Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. From heaven to earth ... Thank you for not under ...

Greetings to you, my dear friends! And you, dear opponents. I especially welcome those for whom I am "terra incognito." Here I sit and think, am I a brand or a trend?

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. From heaven to earth ... Thank you for not under ...

Think sbrendil Tarakan? In vain, I have repeatedly argued to you that I have a normal mental health. But with the perception of the world around, and with the perception of the self in this world there is a small “shift”. I love myself loved, I love this world, I love my family, friends, homeland. I hate the state.

Do you know when thoughts about brand-brand appeared? After the last publication. It turned out that the main thing in my notes is that they are "Notes ..." And I, by a sinful deed, thought my great thoughts. Thanks to the readers. Lowered to the sinful earth.

Everything is exactly as it happens with my country. Only not the readers, but the "allies" and the owners are omitted. In some matters - on the ground. In some - already under the ground. And most importantly, we can not do anything. Loop thrown over! Any movement to the side causes a steady feeling of pain.

Ukraine today reminds of the pig that was brought to the slaughterhouse. In the corridor pushed, and ... You can not stop. The rear are pushing. And in front of terrible electro. Those that carry death. Resting, but to sense? Not difficult to get to the next world. It is difficult to return from there.

Those who shouted to us about our happiness of becoming democrats are now reaping the fruits of their democracy. Terrible fruit. Bloody. This week has been quite difficult for the world. The world has got used to the Ukrainian deaths, even children's ones. This is not people. These are Ukrainians. But to his, "human", was not ready.

France and Turkey followed in mourning colors. Woe ... And we also sympathize with this woe. Sympathize, but in my heart some kind of nasty animal scrapes. You have death grief, and we have?

Okay. International relations and other political events are not my brand. Long away. And the cockroaches are not particularly concerned. And you can read about all this from other authors. I, as a person close to the ground (in the literal sense, legs are short), will talk about our country.

The main thing about which they write little, but, as in my brain, is a rather serious event, it is the replacement of a sufficiently large number of managers in the prosecutor’s offices and special services in the field.

"President Petro Poroshenko made a number of personnel changes in the head office of the Security Service of Ukraine. He signed the relevant decrees on July 16, the press service of the head of state reports.

In particular, the president appointed Pavel Demchin first deputy chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine - head of the Main Directorate for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime of the Central Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Poroshenko also appointed Sergey Boldyr head of the Department of State Secret Protection and Licensing of the Central Office of the Security Service of Ukraine, Maxim Emelianenko Head of the Department of Operational and Technical Measures of the Central Office of the Security Service of Ukraine, and Nikolay Melnik - Head of the Department of Operational Documentation of the Security Service of Ukraine.

In addition, the head of state appointed Eduard Krytsin head of the SBU Directorate in the Kharkiv region, having previously dismissed him from the post of head of the Department of Counterintelligence Protection of State Interests in the Information Security sphere of the SBU. Cricin replaced Alexander Pivovar at the new post.

The president also appointed Oleg Zubkov head of the SBU Directorate in the Kherson region, dismissing Dmitry Yarmak from this position. ”

The same happens with prosecutors. Regional prosecutors "fly off" from their homes, like leaves from trees in the fall. Breeze and all the land in the foliage. Well, and, accordingly, about the district and say nothing. This is what our Lutsenko said in the Ternopil region when appointing-dismissing prosecutors.

“There are two possible answers to this question: either prosecutors are“ not in the subject ”, and I don’t need such prosecutors, because they don’t know what is happening on their territory, or they are в in proportion’, and I don’t even have such prosecutors are needed. "

What's happening? Why such cleansing in power structures? The power of sight? See corruption? Saw the work of the prosecutor's office and the courts? Saw the fraud and "Yezhovshchina" in the SBU? Or really decided to "fight corruption"?

