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Grandma in two said

Today, June 23, a referendum on the state’s membership in the European Union started in the UK. Britons have to answer historical question: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or withdraw from the European Union?” Case studies show that the number of opponents and supporters of Brexit is approximately equal. One manifestation of the likely victory of the supporters of the exit was the massive purchase by the British of gold, and along with safes: people are afraid of the collapse of the pound.

Grandma in two said

The latest poll by YouGov, conducted before the referendum, showed a slight preponderance of opponents of Britain’s exit from the EU. As pointed out on Twitter, the deputy head of the politics department of The Times, Sam Coates, according to this poll, 51% of residents will vote against leaving the EU. In favor of the same measures favored 49%. However, a previous survey showed an advantage to Brexit supporters, notes RBC.

According to TNS Omnibus (22 June), 43% were ready to vote for exit from the EU, but only 41% were against. The number of undecided was 15% of respondents.

There are other data. A telephone survey conducted from 17 to 22 in June, ComRes for the Daily Mail and ITV, showed an increase in the number of Brexit opponents, reports "".

According to this study, 48% of the British are for UK membership in the EU, 42% are against, and 10% could not decide yet.

The previous ComRes survey estimated the gap between Brexit supporters and opponents by just one percentage point.

EU officials make vigorous statements. For example, the chairman of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, at a hearing at the European Parliament said that the ECB was fully prepared for a possible British exit from the European Union.

"The ECB is ready for any unforeseen circumstances after the referendum on UK membership in the EU," Draghi said. RBC.

However, he immediately noted that Brexit could have "significant economic consequences."

RBC makes some predictions on this.

According to the British Ministry of Finance, independence from European bureaucrats could cost the United Kingdom 9,5% of GDP.

Well, J. Soros, in the event of a country's withdrawal from the EU, predicts the fall of the pound sterling stronger than in the “black environment” of 1992 of the year.

Meanwhile, the British rushed to buy gold, and at the same time home safes for the storage of ingots. People are afraid of the collapse of the pound sterling after the country's withdrawal from the European Union. He writes about it "" with reference to The Telegraph.

The Ribbon provides information from the Royal Mint. According to this information, sales of gold bars and coins jumped by 32% over the past month. The most popular among the population now are Britannia gold coins, as well as “gold subscriptions”: the latter allow you to buy this precious metal in quantities less than one ingot.

Experts do not advise people to buy bars: firstly, their prices are too high, and secondly, they can be lost in case of theft. It is better to invest in investment funds specializing in precious metals.

Lenta also cites the opinion of Societe Generale analysts on another aspect of the impact of a possible British exit from the EU. Experts say that global oil prices may fall by 5% due to Brexit. True, the decline will be short.

Curious in this regard, the recent statement by British Prime Minister David Cameron: a month ago, he said, recalls Utro.ruthat a British exit from the European Union could bring happiness to Vladimir Putin.

Hardly any major Russian experts in finance agree with Cameron.

The possibility of Britain’s exit from the EU is already affecting the Russian economy and budget: instability in the oil market is increasing, said Russian Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev at the SPIEF. "Therefore, for us, this would mean greater volatility and additional problems," he says, "Morning."

The opinion on this account of the head of Sberbank German Gref is also known. He believes that in the event of a victory in a referendum of Euro-skeptics, markets will be panic-stricken. It will negatively affect the Russian economy, the ruble rate and the mood of investors (those who invest in Russian securities). The banker admits that the Russian stock market may lose 5-10% of value. Similarly, Brexit will affect Russian bonds. Finally, Russian GDP risks falling by 0,5-1%.

But Russia is unlikely to be the main victim. According to Alexey Kaminsky, a leading strategist at the Aton investment company, the markets of Spain, Italy and Portugal will be under the main blow. “Their stock indexes could fall by 20-25%. European index EuroStoxx 50 and English FTSE 100 - on 10-15% ", - quotes him RBC.

But with gold everything will be fine, it is not for nothing that the British are buying it: in addition to US treasury bonds and bonds of Switzerland and Japan, Kaminsky points out, gold will turn out to be positive - “as one of the traditional“ safe havens ”during periods of heightened volatility.”

