Vatnik: ZHZL. Victor Muzhenko - General of the Lost War

New time in Ukraine has generated a new type of generals. Their task is to lay down the army, to merge the war, weapon - somewhere to put it. For this they receive incentives from the authorities. This happens when, with the help of war, the state needs to be drained of blood and prepared for future colonization.

One of the main "generals of loss" of Ukraine is the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Army General Viktor Muzhenko. APU have a feature. The main person in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not the Supreme Commander, the President of Ukraine. And not the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. According to the state, directly supervises the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who is the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

About Victor Muzhenko. We will not dwell on his biography in detail - anyone can find it on the Internet. We note the main thing: the rise of the Muzhenko career began with "zero". In 2003-2004, Muzhenko serves in Iraq in the position: Chief of Staff - First Deputy Commander of the mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian peacekeeping contingent of multinational forces in Iraq. There there is his close acquaintance with officers from the USA.

After Iraq, the takeoff continues. In 2010, Victor Muzhenko becomes the commander of the 8 Army Corps of the Land Forces of Ukraine. In 2012-m - Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the same year, V. Yanukovych confers V. Muzhenko with the title of “Lieutenant General”. Viktor Yanukovych appreciates Muzhenko. Muzhenko is elected deputy of the Zhytomyr regional council from the “Party of Regions”. After Euromaidan, sensing the wind of change, Muzhenko leaves the Party of Regions and finds a common language with the new government.

26 May 2014 of the year Muzhenko is appointed the commander of the ATO, which was to be carried out by another department - the SBU. In fact, V. Muzhenko moves from the military to the punitive, formally remaining military. Following him, the Punishers are the Armed Forces of Ukraine - the army, which, with the consent of V. Muzhenko, will be involved in civil war on its territory.

Victor Muzhenko - the ideological punisher. It was he who gave the order to inflict an airstrike on the Lugansk regional administration, not yet being the Chief of the General Staff. When Muzhenko became chief of the General Staff, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit a civilian population with a ballistic missile. More on this later.

The first attempt of the Ukrainian authorities to take the Donbass head-on with the forces of the natsbat failed in June 2014. Then it became clear that the operation should be massively connected to the APU. 3 July 2014 of the year with the filing of P. Poroshenko LIE appoints the sander command. The post of Minister of Defense - Valery Geletey. To the position of Chief of the General Staff - Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - Viktor Muzhenko. All further actions and losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the residents of Donbass are the fruits of Muzhenko’s activities under the cover of Geletei, then Poltorak.

The first achievement Muzhenko - Izvarinsky boiler. It seems that the operation was planned on the globe of Ukraine without taking into account the surrounding reality. In order to take Novorossia into the boiler, the APU was driven into the small intestine along the border. The end was a bit predictable - the Strelkov units subdivided the gut, the Ukrainians had already fallen into the cauldron, where they were crushed with Grads.

The second operation under the direction of Muzhenko - Ilovaisk boiler. August 2014, a rabble of natsbatov with the support of the APU is breaking into a frontal attack on Ilovaisk, a major railway junction. Judging by the operation, one can only assume one thing: the main task is to deploy as many of its troops as possible. "Heroes of Maidan" are no longer needed. And, if possible - take Ilovaisk.

Ukrainians meet violent resistance of the militias, the attack is choked. The “Plan B” comes into effect. 23 August VSU strike a ballistic missile "Point U" on Rovenki. 24 August Poroshenko assigns Muzhenko the title of "Colonel General".

Militia razdrakili enough. And at this time, the battalion "Prikarpatye" 23 August and the battalion "Azov" 25 August suddenly run from the front, exposing their positions. As a result of these 26 August giveaways, the main participants of the Ilovai operation, 6 natsbatov and the combined company of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reliably end up in the boiler.

Unexpectedly for the Ukrainian leadership, at the request of V. V. Putin, the militia invites Ukrainians to leave the environment without weapons. In order not to disrupt the entire operation, General Homchak, in fact - a subordinate Muzhenko, orders to break through with a weapon through the humanitarian corridor. Homchak and his retinue escapes, the remaining Ukrainians fall into the meat grinder.

According to the result of the operation - the epic losses in people and technology. Plus - the loss of territory. In the Luhansk direction, Ukrainians rent Lutugino, Aleksandrovka, Uspenka, in Donetsk - Fashchevka. In the Luhansk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are leaving for the Donets.

