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The Russian side filed a petition for expedited consideration of the claim on the 3-billionth debt of Ukraine

The Russian representative submitted to the High Court of London a petition for expedited adjudication of the lawsuit in connection with Ukraine’s failure to fulfill its obligations to return the 3 billion-dollar debt, reports RIA News Post Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

It is expected that the hearings on the petition will be held before the end of the year.

“The independent company The Law Debenture Corporation plc, representing the interests of the Russian Federation as the sole owner of Ukraine’s bonds for 3 billion dollars, filed a petition with the High Court of London to make an expeditious decision on the lawsuit filed in connection with Ukraine’s failure to fulfill obligations under these bonds”, - said in a release.

“The trust appealed to the court with a request to leave without satisfaction the response of Ukraine to the lawsuit and make a decision obliging Ukraine to pay the face value of the bonds, the amount of the unfulfilled coupon payment in the amount of 75 million dollars and interest on the entire amount of the outstanding debt on the bonds,” the department said.

“If the court satisfies this petition, a full-scale trial will not be required and a final decision on the merits can be made at the beginning of 2017 of the year,” explained the Finance Ministry.

“Earlier, Ukraine acknowledged that it did not make payments on the bonds within the prescribed period. However, in its response to the claim of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian side claims that the issue of these sovereign bonds was never properly authorized by the executive and legislative authorities of Ukraine, and that it was allegedly forced to issue a bond issue, although the borrower received 3 in a timely manner billion dollars in payment of bonds and credited all these funds to international reserves, ”the statement reads.

“The position of Ukraine (before filing a response to the lawsuit, it has never been announced), obviously, does not correspond to both the public statements of Kiev made during the placement of bonds and its practical actions, as well as later reports of its officials. Such actions include, in particular, three coupon payments on bonds made by Ukraine on a schedule before the maturity date of bonds, its insistent demand to include debt on bonds in the operation on restructuring Ukraine’s debt to private investors in September 2015, finally, declaring in December 2015 of the year of the moratorium on payments in repayment and servicing of debt on bonds, ”noted in the department.

At the same time, in his petition, the Russian representative drew the attention of the judges to the fact that “Ukraine included in the response to the lawsuit a number of exclusively political arguments that are not related to the obvious requirement to fulfill the debt obligations and, often, not corresponding to reality”.

“Moreover, the Ukrainian side insists that political circumstances provide grounds for the release of Ukraine from its obligations to repay the debt. In fact, the argument used by the debtor is no more than a part of Ukraine’s tactics to confuse the issue as much as possible in an attempt to avoid the court’s accelerated review of the legal requirements of the Russian Federation, ”the Ministry of Finance said in a statement.
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  1. Koresh
    Koresh 29 July 2016 09: 40
    It has long been expected ... The IMF shows a cookie before the end of the year, but you need to pay a loan. Well, it will be perfectly played out, the court will force us to pay (European), but we can’t afford to pay ourselves, we vetoed ourselves. Circus and not a country.
    1. Vend
      Vend 29 July 2016 10: 01
      Quote: Koresh
      It has long been expected ... The IMF shows a cookie before the end of the year, but you need to pay a loan.

      I agree. I’ll add, it was evidently expected that Russia would put this matter on the brakes. But it didn’t work out. In general, in my opinion, it is better to live peacefully and trade for the benefit of all.
    2. Pavel1
      Pavel1 29 July 2016 10: 02
      while the northern stream cannot take on the entire load for gas, we’ll swear with Ukrainians, we must accelerate the northern stream2.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 29 July 2016 10: 10
        Already at the beginning of 2017 year ... what and by the autumn a whistle start on gas will begin ... - let the aggressor have a discount on gas, otherwise we will freeze Europeans.

        European officials have already begun to sound the alarm about the fact that Ukraine today cannot provide pressure in the pipe, which is necessary for normal transit in the winter period.

        The European Commission is sounding the alarm: Ukraine’s gas storage facilities are about a third full. The European Union has called on the country to stock up on cheap “summer” gas before it is too late to do so. As of July 17, the capacities of the underground gas storage facilities of Ukraine were filled to 32,4% of the maximum possible level (10.035 billion cubic meters of gas). Reports about itNatural Gas Europe.
        1. Pereira
          Pereira 29 July 2016 11: 34
          This happens every year, but the promised disaster is still there and not. It's time to stop screaming about it.
  2. prabiz
    prabiz 29 July 2016 09: 41
    And before that we hoped for the conscience of the Ukrainian authorities? fool
    How many loyal ones can you build for those who harass you on every corner? angry
  3. Arkan
    Arkan 29 July 2016 09: 42
    Debt by payment is red. Ukrainians do not understand the essence of this saying; unlike them, financiers are well aware of its meaning. Therefore, horses can wait a long time for the tranche.
  4. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 29 July 2016 09: 43
    What, the Anglo-Saxons will immediately accelerate and make a decision? Yeah ... Already running .. Straight hair fluttering behind ...
    Already how many copies are broken about how the West is caught in double standards, but still we rely on honesty, even in business. request And against the background of ardent Russophobia, making a positive decision looks fantastic. Everything will simply be delayed in the hope of changes in the future. The bureaucracy multiplied by politics is invincible.
    Personally, my opinion winked
    1. Bramb
      Bramb 29 July 2016 10: 04
      They have case law.
      And Russia owes the IMF about 300 yards. According to this precedent, we can not return 300 yards to the IMF.
      So, the money will be returned, but will be pulled to the last. )))
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 29 July 2016 10: 22
        Quote: Bramb
        And Russia owes the IMF about 300 yards. According to this precedent, we can not return 300 yards to the IMF.

