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"Marginal childhood" of terror. Why do the inhabitants of migrant ghettos take up arms

Some countries in Western Europe increasingly resemble hot spots. Loud attacks occur at intervals of months, and even more often. The wave of terror and violence in European cities is associated by many not only with the consequences of EU policy in the Middle East and North Africa, but also with the costs of mass and virtually uncontrolled migration. The times when the main terrorist danger in European countries came from "local" radicals, be it the Italian "Red Brigades", the German RAF or the fighters for independence of the Basque Country and Northern Ireland, are in the past. And the adherents of the "urban guerrilla" 1970-x - 1980-s tried to avoid casual victims. Now the situation has changed, and the reason for this is rooted in much larger problems than political contradictions.

Socio-psychological portraits of radicals who have committed bloody terrorist acts in Paris, Brussels, Nice, have many features in common. These are young men, usually between the ages of 25 and 35. They have either immigrated long ago to Europe, or are natives of European countries, born in immigrant families. Practically everyone did not have solid earnings and a permanent job, but behind his shoulders there was a train of numerous administrative and criminal misconduct - from driving drunk to petty theft or robbery.

The brothers Said and Sheriff Kouachi, who committed the notorious attack on the Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo, were born into a family of visitors from Algeria. Said was 34 of the year, Sheriff was 32. The early loss of parents, the joyless childhood in a shelter, from where the young men splashed out into the cruel street world of the Paris suburbs. Amed Coulibaly, who shot people at a kosher shop, was also a second generation immigrant with a similar fate. Family Kulibali arrived in France from Mali. Already in 17 years, Amed received his first conviction. The usual for the inhabitants of the "ghetto" set - drugs, street robberies. It was in prison that he met Sheriff Quashi.
Semi-criminal street youth is an excellent environment for radical agitators. Those who have several “walker” behind their shoulders are not afraid of problems with the law. Yes, and easy money they are very interested. On the other hand, many of the “bad guys” in Paris or Brussels suburbs are bored by the vicious way of life of petty criminals and drug addicts. Here an alternative appears - you can feel yourself a “master of other people's lives”, at the same time taking revenge for the years of its existence on the “social bottom”.

Surprisingly, the majority of terrorists who covered themselves with religious-fundamentalist ideas were “known in the world” as very mundane people, not alien to such secular weaknesses as women, drugs or booze. Salah Abdeslam is named among the main organizers of the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13 2015, during which 130 people died. Like the brothers Kouachi and Coulibaly, he is a second-generation immigrant, the son of immigrants from Morocco. Twenty six years. Not very educated, a lover of "secular lifestyle", which in the marginal environment means only a passion for alcohol and "festivals". Brussels police claim that Abdeslam was haggling drugs.

From the criminal world came to the terrorists and Abdelhamid Aboud. His parents also came to Belgium from Morocco, and Abdelhamid himself was born and raised in Brussels. Unlike many of his peers from Belgian-Moroccan families, Abauda was lucky - his father Omar was a wealthy man, owned a clothing store and, despite having many families (six children), was able to pay for the education of Abdelhamid in a prestigious school. It would seem that Abdelhamid could unlearn, get a profession and heal a more prosperous man in the street. But the young man abandoned his studies, contacted street companies. Alcohol, drugs, petty theft, and then on the thumb - the period for armed robbery, prison acquaintance with radical fundamentalists, trips to Syria - to the war. Friends say that Abdelhamid Aboud, before the prison, practically did not attend the mosque and did not give the impression of a religious person.
The bloody terrorist attack in Nice, the victims of which were a 85 man (including the terrorist himself), was committed by an 31-year-old native of Tunisia, Mohamed Lahuayedzh-Bulel. A native of Tunisia, he lived in Nice from the 2005 year and led the lifestyle of the average man in the street. Three children, unsuccessful marriage and divorce, drives to the police for fights. Mohamed's parents say that he was a completely non-religious man, did not follow the basic prescriptions of Islam, loved to drink, and even used drugs. “Women, fighting without rules and drugs” - this was how the circle of his interests and a few friends described it. According to the prosecutor of Paris, Francois Molens, Mohamed Lauhuayedzh-Bulel only for the period from 2013 to 2015 six years were prosecuted for theft, violence and drugs.