On the consequences of a possible exit of Britain from the EU as a whole, the senior researcher at the Bruegel Economic Research Center Zolt Darvas spoke. He believes that, with Brexit, eurozone GDP growth may be a few tenths of a percentage point less than previously predicted. "That is, on the 0,1-0,2 the percentage point below," he says. RIA News". - But I do not think this is some kind of dramatic phenomenon. I am not as pessimistic as many others. After all, Britain, even in the event of an exit, will remain in the EU for another 3-4 of the year, and this is quite a long transition period. And I believe in reaching agreements on (preservation. - Ed.) UK access to the single EU market. The eurozone is a very large economy, the United Kingdom is its important trading partner, but only one of its trading partners. And the turbulence in the financial markets will survive. ”

Russian experts believe that a probable Brexit could theoretically be the reason for similar demarches of a number of EU states.

“At a minimum, this can give additional weight to the threats of those countries that are trying to bargain for themselves some kind of preferences, threatening to withdraw. However, it’s impossible to say that now there are some countries in the EU “collecting belongings”, ”said Yaroslav Kabakov, deputy general director of Finam, told the agency.

According to the expert, most countries see for themselves certain reasons for which membership in the EU is preferable. “But risks still exist, for example, on the wave of economic problems and an influx of refugees, right-wing parties may come to power, including the idea of“ restoring sovereignty ”is not an empty phrase,” he notes. “And, once in power, they may at some point make a decision on withdrawal in order to demonstrate a strong policy.”

Arguments supporters and opponents Brexit reminds newspaper Kommersant.

Supporters of voting for exit claim: the bureaucratic European Commission restricts business development; Contributions to the EU budget deprive the UK of funds that can be spent on health care, education, etc .; outside the EU, you can tighten control over migrants; without the EU, more lucrative bilateral trade agreements can be concluded.

In the camp of Brexit supporters are the Muslims for Britain movement, the former Mayor of London Boris Johnson, the founder of Superdrug Peter Goldstein, the managing director of Goldman Sachs David Sismi and others.

Arguments of opponents Brexit: exit from the EU will hit the country's image; European integration gives British businesses ample opportunities; the influx of highly qualified foreigners increases the competitiveness of the economy; Britain will leave the elite of the financial world, will go and investment.

The Bremain representative camp (the British remain, "Britain remains") is headed by Prime Minister D. Cameron and most of the members of the government, the new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, businessmen Vittorio Colao ("Vodafone"), Paul Kahn ("Airbus"), Roger Carr ( "BAE Systems") and others.

What can the British expect if they still vote in the majority for Brexit?

It’s difficult to predict: nobody has ever left the EU. One thing is clear: protracted negotiations will begin between "free" London and the "supranational authorities" of the European Union. Not to avoid negotiations with the ECB. It can hardly positively affect the economy. And the Scottish Question will also escalate. The fact is that 21 Jun. Nicola Sturgen, the leader of the Scottish National Party, said that if the UK leaves the EU, Scotland will hold a second referendum on secession from the United Kingdom. According to Sturgen, most Scots want to save the state in the European Union.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 23 June 2016 08: 48
    Yes, they will paint a couple of percent, if that. With this, not an obvious advantage, it is easy. Paint on and stay.
    1. Engineer
      Engineer 23 June 2016 08: 52
      I have no doubt that they will remain, not in vain did they beg for special conditions for themselves
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 23 June 2016 11: 53
        Quote: Engineer
        I have no doubt that they will remain, not in vain did they beg for special conditions for themselves

        I don’t think ... a ship called the European Union is starting to sink. And as you know, rats are the first to run from a sinking ship.
        British membership in the Eurocircle became a burden, and the further, the more.
    2. Khariton
      Khariton 23 June 2016 08: 53
      Quote: Observer 33
      Yes, they will paint a couple of percent, if that. With this, not an obvious advantage, it is easy. Paint on and stay.

      And yet, Russia has driven a wedge into the EU ..! Still in NATO as well ...
      1. 33 Watcher
        33 Watcher 23 June 2016 09: 04
        Quote: Chariton
        Quote: Observer 33
        Yes, they will paint a couple of percent, if that. With this, not an obvious advantage, it is easy. Paint on and stay.

        And yet, Russia has driven a wedge into the EU ..! Still in NATO as well ...

        They themselves drove him, with their own sanctions, and yapping.
        1. Temples
          Temples 23 June 2016 09: 27
          What does Russia have to do with it?
          Which wedge?
          The lair of all anti-Russian.

