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Ukroboronprom presents Phantom

The head of the concern "Ukroboronprom" Roman Romanov during the exhibition "Weapon and security "stated that the companies belonging to the concern created the next" newest weapons. " This time we are talking about "unmanned multi-purpose armored personnel carrier", which was called the "Phantom".

The concern’s press service reports that R. Romanov had a meeting with the Romanian defense minister named Mihney Motoc, who allegedly expressed interest in the possible acquisition of the “newest Ukrainian unmanned armored personnel carrier”. True, it turned out that while there is nothing to acquire ...

From the message press office "Ukroboronprom":
During the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation in the defense sphere. Considering the course of Ukraine to accelerate the process of European integration and expansion of cooperation with NATO, the Concern is making efforts to enhance cooperation with the Alliance member countries in the defense sphere.

Translated into a public language, this means that Ukroboronprom asks Romania for money so that the above-mentioned Phantom does not remain (like most of the newest Ukrainian developments) in a single copy.

Meanwhile, "Ukroboronprom" has already published the presentation video "Phantom", in which some characteristics of the mini armored vehicle are marked.

Power reserve (autonomous): 20 km,
speed: up to 38 km / h,
engine type: hybrid,
power - 30 kW (about 40 hp),
protected radio channel within 2,5 km,
lifting weight (transported weight) - up to 350 kg.

It is noted that it "integrates" with drone. Armament - 12,7 mm machine gun on a turntable. The aiming range is up to 2 km during the day and up to 1 km at night.

The video shows that with the help of this “vundervaffe” it is possible to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield.

Ukroboronprom presents Phantom

"Phantom" is controlled from the console, which is more like a huge suitcase.

The movie is proudly named "" Phantom "- the warrior of the future."
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  1. dsm100
    dsm100 12 October 2016 09: 35
    As if this phantom in his "bullet" did not.
    1. Alex_Rarog
      Alex_Rarog 12 October 2016 09: 37
      Yes, damn it, it’s not when it leaves the polygon)
      1. insular
        insular 12 October 2016 09: 43
        And why this "transporter"? To carry bags?
        1. Alex_1973
          Alex_1973 12 October 2016 09: 50
          insular Today, 09:43 ↑ New
          And why this "transporter"? To carry bags?
          No, fat fat!
          1. Shurik70
            Shurik70 13 October 2016 10: 00
            In vain so.
            The idea is absolutely correct - the war of the future is a war of robots and drones.
            It’s just specifically in Ukraine that everything is usually done through the ass.
            The manufacturer will put tin instead of armor. Users will steal some of the batteries. And the warehouse manager will sell the remote control to the enemy.

            But the idea of ​​development is right.
            And by the way, there are already such people in Russia, and they have recently been tested in Syria. Quite successful.
            1. Shurik70
              Shurik70 13 October 2016 10: 14
              Here is such a Russian robot
        2. Incvizitor
          Incvizitor 12 October 2016 14: 26
          Stolen property.
      2. Now we are free
        Now we are free 12 October 2016 10: 44
        I have only Deja Vu, that all the presentations of the latest weapons of the Russian army after a certain time are cloned by the propaganda of "Shchenevmerly"? ..

        P.S. The G-36 was especially delivered in service with the (who had betrayed their own oath) APU. They seem to have filmed "The Ballad of the Shovel" quite recently ...
        1. your1970
          your1970 12 October 2016 10: 56
          Power reserve (autonomous): 20 km,
          speed: up 38 km / h
          Ie it can go no more than 35 minutes and then what?
          1. Monarchist
            Monarchist 12 October 2016 16: 09
            And then she will sleep
          2. Mestny
            Mestny 13 October 2016 00: 30
            No, not 35.
            "protected radio channel within a radius of 2,5 km"
    2. The black
      The black 12 October 2016 09: 41
      Something they "present" something every week, see the cut of the tranche in full swing. Right now, for all these presentations, they will bury the IMF tranche. laughing... And there won't be enough money to build ... in general, the continuation of the "WALL" project smile
    3. vovanpain
      vovanpain 12 October 2016 10: 03
      Translated into the public language, this means that Ukroboronprom is asking Romania for money

