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Tricky comments. Who has a dagger for the back of the Turkish Sultan?

In general, it is very much in the spirit of the East: to talk for life, for business, to discuss everything, to promise, and then not to fulfill. The East is a delicate matter, everyone knows this. And who is not with us, who does not know - well, learn. While there is time.

Tricky comments. Who has a dagger for the back of the Turkish Sultan?

Speaking of oriental cunning and cunning, today for some reason, the image of Recep Erdogan comes up in synonyms. Yes, the Sultan Shah of Turkey really acts in an oriental manner. However, who said that the answer to his antics should be in the African or Latin American style?


Moreover, today, little by little, even in Europe, they are beginning to see clearly. And, having seen the light, they quietly begin to become stupid from those who have entered their heads. This, by the way, is good. So, there is where to enter information.

So, public statements such as the fact that Turkey will definitely be in Europe begin to appear. Year that way in 3000-m ... Single case? By no means.

What can be said about the recent sensational decision of the German Bundestag on recognizing the crime of the Armenian Genocide by the Turks in 1915? The Turkish authorities rebelled and even began to threaten Germany with consequences.

Excuse me, where are the Germans, and where are the Armenians? 100 for more than three years the Germans didn’t care about the Armenian genocide three times, and then suddenly recognized. This is why?

The most interesting thing is the "face with a broom" in Merkel. And a complete misunderstanding of what the Turks are so excited.

"In connection with the resolution adopted by the German Bundestag, it is known that there are two different opinions - the majority of the German Bundestag and the Turkish side. I personally will continue in this connection ... to advocate the start of direct negotiations between Armenia and Turkey. The deputies of the German Bundestag are freely elected deputies without exception, I consider incomprehensible the claims and statements that are being made by the Turkish side. "

And where did this baba Frau Merkel? Nothing less, at a press conference with Ilham Aliyev. President of Azerbaijan. Which (Azerbaijan) is in somewhat strained relations, let's say, with Armenia.

The funny thing is that, listening to Merkel, Aliyev did not crook, as if he had eaten a lemon without sugar, but nodded to himself. Yes, yes, we are talking with Armenia, we are also in favor of a dialogue with Armenia, why shouldn't the Turks talk?

In short, in the course of the play, this Sultan Erdogan is already sitting in everyone’s liver. And you know, from the liver to the cookies on Kyzlai Square or Ataturk Boulevard ... In the future.

Miloš Zeman, my god, I didn’t wait for the Czech parliament to give birth to such an initiative. He himself suggested. And let's, brothers-Czechs, recognize the Armenian genocide! Or are we worse than the Germans, or what?

And he declared this not anywhere in Prague, but in Yerevan. Cute hugging with Serzh Sargsyan.

And in Belgium, as if not everything is smooth and smooth. In general, almost everyone in Europe has already figured out what was happening, and the cries of "Russians are coming!" - this is relevant today only for the Baltic border countries and Ukrainians.

And the Russians, who are going somewhere, for some reason do not frighten Europe at all. But the Turkish, who go to Europe, for some reason very frightened. It is clear that not entirely Turkish, but Libyan, Syrian, Afghan, Somali and others. But come from where?

You can always agree with the Russian (tested in practice). Drink, for example, vodka, or whatever is there, play the balalaika, dance with the bear ... And with the Turkish? They do not drink vodka, shy away from bears, they don’t know what a balalaika is. But they know well how to live at ease, but frau and fraulein order ... to be a kelnych.

So it’s not yet clear who is worse: Russian with a tank, or this one who escaped with faith in a good life. Russian at least from the tank will not go far. And the "refugee" is already like a bun, he left everyone. And he came.

Erdogan doesn’t sing the song “Russians are coming”. He has his own song. And in Europe they understand that he can sing it in such a way that it will not seem a little. But since the main puppeteers are busy at the local performance at home, Europe, in the absence of a strong hand, begins to demonstrate to Erdogan that he ... hesitated already.

And the shah from this roof goes. And the further, the more. Few problems with the Europeans, few problems with the Russians, who actually robbed the Turks (if you believe the information from tour operators, the demand for holidays in Turkey fell to a catastrophic 36% from last year’s level), the Kurds again. Few.

And here also the former strategic partners are intercepted.

It is about the situation with Israel. Yes, after the events of 2010, when the incident with the so-called "flotilla freedom, "Turkey’s relations with Israel, to put it mildly, have deteriorated. To the level of" absolutely. "

And so, in December of last year, in secrecy, in Switzerland, there was a meeting between the head of the Israeli National Security Council, Cohen, and the deputy foreign minister of Turkey, Synyroglu.