          Fussing about their own spill there.
          A trivial struggle for power and influence.
          1. Andrey Yuryevich
            Andrey Yuryevich 23 June 2016 10: 25
            Quote: Temples
            The lair of all anti-Russian.

            true! it was not the states, and not Germany that muddied everything before the Second World War - "Churchill invented it all, in 18" (V.S. Vysotsky) Semyonich was seven spans, the smartest man, he saw and understood everything. Where does the hatred and envy of the Russians come from, the old woman tetcher, with whom the "tagged" in the gums hammered and she did not hide her hatred (15 million) - everyone remembers? that's where everything comes from, here is that infectious leper colony that needs to be flooded ... am
          2. sa-ag
            sa-ag 23 June 2016 17: 11
            Quote: Temples
            The lair of all anti-Russian.

            Do you know why oncoming officials often travel? They train like that before leaving for London :-)
        2. Kostyar
          Kostyar 23 June 2016 09: 50
          Hto let them out something ...?!
    3. vlad66
      vlad66 23 June 2016 08: 57
      Quote: Observer 33
      Yes, they will paint a couple of percent, if that. With this, not an obvious advantage, it is easy. Paint on and stay.

      That’s for sure, Scotland painted a few percentages in a referendum and continues to remain in the UK, so here, is it possible that their mattresses who are watching Europe and their little dog will be released from their mattresses? request
      1. engineer74
        engineer74 23 June 2016 09: 26
        Kassad had an interesting article about the Scottish "referendum", like even an eyewitness note ... Our CEC, with all its real and invented machinations, is quietly smoking on the sidelines!
        So I congratulate the EU, the British Prime Minister and all interested parties on the adoption of a balanced decision and the continued presence of Britain in the European Union! Hooray comrades !!! fellow
        I think I did not hurry. wink
        1. jjj
          jjj 23 June 2016 09: 51
          The next attempt will be in France
    4. Vend
      Vend 23 June 2016 09: 53
      Quote: Observer 33
      Yes, they will paint a couple of percent, if that. With this, not an obvious advantage, it is easy. Paint on and stay.

      It will be the same as with the referendum on Scotland. Continuous sell.
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 23 June 2016 10: 16
        The Britons have already received everything they wanted from the EU. Cameron was not in vain that he threatened to exit that year. They received "special conditions" - and they will not come out anywhere. Unfortunately for us. It would be easier for us to butt the EU.
        1. trantor
          trantor 24 June 2016 10: 16
          Quote: mirag2
          It would be easier for us to butt with the EU.

          Why should we butt them? It is easier for us to deal with the EU than with each of these countries individually. Another question is that now the EU is controlled from overseas. That is the whole reason.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. siberalt
      siberalt 23 June 2016 11: 39
      As the United States says, they’ll draw it. What a boil! laughing They have not citizens, but citizens!
      Democracy and monarchy are not compatible concepts!
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 23 June 2016 14: 21

        And you did not think about the following ...

        In World War II, the United States and Britain made very good money from the help of the USSR.

        Well, probably it makes sense to leave the European Union in order to make money again.

  2. Dam
    Dam 23 June 2016 08: 53
    No one will let them go. They learned how to do all referenda a long time as they need
  3. Pereira
    Pereira 23 June 2016 08: 54
    Let's not rush and guess. We'll find out soon.
  4. RuslanNN
    RuslanNN 23 June 2016 08: 59
    The main thing is not how they vote, but who considers these votes. The British will not leave the EU, it will be a blow to their economy and the isolation of the island.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 June 2016 09: 00
    Everything will be done to ensure that England remains in the EU. They do not disdain and rigging. And European officials are very nervous. Outright blackmail came into play - "go away, go away", "England will not get any more indulgences", etc. The main thing is that it can be clearly seen that Europe today is not at all united and these processes will only grow stronger and expand.
  6. nik-karata
    nik-karata 23 June 2016 09: 00
    I think that no one will go anywhere. Not for that, the Master behind the puddles created this enclave so that each mongrel could do whatever she wanted! IMHO!
  7. Igor39
    Igor39 23 June 2016 09: 06
    The Britons decided to play democracy, it hasn’t been there for a long time, they simply beat out the best conditions in the EU, no one will let them go.
  8. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 23 June 2016 09: 11
    Britain will not be allowed to leave the EU, for which all sorts of ways will be used.
    But, if Siluanov and Gref are against the exit, it means that the Russian Federation is beneficial for them to leave, because nothing useful for the country sounds from the lips of these figures.
    Because I am a fan of supporters of the exit.
    In general, if the EU crumbled, then the world would become calmer.
    We can successfully negotiate with each country individually, but with the EU, no. For the countries of Europe need mutually beneficial offers.
    But the EU is pursuing a different policy, they are looking for an excuse to harm Russia, while sacrificing the economic interests of individual countries.
    And neither the Russians, nor the Europeans such relations are not beneficial. What is happening is a tribute to the world hegemon on the path to totalitarian control of the whole world.
    No people need it, it's just the omnipotence of TNCs, when their personal ambitions are more important than the interests of the world's population
    1. Urfin
      Urfin 23 June 2016 09: 21
      Quote: olimpiada15
      In general, if the EU crumbled, then the world would become calmer.