      Damn, the Romanians themselves are asking for money from someone who doesn’t get, Poroshenko is the first who asks for money from the Romanians. Spruces fell. fellow
    4. Rozmyssel
      Rozmyssel 12 October 2016 10: 25
      hohland really crazy
      - stock-20km
      - speed (speed) - 38km / year
      YEAR?!? - what is it? Ah hour. Well, yes, and the YEAR in Ukrainian is ROCK.
      The range is not clear, if 20km means on a battery, but can’t work together with an internal combustion engine, so the area is small, since the hybrid means turn on the internal combustion engine and it will rattle until it charges the battery. Che Ukrainians dorobyl us.
      1. Vik66
        Vik66 12 October 2016 12: 00
        38 km / year - year, this is the year (hour) in Ukrainian wink
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. strelok581
      strelok581 12 October 2016 10: 32
      Remembering flight 1812 Tel Aviv - Novosibirsk, this cannot be ruled out. And it does not matter if in their "bullet" starts. Not the worst solution to the conflict.
      In general ..... trust Khokhlov, something more than slingshots with optics, is very dangerous for normal people.
  2. hirurg
    hirurg 12 October 2016 09: 37
    This time we are talking about the "unmanned multipurpose armored personnel carrier", which was called the "Phantom".
    Unmanned, disembodied, unarmed .....
    It seems like it is, but it seems like it is not.)))))
    1. Alex_1973
      Alex_1973 12 October 2016 09: 52
      It seems like it is, but it seems like it is not.)))))
      That's why they called him "Phantom". It is in the video, but in reality it is not. In general, give money for the next cut.
      1. 2s1122
        2s1122 12 October 2016 10: 15
        Bravo, I wanted to say the same only in the style of German erotic cinema bully
    2. ltc22A
      ltc22A 12 October 2016 10: 12
      Quote: hirurg
      This time we are talking about the "unmanned multipurpose armored personnel carrier", which was called the "Phantom".
      Unmanned, disembodied, unarmed .....
      It seems like it is, but it seems like it is not.)))))

  3. Ustrushan
    Ustrushan 12 October 2016 09: 46
    The development is interesting. With proper design, the secure channel will expand to acceptable. 2,5 km are tears.
    But knowing the situation in the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, all this is empty mriy.
  4. izya top
    izya top 12 October 2016 09: 47
    no, they presented a shovel better Yes
  5. Stas Snezhin
    Stas Snezhin 12 October 2016 09: 48
    Our more interesting ..
    1. Engineer
      Engineer 12 October 2016 10: 29
      haha this is why is this computer fantasy of some schoolboy more interesting than the Ukrainian robot embodied in metal? Oh, sorry, this is not a schoolboy, but a gang of students who created a virtual company that, in addition to 3d videos, has not done anything in reality yet ..
    2. Ustrushan
      Ustrushan 12 October 2016 11: 00
      beautiful cartoon. But in reality?
      1. Stas Snezhin
        Stas Snezhin 12 October 2016 11: 17
        Of course, this is a computer simulation.
        But in reality, for example, here is Uranus-9:
        1. Bloodsucker
          Bloodsucker 12 October 2016 12: 31
          Our course is much better, fact.
          Of course, it’s possible to laugh at what the military-industrial complex does. Ruins don’t get to laugh, it’s all created against, A-Donbass, since the conflict doesn’t end there, B — against us, the dream of the arrogant Saxons, to pit two branches of one nation .
          The unit itself is not bad, but why is that hybrid and such an appallingly small power reserve? Amount of ammunition, well, who does it?
          But the ability of this mule to drag BP, evacuate the wounded, this is not an unimportant indicator.
          ComMSR, really and now, would refuse to have, along with standard equipment, a pair of such in the platoon?
          Naturally, taking into account the necessary improvements? I think that a normal company, appreciating this product, would not refuse to have it in service.
          What to deliver, so no problem, depending on the need, on automotive equipment.
          Keeping SMEs on staff, as we say companies of robotic support, we’ll come to this anyway, sooner or later.
      2. Krasniy_lis
        Krasniy_lis 12 October 2016 13: 55
        Quote: Ustrushan
        But in reality?

        but in reality, a dozen robots in the Russian Federation are different. Starting from Uranus to Argo
      3. Monarchist
        Monarchist 12 October 2016 16: 15
        And why should they in reality: they showed you the cartoon, and you "granny" unfasten
    3. Outlaw
      Outlaw 12 October 2016 14: 36
      Quote: Stas Snezhin
      Our more interesting ..

      And it seems to me our more interesting. hi
    4. Rumata-estorskii
      Rumata-estorskii 12 October 2016 14: 42
      I liked the grenade launcher in 11 minutes. Like, well, him.
  6. TRex
    TRex 12 October 2016 09: 51
    I did not see sighting devices for firing day and night. Placed in a turntable housing? In my opinion: they don’t exist at all ... Concept car ... for cartoons.
    1. Bigfoot_Sev
      Bigfoot_Sev 12 October 2016 10: 00
      to the left of the machine gun. the lens unit is visible.
  7. ded100
    ded100 12 October 2016 09: 58
    The main thing is to beg for money and the phantom will remain a phantom of a beautiful picture on a piece of paper! laughing
  8. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 12 October 2016 10: 02
    Mars rover, protected from the Martians, washed down? laughing
  9. Knowing
    Knowing 12 October 2016 10: 03
    From Wikipedia: Phantom (fr. Fantome - ghost) - the image of something from the past (human soul, creature, object). Examples are “ghost trains” and “ghost ships”, in our case, we are talking about a "unmanned multipurpose ghost armored personnel carrier" ... feel
  10. Blue fox
    Blue fox 12 October 2016 10: 07
    Colleagues, you do not understand the meaning of the term "Phantom" !!!!
    It turns out that Head of Ukroboronprom Concern Roman Romanov from this article and Director of the Gulag History Museum Roman Romanov from yesterday's article
    maneken-s-portretom-solzhenicyna.html this is ... Suddenly! Apparently, the same person! wassat This explains a lot! wink
  11. Doomph
    Doomph 12 October 2016 10: 12
    And I liked about the power reserve - "20 kilometers". And then apparently those three fighters will push him?
    FREGATEN 12 October 2016 10: 20
    It's like in one well-known comedy - "I don't see anything, I don't hear anything" ... "You walk so fast that I don't have time to turn my head!" So it is with Ukraine ..... Supernovae are churned out almost every day .... you will not keep track of ...... a couple of months and will not beg lethal weapons from the United States ..... They will start selling theirs to them .... ........ Hmm .... already!
  13. Kibl
    Kibl 12 October 2016 10: 23
    From the series, a mixture of a bulldog with a rhino.
  14. Gerasim Donskoy
    Gerasim Donskoy 12 October 2016 10: 38
    Here it is, it inspires fear and horror, because the very name "Phantom" speaks of the combat capabilities of this ukroshushpanwafli! According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, export supplies are possible
  15. Lopatov
    Lopatov 12 October 2016 10: 40