"Marginal childhood" of terror. Why do the inhabitants of migrant ghettos take up arms

What makes yesterday's bullies and dragdillers take the path of armed struggle against European civilization? After all, one can understand if they were making armed robberies of banks or racketting merchants, but the role of a suicide bomber somehow does not fit in with the image of drunkards and amateur women. In fact, everything is not so difficult. The terrorism of the “children of the modern ghettos” is the next stage after the riots and unrest that have enveloped the suburbs of the same Paris ten years ago.

"All these outcasts, all non-aligned, no matter where they were born and raised - in the suburbs of Paris, in Africa or in the French outback, they turn their non-alignment into a challenge and sooner or later go from words to deeds," the late deceased wrote French philosopher Jean Baudrillard.

Between indigenous Europeans and immigrants from Africa and the Middle East is a colossal social and sociocultural rift. Visitors do not want and can not integrate into the host society. They join the ranks of the marginal strata, whose social position makes them extremely susceptible to all sorts of radical ideologies. Today in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, The Hague, Amsterdam have their small Mogadishu and Istanbul, Kabul and Baghdad. Based in Europe, immigrants stubbornly do not want to accept the living standards of modern Europeans, but reproduce their usual behavioral attitudes. As a result, Europe has long been acquainted not only with exotic oriental dishes, with the motifs of Arab-African music, with a variety of national clothes and hats, but also with the retreat of women, domestic slavery, blood feuds and honor killings.

Most immigrants prefer to preserve patterns learned at home. Often in the diaspora they become even more faithful than at home, where they are more strictly related to national traditions. Religious fundamentalism becomes a defense against the incomprehensible world of European cultural values. In addition, it fits perfectly on the general social background of immigrant residence, which is characterized by the presence of numerous problems associated with the marginality and deprivation of immigrant enclaves.

The areas of compact residence of Afro-Asian immigrants in large and not very European cities are areas of social exclusion. Such "new ghettos" in which unemployment, street crime, drug addiction and other vices flourish. The average young man from such quarters, even if he was born here and has French, Belgian or German citizenship, cannot integrate into European society. Most often, he is out of work. Nor does she want to look for it - the marginal backyards of a European city provide many chances for someone who wants to make money, but is not afraid of possible problems with the law.

Drug trafficking in small and large quantities, the organization of prostitution, theft, robbery of late passers-by give their dirty income. But even if one succeeds in finding a job, rarely does a young man who grew up in the aggressive street environment of the “new ghettos” shun the opportunity to get hold of in an illegal way. The “hot guys” are also afraid of their more successful co-religionists, who managed to open their own business.

Getting into prisons, petty thieves and drug dealers find themselves not only among people close in their social position, but also among fellow countrymen and co-religionists. A significant part of the inhabitants of Western European penitentiary institutions have long been Afro-Asian immigrants and their descendants. This is due to social factors. And here, in prisons, many of them are attached to radical ideas. In the cell there is no opportunity to walk with the girls or get drunk, but there is plenty of time for thinking about the vicissitudes of life and for communicating with fellow sufferers.

It is no secret that it is in prisons today that radical preachers are most active. Conversations about the meaning of life, or the banal promises of a generous fee for a certain "work" - no matter how, but they manage to recruit supporters. As a rule, future terrorists have experience of “serving time” under criminal clauses, but after prison they leave “other people” and shift their attention from street crimes to much more dangerous activities.

Another source of influence is religious preachers and emissaries of international terrorist organizations freely plying between Asian and African countries and Europe. With one of these preachers, a certain Farid Benet, who worked as a nurse, and the Kouacha brothers, who had arranged the massacre in the wording of Charlie Hebdo, made their acquaintance at one time. Back in 2006, Mr. Benetu was convicted of recruiting “jihadists” for the war in Iraq.

Among the "fresh" immigrants who have recently come from countries in Africa and the Middle East, there are many very real militants who have experience of underground fighting, and sometimes direct participation in terrorist acts and military operations. According to Moroccan Bashir M'Rabeth, a youth worker from the infamous Belgian region of Molenbeek, the Moroccan authorities are even excited about mass immigration to Europe, as it allows to get rid of the most violent and problematic elements.

It is the North African immigrants and their descendants in the same Saint-Denis, Molenbeke or Saint-Josse-ten-Naude, who became world famous as “migrant enclaves”, are distinguished by the greatest radicalism and anger. Emir Cyrus, head of the municipal administration of the Brussels District of Saint-Josse-ten-Naudet, the majority of whose population consists of immigrants and their descendants, says that people from Turkey are practically not subject to extremist sentiment. Another thing is the Moroccans, who form an impressive part of the municipality’s inhabitants.

