Animals in military service

Since ancient times, they help people in the difficult military service, who are they?

You can talk about dog service for a long time, here are some places where dogs serve:
- customs (search weapons and drug)
- border (search and detention of offenders)
- minefields (search for mines)
- mountains (search and rescue for avalanche tourists)
During WWII, suicide dogs undermined Tanks carrying explosives on their backs under the tank, medical dogs delivered a medical bag to wounded soldiers.


For a long time, people shared horses with all the wars, but 70 had not gone years since they left the battlefield. Today, cavalry in memory of past exploits performs a ceremonial function. Her participation in parades, guard patrols, reconstruction of battle scenes invariably enjoys no less success with the audience than the performance of aerobatic teams or the appearance of columns of armored vehicles on city streets. The gendarmerie continues to use horses to patrol pedestrian zones and parks, as well as to maintain order during mass events.

Animals in military service


The Americans in South Vietnam are faced with underwater saboteurs of the enemy, an attempt was made to use dolphins to destroy them. A special device was fixed on the body of the animal, consisting of a cylinder with compressed carbon dioxide and a long needle. A trained dolphin pierced this needle into a discovered diver, causing him to receive a deadly barotrauma of internal organs and float to the surface. In the period from 1970 to 1971, 40 of Vietnamese divers and saboteurs were killed as well as two Americans who happened to be in the area protected by dolphins.

Sea lion

By order of the naval fleet The USA group of sea lions was trained to find and raise small sunken objects from the bottom, which for some reason are of special value. Each lion is equipped with an automatic grip, it is enough for the animal to find the sunken object and poke “horns” mounted on its head so that the grips close and clamp the find.


Arctic seals are superior to sea lions in reliability and speed of command execution. Moreover, they are not inferior to the dolphins of the southern seas in the speed of developing the skills necessary for work. A huge plus of the seal - it does not need a swimming pool for transportation over long distances, it can stay for a long time on land, which is a death for a dolphin. The seal is also able to dive to great depths and develop greater speed under water. Suffice it to say that it easily floats behind the boat with a trainer at a speed of 30 – 40 km / h.


Scientists from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, who trained giant African rats to search for anti-personnel mines. These rodents have no less acute sense of smell than dogs, but have a small (up to 3 kg) body weight, which reduces the risk of detonation. They are smaller than dogs, suffer from heat and tropical diseases, willingly perform repetitive actions of the same kind, receiving food from the conductor for each detected mine. Now the Belgians have set up a company specializing in the training of rats and their use in humanitarian demining in Mozambique and other African countries.


The Brazilian army uses water buffaloes in operations carried out in the dense Amazon jungle. Tough, easily trained and, moreover, disease-resistant animals, Portuguese settlers brought back centuries from Asia to the island of Marahao in the Amazon delta. The hard-to-reach valley of this river passes the border of Brazil with its neighboring states with a length of more than 11 thousand km. Its protection is provided by about 30 military bases supplied by air and river transport. But since servicemen have to track down drug producers and carriers, stop diamond smuggling and deforestation, prevent militants from entering Colombia, they often have to go into difficult areas of the jungle that are inaccessible to cars and boats. Therefore, a few years ago, two or three animals were used at each Brazilian outpost, used to deliver ammunition, food, and equipment in complete off-road conditions. The buffalo is able to carry kg of cargo along narrow paths and riverbeds of small rivers up to 500, while feeding on pasture and not giving out traces and unnecessary noise of the location of the patrols.

Sokol (Falcon)

Since 1966, the manual falcons have been guarding the airfield in Lossiemouth (Scotland). Before the falcons were accepted into service, about six hundred birds were constantly held in the airfield area, and birds collided with the planes coming to land about once every two weeks. After the start of the falcon patrol, the collision stopped.


The Chinese government information site in English, People's Daily Online, has published an article about the use of trained monkeys by the Afghan Taliban to combat the US military. It reports that a special squad of macaques and baboons has been created in the Taliban army, which locals catch in the jungle and sell to the Taliban. Young primates are sent to a secret base for a course of study, during which the method of punishment and rewards is applied (bananas and sticks). Makak and monkeys are taught to use AK-47 assault rifles and “Bern” machine guns, at the same time “explaining” to them that weapons can only be used against people in American military uniforms.


Elephants were tamed and began to be used for military purposes for the first time in India. Until the XIII century, elephants were used in the armies of the Middle Eastern and southeastern states, for example, Khorezm and Burma, but in small quantities.
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