booth” a sniper of the DPR army equipped his position. Mortar was ordered to destroy the sniper point. But it turned out that the fire from the mortars was fired at the absent sniper. ”

07: 50 residents of Dokuchaevsk hear a strong cannonade. Under shelling of 120-mm mortars, the village of Yasnoye, as a result of the shelling, the boiler room and the gas pipeline were damaged.

Before lunch, there was no strong mortar and art attacks. The situation is calm.

17: 50 APF and the village Zaytsevo under fire from small arms and mines.
18: 35 village Zaitsevo north of Gorlovka continues to suffer from rifle and mortar attacks. Also under shelling the outskirts of the village Golmovsky.
19: 00 Airport and Oktyabrsky md under heavy shelling of heavy artillery, with 10 minute breaks.
21: 00 on the southern front in the areas of the settlements of Kominternovo and Sakhanka art duel.
22: 15 on the airport-Spartak-YaBP front line under heavy mortar and art shelling. Several 120-mm mines hit the Kievsky district.
22: The 30 southern front near the villages of Kominternovo and Sakhanka rattles again from shelling. Work mortars and art on both sides.
22: 50 YaBP under heavy art shelling.

Our intelligence continues to record the movement and strengthening of the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces by personnel and equipment. In the area of ​​the village of Maryinka (1 km from the front), we noticed the location of three tanks T-64 and 82-mm mortar batteries. In the area of ​​Mayorsk (1,5 km from the front) and the village of Kodema (6 km from the front line), DNR intelligence noted the arrival of engineering equipment for mine clearance work, presumably with the aim of preparing a springboard for offensive operations.

During the day, we were shot at 682 times, of them: mines of 82-mm and 120-mm 193 times, 122-mm and 152-mm 48 times, the rest were fired from grenade launchers, equipment and various small arms.

18.01.17, Wednesday

01: 00 in the area of ​​the village Elenovka go shooting and mortar fights. 01: 30 in the area of ​​the village Kalinovo (LNR) shooting and mortar shelling. The APU is afraid of our DRG and is simply beating on the landings.

07: 00 Good morning! In the Airport-YaBP area shooting, in the Svetlodar arc, mortar shelling.
08: 50 on the southern front is a strong battle, shooting, mortars and artillery.

Daytime standard calm, with the exception of short skirmishes, and the work of the BMP-2 in the Avdeevskaya promka area.

18: The 18 southern front is again under fire from mortars and artillery.
19: 50 between the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Peski and our positions in the Volvo-center shooting battle, is also used RPG and AGS.
21: 00 in the area of ​​the village Zaitsevo north of Gorlovka shooting and mortar combat. East of the village Golmovsky also mortar shelling.

Our intelligence recorded the movement of personnel and vehicles in the Novgorodskoye area (6 km from the front) of three Gvozdika self-propelled guns 122-mm and three T-64 tanks, in the Don area (24 km from the front), 200 tons of ammunition was delivered to Artemovsk (20 km from the front) arrived train with personnel of 300 soldiers and auto equipment.

During the day, we were shot at 71 times, of them: mines of 82-mm and 120-mm 18 times, 122-mm and 152-mm 12 times, the rest were fired from grenade launchers, equipment and various small arms.

19.01.17, Thursday

00: 15 on the airport-Spartak-YaBP front line under the APU mortar fire.
In the morning it was quiet, people quietly went to the reservoirs and celebrated the holiday with ablution. Honestly, I thought how it used to happen during the Orthodox holidays of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began heavy shelling. This time it cost.

Military Kharkov Marina Kharkov:

“For a group of warriors of the Ukrainian army, serving in one of the units stationed in the city of Kurakhovo (30 kilometers west of Donetsk, on the highway to Zaporozhye), the 2017 baptism morning of the year was not at all festive. It was only 7 in the morning when several Ukrainian warriors headed for the shore of the Kurakhovsky reservoir, where they were going to break through the ice hole and plunge into the water to mark the day of baptism.

The path to the reservoir ran through a field covered with bushes. Suddenly, an explosion thundered. As it turned out, one of the soldiers ran into a mine-stretch, one of those that the Ukrainian military themselves had densely stumbled across. Instead of bathing, it was necessary to urgently assist two wounded and call for help to evacuate the injured to Kurakhovo hospital.

19 January in 8 hours of the morning near the village of Vesele (area of ​​the former airport of Donetsk) from the position of the Ukrainian army seemed APU armored personnel carrier. He began to cruise on the field, not far from the unfinished part of the bypass road near Donetsk and near the rural houses. It was clear that the Ukrainian military had specifically sent an armored personnel carrier to a prominent place, hoping that the units of the DNI army would open fire on the car and light their firing points. The Ukrainian military command constantly arranges such provocative attacks on different sectors of the front. Therefore, it was decided not to open fire on an armored personnel carrier. The BTR of the enemy without firing went for a look at the fighters of the DPR army for 15 minutes, after which he returned to the Ukrainian positions. ”

15: 40 on the airport-Spartak-YaBP front line began shooting and mortar fighting.
21: 45 at the Airport throughout the evening on this festive day continued shooting and mortar fighting.
21: 50 in the area of ​​the village Zaitsevo also shooting and mortar fighting.