The reason for susceptibility to radical views is rooted in the specific social situation of North African immigrants. Immigrants from Turkey or Iran are more well-off, living either in their own environment or dissolving in the surrounding society (which is especially true for white-collar workers). In addition, Turkey or Iran were not colonies of European countries. The descendants of immigrants from the Maghreb countries - Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians - have their own reasons for "offended" by European society. Born in France or Belgium, they seem to be citizens, Paris or Brussels are their homeland. But they cannot and do not want to solve their problems, the social status of most of the descendants of immigrants remains low, the Europeans treat them with suspicion, and even with ill-concealed hatred.

In France, the Maghrebins are called “bears” or “Arabs”. Let the young man be born and grew up in Paris, and in Algeria or Morocco he has only grandparents left, for the indigenous population he still remains visitors from the Maghreb. Naturally, the Europeans, he also responds with a return coin. Therefore, the concept of "Motherland" among the descendants of immigrants is local in nature - it seems they are Belgians or French, but their "Belgium" or "France" is limited to the limits of the quarter — the enclave. Accordingly, there can be no question of the formation in people with such a consciousness of a general French or all Belgian national identity. For them, “their own” are fellow countrymen, co-religionists, in the extreme case - representatives of a large and international marginal environment of the suburbs, but not the rest of the French or Belgians.

The problem of spreading radical views among young immigrants, therefore, has clearly expressed social roots. Closing their eyes to the scale of mass migration, declaring the very controversial principles of multicultural policy, the authorities of European states have created a very serious problem, completely not bothering to work out ways to solve it. Where to work for migrants in conditions of mass unemployment, how to overcome the estrangement between the newcomer and the indigenous population, what to do with the enormous differences in behavior and lifestyle? Modern Europe cannot answer these questions.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 28 July 2016 05: 59
    The problem of the spread of radical views among young immigrants, therefore, has clearly defined social roots.
    Is that a discovery?
    1. a52333
      a52333 28 July 2016 06: 28
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      Is that a discovery?

      Amazing mess in the head of the Europeans!
      For decades to observe how the neighborhoods and areas of freeloaders and gopots grow, in the kitchen to call them blacks and Arabs in half a voice, and then vote for assholes like Hollande, who from the stands declare "multiculturalism and tolerance."
      The devastation is not in the closets, but in the heads
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 28 July 2016 07: 25
        And I’m just getting drunk of this phenomenon ---- terrorist acts are becoming more frequent, but nothing changes in the possibilities of prevention, the TRUE culprits are not called. One and the same situation: they cried for the victims, found out and told about the artist, how he got to such a life, found out that he, in fact, is European and life goes on !!!!!. Like, a hurricane broke trees --- - you can’t argue with nature.
        Like Herbert Wells: some characters serve others. ??? !!!!
        1. Reptiloid
          Reptiloid 28 July 2016 09: 31
          He put on his glasses and saw the ochepyatku. Of course, the characters of the "War of the Worlds" and "Time Machine" EATED the weaker. Moreover, the parallels are visible: the visitors ate the indigenous population, and the descendants of the poor ate the descendants of the rich.
        2. gladcu2
          gladcu2 28 July 2016 15: 40

          It is strange why people do not understand the real reasons for what is happening. The law of society: "if there is an event, look for someone who benefits from it." It always works.

          In fact, the author’s conclusion should be as follows.

          The social environment is created by an economic model. Capitalism, when the enrichment of units due to the impoverishment of the majority is justified, dictates living conditions. Having fallen to the bottom, rising to an acceptable level by washing dirty apples and reselling the clean life cycle of one person is not enough.

          But Europe’s problem is this. All these attacks are specially organized. If they are, then someone needs it. And it’s absolutely not in ideology, or there is in any religion. This is a clean business. And this is the scheme.

          What does the banker earn? On what lends money. If you borrowed from a banker, which bankers are profitable? If you could never repay a debt and work only to service the debt. If your business has not gone, what are you doing? Refinance debt. Take the same money but for a longer period, at the same percentage. You pay the same amount, but longer, which is not noticeable at first.

          In order for a business to slow down, disrupt, destabilize, break a system, chaos must be waged. But how to do it?

          It is necessary to create NATO. Which is no longer subordinate to any president. NATO as a mechanism of pressure on national governments. NATO is self-reliant. To create a social imbalance, in the form of an influx of emigrants or in another way, is multiculturalism, LGBT. Under pressure, governments will not resist. Well, to arrange terror in the right places.