    "Don't shoot the pianist, he plays as best he can."
  16. sabakina
    sabakina 12 October 2016 10: 43
    I have a video screen on my home computer, where ukrovoin holds 4 mobile phones in his hand, connected by adhesive tape around something with monitors to the outside.
    Question to experts: What is this device for?
    A minute has gone.
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 12 October 2016 19: 58
      They didn’t answer what kind of thing?
      1. boris-1230
        boris-1230 12 October 2016 22: 25
        Probably an ultra-modern target design system with voice control? And here is the latest telescopic sight from the outskirts Here they are, great Ukrainians! fool
  17. kontrobas
    kontrobas 12 October 2016 10: 59
    Khokhlovoiny with the fascist G-36, which are going to withdraw from service in Germany :)
  18. Altona
    Altona 12 October 2016 11: 11
    I'm fshoki! belay Especially after the phrase "Ukroboronprom" will ask for money from Romania. "Julie will ask for money from the gypsies. This is a song of course. laughing
  19. complete zero
    complete zero 12 October 2016 11: 13
    and where is the bow and arrow?))))))
  20. Green trumpet
    Green trumpet 12 October 2016 11: 28
    Ukroboronprom presents Phantom
    Cardboard F-4 ...
  21. orado
    orado 12 October 2016 11: 50
    The Ukrainian army itself is a phantom or phantom pain
  22. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 12 October 2016 11: 59
    "Phantom" is controlled from the console, which is more like a huge suitcase.

    ADVERTISING! Supermodern, ultra-durable, ultra-miniature wrist watches from "Ukroboronpromexport" are on sale, which informs about the time, weather and news in the universe! The set includes a control panel and two suitcases with batteries.
  23. vladimirw
    vladimirw 12 October 2016 12: 05
    hohlopiteki want money
  24. svp67
    svp67 12 October 2016 12: 09
    "Phantom" - the warrior of the future

    Mabud, mabud ... But if they treat him like "modern warriors", then I don't even know ...
  25. marshes
    marshes 12 October 2016 14: 14
    IMHO, a useless idea of ​​creating robotic, remote-controlled, etc. wheeled, caterpillar products. If this is not a "kamikaze" run, on well-surveyed terrain for a "short distance".
    The operators, as it were, have no sense of presence. This is not an avatar. It's just a waste of money.
    Another thing is three dimensional space, air-water-space.
  26. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 12 October 2016 14: 27
    Will send to slaughter, as always, "unmanned" heroes, well, there they go.
  27. Romanenko
    Romanenko 12 October 2016 16: 07
    It seems that as in the civil war in old Russia, armored vehicles in Ukraine are given proper names. They riveted an armored car, walked around, thought up a little thing, went to rivet another ... This time there was a chassis from the BTR-80, and the other from Lanos they would build it.
  28. afrikanez
    afrikanez 12 October 2016 17: 47
    You look at the last photo and immediately there are associations with a DJ at a disco. It’s just the same as Van Buren, only in uniform lol
  29. Batia
    Batia 12 October 2016 18: 15
    What will it be like for the operator in a combat situation to run after this product every 2,5 km? Put obstruction in the form of a spark transmitter and a whisker. The control distance will be reduced by half. I do not believe these machines.
  30. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 12 October 2016 22: 10
    And, as always, it started ... This development has already been discussed here at VO. And what has changed? Did our military put up a counterweight? And if such devices are not needed, but there is nothing to discuss ...
  31. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 13 October 2016 13: 07
    This is only in Ukrainian commercials, the offensive is carried out on flat ground, without dirt, bushes, funnel trees ...
    More or less serious thickets will limit the advancement of wheeled vehicles, any barricade on the street in two concrete blocks of height or a blockage - and the cartoon of students of Tahirka and Ilshat ends here - the idea of ​​a battlefield in computer games for children is very far from reality.

    The Uranus robot - created by much more competent specialists - has an accurate idea of ​​obstacles on the battlefield and tasks.