It is possible that the relationship is really normalized. As a matter of fact, Putin wished for a meeting with Netanyahu. But the fact that Putin can offer Netanyahu much more than Erdogan is obvious. And sorry, what Jew refuses to make a small gesheft?

And with Russia it is possible to stir up a big one.

There is, of course, something to lose your head. And Erdogan is clearly losing. And, if earlier he could really remind himself of the Sultan, now his image is more like a mad dog biting indiscriminately of both his and others.

But your back will still have to turn to someone.

And the dagger in the back is so Ottoman ...
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 9 June 2016 06: 46
    Erdogan’s policy rating inexorably rolls to zero, only for the West something that his behavior tightly reaches.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 9 June 2016 08: 43
      I won’t be surprised if Erdogan secretly started eating Ukrainian fat from Poroshenko laughing But the fact that he is driving himself into a political dead end, from where only his back will be visible, is a fact. The same thing happened to Hitler from manic self-belief in his world mission. That schizophrenia in its classical manifestation.
      Author plus for the article!
    2. gaura
      gaura 9 June 2016 09: 53
      Then the Turks committed genocide not only to the Armenians, but to all non-Turkic peoples, including the Syrians. But no one talks about their genocide. So maybe it’s not the mad Erdogan, but the Armenians?
      The Russian Federation has long recognized the fact of the Armenian genocide, did it strongly influence relations with Turkey? So the Germans and the Czechs will stay with Turkey in normal relations. They will quickly agree. And all these conversations are from the series "America / Europe / Russia will soon be a kerdyk"
      1. antoXa
        antoXa 9 June 2016 12: 39

        Well, "kerdyk" is not about the state of Turkey, but about its specific leaders, which have a huge number of enemies and competitors inside the country, who have lurked for the time being ...
        And there are more than enough such examples when even a strong leader, having played too much and risking very much, eventually loses and loses power.
    3. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 9 June 2016 10: 57
      Quote: Spartanez300
      Erdogan’s policy rating inexorably rolls to zero, only for the West something that his behavior tightly reaches.

      It rolls to zero. Who? In Turkey, he has the support of the people. Until they swing, sits firmly.
      West. Do you have anyone, Europe or the USA? Europe has long been disappointed in Erdogan, but quickly the United States will not allow it to deal with it. Europe will be rocked for a couple: Erdogan and the United States. The United States may later dismantle Turkey into bolts or change power. If Erdogan does not get under his feet when playing with the Kurds, then they can send them to retirement.
      Erdogan was on the right track. Rallying the people. Spread the culture, for one and emissaries the influence of Turkey from the Indian Ocean to Sweden. From North Africa to the Urals. And so stupidly burnt, like a small sharpie. Building an Empire led to lard dollars, it is clear family, children. Not a sharpie, but a petty shopkeeper. And he needed an empire for himself, according to the Sultanate. Smart people taught him how to create a pro-Turkish Kurdish elite and the process has begun, but the time ... Human life is short and unlimited power is so attractive.
      Yes, what a knife, for a well-deserved rest, all the same, the stolen oil passed to the West well over the years.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 9 June 2016 07: 08
    Now his image is more reminiscent of a rabid dog, biting indiscriminately, both his own and others.
    ... Or maybe a team for shooting rabid dogs will appear ..
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 9 June 2016 07: 16
    It is precisely the unwillingness to admit the crimes of the Sultan's regime that shows Erdogan's imperial ambitions. It was possible to make the muzzle a hoe and declare that this was done under the "Kgov Tsagism", Kemal Pasha, as the founder of a new Turkey, was not in business there (although this is not entirely true), and to live in peace. But no, it was just an awkward thing in the ass - recognition or non-recognition of the Armenian Genocide by countries of the world. "Great Turkey" is still rushing from all the cracks in Erdogan's policy. The succession of states (the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey) can be demonstrated in different ways, the Turkish version is exactly the one that is erroneous.
    1. Seal
      Seal 9 June 2016 12: 50
      Well, 3/4 of the countries of the world did not recognize this "Armenian genocide"? What is the problem ? So, what, and then we have to recognize some so-called "genocide of the Circassians"? But of course - they have already begun to recognize him. For example, Georgia: "On Friday, May 20, 2011, the Georgian Parliament adopted a resolution recognizing the genocide of the Circassians by the Russian Empire during the war in the Caucasus," RIA Novosti reports.
      Then, most likely, the so-called "Circassian genocide" will be recognized by Ukraine. There are prerequisites for this. So on June 16, 2014, the leader of the Radical Party Lyashko announced the registration in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of a draft resolution "On the recognition of the genocide of the Circassians carried out by Russian tsars and their troops in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries."
      There are also public organizations that have also recognized the "genocide of the Circassians."