          Costs only for organizational matters.

          Thus, we obtain an environment for refinancing. And this is 25% -40% of revenue.
          1. gladcu2
            gladcu2 28 July 2016 15: 55
            If someone does not understand, then Hillary is the representative of such a system. The US has the highest debt, why? Yes, such a good financial private business.

            But such a system destroys society. Well, for those who think about this, they say that the planet is overpopulated and needs a regulator. All this is fraud.

            Trump says reasonable things. Maybe he can realize the position of society. At least somehow crowded.

            And so the whole world only looks at Vladimir Vladimirovich with a prayer.

            It is in Russia that they only think that GDP is the Russian president. People in the world think that GDP rules the world with the help of their country.
      2. Lord_Bran
        Lord_Bran 28 July 2016 09: 08
        The government is divorced from the people and sees no real prerequisites for taking emergency measures. Of course, measures are being taken to integrate young people, but, as the author said, these efforts are not enough. Often, they are simply useless.
        But the buns from a cheap slave. forces and the influx of recruits into the army - this is what they see.
    2. Mifcada
      Mifcada 28 July 2016 07: 21
      The tragic mistake of the French is that, out of their stupidity and naivety, they thought that Islamic waves of immigration were integrating and assimilating in the same way as the wave of Russian white immigration at the beginning of the 20th century. Only they forgot that the Russians and the French have one system of values ​​and one religion. The situation was aggravated by the "useful" - supporters of the theory of "multiculturalism".
      1. Volzhanin
        Volzhanin 28 July 2016 09: 13
        Why is it that "Russians and French have one system of values ​​and one religion"?
        We have a fundamentally different system of values ​​with frogmen, and especially religion!

        And there will be more terrorist attacks - the geyropa will be washed in blood! And they should understand this as a punishment for their heinous deeds. And we must do our best to help them in this understanding, help them understand why they are "happy". And this "joy" to them for Ukraine, for Libya, for Yugoslavia, for Syria, for Afghanistan, for Iraq ... Let them eat the fruits of their deeds with a spoonful of vomit!
        1. Lord blacwood
          Lord blacwood 28 July 2016 10: 36
          Quote: Volzhanin
          Why is it that "Russians and French have one system of values ​​and one religion"?
          We have a fundamentally different system of values ​​with frogmen, and especially religion!

          You are mistaken. The Russians and the French have Christian religions, and the Arabs Islam. Russian immigrants
          there were mainly nobles who were fluent in French and brought up according to European traditions. In addition, many of them were educated in Europe.
    3. Vend
      Vend 28 July 2016 10: 01
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      The problem of the spread of radical views among young immigrants, therefore, has clearly defined social roots.
      Is that a discovery?

      As one of the analysts said, any EU decision on migrants in this situation will lead to problems for Europe. There are no winning options.
    4. Hayer31
      Hayer31 28 July 2016 21: 37
      Not only because there are also Vietnamese Chinese Russian enclaves, but they live quietly. The author forgot to explain in more detail about faith, as Muslims have it.
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 28 July 2016 06: 11
    "The 'marginal childhood' of terror."
    Not a good name. More truly: "Migrant childhood" of terror.
    Still to come. And the civil wars in Europe and the war for independence.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 28 July 2016 19: 11
      Quote: gladcu2

      It is strange why people do not understand the real reasons for what is happening. The law of society: "if there is an event, look for someone who benefits from it." It always works.

      Probably, everyone thinks differently: quickly, slowly, carelessly or diligently. Ability, stock of knowledge also matter.
      Europe wants to live in peace, believing that everything will work out best by itself. For several years, Dad washed the feet of refugees on a certain day. In this case, it is convenient to consider that he is a lone terrorist and he is the last. The attacks were simplified and ritualized ---- a victim was made , a ritual of farewell, a reception of condolences, then everything as before. After a week --- a victim, a ritual, a reception of condolences, a break, a sacrifice, a ritual, etc. Here it is necessary to monitor the size of the breaks.
  3. Denis DV
    Denis DV 28 July 2016 06: 15
    Why do the inhabitants of migrant "ghettos" take up arms

    This is a reflex. Once give it is necessary to take laughing And they will run laughing
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 28 July 2016 06: 36
    Modern Europe cannot answer these questions...As long as Europe cannot answer these questions .. the attacks will continue ..
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 28 July 2016 07: 18
      Quote: parusnik
      Modern Europe cannot answer these questions...As long as Europe cannot answer these questions .. the attacks will continue ..

