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Until the end of the year, the Mi-28H and Mi-35M helicopters will arrive at the ZVO.

New combat helicopters Mi-28Н and Mi-35М will arrive in the air defense units of the Western Military District by the end of this year, reports press office District

Until the end of the year, the Mi-28H and Mi-35M helicopters will arrive at the ZVO.

“According to the plan of the State Defense Order, by the end of this year, aviation parts of the Western Military District (ZVO), based on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Pskov region, will receive Mi-28, Mi-28N Night Hunter combat helicopters and an improved modification of the round-the-clock Mi-35M transport and combat helicopter, ”the release says .

The district will receive “a link of Mi-28Н and a pair of Mi-35М”, it is specified in the message.

The press service noted that the Mi-28N “is equipped with fifth-generation equipment and is designed to search and destroy in conditions of active fire resistance tanks and other armored vehicles, as well as low-speed air targets and enemy manpower. "

The machine can perform tasks at any time of the day and in difficult weather conditions.

The Mi-35M helicopter is designed "for the destruction of armored vehicles and equipment, landing and fire support of ground forces, evacuation of the wounded, as well as for the carriage of cargo in the cabin or on an external suspension with a total weight of up to 2400 kg"

At present, work on the development and production of the 2016 helicopter equipment already received according to the plan of the State Defense Order continues in the aviation units of ZVO.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. V.ic
    V.ic 29 September 2016 14: 24
    The district will receive a “Mi-28N unit and a pair of Mi-35M,” the report states. (WITH)

    I am shocked, 6 pcs! Awesome amount! Only 6 pcs.
    1. cniza
      cniza 29 September 2016 14: 33
      I understand your indignation, but where it says that 6 pieces, the truth before, and this was not.
      1. V.ic
        V.ic 29 September 2016 14: 50
        cniza "and where it says that 6 pieces,"

        He served as a techie in military unit 01952 / KDVO / and in military unit 32937 / SGV / both helicopter squadrons. Look at the quote “Mi-28N link and Mi-35M pair”. Link = (Mi-28N) two pairs and a pair (Mi-35M). Count yourself. hi
    2. Denchik
      Denchik 29 September 2016 14: 43
      Well, slowly better than nothing
    3. tiredwithall
      tiredwithall 29 September 2016 14: 45
      Quote: V.ic
      I am shocked, 6 pcs! Awesome amount! Only 6 pcs.

      The near war is coming. This war is essentially already underway. It is very different from 1 and 2 M. Wars. The level of intensity of hostilities is lower. Fight not only the armies of states, but also in a large number of PMCs - that is, mercenaries. Therefore, such a quantity of military equipment makes a deterrent. After all, in the West, resources are not endless. And offensive requires multiple superiority.
    4. Sfurei
      Sfurei 29 September 2016 14: 54
      Where is it written that these are all deliveries to helicopter troops? This is only one county income. And they just didn’t write about the rest. Since the beginning of 2000, more than 300 helicopters (Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-35, Mi-8 and Mi-17) entered the troops. Considering that in 2000-2007 several pieces a year were received, this is 25-35 pieces. in year. Who will say that little?
    5. Stabilization
      Stabilization 29 September 2016 15: 47
      Want to shake, see how much came in a year ...
    6. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 30 September 2016 06: 49
      For V.ic
      Do you immediately need a district emergency department?
      Question - why do you need this data? Why do you need to know how much and what is in the district troops? Anyone.
  2. jk_a
    jk_a 29 September 2016 14: 54
    Quote: cniza
    I understand your indignation, but where it says that 6 pieces, the truth before, and this was not.

    Link-4 pieces of Mi-28 and a pair of Mi-35, that's 6 pieces. V.ic is not enough rights, of course, but in addition to the western direction, there is a southern one, where you need more reinforcement than in the West, from the bearded from ISIS.
    1. Olek
      Olek 29 September 2016 15: 07
      So almost all MI-28s are in SEE. We still zhezh Ukraine capture, still can not get together))
  3. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 29 September 2016 15: 18
    And "alligators" to them.
  4. Sergey-72
    Sergey-72 29 September 2016 16: 23
    We rivet the iron. With the pilots, how are things going? Is what is alarming. We need new schools, otherwise all these "reptiles" are just a pile of scrap metal without them.
  5. Nehist
    Nehist 29 September 2016 17: 06
    Again, these 28 shove !!! For 30 years they didn’t bring to mind ... Well, yes, At least some kind of metal in the troops for reporting. I don’t understand one thing !!! Why was a turntable developed three decades ago shoved into the troops without eradicating the very diseases for which they were not allowed to do comparative tests in the USSR? Do you have any experts? Enlighten why Milev squalor is better than the Kashka? The Mi-24 is even more reliable than this dravolet ...
  6. Niccola Mack
    Niccola Mack 29 September 2016 17: 08
    Someone will explain to me why, according to Wikipedia, the Russian army receives an export modification of the MI-24 - the MI-35 helicopter.
    What is it - they are collected and imported from abroad.
    Or is it re-export (from Venezuela).
  7. DmitryK
    DmitryK 29 September 2016 20: 01
    The fighting in Ukraine and Syria shows that attack helicopters, at their enormous cost, are vulnerable on the battlefield, the larger the number, the greater the loss of cars and pilots. Need drones.
  8. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 30 September 2016 11: 11
    The main thing in this matter is regularity. And it is very good that the equipment with thermal imagers is in full swing. We still have to renew the Mi-24 fleet for a long time (many more have seen Afghanistan)