No, Poroshenko is likened to an ancient hero, who cleaned Augean stables, for a completely different reason. Our "Heracles" makes the same as the ancient prototype. He decided to completely change the format of power. Remember in the old stories about the feat of Hercules than the end? Hercules washed the stables, but did not receive the promised tenth of the herds. Well, he killed the whole race Avgiya. Left one. The one who betrayed his father and took the side of Hercules.

I don't want to be a prophet, but ... You know, sometimes I wonder why God gave the cockroaches so many opportunities to see, hear, understand? Nor are we completely religious. We have no church. And he answered the same. To myself. And words from the Bible. We are created in the image and likeness of God. And we act the same way. Do not prevent people from doing stupid things. Everyone has the right to choose. Interestingly, the "old" power chiefs what fate shines?

A little bit about the "belly". Honestly, tired of writing about tariffs, prices and so on. And you probably got tired of reading about it. We have today in the "head" (and we have long turned the country upside down, it means our head today is where the legs are!) An incomprehensible solitaire has developed for you. In Ukraine today, “revolt against the government and society” means thinking, understanding, telling the truth, reading books, playing sports, being educated.

For almost a year, we have been fulfilling what the IMF requires. For almost a year, the authorities tell us that nothing is left. All done! And now ... The long-awaited money from the next tranche will fall on the heads of Ukrainians. And do not fall down.

After each meeting of our “heads” with representatives of the IMF for some reason, it turns out that we didn’t finish something. So today, Christine Lagarde found another "deficiencies".

"There are several unresolved technical issues within the framework of the commitments made by Ukraine, which we discussed together. They need to be resolved, because we cannot have a half-completed program and hope that it will work. The work should be completed and we are hopeful that Petro Poroshenko and the Prime Minister will heed this in order to fulfill the latest requirements that Ukraine must fulfill "

Do you know what we "did not finish"? Do not believe it, but we ... did not return the debt of the Russian Federation! Those same 3 billion with decent "pennies", which proudly "decided not to pay the aggressor." How many tridents were pierced on the breasts, how many fences were painted in patriotic colors, how many Russians in social networks received a “fig and oil” from us. So what? Money must be returned ...

And where to get them? The IMF does not give. ICBM does not give. EU does not give. You see, everyone has their own problems. They do not want to help the "outpost of the struggle against Russian aggression in Europe." As a great effort, we were given this week a decision by Canada to allocate 30 million dollars. A few dozen cents on the Ukrainian face face. But Peremoga!

Yes, and an interesting idea in my head spinning. We donate the unclear 3 billion from Russia, and we get the next tranche of 1 billion from the IMF. Well, the logical construction of Madame Lagarde is incomprehensible to the cockroach. Any sane person knows the simple truth. Do something voluntarily today (and I hope the aid at the beginning of the Maidan was voluntary) twice - for the third time you will be expected to do this, and for the fourth time - to demand it. We already require!

Once again, the characters from Azov "lit up". And once again, the SBU opened the "paw of the Kremlin." Who does not know - I will tell.

On Friday, unidentified masked men attacked a cash collector in the Zaporozhye region. Attacked in the style of "activists". A lot of shooting, a lot of grenades. But stumbled upon the resistance of the security forces. Moreover, one of the attackers was shot, two were taken as wounded, and one in general was caught. Took the crooks into circulation and ... Guys, from Azov!

The reader has a reasonable question: does Russia have something to do with it? What is the fault of the Kremlin? Well, you do not understand our Ukrainian logic. He died one of the prisoners. Of those who were wounded. And he is a citizen of Russia! Now it is clear? It is the Kremlin that deliberately sends its citizens to the punishers in order to destabilize the situation! True, he refused Russian citizenship. And as a hero of the ATO recently received Ukrainian. But these details are not particularly important.

The authorities are seriously afraid of "Azov". Afraid and trying to "clean up". Judging by the way the operation was carried out to prevent the robbery, the people of Azov were “waged” and knew about the attack. Beletsky already turned blue with indignation.

And if you add the statements of some deputies, like Parasyuk, on television, a rather sad picture for the punishers emerges.