      I do not agree. More precisely, not really.
      United Europe is an alternative US funding center. To date, no one can compete with the Americans and Europeans in the financial and economic aspect. Even China ... for now, but what is better for Russia a strong China or a strong Europe? But this question will come to full height a little later.
      Now there is some competition between Europe and the USA - which is manifested by the example of Ukraine. And Russia can play on it.
      Europe will fall apart - Poland and other trifles will generally "lose its shores" ...
      1. Igor39
        Igor39 23 June 2016 10: 18
        At the exit, the euro and the pound will fall in price significantly, and the dollar will rise in price, the SGA is not profitable, therefore, they will not allow an exit.
      2. Vasiliev Yu
        Vasiliev Yu 23 June 2016 11: 57
        Quote: Urfin
        Now there is some competition between Europe and the USA - which is manifested by the example of Ukraine. And Russia can play on it.
        Europe will collapse - Poland and other trifles in general "will lose the coast."

        Where did you see the competition in Ukraine? These scum one field berries.
        As for Poland, the European Union will fall apart, these Pugs will remain Pugs, who they are, they cannot rely on anyone's help, there will not be a single flock of yapping dogs reveling in their strength from their flock.
        1. Urfin
          Urfin 23 June 2016 12: 02
          Europe is trying to extinguish the conflict, the United States will reverse - if simplified.
          1. olimpiada15
            olimpiada15 23 June 2016 13: 41
            Quote: Urfin
            Europe is trying to extinguish the conflict, the United States will reverse - if simplified.

            Not certainly in that way. Remember how many European leaders came to support the Maidan. The fact that the junta that came didn’t have political weight, and the victory was ensured by trained militants of the fascist nature and the West paid no notice to the paid masses. At the same time, there are massive violations of human rights in relation to dissent — it was also ignored. The OSCE is not really fulfilling its function because He is silent about the shelling of settlements by the APU, also a manifestation of the EU’s position. Europe’s accusation of Moscow’s failure to comply with the Minsk agreements, in principle, also prolongs the conflict. Positive changes in the information space have appeared only recently. The losses incurred by the West from counter-sanctions, the dissatisfaction of business and farmers, were what caused the change in rhetoric in Europe. If there were no EU, then the South Stream project would be close to completion. It is very profitable for Bulgaria. And in each country of the West, the Russian Federation has mutually beneficial projects, the implementation of which is hampered by the EU, acting on the orders of the United States.
            Whether Europe will follow the interests of the EU countries or continue to follow the US path is the question.
            1. Vasiliev Yu
              Vasiliev Yu 23 June 2016 15: 04
              All right. You can still recall who was interested in destroying the Donbass-Netherlands with its Shell.
            2. Urfin
              Urfin 23 June 2016 15: 14
              everything is more complicated here. Europe and the United States have similar, but not the same goals.
              Europe needs Ukraine as a market, and the United States as an unstable region near our borders. Something similar to Yugoslavia.
              Europeans supported the Maidan and the massacre in Ukraine and Yugoslavia in order to open markets for their goods, and the United States did this in many ways to create a pain point for Europeans (in the case of Yugoslavia) and for Russia (in the case of Ukraine ) And periodically influence it in order to influence Europe and us.
              Europeans in Ukraine basically received their gesheft. and they want to take profits, but the Americans want more.
              And the fact that they have the same methods and essentially criminal nobody argues.

