Victory Day in the Battle of Stalingrad

Victory Day in the Battle of Stalingrad

February 2 in Russia marks the Day of the defeat of the German forces by the Soviet forces in the Battle of Stalingrad. This memorable day was introduced in March 1995 by the federal law “On the days of military glory (victory days) of Russia”. 2 February 1943 surrendered to German troops, who were surrounded at Stalingrad during Operation Uranus. The defeat of the Nazi troops in the Battle of Stalingrad marked the beginning of a radical change in the Great Patriotic War, the transition of a strategic initiative to the Soviet armed forces, caused a huge international response.

This battle not only demonstrated to the whole world the growth of the skill of Soviet commanders, the combat skills of Soviet infantrymen, artillerymen, pilots, tankers, but also showed examples of unprecedented courage, heroism and perseverance of Soviet people. In the fierce battle of Stalingrad, people displayed personal and collective heroism. The mass heroism of the Soviet soldiers led the Nazis into confusion. The Germans were incomprehensible to the actions of the Soviet people, who were beaten down by the Bolshevik commissars. The exploits of ordinary soldiers frightened the Germans, instilled in them a sense of fear and self-doubt. Reading pages stories Stalingrad battle, getting acquainted with the selfless deeds of people, each time amazed by their stamina, strength of mind, will and courage. These people really loved their Soviet homeland, believed in its bright future and were ready to defend it to the last drop of blood, to fulfill their duty until the end.

Here are just some of the heroes of this battle.

Sniper Peter A. Goncharov (15.01.1903 - 31.01.1944). Before the war, he worked as a chopper of the Krasny Oktyabr metallurgical plant in Stalingrad. He enlisted in the Red Army in 1942, becoming a fighter of the regiment of the working militia. In September 1942, the regiment in which Peter served, held defenses in the area of ​​the village of Old Horn. During the fight, he was at the mortally wounded armor-piercer, taking his anti-tank rifle, Peter Goncharov with the first shots fired an enemy tank. Soon, his talent shooter was noticed and transferred to snipers.

He mastered the rifle to perfection and the battle for Stalingrad destroyed near 50 enemies. Sniper 44-th Guards Rifle Guards Regiment, Senior Sergeant Peter Goncharov (15-I Guards Rifle Division, 7-I Guards Army, Voronezh Front) to 25 June 1943, liquidated from a sniper rifle 380 enemy soldiers, from a man, a man in a command of a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man and a man, In addition, he became a sniper mentor, teaching 9 snipers. Unfortunately, the hero did not live up to the Victory. 31 January 1944 in the battle for the village of Vodyanoe, Sofia District, Dnipropetrovsk region, he died (by this time, he had already killed about 450 enemies). Received the Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

The feat of 16 Guardsmen led by Junior Lieutenant V. D. Kochetkov. At the beginning of August 1942, a very difficult situation developed on the Stalingrad Front in the area of ​​operations of the 62nd Army. On August 7-9, 1942, units of the 6th German army, trying to break through to the Volga, pushed the Soviet troops to the left bank of the Don, our units were surrounded in the area of ​​the city of Kalach. Our troops fought stubborn defensive battles. It was on these days that sixteen guardsmen performed their feat. They occupied a defense on the crest of a height of 180.9. August 18, 1942 was the day of their immortal glory. On this day, they repelled 5 attacks by enemy infantry. Their motto was the words - “Not a step back!” At dawn on August 19, they were attacked. Tanks the enemy - 12 cars. They had no guns or PTR, only grenades, ran out of ammunition. Many, including the commander, were already injured.

The soldiers at the cost of their lives burned the 4 tank, only four survived: Chirkov, Stepanenko, Shuktomov, and the seriously wounded junior lieutenant Kochetkov (it later turned out that P. A. Burdin and G. A. Unzhakov survived after their wounds). The Germans trembled and retreated. Only two tanks stubbornly attacked. Chirkov, Stepanenko and Shuktomov with grenades lumped with a cry: “You won’t take us!”, Rushed at the enemy and burned the German cars. When reinforcements reached the line, they found the 6 of the destroyed German vehicles and the bodies of the dead guards. They died, but defended the line. By order of the Military Council 2 of October 1942, the fighters P. A. Burdin, I. I. Gushchin, N. V. Dokuchaev, V. D. Kochetkov, B. A. Chirkov, M. A. Shuktomov were posthumously awarded the Order of Lenin, and the rest ten soldiers - the Order of the Red Star.

