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New complexes "Tor-MXNUMU" arrived in a tank compound stationed in Buryatia

New Tor-MXNUMU air defense systems entered service with the air defense units of a tank compound stationed in Buryatia, reports press office BBO.

New complexes "Tor-MXNUMU" arrived in a tank compound stationed in Buryatia

It is noted that the complexes arrived in the district "after successful exercises with live firing at the training ground in the Astrakhan region."

“To work on the new complexes, the personnel of the air defense units of the tank compound were retrained at the training center in Yeisk, after which the servicemen completed the first missile launches at the Kapustin Yar proving ground,” the release said.

Help press service: The “Thor” complex is a modern, multi-purpose near-range air defense system, which is distinguished by high mobility. This anti-aircraft missile system is able to provide a successful solution of combat missions in any situation, even in conditions of active radio resistance from the enemy. In addition to various aerodynamic objectives, the air defense system is able to deal with a vast number of missiles. "
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. Alex_Rarog
      Alex_Rarog 7 July 2016 12: 36
      How is that?! and who will serve the Buryats all the Kokles painted)
      And in the case it’s really wonderful that the Motherland is getting stronger!
  2. Coconut
    Coconut 7 July 2016 12: 07
    A good machine is its plus in that the “Tor” itself controls the designated airspace and independently shoots down all air targets that are not recognized by the “friend or foe” system.
  3. saltickov.
    saltickov. 7 July 2016 12: 10
    The check was an article I didn’t read so much from the bulldozer, THERE WERE WELL pleased, the previous article was not allowed to comment, someone in charge here knows what to skip that is not. Success friends, you stay here.
  4. masiya
    masiya 7 July 2016 12: 41
    HOORAY! The Buryat Panzer Division received good reinforcements, it’s time to prepare for the march to the Donbass and Kyyuv. Forward to the West !!!
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 7 July 2016 17: 41
      The Buryat Panzer Division was defeated in the Donbass, the Ukrainians said so. By the way, some of our newspapers also reported heavy losses, and now ...
    2. masiya
      masiya 7 July 2016 19: 09
      Hey kaklyatskaya minusyatnya you are against, or are afraid of Buryat tank divisions, so you have a place with Europe in the back "a" nus to rake poop and collect garbage, after all, you were eager to go there, like, trampling on law and order and people in thousands of rot, and now you are solemnly renaming our Soviet avenues, cities and streets in the names of your gangster coves, so that you will die for the Bandera the second time, and at once !!!
  5. berezin1987
    berezin1987 7 July 2016 12: 44
    Good news. Without air defense, ground forces will become easy prey for aviation and cr enemy. A very useful feature of the torus is the ability to shoot on the go.
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 7 July 2016 17: 44
      I wanted to put + !, but accidentally came out byaka. Excuse me
  6. Chisayna
    Chisayna 7 July 2016 13: 01
    Most likely these air defense systems were sent to Kyakhta.
    1. Bogdarin
      Bogdarin 7 July 2016 14: 56
      Tank brigade from Kyakhta relocated to the station. Divisional in the suburbs of Ulan-Ude. So the TORs are there too, most likely.
      1. Evgesh91
        Evgesh91 7 July 2016 15: 10
        combined with 5 OTBr? or is she the same?
  7. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 7 July 2016 13: 24
    The Buryat equestrian-armored division for Khokhlo-ukrov has now become invincible? wassat
  8. Chisayna
    Chisayna 7 July 2016 15: 06
    At Divizionnaya station, it’s Divizka used to be the CBRT-central tank reserve base, in the number of 2000-3000 (two-three) thousand tanks. And also the engineering pontoon-bridge regiment. Once I had a lot of friends there. And in the Forest town, in 11th EDB and in Gusinoozersk.
  9. Monarchist
    Monarchist 7 July 2016 17: 52
    The Ukrainian media made a lot of noise about the 5 OTBs from Buryatia, that the valiant APU had broken up. Some of our newspapers (I don’t remember now) also wrote about the losses, but how will they now report it or keep silent?
  10. masiya
    masiya 7 July 2016 19: 16
    Well, again, some kind of anti-Russian reptile started to minus everything against the brave drilled ...
  11. masiya
    masiya 20 July 2016 19: 46
    Well, where are you ??? I've been waiting for the kid two weeks already ... you’re silent ... you’re not messing around ... or if you wander through the Internet space and not until old comments ... ??