              But Europe will fall apart and all these mongrels will directly report to the United States, and this will be chaos and chaos.
      3. Ivan Ivanych
        Ivan Ivanych 23 June 2016 16: 32
        Any instability, and even more so in the EU, is vital for parasites that have settled in the United States. The collapse of the EU is in the plans but obviously not today
  9. asadov
    asadov 23 June 2016 09: 14
    Exit from the EU is possible only by force. Through the war. While EU members are unprepared for this and all attempts to secede end only with words. The United States acts as the main guarantor of maintaining EU integrity. As long as there is a large, outdated weak EU union, this is beneficial to the United States.
  10. Berber
    Berber 23 June 2016 09: 19
    Yes window dressing all this. It is necessary to make an appearance of democracy. Who would want the United States to deprive such a leverage over the EU?
  11. Beefeater
    Beefeater 23 June 2016 09: 19
    For 2000 years of its existence, Europe has never been united.
    20 years under Charlemagne, 10 under Napoleon and 5 under Hitler. So why would they all exist as a single organism? All the deadlines have passed, it is time for them to begin to fall apart.
    1. Ivan Ivanych
      Ivan Ivanych 23 June 2016 16: 16
      You are mistaken sir. For the foreseeable period of history, Europe was united in its greed and intolerance towards other cultures. The paradigm of Western European civilization: the weak - to rob, while trying to resist - physical destruction. Colonial marauding behavior is the essence of European unity
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 23 June 2016 09: 25
    There will be no economic catastrophe in the event Great Britain leaves the EU. They will agree, they will leave the visa-free regime, they will adjust the duties - it is not yet known in whose favor laughing , and then everything will roll. The result, in the case of a negative one, will be "adjusted" - as with Scotland. In general, Russia is purple about it. What Gref says is that he is a famous Russophobe. It would be better to put things in order in your bank. The worst bank in relation to the client.
    We’d better go out. One Russophobe (and most important) in the EU will be less!
    1. Ivan Ivanych
      Ivan Ivanych 23 June 2016 16: 09
      About Scotland correctly noticed. Drive the Poles, the Baltic states and the Negroes to a vote ... The result will be what you thought wink
  13. Suhov
    Suhov 23 June 2016 09: 27
    It does not matter how the British resolve the issue.
    It is important that the quality of life in Russia - worsens, incomes - fall, costs (read prices) - rise.
    And no wonder.
    Ulyukaev and Greff - have not gone anywhere.
    Do we have as usual?

    Why has gasoline risen in price?
    Oil has risen in price / cheaper!
    Leave the right word for the situation ... wassat
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 23 June 2016 09: 37
      Quote: Sukhov
      Why has gasoline risen in price?

      Answer: greedy, huh?
      Hello Sukhov! wink
      1. Suhov
        Suhov 23 June 2016 15: 34
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        Hello Sukhov!

        Hello Partizan! hi

        I do not believe in this circus with the elections.
        The dignity of Western democracy is that absolutely nothing depends on the "people's choice".
        Everything is already read, plans are outlined, control points and numbers are set.
        Anyone can be the President of the United States, the British can choose what they want, but it will be as decided in advance and decided.
  14. evil partisan
    evil partisan 23 June 2016 09: 36
    To be honest, I do not expect any intrigue from this referendum. Opponents of Brexit will win by a slight margin. Here another point is interesting. But in other countries, which decide to hold such a referendum, its outcome may not be so clear ...
    1. Vasiliev Yu
      Vasiliev Yu 23 June 2016 12: 00
      This is the most true in my opinion.
  15. pigkiller
    pigkiller 23 June 2016 09: 36
    Quote: Urfin
    Europe will fall apart - Poland and other trifles will generally "lose its shores" ...

    Young Europeans and Limitrophes are focused on the United States, being a "Trojan horse" in the center of the European continent. This can also explain their inadequate ostentatious hostility to Russia, rather than exaggerated historical grievances. IMHO
    1. Suhov
      Suhov 23 June 2016 18: 09
      Quote: pigkiller
      Young Europeans and Limitrophes are focused on the United States, being a "Trojan horse" in the center of the European continent.