In honor of them, the poet Serafim Popov dedicated the ballad “Stalingrad”:

If you ever come to the Volga,
At the mass grave bow the head.
Sixteen - they put the hearts
For breathing and singing a song.

Senior Sergeant Ilya Vasilyevich Voronov. He was the commander of the machine-gun crew of the 42 Guards Regiment of the 13 Guards Division, one of the fighters of the legendary group of Lieutenant I. F. Afanasyev, who for almost two months defended Pavlov’s House. 24 November 1942, a detachment of soldiers received orders to repel the "dairy house" from the Nazis and hold it. On the night of the 25, the Guards seized the house, their commander died in battle - First Lieutenant I.I. Naumov, Pavlov and other soldiers were wounded. Voronov was also injured. In the morning the Germans went to the counter, 9 Guardsmen were surrounded, but continued the battle. Ravens shoots at the enemy from the "maxim". All day long there was a fierce battle, Voronov was wounded several times, but did not leave the position. When a shard of a mine broke his hand, he threw grenades at another. Only when a new explosion broke his leg, he lost consciousness. When a rescue came to the rescue, the survivors were rescued and the wounded were taken to the hospital, Voronov took the fragments out of the 25 body. He survived, although he lost his leg, began to work in agriculture.

Sergeant Viktor Andreevich Rogalsky (1922 - 10 August 1942 of the year). Before the war he worked as a mechanic at a soda factory in the city of Slavyansk. During the war, he became the pilot of the 673 assault air regiment. 10 August 1942, a group of attack aircraft operated in the area of ​​the crossing over the river Don. During one of the approaches, an enemy shell hit the plane, the car caught fire. Rogalsky sent a storm trooper to the enemy convoy, dying, destroyed up to 10 units of enemy equipment.

Sniper Anatoly Ivanovich Chekhov. Before the war he worked at a chemical plant. The Great Patriotic War revealed in him the talent of an extraordinary shooter. In September 1942, his 39 Guards Rifle Regiment approached the burning Stalingrad. Chekhov was distinguished by the fact that he defeated the enemy mainly on higher ground, so that he could not be detected by shots, made a silencer, did not shoot in poor light. In addition, he tried to have a light wall in front of him or behind him. Once in two days he destroyed 17 enemies. On the streets of Stalingrad, Chekhov destroyed the 256 Nazis. He was 19 years old when General Rodimtsev directly on the front presented him with the Order of the Red Banner. In addition, he taught the division snipers, by November there were several dozen snipers in the division, they had over 2 thousand enemies.

In 1943, near Kiev, Anatoly Chekhov was seriously wounded, his foot was blown off by a sniper. Having recovered, he went to work as a gas welder.

Fighter 10-th division of the operational forces of the NKVD Alexei Egorovich Vashchenko (1921 - 05.09.1942). September 5 The 272 Infantry Regiment of the 10 Division of the NKVD and a detachment of cadets of the Krasnodar Military School held defenses in the Experimental Station, Verkhnyaya Yelshanka and Sadovaya stations. The Germans rushed to the Volga, threw into battle tanks and infantry. The company of the regiment's automatons under the command of Junior Lieutenant S.I. Borisova secretly advanced to the height of 146,1 in order to hit the flank of the enemy who had penetrated into the Soviet positions. Trying to repel the counterattack, the Germans attacked her with powerful fire from small weapons and mortars, especially strongly prevented the company from a machine gun, which was in the bunker and hit the flank. A company attack was stopped. Then private A. Vashchenko entered into combat with the German firing point. The fighter rose to his full height and rushed to the bunker. Vashchenko managed to get close to the enemy firing point and throw a grenade, but at the same moment the machine-gun fire hit the soldier. The German machine gun was silent, but as soon as the company rose to the attack again, he opened fire. The fighters again lay down. Seriously wounded Alex, overcoming weakness and pain, rushed to the embrasure of the bunker and covered it with his body. The company went ahead, destroying up to two platoons of enemy infantry and 5 firing points of the Germans. In this fight, the squad leader S.I. Borisov. Vashchenko was posthumously awarded the Order of Lenin. Lieutenant Borisov was posthumously awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Saninstruktor Natalia Aleksandrovna Kachuevskaya (1922 - 20 November 1942). Natasha volunteered for the front, carried out the wounded from the battlefield 79. In one of the battles in the area of ​​Stalingrad, the Germans broke into the Soviet rear. She took part in the battle, fired from the enemy, when German soldiers surrounded the ravine, where the wounded were hiding, she rushed to meet and blew up a grenade, destroyed 10 enemies.