During the day we were shot at 322 times, of them: mines of 82-mm and 120-mm 128 times, 122-mm and 152-mm 22 times, the rest of the shelling was carried out with grenade launchers, equipment and various small arms.

20.01.17, Friday

01: 25 near Kalinovo village (LPR) shelling our positions from small, RPG and mortars. 05: 00 Good morning! In the area of ​​the airport I work to / to machine guns. Who for whom it is not clear.
06: 00 near the village of Zaitsevo, a short morning battle with the use of short-cut machine guns and 82-mm mortars.
08: 35 in the Airport area positional infantry and mortar battles. From the direction of the village Skilled VNU are shelling the airport from two 120-mm mortars.
08: The 45 APU began bombardment of the Yelenovka checkpoint, and DNR soldiers and civilians came under fire. One of the large-caliber bullets from the rebound hit the bus.

10: 00 village Kalinovo (LNR) under shelling mines 82-mm and 120-mm.

Until the evening it was quiet. Apparently after the shelling of the Yelenovka checkpoint, they fell silent.

17: 00 on the airport-Spartak-YaBP front line, heavy shelling, 152-mm projectiles are flying at us. A little later, shooting and mortar fighting began, and RPG, AGS, LNG-9 and ZU are also working.

17: 50 in the area of ​​Putilovsky forest was shelling of the Grad MLRS, missiles hit the area where the technical school is located.

MLRS hit card

18: 45 on the airport-Spartak-YaBP front line positional battles and exchanges of 82-mm mines.
20: 45 is our artillery firing on the suppression of mortar shells that attack the areas of the Airport and the YaBP.
20: 50 Petrovsky district of Donetsk under fire from mortars.

Our intelligence continues to monitor the movement of personnel and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So, to the west of the capital of the Republic, in the area of ​​Marinka (1 km from the front), the DPR reconnaissance revealed the location of foreign sappers to ten people. Near the village of Memrik north of Donetsk (in 18 km from the front), Republican intelligence has established the location of mercenaries of private military companies on the territory of a pioneer camp to 100. In addition, in Kurakhovo (18 km from the front), the Pension Zenith staff arrived at the recreation center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs prior to 45 to identify citizens assisting the DPR, as well as to monitor the interaction of the territorial battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the SBU.

During the day we were shot at 579 times, of them: mines of 82-mm and 120-mm 129 times, 122-mm and 152-mm 40 times with 122-mm 20 missiles (incomplete package), the rest were fired with grenade launchers, equipment and various small arms.

21.01.17, Saturday

07: 00 Good morning! At the airport and the village of Zaitsevo, traditionally shelling machine guns and mortars.
Before the evening there were short skirmishes without the use of mortars and artillery.
16: 50 in the Broad Beam region operates a machine gun, ZU-23 and AGS.
18: 30 on the airport-Spartak-YaBP front line shooting battles and mortars from time to time. The same situation in the village of Zaitsevo in the north of Gorlovka is also a constant sound of small arms and occasionally.
19: 40 in the area of ​​the village Zaitsevo began to fly shells of artillery.
22: 30 on the airport-Spartak-YaBP frontline is a four-hour long battle and shelling mortars and artillery.
23: 00 Yasinovataya came under fire, there is a hit, but the projectile did not explode.

During the day, we were shot at 1428 times, of them: mines of 82-mm and 120-mm 306 times, 122-mm and 152-mm 60 times, the rest were fired from grenade launchers, equipment and various small arms.

22.01.17, Sunday

09: 00 Good morning! The shelling of mines at 120-mm Airport. The attacks seemed quiet until the evening. 16: 00 of Zaitsevo and Golmovsky villages under heavy shelling. Flies from Svetlodarsk and Mayorsk. In the direction of Uglegorsk, too, a couple of shells flew to the area of ​​Dairy on the positions of the BCH.
17: 00 in the area of ​​the settlements Zaitsevo and Golmovsky more than an hour there are fights and shelling. All the armament works, from machine guns to artillery and equipment.
17: 45 from the village of Sands works to / to the machine gun on our positions in the Volvo - Center. Strong shooting battle. In my opinion, the anti-tank gun "Rapier" also works for me.
17: 50, our artillery is trying to suppress the firing points of the APU.
18: 50 in the Airport area - YaBP battles and art duels for an hour. Works all the weapons.
19: 00 village Zaitsevo again takes mines and shells, a short respite is over.
20: 50 is our otvetka on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Avdeevka area.
21: 00 on the front line Airport - Spartak - YaBP new strong arrivals, mutual combat and mortar and art duels.
22: 40 after a short break, our positions on the ABF under the new shelling of Ukrainian artillery.
22: 50 is our response to the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Avdiivka area. According to local residents, from the point of view of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, ambulances drove all night.