        We don’t have to do anything with the IMF ... 340 billion is a corporate debt ... and the government external debt is only 30 billion.

        The most ambitious external debts of Russia traditionally belong to “other sectors” - domestic companies, enterprises and organizations.
        However, on the basis of 2015. there is a decrease in external corporate debt by 9,2% - from 375,386 to 340,633 billion dollars.

        The debt of state bodies to international creditors on the basis of 2015. decreased by 26,1% - from 41,606 to 30,743 billion dollars.
        1. Bramb
          Bramb 29 July 2016 10: 33
          Thank you for clarification.
          But anyway, 30 is more than 3 an order of magnitude. )))
  5. uzer 13
    uzer 13 29 July 2016 09: 44
    I would suggest a tougher stance on Ukraine’s debt, and not go on ships with outstretched hands. They only become impudent from impunity. You can find means of influence on Poroshenko and his gang.
  6. demchuk.ig
    demchuk.ig 29 July 2016 09: 46
    I very much doubt that in the near future we will see these Tugriks! It is easier to take a territory or a factory!
  7. AID.S
    AID.S 29 July 2016 09: 47
    “Ukraine included in the response to the lawsuit a number of exclusively political arguments that did not relate to the obvious requirement to fulfill debt obligations and, often, did not correspond to reality.”

    "You, Sharikov, are talking nonsense. And the most outrageous of all is that you say her categorically and confidently."
  8. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 29 July 2016 09: 51
    (Only cowards pay off debts) - such a joke. Seeing Ukraine is not afraid of either default or a complete collapse of the economy - "brave officials" because they will not live in poverty-stricken Ukraine, they have housing in other places. And they must live in a small room with lattices.
  9. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 29 July 2016 09: 53
    Pick up Odessa region and forgive the debt ....
    1. Bramb
      Bramb 29 July 2016 10: 30
      No need to rush!
      Now only the Odessa port plant is estimated at a yard. But after a year no one will give him and hundreds of lyamas. And in a year it will cost only as scrap metal. And there are many such enterprises. Why overpay?
      Yes, and then feed this hunger there. Do not let them torment themselves, they will be scattered from there, then we will take back all our lands from Kharkov to Odessa. And without jumping monkeys. Let them go to Europe. )))
      1. Retvizan
        Retvizan 29 July 2016 17: 27
        in the sense of Kharkov and Odessa should leave freeing you cities and lands?
        And the second - that is, you need bare terrain, without any remnants of a worthwhile industry? in the 21st century, it seems that the main value is the consumer! Okay, you want to drive out the territory’s producing power in the form of production - but also to worsen its consumer component, which means to get just a depressed territory without a consumer (capable) and production. In general, the ground. This is the behavior of the times of feudalism (and the peasants are important there). Probably then the primeval or colonial heyday (without Indians).
  10. Bramb
    Bramb 29 July 2016 10: 02
    Ukrainians rejoice: out, how brave we are, did not want to repay the debt - and we will not repay it!
    The problem is that along with the debt you have to pay interest. It would not be scary if the Ukrainians had the money to work, but they have long been stolen! )))
    And the top in Ukraine will still wash off after Senya, they will need capital in the west, why give it away? Let these horses then give it away, but now don’t: now it is THEIR money (they consider everything they can steal as theirs). So they pull to the last. But the result is known to all.
  11. atamankko
    atamankko 29 July 2016 10: 15
    Does it really not reach the "holding power" that the junta is not partners,
    and a bunch of thieving, lying scammers who are ashamed to deal with.
    1. Bramb
      Bramb 29 July 2016 10: 26
      I am sure that they know about them a thousand times more than we do, including psychological portraits and dark affairs. They just need such people in order to buy up the country on the cheap for small bribes, and create a bridgehead from foolish people to the peak of Russia.
  12. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 29 July 2016 10: 42
    No, they will not give it up. They consider us and the West for p.a.d.L.O. , and also brothers. "As some people write here, we chew popcorn further. We wait until ....
  13. Wildfox
    Wildfox 29 July 2016 11: 04
    I talked with a girl, a lawyer in international law, although she studied the financial part in a modest volume, she said one thing. "The Russian Federation does not seem to know in what position the Ukrainian authorities are better suited to it."
    I think now the Russian Federation itself is not averse to delaying payments so that all possible pluses are manifested.
    1. The advantage is the lender whose public debt, rather than a private trader. Because Ukraine repays public debt through IMF tranches, the Russian Federation will be the one who will admit or not allow the gesheft in Ukraine.
    2. The main thing here is to correctly predict when there will be a default and not to withdraw money ahead of schedule.
    I don’t think that ordinary Russians will break off from this, but financial whales are a big deal. We are patient and wait. hi
  14. teron
    teron 29 July 2016 11: 09
    In addition to the army and navy, Russia needs media broadcasting to Western countries and covering our point of view on world events. Well, a legion of lawyers, of course.
  15. Berkut24
    Berkut24 29 July 2016 11: 29
    Hello, this is your Trust ...
    Because there is no money and there will not be, then Ukraine will have to pay all the creditor in kind. And this is where the fun begins. And Russia, judging by the list of debts, including gas debts, as well as the amount of penalties, fines and contractual penalties will come up to this "buffet" more than once. In addition, with all the other creditors, Ukraine is still waiting for the "Swedish family".
    But there was no need for corrupt Cossacks to get involved with the Swedes during the time of Peter the Great. Now that's it ... The Swedish flag is destiny. It remains to whine and climb the Swedish wall.
  16. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 July 2016 11: 40
    The human kindness shown to the scoundrel ends in failure. For several years they themselves went on concessions to Ukraine on gas, electricity, etc., motivating that ordinary people suffer, but in fact they supported the criminal regime. Now we scratch turnips, run on the courts. And in the fall, another Ukrainian blackmail will begin. And so on ad infinitum. It’s very difficult to attribute such actions to politics, let alone to the economy, because to the detriment of ourselves and our economy. How much money has been swelled over the past few years to Ukraine? And there are only minuses in the balance (Crimea does not count, it goes as a separate line).
  17. ksv36
    ksv36 29 July 2016 12: 17
    They hung a hungry monkey in a cage and hung a bunch of bananas under the ceiling. They put a box in the corner. The monkey jumped and jumped, looked at the box, pushed it, took bananas - ate it. Ukrainians planted with a terrible hangover, under the ceiling a liter of vodka. Crest jumped, tired, sat on a box and smokes. From the loudspeaker a voice: - Think Bogdan, think! To which he replies: - Why should I think here, jump higher than the treb.