      She cannot even answer the old ones. It all started when Muslims went to Europe not for work but for permanent residence. The Turks and their families went to Germany, the Algerians emigrated to France after the war of 1954-1962, but there was no work to assimilate them .On the contrary, these immigrants began to create national regions of certain regions. I already gave a link to the Al Jazeera channel and I think that the reasons for these performances are really given there. The article was written not on today's events, but in response to the unrest that took place before the emigrant crisis. These events only exacerbated the situation. I give links to the sales of 2005 and 2011 in Paris and London. The same was before.
      1. a52333
        a52333 28 July 2016 07: 34
        Quote: Amurets
        but no work was done to assimilate them

        Do you think this is possible?
      2. Onotollah
        Onotollah 28 July 2016 09: 41
        The problem with those who come in Europe will be somewhat older than the 50s of the 20th century.
        There was only a Reconquista from 7 to the end of the 15th century.
        But in the Middle Ages, the Inquisition quickly dealt with refusing to work as offenders, drug addicts and pederasts.
        And now in Europe it’s better to be gay than inquisitors, that's why.
        Europe has long been preparing the future for itself with its own hands, and now it has come.
        Sadly, this is a medical fact.
  5. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 28 July 2016 06: 40
    The problem of the spread of radical views among young immigrants, therefore, has clearly defined social roots.

    True, but with a reservation. The leaders of Western Europe who settled the émigré crisis did not really have a coherent program on how to adapt the new arrivals. I like how they do it in Austria, but here is more likely an exception to the big picture. But here's the thing, before emigrants went to crime, now is social protest a terror? Don't you think that besides social problems, there must be something else for terror?
    1. Alex
      Alex 28 July 2016 10: 53
      Quote: Knizhnik
      Don't you think that besides social problems, there must be something else for terror?

      So this is what the article says. Social disorder, multiplied by the frank reluctance of the descendants of migrants to seek honest earnings (a well-fed Europe that has robbed half the world, has the opportunity to provide some more free buns to the parasite) is the soil on which protest moods flourish (buns want more and tastier) . But where then these protests will pour out is a matter of environment. If such a new European Raskolnikov comes across criminal authority with significant connections on his path of life, he will become a criminal. If an experienced recruiter preacher with sugary tales - we get the suicide bomber at the exit.
  6. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 28 July 2016 06: 43
    Differences in culture, religion, worldview, no one tried to eliminate. Therefore, he lived for one year or twenty years, but the emigrant, as a stranger in spirit and essence, remained a stranger in a country that he wanted to consider his new homeland, but for which he remained a migrant.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 July 2016 06: 50
    Turning a blind eye to the scale of mass migration, declaring the highly controversial principles of multicultural politics, the authorities of European states created a very serious problem, completely not bothering to work out ways to solve it

    In my opinion, and comments are not required. All problems in one sentence.
  8. Azim77
    Azim77 28 July 2016 07: 07
    A very competent article, without stereotypes and clichés. If the Europeans think like that, they can probably solve the problem. And they need to inflate the topic of radical terrorism in Europe less in the media so as not to turn it into advertising. On the basis of strong social problems, this will only further attract illiterate, homeless youth into the ranks of "great martyrs and leaders." In Germany, they apparently began to understand this, the media began to change their rhetoric and publish less.