Medical instructor Marionella (Gulya) V. Koroleva (September 9 1922 - November 23 1942). I went to the front as a volunteer. 23 November 1942 of the year during the fight for the height of 56,8 Korolev carried out wounded soldiers from the battlefield 50, brought grenades to the soldiers. When the critical moment came - the commander was killed, she raised the fighters in a counterattack and the first one broke into the enemy fortification. In battle, she personally destroyed 15 enemies, although she was already twice wounded (one of the wounds was fatal). She continued to fight until reinforcements arrived. In January 1943, the command of the Don Front was posthumously awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

When you read such stories, you understand that our grandfathers, great-grandfathers, ancestors were real titans, people made of steel. Therefore, they won.
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  1. Sergh
    2 February 2012 08: 41
    Glory to the Heroes and Veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad! Eternal memory to those who died in the Great Patriotic War!
    Since childhood, I read all books related to the Second World War. Now they write in a new way, anyway I read.
    1. Lech e-mine
      2 February 2012 11: 50
      [/ URL] [/ img]

      a good fascist is a dead fascist.
  2. +17
    2 February 2012 08: 44
    Eternal glory
  3. +17
    2 February 2012 08: 47
    Everlasting memory !
  4. Igaryok
    2 February 2012 08: 49
    Thank the granfather for the victory!
  5. Vrangel
    2 February 2012 08: 50
    Entire generations of patriots will be brought up at the Battle of Stalingrad.
    1. +8
      2 February 2012 13: 07
      But for this we must not blow into the existence of films such as ENEMY at the gates --- where Hollywood scoffs at our ancestors.

      We need new feature films, preferably with special effects, so that N. Mikhalkov had nothing to do with them.
      1. +3
        2 February 2012 14: 54
        And so that the Minsk Film Studio would shoot like "Brest Fortress".
        About such people as our soldiers, it was said two hundred years ago - miracle heroes. The Germans still do not understand this impulse, this heroism.
      2. 0
        6 February 2012 01: 41
        the film is so-so, Vasily Zaitsev himself said that such as he were heroes who, during the war, were approaching victory as much as they could, millions, after the war, in Germany, when he spoke in the hall in front of the German public and told, at the request of German comrades, about his sniper duel with Major Koenig , during his story in the hall, a woman stood up to the question of what happened, she said that she was the daughter of that same Major Koenig, as soon as she said this, the KGB officers immediately sent Vasily Grigorievich under heavy protection to the USSR, fearing for his life (after all, he destroyed 225 soldiers and officers of the enemy) feared revenge from the relatives of the victims ... I agree with you with Hollywood's mockery of us, but what's the point of being offended by a country where even the Seden elections are clowning, and humor prevails in culture below the belt, I personally have not seen our thin .films about Vasily Zaytsev, only a documentary film and even then after the release of the feature film "the enemy at the gates" ....
  6. karserik
    2 February 2012 09: 22
    Thank the granfather for the victory!
  7. Region71
    2 February 2012 09: 22
    I am always amazed at the stamina and courage of an entire generation. It is sad that a century has not passed since the heroic deed of the Soviet people, and the grandchildren of those who showed massive heroism can print postcards with the image of German tanks, soldiers and planes and the inscription by the victory day. such is necessary for the abuse of the memory of heroes.
  8. +21
    2 February 2012 09: 25
    We can’t beat anyone, but because we are!
    1. +11
      2 February 2012 09: 50
      Submariner +1000, and another topic .....
      1. Desert Fox
        2 February 2012 11: 16
        We are not just such, we are not just such a nation! We are Russians!!!