      Young Europeans are landlords that break only because they know what they, if anything, break off last.
      First, those who pose a real threat are cut down.
      And in this respect they are nothingness multiplied by zero.
  16. BOB044
    BOB044 23 June 2016 09: 53
    Yes, what difference will remain will not remain England in the EU. We Russia that from this, they will treat us differently, the sanctions will be lifted. No, everything is as it was and will be. So let them chop their firewood themselves. And we, Russia, will strengthen ourselves and improve our economy to them evil. Let them choke with their anger. hi
  17. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery 23 June 2016 09: 59
  18. cariperpaint
    cariperpaint 23 June 2016 10: 35
    it smells like some kind of grand scam ...
  19. Koresh
    Koresh 23 June 2016 10: 53
    Britain will not come out, just blackmail for the best conditions and lobby for the USA.
  20. Arkan
    Arkan 23 June 2016 11: 02
    The Britons are desperately trading with the EU for preferences, and the referendum is only a weapon in the hands of those in power. The British economy, not the Baltic, it will withstand the consequences of leaving the EU, and it is impossible to ignore such a serious player in the European market. Settles down.
  21. HAM
    HAM 23 June 2016 11: 05
    Correctly ukroevropeytsy say: "sit then they sit, that x tosh give them!"
    SHORT-CIRCUS MOVED TO ALBION ... The next circus tour in the states ..
  22. Pitot
    Pitot 23 June 2016 11: 07
    Strange, these arrogant men - "... the rights of Britain, the rights of the seas ...", but not a single aircraft carrier.
  23. Stinger
    Stinger 23 June 2016 11: 13
    The cunning fox Cameron initiated a referendum with the aim of blackmailing the EU, scratching out special conditions for the Nuggax saxes, but he himself was against the exit. It would be nice if they flew out with a bang along with the initiator, like blackmailers. But it is clear that they will remain.
  24. 3vs
    3vs 23 June 2016 11: 37
    Only lazy people can speak out against their independence.
    Consumer society corrupts.
    It's just that the British won't be released, the states need their own "overseer"
    in a strange conglomerate "European Union" ...
  25. Selevc
    Selevc 23 June 2016 11: 37
    The behavior of Britain in the EU is a litmus test for which the EU itself needs to be evaluated. Since the Britons drift, it means that everything in the Eurozone is not so rosy as Brussels Euroclowns are trying to get us in !!! The fact of the referendum is no longer an alarm bell, but rather a bell alarm !!! Rich Britons have much to lose and lose - the calculator in their heads when calculating probable losses depends on potential Euro-cataclysms !!! The future of the EU is in the fog and the clouds are only gathering - in fact, there are more and more alarming signs of the impending catastrophe from the unification of bulldogs with rhinos and hiding them every year is becoming more difficult ... Whether there will be more !!!

    The EU was created from the very beginning as an economic counterweight to the USSR in Europe. After the collapse of the USSR, the EU experienced a heyday. But being an artificial entity - invented and brought in from across the ocean, the EU cannot just exist for so long and serene - it is necessary to rob someone and profit at the expense of someone ... Russia does not want to break up anymore - the EU has fallen into a crisis that looks like a long one to whom !!! Europe has historically been the scene of various wars, conflicts and upheavals, and even the United States is not able to turn Europe into a social and economic paradise for a long time ...
  26. parusnik
    parusnik 23 June 2016 12: 15
    It will be like in a joke .. Shah .. no one is going anywhere ...
  27. zb-65
    zb-65 23 June 2016 13: 24
    Based on our William, Shakespeare ...
    To be or not to be? ... That is the question ...
    Should I remain in the European Union ... or go the other way, separately? ...
    Is it worth the crown to stand next to some wretched Baltic there ...
    Which is about to die from poison itself, what is spreading around? ...
    Or we must resist ... Russia, what does the war scare us? ...
    But, in a mortal battle, you can die ... And this fate does not inspire us at all ...
    Would get drunk ... fall and sleep forget ... Fall asleep and dream? ... How to give an answer? ...
    Leave everything as it is on the world map ... Or move away from European common troubles? ...
    Or quietly conspiring with America ... to let Europe quietly under a Russian knife? ...
    Although this thought warms the soul ... but what you can’t figure out in Russian’s head ...
    Let the people choose what will be better ... Better to put up with a familiar evil ...
    Than flight to a stranger to strive for ... And regret choosing later ...
    In the barrenness of a mental impasse ... may our plans not perish on a grand scale ...
    In the beginning they promised success ... But all the same, with the EU, we, with * ka, gave a blunder ...
    But that's all ... pretty! ... Queen! ... Remember my sins in your prayers to God ...
    And the referendum will determine for us ... which way to choose for Britain ...
  28. SlavaP
    SlavaP 23 June 2016 14: 10
    Yes, the situation ... Even to me, an insider, absolutely nothing is clear. I will say only one thing - nothing particularly terrible will happen in either case. Well, the world indices jump back and forth and everything settles down. To me, as an ordinary hard worker and a member of the Trade Union, this is neither cold nor hot. I bow (like many colleagues on the forum) that all this window dressing is needed for Cameron and Co. to bargain with the EU and to get preferences for Britain. And yet - in the last election a year ago, Cameron and his Tories defeated the Labor Party only by promising to hold a referendum, while the Labor Party is stubborn and uncompromising EU supporters.
  29. iouris
    iouris 23 June 2016 14: 32
    Quote: SlavaP
    Even to me, an insider, absolutely nothing is clear.