    On the other hand, what they have sown let them reap first. To understand in their own skin what they have done in other countries.
  9. Nix1986
    Nix1986 28 July 2016 07: 09
    Even if another 200 people are killed, I do not think that something in the European migration policy will change. On YouTube, there are enough videos from reporters where Europeans say in the spirit of "they are trying to break us and make us reclusive, but we will not give in, we will also be open to all people and visiting society." In general, we are impressed, but we are getting stronger. I don't know how true, but global problems start to worry you when they start to concern your family, and in Europe the institution of the family has been destroyed for a long time and persistently, half of the Europeans with whom they had a chance to communicate adhere to child free, well, plus the well-known LGBT propaganda. What a family here, and you can always save your own skin. So if Europeans want to die out like mammoths and leave the land, then a holy place is never empty.
    CONTROL 28 July 2016 07: 28
    (-)! A very superficial analysis, there are no conclusions, no proposals to correct the existing situation.
    Are you robbed? raped? ... And that's all from this and this! And it will be even worse! dry yourself, put on your pants and go home ...
    Who needs this - such is the "analysis"? Tell us not about the reasons - they are already known to everyone! - but about the "causes of reasons"; and suggest ways ... It is desirable that these "ways" be radical!
    The French, for example, at the suggestion of the Minister of Internal Affairs, create "self-defense units" - such as DND - to help the police! It would be nice to arm them ...
    1. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 28 July 2016 09: 21
      But what for do we have something to offer to correct the existing situation? laughing laughing This, kakbe, is none of our business. Let the geyropets rejoice on their own and formulate the proposals themselves. What for us? Seeds and pivas in Russia will not soon be transferred - we will observe from the side, strengthening and building muscles.
      1. Stirbjorn
        Stirbjorn 28 July 2016 11: 51
        Quote: Volzhanin
        Let the geyropets rejoice on their own and formulate the proposals themselves. What for us? Seeds and pivas in Russia will not soon be transferred - we will observe from the side, strengthening and building muscles.

        Yeah, we are in terms of visitors from Central Asia and the Caucasus at the beginning of the journey, and with seeds and pivas we will have the same thing, after a while. Strange these ridicule of Europeans
    2. populist
      populist 29 July 2016 00: 12
      Very superficial analysis,

      The author of the article is wrong and wrong seriously enough. He sees the reason where it does not exist and does not see where it is.
      In 70-80, Europe already lacked destitute Arab and other Muslims, but how much have we heard about Islamic extremism and Muslim terrorism? The author sees and does not want to take into account the main link between the Muslim terrorist and the attack itself. This link is an Islamic agitator and recruiter. There would have been no such recruiter and there would have been no terrorist attack.
      The reason for Muslim terrorism is the spread of Islamic extremism, and not in the social sphere.
  11. brasist
    brasist 28 July 2016 07: 41
    And what did she think this Western cesspool that all their antics of dermocratization will go without consequences ..., although it’s blasphemous to say but somehow it’s not a pity.
  12. Erg
    Erg 28 July 2016 08: 27
    Another article from the category "I'll powder your brains now." What are the "authorities of Europe"? What is the author about. Who keeps us for? The consequences of a completely controlled global process are presented to us as "the inability of the European authorities", as "the European authorities have created a serious problem", etc. I think that many here understand where the legs of this "problem" come from, and that the "European authorities" are working out the number here.
  13. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 28 July 2016 08: 30
    The author, like most of the other "theoreticians" and "researchers" of the causes of migrant terror, "delicately" tries to bypass the main cause of all this mess - religion. It is precisely the confession of a religion alien to Christian values ​​that is the main reason for the terror in the modern world. A person is so constructed that no matter how bad he is, he needs a "moral" justification for his "impious" actions. And this gives him the preaching of such a religion, which helpfully "whispers" in his ear that all the other "infidels" are not people and you can do whatever you want with them - you can lie to them, you can take their property, you can take their lives, whatever you want, for it is not a sin, they are people. Unfortunately, it is this main reason in all countries that they diligently "do not see" as being afraid of being punished according to the adopted laws "for inciting ethnic and religious hatred." And the fact that this reason is not "seen", is diligently hushed up, plays a cruel joke with those who seriously want to fight migrant terror and crime, since, considering that this main reason, allegedly does not exist, they begin to "fight" with particulars , with secondary reasons, which naturally does not bring success.
  14. Arkan
    Arkan 28 July 2016 08: 31
    Snickering burghers pay with their blood, myopia and neglect of someone else's life.
  15. regdan
    regdan 28 July 2016 08: 36
    The main reason for the mess in Central Europe is the United States ....
  16. AK64
    AK64 28 July 2016 08: 44
    Behind any terrorism is a state, alien or ours.