        Just now I read this article, and stabbed at heart. These were our fathers and grandfathers. They were persecuted, tortured, destroyed, but they still did business, lived on aspirations and goals no matter what. Pressure, repression, poverty, meanness of worthless kov could not stop their dreams and desires DESIRE TO LIVE. But most importantly, they had these dreams and desires.
        Why can't we like them? Why do many of us cry, that this is not enough for us, that is not given. They scold power. What prevents us from living? Let us bite our teeth, we’ll gather our will into a fist and prove to everyone and everything that the RUSSIAN SPIRIT DOES NOT BREAK!
        It’s hard for me to understand what has changed. Under the most difficult conditions, our ancestors practically on their knees and out of nothing created a blessing, launched satellites, developed medicine, energy and other areas of progress. Often they were ahead of the rest. And now?
        Why are we groaning that we are not living well? Yes, if you compare how our grandfathers lived, yes we are in chocolate !!! THAN WE ARE WORSE BETTER? Let's live, LET'S WANT TO LIVE !!!
      2. Odesit
        4 February 2012 11: 12
        I hope we will bring other figures of the "European Civilization" to the table!
    2. Odesit
      4 February 2012 11: 09
      Hello wish Vladimir!
  9. alatau_09
    2 February 2012 10: 00
    Thanks to our grandfathers, thanks to the generations who gave us the VICTORY ...
    Eternal memory and respect ...
    1. +11
      2 February 2012 10: 07
      I want to add: nothing is forgotten, no one is forgotten!
  10. Volkhov
    2 February 2012 10: 19
    Victory in the winter, and the monument seemed to those who broke through to the Volga in the summer.
    The Russians won in Stalingrad, took Berlin and went home without taking Moscow, and there either the Germans and Beria, or the heirs of Kaganate chewed on what was achieved ...
    I need an antivirus.
    1. guessed
      2 February 2012 21: 27
      You need to know the story. Then there will be no such stupid commentaries.
      The battle began at the end of July. The most difficult battles occurred at the end of summer and autumn.
      In the photo Mamaev Kurgan. There fights went 4 months and more.
      My grandfather at the age of 16 in Stalingrad went from a regular infantryman to a sniper. Bryuzgin (s) Andrey Ivanovich.
      1. Volkhov
        3 February 2012 23: 51
        Some fight, and others order monuments, and this group with a different story.
        In Moscow, 100 meters high, Peter 1 of copper is theirs.
        If they are not seen and not stopped, then labor and exploits are useless.
  11. Alexey Prikazchikov
    2 February 2012 10: 33
    Eternal memory to you! We will always remember you ...
  12. dok
    2 February 2012 10: 43
    Great Victory, great City, great People. Glory to you!
  13. 755962
    2 February 2012 10: 50
    We are not kneeling
  14. BAT
    2 February 2012 10: 59
    Friends! I congratulate you on the Day of Glory of the Secular Army, the Soviet people !!! Our grandfathers, our fathers, in inhumanly difficult conditions broke the ridge of the fascist monster, were stronger than the fascists both physically and spiritually. We must always take an example from our ancestors. Where, in what army of the world was such a fighting spirit? And no matter how Pindos and others like them try to rewrite history, you won’t throw words from the song. Our grandfathers and fathers, and now we are better and stronger !!!
  15. +12
    2 February 2012 11: 27
    Eternal memory and reverence for the greatest wars of history that have defended our lives!
  16. Lech e-mine
    2 February 2012 12: 04
    [/ URL] [/ img]

    Good Fritz - Captured Fritz.
    1. +3
      2 February 2012 18: 25
      Such frits are no worse
    2. Odesit
      4 February 2012 11: 03
      Carriers of the German spirit in the Fields of Russia Mother!
      This is not Belgium with Holland and Poland and Czechoslovakia!
      We know the truth with you, but when fools are treated on the account of the fact that the Americans and the British won the war, and the USSR only helped them, it is simply humiliating.
  17. +7
    2 February 2012 12: 24
    Eternal memory to the heroes of the Great War, alive and fallen. They covered themselves with unfading glory. In large and small battles, in battles of local importance, they defended our homeland. The battle of Stalingrad and the defense of Leningrad became symbols of the inflexibility of the Russian spirit and the glory of Russian weapons. Thank you, fallen and alive, for the Great Victory !!! Thank you for life!!! I bow to you for this !!!
  18. +13
    2 February 2012 12: 38
    It would be nice, by the next round date, to rename Volgograd to Stalingrad. Not in honor of Stalin, but in honor of the great victory. So that our children remember, and do not forget about NATO.
    1. +2
      2 February 2012 12: 43
      HERE MALATSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      SUPPORT !!!!!!!!
    2. vostok
      2 February 2012 14: 21
      Faster would be renamed, Stalingrad is a world-famous city.
      1. Evgan
        2 February 2012 16: 45
        And I, as a resident of Volgograd, do not support. I also remember that the memory of my ancestors who died here is not an empty phrase for me. But - maybe enough already renaming? Is it time to stop?
    3. Odesit
      4 February 2012 11: 17
      TRUE, TRUE, TRUE COMRADE BROOMBAR (by the way, the Hans had such a self-propelled gun, it was called that.
  19. vostok
    2 February 2012 13: 32
    The main thing is that the new generation does not forget about the exploits of our heroes, and does not judge the history of American films.
  20. +6
    2 February 2012 14: 44
    I read, watched films, in short, I knew the battle of Stalingrad. It's just unbelievable that there was .... no words ... although no, there are. Somewhere there was a comparison: in 18 days, Germany defeated Poland, in 28-France .... during this time the Germans were able to capture \ recapture only a couple of houses in Stalingrad. Such a comparison was simply amazing.

