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Obama in Vietnam offers American weapons

Informational portal Defense News reports that the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense intends to purchase from the USA a batch of F-16 fighter jets, as well as coastal patrol aircraft P-3C Orion. Despite the fact that the equipment is far from modern positions, in Vietnam they speak about its reliability and relatively low price. At least, with such statements about the alleged statements of the Vietnamese military are the representatives of the American military-industrial complex.

The publication states that probable purchases may indicate that Vietnam intends to defend its interests in the area of ​​disputed islands. Recall that at the moment disputes are tightening between a number of Southeast Asian countries over groups of islands located in the South China Sea. In addition, in addition to Vietnam, the Spratlys archipelago is being claimed by China, the Philippines, Brunei, Taiwan and Malaysia.

The submission also reports on Vietnam’s interest in purchasing US reconnaissance drones from the United States.

It is worth adding that Barack Obama became the first American president to visit Vietnam on an official visit after the US-Vietnamese war. Some political analysts consider such a visit an attempt by Washington to get close to Hanoi for "friendship against China."

Obama in Vietnam offers American weapons

Statements about the readiness of Vietnam to acquire American aircraft and drones indirectly may indicate precisely such a development of events in the region. Is Hanoi ready for a real confrontation with Beijing? - the question is still open.
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  1. Putinets
    Putinets 26 May 2016 07: 10
    Flea marketers are sucking in their junk. Where else to get involved, if not in 3 world
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 26 May 2016 07: 22
      The cunning American fox Obama came cheaply with the benefit of deceiving Vietnam.
      Those who know how to trade and buy say, "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things." It means that it is not at all profitable to buy an outdated product that does not meet modern requirements.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 26 May 2016 07: 34
        Quote: Tatiana
        The cunning American fox Obama came cheaply with the benefit of deceiving Vietnam.

        Vietnam has graters with China, hence the dances went.
        1. cniza
          cniza 26 May 2016 07: 45
          Yeah, apparently also offered cheaper.
          1. AnpeL
            AnpeL 26 May 2016 08: 32
            Information portal Defense News reports that ...

            So far, this is only a media report. Will there be confirmation from both parties to the transaction? We are waiting and we hope that Amerov’s journalists wishful thinking
      2. LukaSaraev
        LukaSaraev 26 May 2016 07: 39
        Quote: Tatiana
        Sly American fox Obama

        Then I would not agree. Here he looks like a trader. Or just as a merchant, say. Only Vitya Booth is sitting in a jail, and this has completely legitimate reasons. Only this is different. Tricky ...
    2. Patriot 1
      Patriot 1 26 May 2016 07: 23
      Forgotten Vietnamese as Americans have already supplied them with their weapons in the form of carpet bombing and burning with napalm .... It's a pity ... Apparently, as always: "Nothing personal, just business"
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 26 May 2016 07: 42
        Vietnam apparently forgot about "Agent Orange" ...
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 26 May 2016 07: 52
          history teaches nothing ...
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Pavel Ordynsky
      Pavel Ordynsky 26 May 2016 08: 49
      Do Americans really have "relatively inexpensive"? The exploitation of American technology shows that all sorts of parts to maintain efficiency will cost decent money, so poor Vietnam needs to think ten times before contacting the United States.
    5. Berserks
      Berserks 26 May 2016 09: 44
      Vietnam, you had to fight evil, and not join it! laughing
    6. bert123
      bert123 26 May 2016 15: 56
      and who are the buyers of Russian weapons from the first world? laughing
      1. Anglorussian
        Anglorussian 26 May 2016 18: 09
        Greece Turkey. The Finns had something Soviet.
  2. 24rus
    24rus 26 May 2016 07: 14
    Processed by potential friends of Russia. Cuba, Vietnam - they are trying to repaint against us
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 26 May 2016 07: 28
      Processed by potential friends of Russia. Cuba, Vietnam - they are trying to repaint against us

      Very correctly noticed!
      I can imagine how the US Federal Reserve bankers will now "heat up" the machine from "printing" emission money!
      1. 24rus
        24rus 26 May 2016 07: 49
        On propaganda that the bad USSR quarreled Vietnam and the USA
        1. jjj
          jjj 26 May 2016 08: 14
          Quote: 24rus
          On propaganda that the bad USSR quarreled Vietnam and the USA

          Right And historians will prove that the Soviet Union unleashed a civil war in Vietnam and the war between North Vietnam and the United States, and then occupied the country
  3. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 26 May 2016 07: 16
    So this junk also needs to be serviced .. And this is a completely different story .. L. Kanevsky.
  4. 1536
    1536 26 May 2016 07: 19
    It sniffs out, probably, cluster bombs, napalm, dioxin (orig), M-16 and other "equipment" from the Vietnam War kit, half-eaten by the American military. The Vietnamese have this good left in the land in abundance. However, this is a business, nothing personal. Obama must have attended pacifist rallies when the B-52s of his older friends were carpet-bombing Hanoi.
  5. godofwar6699
    godofwar6699 26 May 2016 07: 22
    Despite the fact that the technology is far from modern positions ??? f-16 viper