"The fact that we have such forces (capable of carrying out a coup d'état. - Ed.) Is a fact. I can say that there were a lot more of them in 14, now, probably, only one is left - this is my colleague Parliament, which created the battalion "Azov". This is quite a powerful, structured and primarily ideological organization that is capable of such. Whether they will go for it, I can not answer, unfortunately, it depends on their ambitions, their vision " .

“There is also the Right Sector, which is now going through an information war and which is being discredited every day. The PS has opportunities, this is a possible option, but they do not have a centralized supply of resources like Azov’s.

Yes, my smart grandfather was right! Life will put everything in its place. And some also stick ... I you, granddaughters, I teach that where you should go. And where should not and you get yourself.

And I’ll finish my sad notes today with the same things I started. What is happening in the world today is a logical outcome of the policy of “civilized” countries with regard to “subhumans”. Ukraine is just a continuation ... Continuation of the slaughter in Africa, in Asia ... Continuation and warning! Ukrainian blood, the one that the Europeans tried to ignore, was hauled into them by terrorist acts in European cities. I won’t be surprised when I see Berliners or Warsaws jumping. When I see fences painted in national colors in France or Spain. This is only the beginning ... The beginning of the coming European retribution ...

This is not done by Ukrainians, thank God. Our "fighters" are busy today fighting with their people. But blood always produces blood. Quote from the Old Testament (Ecclesiastes, 3):

“Everything has its time, and the time of every thing under heaven: the time to be born, and the time to die; time to plant, and time to pull out the planted; time to kill, and time to heal; time to destroy, and time to build; time to cry, and time to laugh; time to mourn, and time to dance; time to scatter stones, and time to collect stones; time to hug, and time to shy away from hugs; time to search, and time to lose; time to save, and time to throw; time to tear, and time to sew; time to be silent, and time to speak; time to love, and time to hate; time of war and time of peace. ”

And to you, dear and beloved my readers, happiness and love in the house, a peaceful sky, good neighbors and smart rulers. I'll tell you one anecdotal case. I myself have not seen. So, claims not to me.

Desired one lady in the toilet. The case is simple, natural. Only in our cities is difficult to do. And here is the restaurant. And there is a guard. Mordovorot sort of. I will not let you go, and that's it. VIP person with us. Sign in 100 dollars. But the lady was not easy. She offered after the fulfillment of her desire to show a beautiful chest.

Complete all procedures in the toilet. Is returning. And the guard is already waiting. Show me. And what do you think, unbuttons a lady's blouse ... and there is a T-shirt with a photo of one leader of a great country riding a bear. And with a naked torso. Showed the chest!

At this note today, I finish and go to the kitchen to praise Tarakanushkina cooking. What you want.
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  1. +16
    July 19 2016
    Anecdote offset)))))
  2. +12
    July 19 2016
    Thanks, Tarakasha, the morning starts off pretty well. And you are our trend and brand. Do not even hesitate. Now I will get another dropper - and life will sparkle with new colors.
  3. +12
    July 19 2016
    Yeah, redhead, everything is more wonderful in your history, and more wonderful ... I don’t think until 404 they drive the ragulier back to Galicia until they begin to realize that they themselves are to blame for all their troubles, and that they are not the most , and they all are not the most, and they are not the smartest, good luck to them not to see. And it will not be soon, and THIS is a very big MOUNTAIN ... Hold on there a smoking room, do not go into anything, well, their flawed ones, They will do everything themselves, what is needed (although hardly), and what is not needed (but in this sure) .......
  4. +5
    July 19 2016
    Morning started perfectly thanks cockroach.
  5. +12
    July 19 2016
    Thank you not for the trend, but for the fact that we are not indifferent and have not forgotten that we are brothers.

    And if you add the statements of some deputies, like Parasyuk, on television, a rather sad picture for the punishers emerges.