    Our soldiers, commanders-in-chief and not only, shorter than all, have a memory for centuries.
  21. - = 999 = -
    2 February 2012 16: 22
  22. Nechai
    2 February 2012 18: 11
    Quote: Volkhov
    and the monument seems to be to those who broke through to the Volga in the summer.

    CONGRESSES AND LOOK! Pass yourself. (Pay attention to the picture posted in the article and the fighter with the PPS and Motherland is visible. And as you walk up the alley you see ONLY HIM - HE FULLY COVERES THE MOTHERLAND, Including to the tip of the sword. And it’s also significant!) at the foot of the Monument, look at the slabs, read !. Go through the hall of the MILITARY GLORY ... Pay attention to the monument that will be on your left ... The Mother Motherland Monument on the top with your left hand indicates the position of the Nazis at Mamaev Kurgan, and her sword is directed exactly at Berlin. Take a walk around the city. Come to the grave of Ruben Ibaruri ... This is in the square, next to the department store where the headquarters of the Paulus Army was last located. Pay attention to the pedestals with the T-34 towers. How many mentra were left to them up to the Volga coast ... Maybe it’s in the soul and heaps ... If it is.
  23. +9
    2 February 2012 19: 07
    They are persistently trying to replace the Days of Military Glory of Russia with useless "international days": February 2 - Day of the defeat of German troops by Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad - on the American "Groundhog Day", November 19 - Day of Missile Forces and Artillery - on the International "Day of Toilets" etc. Mainly print media are trying.
    DO NOT ALLOW THIS !!! Take care of yourself and your loved ones from this information poison poisoning the soul.
    It is strange that even the newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda" from 2.02.2012 did not say a word about the Battle of Stalingrad and the Day of Military Glory. Forgotten or what?
  24. aironfirst
    2 February 2012 19: 55
    Eternal glory to the heroes!
    We are being bullied and robbed, spread rot as soon as possible, fake false values, rinse our brains with zombies (and us too), but I’ll say to all the little pindo-analyses that there are enough PEOPLE who will stand up not at the call of the government, but at the call of the heart, and woe to those who dare in our homeland to raise their lousy tail!

    People, no matter how hard it may be, no matter how you are offended by the authorities, educate your children with the PATRIOTS of your Motherland!
  25. +3
    2 February 2012 20: 18