    So in their current government all with a big hangover and just jump. Although not surprising. They all have speakers, not understanding what the heads say. Obviously not thinking.
  18. Next
    Next 29 July 2016 12: 54
    Quote: NIKNN
    Trusty asked the court to dismiss Ukraine’s response to the lawsuit and make a decision obliging Ukraine to pay the face value of the bonds, the amount of the coupon payment unfulfilled in the amount of $ 75 million and interest on the entire amount of overdue bonds
    I would have read and read ... But the leaders of Ukraine have a different opinion, "they did not have a long time at the helm, but after us, even a flood"

    I do not agree with your conclusions. then there will be no flood, but "soup with a cat" with a tribunal and the return of cookies to the place to sit and to each as deserved. By the way, the rulers of the country 404 are afraid of the approaching tribunal.
  19. ASDik37
    ASDik37 29 July 2016 13: 11
    Found where to go ... These 3 lard from Ukraine can be shaken out only by indemnities, and that's not a fact - most likely they will have to pay themselves. And the longer this gadyushnik is called "respected partners", the more funds will be needed to restore these territories.
    If we completely abandon the idea of ​​taking this territory under our control, we will get even more problems.
  20. ML-334
    ML-334 29 July 2016 14: 43
    It seems the time has come to give a good kick to our "independent" brothers.
  21. grandfather Mih
    grandfather Mih 29 July 2016 15: 19
    "The Ukrainian side insists that political circumstances give grounds for the release of Ukraine from obligations to repay the debt." Circumstances have developed - pay. Surface layer (today): ukroUPA (junta-the last ones) are responsible for the genocide of the Poles = bunch = Germany-genocide of Jews in the war (Chancellor Merkel). The junta's support is no longer a reputational cost. Let the Ukrainians dodge and pay.
  22. Retvizan
    Retvizan 29 July 2016 17: 33
    Let's see, wait. The court is a third party. Participants by the way usually hire western offices (to sue)
    Each side has its own arguments.
    Who will win, don’t know. In addition, there is such a thing-consequences. In general, no one knows how it will be there.
    The court between Ukraine and the Russian Federation will be more than once. Given the critical relationship - between them so go-power, diplomatic, trade, judicial and other battles. A new phenomenon of war can be formulated. Not classic.
  23. bad
    bad 29 July 2016 21: 45
    something tells me that Thu 3 lard and the interest for the protoucre will be albeit with a creak-pay geyropa ... you also need to buy gas .. laughing by the winter everyone will fork out .. laughing