Our intelligence revealed the location of the APU equipment, including reactive. So in the area of ​​settlements: Zamozhnoe (in 2,5 km from the front) of two T-64 tanks; Artyomovsk (in 20 km from the front) 18 MLRS Grad.

Over the last day of the week, we were shot at 722 times, of which: mines of 82-mm and 120-mm 200 times, 122-mm and 152-mm 33 times, 125-mm 10 tank shells, the rest of the attacks were made with grenades , equipment and various small arms.

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  1. salad
    salad 24 January 2017 13: 10 New
    # 101 kids feel sorry, suffer from Bandera shelling! Ukrainians with whom are you fighting?
    1. 210ox
      210ox 24 January 2017 14: 35 New
      They are fighting with the people .. Not even their own .. Including with the children .. Once again proves that the Minsk conspiracy does not lead to anything good.
      Quote: salat
      # 101 kids feel sorry, suffer from Bandera shelling! Ukrainians with whom are you fighting?
  2. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 24 January 2017 13: 14 New
    Hello everyone! Finally, the administration uploads a full summary of photos and videos. Thanks so much!
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 24 January 2017 13: 54 New
      Quote: Lord of the Sith
      Thanks so much!
      Thank you and a deep bow!
      1. 210ox
        210ox 24 January 2017 16: 51 New
        I note a bad symptom .. On the topic of the war in the Donbass there were few comments .. This means that people got used to what is happening, it has become commonplace.
        Quote: Tol100v
        Quote: Lord of the Sith
        Thanks so much!
        Thank you and a deep bow!
        1. Deniska999
          Deniska999 24 January 2017 16: 58 New
          Why comment? Every day, shelling steadily occurs. So already 2 years.
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 24 January 2017 19: 52 New
      Quote: Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith

      Hello, Sergey.
      Thanks for the details. Today you have been fired for 1000 times. How to withstand this? Impotence to do anything in response is depressing. We are very worried about you. And in the "Minsk" complete calm, damn it. soldier
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 24 January 2017 20: 02 New
        Hello! We are used to it, and the same suburbs are fired upon. There will be increased fighting and shelling closer to February. Then the decline will begin.
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 24 January 2017 20: 06 New
          Quote: Lord of the Sith
          We are used to

          Habit is second nature. Hold on, men, and take care of yourself.
  3. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 24 January 2017 13: 27 New
    What the hell do you give to the whole territory? ?? Even these gray areas are a convenient springboard for shelling !!! fool The republics must immediately give ten meters back, !! This creeping expansion is in the air, and the republics have only one way out - do not give back a centimeter! !!
    1. libivs
      libivs 24 January 2017 15: 30 New
      I recommend sending this question to the author of the Minsk papers - V.Yu. Surkov (Dudaev) and he will explain to you the policies of the Party and the President.
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 24 January 2017 13: 39 New
    In general, one thing can be understood. The APU is slowly creeping into the “gray zones”, passing off this as its crawl for sharp changes.
  5. Natalia777
    Natalia777 24 January 2017 14: 09 New
    Where is the UN Security Council? Where is the OSCE? Do not cope with their mission? They can not calm down the APU! Even a resolution cannot be organized on the recognition of war crimes of the Kiev Junta and the Armed Forces of Ukraine against citizens of Donbass. Why it happens? - Because there are a lot of American puppets divorced in international organizations. Therefore, there is no peace on earth.
  6. Vitalson
    Vitalson 24 January 2017 15: 00 New
    pig grunts can only fight the civilian unarmed population.
  7. kav1
    kav1 25 January 2017 12: 28 New
    Even if you imagine the ideal option that the war was over, the Donbass admitted that the soldiers returned not to the barracks, but to their homes, etc., etc. - mine fields remain. I do not think that both sides have detailed mining maps and after the hostilities they will share them. So civilians will have to pay for someone’s stupidity and greed for a long time to come. Well and yet, of course, I can not help but say. The Orthodox celebrated both Christmas and Baptism. Fasted. They started talking. Plunged into the hole. And with a cleansed soul and heart (in the name of Christ) they went to destroy the "enemies." And the church elite, meanwhile, is busy appropriating yet another cathedrals and reserved lands, again to the glory ... Gapon is not the first - Cyril is not the last. And so we live: without a homeland, without faith ...