      So what, and we are facing the same thing as Turkey? So that some deputies of the Bundestag would cast a ball over us?

      A lot of people want us to recognize the "Chechen genocide" as well.
      And Ukrainians - the same generally demand that we repent of the genocide of Ukrainians in the form of the so-called "Holodomor".

      So, Erdogan can be perfectly understood. There was a war, there were excesses. But there was no state policy on the destruction of someone on a national basis. The richest 200-strong Armenian community existed in Istanbul throughout the First World War. Yes, out of 200 thousand, about 100 people suffered. But is it because they were Armenians? No !! First, among the Armenians, as well as among all peoples, there were ordinary criminals, who are now also being elevated to "victims of genocide". Secondly, they are members of the Hnchak (bell) party. Who actively advocated the defeat of Turkey in the war. Sorry, but defeatists were persecuted in all countries. In addition, just like the Armenian Gnachkists, the Turkish authorities persecuted the Turkish defeatists. There were some. It was they who then formed the basis of the Turkish Communist Party. But the competitors of the Gnachkists, the Dashnaks, prudently avoided the issue of Turkey's defeat in the war. And the authorities had no questions for them.
      It is recognized that the absolute majority of victims among Armenians are those who died from hunger, cold (or heat), from thirst and bites of snakes and insects, and so on during the eviction of Armenians from the front line to the south. Yes, in the end, who simply could not stand the transition or died during the transition from old age or from aggravated diseases. But even in this case, the number of victims as a percentage of the number of people resettled does not exceed the number of victims who died during the resettlement of Armenians from Crimea to the Rostov-on-Don region in 1783 under the leadership of A.V.Suvorov. Then, too, did not reach more than half of the resettled. Even the main Armenian metropolitan died on the way. By the way, the voices of Armenians are already heard, demanding that this eviction also be declared genocide.
      By the way, about excesses. For some reason, in the materials about the suppression of the actions of the Armenians in 1915-1916. do you often come across the expression "German artillerymen"?
  4. Wildfox
    Wildfox 9 June 2016 07: 34
    Turkey takes the lead by the results of unspoken competitions who are cooler about .. tsya. In Ukraine, mourning.
  5. Monarchist
    Monarchist 9 June 2016 07: 36
    It is certainly all true, but so far there is no such dagger, and a mad dog ... you know yourself.
  6. ProtectRusOrDie
    ProtectRusOrDie 9 June 2016 08: 06
    "But since the main puppeteers are busy at the local performance at home, Europe, in the absence of a strong hand, begins to demonstrate to Erdogan that he ... hesitated already."

    Moderately thin, moderately thick. I would put the second plus article only for this phrase)))

    In general, the author quite aptly noticed the known ability of Europeans to react to "mad dogs", especially when these "dogs" begin to claim (by "marking" the territory) already on "their" territory. And all this despite the "good" "Uncle Sam", with all his might to convince, they say - "Yes, let the dog go. Good! And does not bite!"
  7. 96423lom
    96423lom 9 June 2016 09: 44
    I wanted to be like adult uncles, but the zealous let us down, here’s the navel and it is untied. And to do something in Sultan’s pants somehow
  8. xtur
    xtur 9 June 2016 10: 09
    > Excuse me, where are the Germans and where are the Armenians? More than 100 years, the Germans were three times all the same for the Armenian genocide, but then they suddenly recognized. Why would it?

    Germans in Europe, and Armenians ... in the Armenian Highlands

    the Germans were allies of the Turks in WWI, and naturally they should not have been pleased with taking on additional obligations and responsibility in connection with the genocide. This is an additional lever of control / influence of the country for external forces. Say for the USA

    Secondly, they very actively used the Turkish experience in WWII - Hitler directly referred to the Turkish experience, saying that the world had forgotten the destruction of the Armenians.

    Thirdly, it is an instrument of anti-Russian actions. The more large countries recognize genocide, the less Armenians are attached to Russia due to a decrease in uncontestedness. Most of the Armenians live outside of Armenia + the Russian Federation, their combined economic influence is very large, and the diaspora, like the population of Armenia itself, is extremely dissatisfied with the Armenian authorities, which are directly oriented to the Russian Federation and directly supported by the Russian Federation, and this support directly falls on the authority of the Russian Federation in the eyes population.

    Changing the system of power from presidential to parliamentary means establishing the priority of money in the political life of the country - in a corrupt country, there was only an administrative barrier to presidential power over money, now it will not be. The parliamentary form of power in a corrupt country is Ukraine.