After Ilovaisk something began to reach even the Ukrainians. They needed to throw a bone. October 14 2014 is scheduled to be dismissed by Secretary of Defense Geletey. The next day, October 15, is returned to the post of head of the State Guard Department. That is, where he came from and earn money and rewards. The next chairman-in-office, Stepan Poltorak, becomes Minister of Defense. The true chef of the Sonderkommando Muzhenko again comes out unscathed.

The third known operation Muzhenko - Debaltsevsky boiler. In January, the 2015-th Muzhenko arrives for personal command of the operation. The final is predictable - as a result, the Ukrainian Armed Forces again suffer significant losses in people, equipment and territory. The main thing - the Ukrainians leave the railway junction Debaltseve.

I repeat - all operations of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine in this war are the result of Muzhenko's activity. And Victor Muzhenko cope, judging by the reaction of his boss, not bad.

October 14 2015 of the year - one year after Geletei was expelled - Poroshenko confers Muzhenko the title “Army General”. 4 July 2016 of the Year Muzhenko receives the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree. "For personal courage and high professionalism shown in the protection of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath."

It is also known that as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Muzhenko is involved in the Ukrainian arms trade in foreign markets throughout the war.

As you can see, Victor Muzhenko personifies a new type of military leader. Victor Muzhenko - general of a lost war. Who consciously, by order from above, destroys his army and earns money, titles and positions.

After the war, he would be able to calmly write memoirs about how he personally commanded "practically victory" in Debaltseve. And become one of the gauleiters on the territory cleared for the West.
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  1. +5
    7 September 2016 06: 16
    full-time rulers of the s.r.a.s. of the territory.
    1. +1
      7 September 2016 10: 09
      Poroshenko himself is engaged in the arms business, and this general is "faithful to the oath." War is a mother to such generals.
    2. +2
      7 September 2016 10: 26
      He will die and people will spit on his grave ...
      1. +1
        7 September 2016 18: 10
        Ukraine, this period of "demonic turmoil", we will remember for a long time ... How "brothers" and will not beat hard, but it hurts. Deserved!
        True, most of the current "heroes" will again flee to Canada and Australia, USA, Israel! But let them not hope to live in peace, they will have to answer for the blood of Donbass children, and for the "little things" angry ...
  2. +4
    7 September 2016 06: 20
    A new type of general, having received a Soviet education, valiantly "LICK THE POPE" to those whom they had to put up against the wall ...
  3. +5
    7 September 2016 07: 12
    Nothing suitable for a military tribunal, along with all its ins and outs. angry
  4. +5
    7 September 2016 07: 38
    And what do you want, remember our first Chechen one, then we wrote plans for the same State Department patterns. It’s just that at that time our army had not yet had time to degrade to the state of Ukraine, therefore, despite all odds, they were able to force the militants into the mountains despite great blood. Over the 25 years, the Ukrainian army has unlearned and completely degraded, and the advisers have reached a new level.
  5. +6
    7 September 2016 07: 45
    You’re not going to imagine career growth for yourself ... yes, under Kobe, the same woman would have counted on Kolyma like a fairy tale ...
    1. +2
      7 September 2016 07: 47
      How Blucher would be kicked during interrogations before the trial.
  6. +4
    7 September 2016 08: 16
    Gentlemen, well, why tell our secret agents ?? !! On the contrary, we need to write more about how heroically they defeated Putin in retreating and how they chopped Almaty with checkers under the command of this great Ukrainian strategist !!!!
  7. +3
    7 September 2016 10: 35
    Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces General of the Army Viktor Muzhenko

    What country, such are the generals, and the "wedding".
    1. +3
      7 September 2016 15: 12
      What kind of wedding? Funeral.
  8. +1
    7 September 2016 11: 23
    In Maidan Ukraine, all "heroes" are like that. There are no others. The phantom of the state gave birth to a phantom army and the chief of the General Staff - a ghost. Keep away from us, mind you ...
  9. +2
    7 September 2016 13: 13
    The rotten eye, the lenpech also finished. A disgrace.
  10. +2
    7 September 2016 13: 20
    After the war, he would be able to calmly write memoirs about how he personally commanded "practically victory" in Debaltseve. And become one of the gauleiters on the territory cleared for the West.
    If in the future he will have to sleep! It’s far troubled, the time will come for people like him, and maybe even at night ....... am
  11. +1
    8 September 2016 09: 32
    No, but would you like this general to screw up the LDNR and go to war against the Russian Federation? I think this general knows "what he's doing."
  12. +1
    8 September 2016 17: 30
    Quote: Finches
    He will die and people will spit on his grave ...