    And without special services, these guys will not find a way out of the metro, not only they will not be organized into a terror group.
  17. VDV1985
    VDV1985 28 July 2016 09: 59
    An interesting headline is "why they take up arms." Do they have the right to take on it? Why don't they take weapons and establish justice in their homeland? For some reason, they do not forget to follow social programs, but they forget to comply with the laws of the country that adopted them! There are no refugees as such, there are only lovers of free life at someone else's expense. But for them one rule should apply - either you comply with the norms and laws of the country that adopted you, or "suitcase, rubber ring, north africa." And level the ghetto with bulldozers. If you don't like it, let them go to Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, etc. - there they will be "accepted" by co-religionists ...
  18. Lord blacwood
    Lord blacwood 28 July 2016 10: 45
    Alas, the Europeans themselves are to blame for all this. It was they who ravaged Libya, which delayed the main flow of migrants. It was they who unleashed the war in Syria, from which refugees now also flee. Europeans, destroying foreign countries, did not think about the consequences. And when they realized it was too late.
    And in addition, the Europeans allowed people who were accustomed to war to themselves. The people who survived in their homeland were allowed into stable countries where people were weaned from war and cruelty. And now Europeans are reaping the fruits of their mistake.
    1. Gorinich
      Gorinich 28 July 2016 14: 39
      Only here are some who directed some Europeans to commit these mistakes.
  19. Super Black
    Super Black 28 July 2016 16: 57
    We also expect such a problem, with Uzbeks and Tajiks
  20. Backfire
    Backfire 28 July 2016 17: 59
    Done right. Europeans with their tolerance absolutely do not see anything around.
  21. 1536
    1536 28 July 2016 19: 05
    All this terror began to resemble the actions planned by the authorities of these European states in order to keep the people in check. The states and Germany occupied by them coordinate all this chaos.
  22. saygon66
    saygon66 28 July 2016 19: 31
    - One thing is not clear: The reason prompting the "ordinary" to become a "warrior of Islam" ...
    - Rob, steal, sell drugs - you will be different with money, and you will live (possibly) longer. Well, they closed it, well, I served time, went out - chudi further, and at the end of the "path of jihad" - the grave is definitely!
    - Probably, Viktor Smirnov explained this craving "to stand under the banner" best in the story "The Troubled Veresen Month" ... These creatures feel real power - and are in a hurry to join it ...
  23. VDV1985
    VDV1985 28 July 2016 21: 11
    I always ask myself one question - what are the Arabs and other representatives of Islam hoping for in Europe? After all, they personally are not able to produce or invent anything, in principle, they can only rob. And if there are a majority of Muslims, then who will earn the added value in high-tech industries? They are ? Don’t tell my slippers! They are more likely to make the remaining Euroopeans work under pain of death for a piece of bread! Look around carefully - not a single Islamic country is a manufacturer of technological goods or a supplier to the technology market. If there is oil, then they created the conditions for the indigenous people and hired people work for them - both in the household and in the management of something technological bought from non-Islamic countries. If there is no oil, then the semi-feudal system and the hope of taking away from others, as an example, Palestine. They were transferred from Israel during the return of land full-fledged agricultural production - and where are they? Everything is broken and stolen ... And the Palestinians have gained the right to be a global homeless with life-long maintenance and are hanging around the world like beggars.
    About Central Asia - a living example, as without the external control of the Communist Party of the USSR, who is faster, who is slower, the former republics are slipping into feudalism with bais and basmachi ...
    1. Selevc
      Selevc 29 July 2016 11: 53
      I always ask myself one question - what are the Arabs and other representatives of Islam hoping for in Europe? After all, they personally are not able to produce or invent anything, in principle, they can only rob.

      And what did the Goths, Huns, and other hordes of barbarians hope when they destroyed the Roman Empire? Barbarians never hope for anything ... They come and take the finished, they multiply, they think little - they are people of action ... In the case of Europe, weak nations wither and die out - strong nations come in their place - the wheels of history ruthlessly spin ...
      In general, it was extremely stupid and naive for European countries to intervene in conflicts in the Middle East, having huge Arab diasporas at home !!! Europe will not succeed in pretending to be an ostrich - it will not work in a quiet place ... Terrorist attacks are the reckoning of Europe for its own stupidity, arrogance and shortsightedness ...
  24. tracer
    tracer 28 July 2016 22: 18
    "" Sheep "to teach that to treat the dead." People from these countries are at a completely different stage in the development of the civilization process. What to hope for when they run to Europe? On the fact that infidels will be put in cancer and all will be taken away, and they will live like noble "babai". I remember the book I had from the service, with the stamp "secret". Thin, such a grayish brochure. Explaining how and what they have to do at the "guests" so that they do not immediately "spot". Interesting content. If people knew what we were supposed to know about their customs and other troubles, the attitude would be different. You need to know the truth about them in the end. And we must call a spade a spade.
  25. win
    win 28 July 2016 22: 31
    The main reason for the mess in Central Europe is the United States ....

    The Americans are doing everyone a trick ...