    Here he is, the hero of the battle of Stalingrad! Friedrich Paulus in person!
    1. 0
      6 February 2012 01: 48
      at all times, the commander or his head was the main trophy, they captured the commander and thereby beheaded the army ......
  26. red 11
    2 February 2012 20: 29
    Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten
  27. +5
    2 February 2012 20: 54
    I am proud of our grandfathers, great-grandfathers. But sad thoughts began to come on such days. Because I remember how the president received the parade while sitting (as in Arab countries), I think this is a flagrant disrespect for veterans. I remember how a Pindos film was recently shown on the state channel, where I could clearly see the thought-Soviet soldier-g ... but. It's difficult to imagine this with our film in America. I remember that for the third time in recent months Spielberg's series "Brothers in Arms" has been broadcasting on different channels, where it is clearly shown who has "broken the back Fascism. "And our leadership complains about info-wars. But it turns out they themselves are leading it against us. Is it possible that they will slowly rewrite history with us ?! I heard that the school now pays very little attention to the history of the Second World War. Who recently graduated from school, Can they tell me how things are going? Something got sick. Pornographic television is ours, it inspired melancholy. But let's hope for the best.
    1. +7
      2 February 2012 22: 15
      My native maternal mother passed from Stalingrad to Vienna. Eternal memory to HEROES !!!
  28. Nechai
    3 February 2012 00: 32
    At the same time, as the Stalingrad "Uranus", in the central sector of the front under the command of G.K. Zhukov, Operation Mars was carried out. In Soviet times, hushed up, but now OBLGANAYA! But it was the Mars-Uranus bunch that showed, first of all, to the Nazi generals and officers that the Russians had finished "harnessing and whipping them with fires." The Soviet military and political leadership, the economy of the USSR, the General Staff and the Command of the Red Army, intelligence and counterintelligence of our country, the Soviet people defeated the Uybermens.
    About "Mars", maybe for someone it is obvious and known, but I cannot but remind on this day some of its circumstances. In the course of the "Monastyr" operation carried out by our bodies (even with a pre-war "pedigree"), the German command managed to create a persistent BELIEVE that the RKKA WILL MAKE THE MAIN AND MAIN STRIKE IN THE CENTRAL SECTION OF THE FRONT, and the auxiliary one near Stalingrad. And it didn't matter. The main thing SUCH OPPORTUNITY is to grind in the prepared defense the grouping of the Red Army in the center of Soviet-German. front. And on the shoulders of the panicky fleeing Bolshevik troops, moreover, led by their general "Moroz", "the valiant Wehrmacht marches nach Moskau"! And the Nazis were led. After all, almost everything that they received from the persons involved in "Monostyr" was TRUE, well, somewhere a little exaggerated, somewhere diminished. Everything was confirmed and went to one convoy. And Stalin puts Zhukov in the direction of the main blow! The boys of Canaris and Shelenberg do not drink their coffee with cognac in vain !. And when the STALIGRAD ZZVIZDETS came for the Gansiks, at first they had no thoughts that it was necessary to save units in the South of Russia. The victory of the gloomy German genius here it is, only the hand remains to be reached ... and ripped off. And tamm and before the WORLD domination only steps remain. But here these Untermensches, as if by this little hand, grabbing and over the head with their Aryan club, DALI!
    My Grandfather was wounded in Stalingrad, already during the offensive. Rear hospital. In the spring of 1943, I went home from the hospital for a visit. From the regional center to his native village (Chkalovskaya, now the Orenburg region), every hour counts, he walked at night. Wolves. Tteshnik was good with himself. I got there. Spent 3 days. And again to the front. He liberated Krasnodonsk. Together with their comrades, the bodies of the Molodogvardeytsy were pulled out of the shaft. I met the victory in Vienna. As part of the front box of his front, he walked across Red Square for the second time. (The first time was on November 7.11.1941, XNUMX - on an armored car.) And home ...
  29. heady andrey
    3 February 2012 01: 01
    Eternal memory to the Heroes!
  30. +5
    3 February 2012 02: 35
    since we cannot hear our Western and near-abroad colleagues in form, these means also recognize the feat of our great-grandfathers and grandfathers.
    I was always amazed at that generation and still cannot understand how they survived and won ............ NOT the army but the people
    The city symbol does not need to be embarrassed by our history whatever it is ...... the name should be satingrad. So that over the centuries people have been asked why steel
  31. +4
    3 February 2012 09: 27
    Ah yes the author, ah yes the son of a bitch .. In a good way .. like Pushkin .... Well written ... Well, after all ... I also read pride for my grandfathers, although he himself was not a boy at all and saw and did something. ..Glory to the heroes, glory to the people who could have done this way, and so can ... By the way, and the answer to all former brothers in life, our grandfathers lie together, regardless of nationality, faith, face, education and other tinsel ... That’s who our ancestors are ... And so they lived and died .. And we, excuse me, most of the skins are corrupt, sold for a wrapper from a crappy product ...
  32. +5
    3 February 2012 10: 41
    We must seriously revise the history textbooks. Now about the war there are literally a few pages in the textbook. In the eighties about the war there was a half of a textbook with maps with diagrams with the names of heroes and their exploits. We knew who they were; Konev, Zhukov, Rokosovsky and so on. do modern children know anything about war?

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev Lev; Ponomarev Ilya; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; Mikhail Kasyanov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"