    But from the outside it is clearly visible that Britain will not go anywhere from the EU, especially since a ritual human sacrifice has been made for this. Both Labor and Tories will win.
  30. Selevc
    Selevc 23 June 2016 14: 48
    The EU is a rather curious entity - it is the Union of the Unequal !!! Over the years, the union from a purely economic project has become a project in which there is almost no economy left - one policy. The policy of the pressure and influence of the Eurocentre on the Euro-gates !!! Some well-known countries all benefit from EU membership, some other losses !!! For example, by imposing sanctions against Russia, the EU has already greatly isolated the Baltic countries, cutting off the huge traditional market for its products and vice versa reorienting them to European markets - and they are already saturated and oversaturated - therefore, the Baltic states are full of losses. As the saying goes, the Baltic States are now playing a bad game with a contented mine !!! The fact that a huge percentage of the population left the Baltic countries to earn money is already an indicator of the deplorable state of affairs in these countries !!! People should earn worthy in their countries and not travel in search of happiness in Europe - this should be clear to any European politician who is friends with his own head !!! The same applies to one degree or another of all countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

    There are people in the Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries who are quite sober-minded who understand all the destructiveness and stupidity of this state of affairs - the euro-choke called EU. But their voice is in the minority because, over the years after the collapse of the Eastern bloc, the West has grown a whole generation of European bureaucracy whose purpose is to destroy everything in the east.
    In its modern form, the EU resembles an army assembled and united along the borders of Russia. And it seems like you have to advance - but something went wrong as originally planned and the army is already decomposing in full swing !!!
    1. kumaxa
      kumaxa 26 June 2016 06: 20
      Shears sheared meat you can’t grab. it's time to do another thing! let the paddling pool with the Boschs blow them off for the first time.
  31. Ivan Ivanych
    Ivan Ivanych 23 June 2016 16: 26
    So do not be so kind as to get confused! Great Britain will remain a MEMBER! laughing
  32. sa-ag
    sa-ag 23 June 2016 17: 14
    I think Britain wants to jump off the transatlantic partnership, well, and migrants, they need to swing them
  33. amr
    amr 23 June 2016 18: 53
    They are not bad .... they are just smarter
  34. iouris
    iouris 23 June 2016 22: 55
    Who else believes in the "free expression of the will of the people" anywhere, especially in GB? Raise your hands!
    1. kumaxa
      kumaxa 26 June 2016 06: 17
      I believe !! hunger is not your aunt's shirt closer to the body.
  35. Erg
    Erg 23 June 2016 23: 16
    A storm in a glass of water ... This "great" Britain with its "referendum". Personally, I am more worried about how my cucumbers are in the greenhouse. hi
  36. kumaxa
    kumaxa 26 June 2016 06: 14
    nothing like that for cycling, everything has already been counted to the mulimeter, where you will lose the lope. Then lose their entire ocean-sea for maneuver. I want to dig coal. I want to cook steel. I want to increase the number of livestock. enta Britain now laid on all pan-European quotas. and so they cut the piglets by the tail and the corner. while it was lucrative that the cycling from the common pot was lost, the old woman decided that the old woman decided that it was time to cook in her pot and tick for sebe.