    So political influence in Armenia becomes a purely financial issue - the finances of Russian-controlled Armenian entrepreneurs versus the finances of Western-controlled Armenian entrepreneurs. And under such conditions, the appearance of the FRG in Armenian politics and the Armenian public consciousness, in view of the adoption of the genocide, with its financial capabilities, means the transfer of the struggle for control over Armenia to a new level.
    At the same time, the Germans are now openly qualifying the Russian Federation as a rival - so that all adds up to one picture

    Control over Armenia is necessary for the Germans to control Turkey, which is too zealous for refugees to press Europe.
    So The US managed to integrate the Germans with their resources into the anti-Russian game, creating two zones of conflict of interests, where no compromise between the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany is possible - Ukraine and Armenia.

    I have nothing against the author, but malicious comment in this case, a completely inappropriate format for discussing this topic
    1. Seal
      Seal 9 June 2016 12: 59
      Germans in Europe, and Armenians ... in the Armenian Highlands
      By the way, it was the German who gave this name to the hitherto unnamed highlands. The term “Armenian Highlands” was first introduced 170 years ago, in 1843 by German-Russian scientist geologist - German Abich. Then, the publishing house of the University of Dorpat (now Tartu, Estonia) published in German a monograph by Uber die geologische Natur des Armenische Hoshlandes, 37-year-old professor of geology, German Wilhelm Abich (“On the geological properties of the Armenian Highlands”). Prior to this period, they did not suspect the “Armenian Highlands”. But now there is a false idea that the Armenian Highlands have been called that way since ancient times and this is allegedly due to the fact that Armenians have been living here since the time of the Flood.

      And what is interesting is that it was the Armenians themselves who advised this German geologist to call the vast mountain ranges in Asia Minor and the South Caucasus the "Armenian Highland"!

      Extensive information about this can be found in the book by G.U. Melik-Adamyan, H.V. Khachanov, “German Abikh - the discoverer of the Armenian Highlands.” Recall that a year later, in 1844, with the permission of the Russian Emperor Nicholas I, Professor G. Abikh went on a 10-month business trip to the Caucasus, having previously received 5288 rubles in silver from the Russian treasury for expeditionary needs - a very impressive amount for that time. However, in fact, his entire trip to the Transcaucasus is under the tutelage of the Armenian Church and figures, in connection with which everything he sees is presented as a “heritage of Armenian culture and history”.

      Immediately upon arrival in the region, G. Abikh meets with the Catholicos of Armenians Nerses Ashtaraketsi and enlists from him a letter of recommendation to Khachatur Abovyan, in which the latter was invited to assist the professor as a translator. As the Armenian media write today: “This meeting with the Catholicos made a lasting impression on the young geologist and served as the basis for many years of friendship with him and the great enlightener of the Armenian people, Khachatur Abovyan.”
      In the future, G. Abikh, everywhere accompanied by the Armenians, seems to forget that he is a geologist by profession, and not a historian, decides to call the ridge “Armenian”, where he has been conducting geological and physical research for many years. So, with the light hand of G. Abikh, the term “Armenian Highlands” is introduced into European and Russian science, the borders of which then expand in any direction, where the appetites of Armenian nationalists spread.
      1. ashot1973
        ashot1973 10 June 2016 14: 45
        Your sources are complete nonsense! This is a complete falsification. Do not provoke.
  9. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 9 June 2016 13: 08
    A new "peacemaker" is growing before our eyes. laughing
    The former pilot lost benefits and land.
    The Ukrainian soldier, and now the Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadezhda Savchenko, refused the status of a participant in a military operation in the Donbass. She reported this on social networks.
    “On 08.07.2016, I refused the status of a participant in the ATO, the benefits that are attached to it, and the land,” she wrote on her page on the social network Facebook.
    Читайте далее:
  10. unsinkable
    unsinkable 9 June 2016 13: 38
    I liked the fact that the article gave a clear description of the * Sultan * rabid dog. We are looking forward to turning our backs. I am sure many are waiting for this. Thank you for the article. hi
  11. SerB60
    SerB60 9 June 2016 13: 51
    Quote: vladimirvn
    A new "peacemaker" is growing before our eyes. laughing
    The former pilot lost benefits and land.
    The Ukrainian soldier, and now the Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadezhda Savchenko, refused the status of a participant in a military operation in the Donbass. She reported this on social networks.
    “On 08.07.2016, I refused the status of a participant in the ATO, the benefits that are attached to it, and the land,” she wrote on her page on the social network Facebook.
    Читайте далее:

    And mother and sister have already planted a plot. Eh, Nadyuha, what are you letting your relatives ...)))
  12. bad
    bad 9 June 2016 16: 20
    Who has the dagger for the back of the Turkish Sultan?
    .. a lot of honor .. the mattresses for him have a petroleum jelly and a bump .. if you play, then immediately below the back .. laughing but as long as he advises, they don’t touch .. laughing