    What picture emerges after that? As for the punishers, so for this "fruit" - Ganapolsky ...
    1. +2
      July 19 2016
      And where are all these hero-patriotic activists with impaled tridents in patriotic t-shirts. Does nobody really want to become a surgical waste?
    2. +1
      July 19 2016
      Video test ... there is something to think about ...
    3. +6
      July 19 2016
      Quote: svp67
      What picture emerges after that? As for the punishers, so for this "fruit" - Ganapolsky ...

      wassat Why in my head the surname of this man sounded like G. Navnopolsky ... oh for good reason ... such a surname was given to the ancestors of the Evons.
      1. 0
        July 19 2016
        By the time comes, and with this guan, another guano will be rolled out and cleaned.
        1. 0
          July 21 2016
          Already tired of waiting when: "they will roll out and peel another guano."
    4. 0
      July 19 2016
      Ganapolsky-behaves ugly, even as a journalist. confused in general.
    5. 0
      July 20 2016
      Why are they not broadcasting on mov? How non-cash. But he’s just like himself, well, he’s not the only one who calls callers, but he is rude
  6. +5
    July 19 2016
    Sarcasm .... I understand ... The experiments have not yet ended in your clinic ..
  7. +7
    July 19 2016
    Article +. I want to pay attention to the picture. Last year, crossed the border of dill and Russia at night in the Chongar area. The Ukrainian side is a terrible, impenetrable darkness, gravel is underfoot, border guards are a miserable bug. The Russian border is all flooded with bright light, handsome border guards, concrete paths are civilization +. It is already difficult to reserve places a week before a trip to Crimea.
  8. +10
    July 19 2016
    Hello cockroach! I read the news here and thought about it, maybe a new oath is being prepared in Ukraine?
    In one of the cynological centers of the State Border Service of Ukraine, they decided to introduce know-how, which is quite common in the West. You are curious to find out what the dog “mows”, swearing allegiance to the motherland. I quote the full text: “I am always ready to serve my master, to protect his life. Strictly and flawlessly carry out his commands, steadfastly and confidently stand guard over his peace and freedom. Ready to be a faithful assistant in the search for drugs, weapons and explosives. Ready to find children who are lost and border violators. I protect my master with my life, And I will readily accept a bullet for him. "I will be the nose and ears of my master, I will protect him and serve him, And I do not expect anything in return." Woof! Miracles, and only. The most interesting thing is that the incident that occurred in Lviv is not the first. Earlier in June, seventy shepherd dogs had already taken their dog oath.

    Here are just the last phrase "And I do not expect anything in return" will be a strain for our glorious ukrokybergs. And for Petya and Co, it's just a dream, not an oath!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. 0
      July 21 2016
      Quote: Egoza
      . I will be the nose and ears of my master

      And his tail? Or does the author of the text of the oath have his tail, dill, grown?
  9. +3
    July 19 2016
    dear you are my cockroach! good morning to you and the fulfillment of ALL your desires and duties in full! Today, for the first time, I responded to your notes, and by no means opuses, and I can say with full confidence: I received complete and very deep satisfaction, thanks, dear! (although honestly I can’t stand your brothers in your house!) I was especially pleased that you noted the outline of the beginning of the insight of especially advanced stubborn rogues, (which is honestly unlikely) and the fact that the Muscovites again undermined the foundations of independent self-reliance! good luck redhead! health to cockroach and cockroaches! hi
  10. +6
    July 19 2016
    Tarakasha, no matter how you are criticized, please write.
  11. +3
    July 19 2016
    Dear Cockroach! I do not know how in Ukraine, but in HE you have been a brand for a long time.
  12. 0
    July 19 2016
    It’s not difficult to get to the other world. It's hard to get back from there.
    Exactly. Take there around the clock.

    Who wants what?
  13. +1
    July 19 2016
    Even cockroaches in Ukraine are bored. Your deeds are wonderful, Lord.
  14. +5
    July 19 2016
    Where to look homo .. oh right-wingers? Sheer hell! Or peramoga?
    Monsieur Gavnopolsky has long been asking for Kukan ... already peeps!
  15. +1
    July 19 2016
    Hercules performed the feat and cleaned the stables, of course. After cheating with remuneration, I counted the offenders, and rightly so. Only now, the root cause of the feat has not gone anywhere - i.e. all the horses in the stables remained and continued to do their job. So after the N-th period of time, everything was again messed up. Hercules had to do even more dramatically — either break down the stables, or horses — into sausage, or put Augiev’s relatives to regular cleaning. Any act would be crazy in the style of Hercules.
    This is about the same mythical Hercules. The one who is compared with him in the article (namely, the "president" in holey socks) is only capable of meanness, disgust and abomination. And the proclaimed and carried out by him "cleaning" of law enforcement agencies is just as unproductive as a one-time cleaning of the stable (well, or the pigsty, so that - closer to the roots).
  16. 0
    July 19 2016
    Trend brand ... rubbish ...
  17. +1
    July 19 2016
    There used to be more optimism. Now some kind of hopelessness. Shaking the SBU, prosecutors extradite for the fight against corruption? But what is the statement of the Prosecutor General (specially written with a lowercase (or capital?) Letter) what is it worth? It is impossible to fight corruption with one hand, and bring the tips for the bandit with the other.
  18. 0
    July 20 2016
    Honestly, I'm tired of this rubbish!
    A year ago, exported mother-in-law, what is she to blame ???
    And the faces are crooked on field roads, a Yoshkin cat, there were freaks in the same place!
    were different !!!
  19. 0
    July 20 2016
    Most of the "safe" transitions are scheduled, almost on schedule!
    Unfortunately, they are not always executed !!! without any Minsk !!!
  20. 0
    July 20 2016
    Quote: azer
    Anecdote offset)))))

    A joke, maybe a test.
    In 1989, my daughter was born in Lenkoran.
    As if the Azerbaijanis had no time for jokes, the border guards, paratroopers and cadets quickly explained what was happening !!!
    PS. By the way, no one forgot anything !!!
  21. 0
    July 20 2016
    Somehow, now, like, they forget !!!
    Hope someone remembers sticks ... !!!!
  22. 0
    July 20 2016
    I apologize to the community!
    A little driven, with whom does not happen ?!
    Forgiveness for inadequacy, but not for the essence of the written!
    Lock the eight?!)
  23. 0
    July 20 2016
    The positive optimism of Tarakashi is always pleasing! Hold on, buddy! Where we are - there is a victory!
  24. 0
    July 21 2016
    Tarakasha, believe me, always waiting for your letters: we already have a respected person! Health to you and all your cockroach relatives. We are waiting for your letters
  25. 0
    July 21 2016
    Author: "and we turned the country upside down a long time ago, so our head is today - where are our legs"
    I mean, where do the legs grow from?
    1. 0
      July 22 2016
      Quote: Zulu_S
      I mean, where do the legs grow from?

      I looked at the photos of the cockroach’s legs ... There was a problem ... they grow out of oasis. not like people ... fellow
  26. 0
    July 24 2016
    Well, those who run Ukraine behind the scenes will not forgive Mrs. Legart for refusing to grant loans to Ukrainian temporary workers. It is not for nothing that the Western press has recently been tempted to pull the "sins" out of her past. The company to discredit the head of the IMF seems to have begun. Remember the fate of her predecessor. , and then acquitted, but having already achieved their goals, removing his opportunity to run for president of France. The independence and independence of all the heads of the IMF will always be false.
  27. 0
    July 24 2016
    Cockroach, thanks! Your view on events in Ukraine is very interesting. Just a week ago, I talked with an eyewitness to the events. And in many ways you are similar in views on real events in Ukraine. And my personal opinion is that the people of Ukraine should be brotherly to us, and no matter how they tried to impose kindness on us, a negative opinion. There is a core that cannot be broken! Fight for your future, I believe you, justify trust!

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