    1. Denis DV
      Denis DV 26 May 2016 08: 21
      Since the last war, they had several pilots lying around, just under the fireworks laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. LeftPers
      LeftPers 26 May 2016 08: 45
      And what is great you saw?)))
  6. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 26 May 2016 07: 22
    IMHO - Vietnam will not buy Amer’s weapons. This is Mattress Trollite China. At the same time, he quarrels with Vietnam (although there is something to quarrel, they do not like each other much). But a complex weapon is not a telly in a store. There is training, and maintenance, and spare parts, and WEAPONS (for airplanes. Russian will not be suitable for the F-16).
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 May 2016 08: 12

      F-16 is debatable - they have Su-27 and Su-30MK / MK2 (but this is a bum variant from Knaaz - not a normal board from Irkut). At the same time, the Air Force wants more, but not much money. If, for example, we take from the presence of the US Air Force in the 50 / 52 block, simulators from the availability, and make a discount for Vietnam, then it will come out very attractively for the price. Yes, you have to buy weapons.

      Orion is actually the only patrol / PLO option, Vietnam is looking for aircraft to buy. Russia cannot offer anything here. China is understandable. Remain Europeans with very dubious options, Poseidon and Orion. There is no money for Poseidon (but they want 2 + 2 or 4 + 2 - that is, in the patrol and PLO version - they now have patrolmen in general TwinOtori), but Orion from the presence of the U.S. Navy, and they can pull it at a discount.

      UAV - there are now a lot of offers on the market, but Israel and the USA are in the lead.

      Another option for BTA is that they now have 2XC-295M from living, and the voiced need for BTA 12-14 boards. Again, the second-hand Gerkula with repair, they can go for money, because their budget is not yet stretching for additional 295 Watermelons (all the money went to 2 AWACS from Watermelon and radar from Elbit).
  7. aszzz888
    aszzz888 26 May 2016 07: 24
    The Vietnamese forget who burned their villages together with the inhabitants, who watered their fields and forests with "orange" ...
    Strange is this thing, memory.
  8. Coconut
    Coconut 26 May 2016 07: 26
    It is worth adding that Barack Obama became the first American president to visit Vietnam on an official visit after the US-Vietnamese war. Some political analysts consider such a visit an attempt by Washington to get close to Hanoi for "friendship against China."

    On August 5, 1964, after the so-called 'Tonkin incident', US aircraft began bombing North Vietnam (DRV), and then an armed invasion of South Vietnam followed. During punitive operations against the patriotic forces, various means of destruction were used: napalm, phosphorus and ball bombs, guided and unguided air-to-ground missiles, time bombs ... Dam, power plants, and residential areas were the targets of devastating attacks. The aggression involved the military formations of Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines and South Korea.

    let's hope that Hanoi remembers how the Americans are “friends” and how it can end
  9. Knowing
    Knowing 26 May 2016 07: 33
    There is no limit to cynicism: Japan, Vietnam ..., here in North Korea, I would look halfway through ... recourse and the tour can be considered finished. Literally. They are waiting for him omnivorous.
  10. brasist
    brasist 26 May 2016 07: 34
    Maybe it seemed to me alone?
    1. jjj
      jjj 26 May 2016 08: 16
      Barbs just like Uncle Ho's missing
    2. kolyhalovs
      kolyhalovs 26 May 2016 09: 01
      For me, they all look alike.
  11. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 26 May 2016 07: 36
    So what is the article about? Vietnam is no match for China in principle. It would be surprising if Obama did not sell American weapons, but Russian. Obama is a good fellow, travels everywhere and drives his own way, helping American business, but we can only come to the Crimea and complain that there is no money for retirees, instead of going somewhere to Brazil, for example, and giving them arms, to replenish the treasury.
    1. godofwar6699
      godofwar6699 26 May 2016 07: 47
      "You keep here, all the best and good mood to you," Medvedev said. laughing
  12. ALABAY45
    ALABAY45 26 May 2016 07: 40
    Are napalm and orange on the list of potential purchases ?! "Grandpa Ho" in the mausoleum tosses and turns with the speed of a drill ... More "brothers" .... !!! recourse Quietly, they betray the memory of their own "black pajamas" ... This is what the "life-giving dollar" does ...
  13. Million
    Million 26 May 2016 07: 41
    Vietnam shouldn’t let a black man to himself, remembering what the Americans did during the war.
  14. V.ic
    V.ic 26 May 2016 07: 42
    Grandpa Ho would not approve of such an initiative.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 May 2016 08: 05
      Grandpa Ho wanted after the war (with Japan) to enlist the support of Roosevelt and stop the colonial claims of France. They extremely carefully and diligently rescued all American pilots and handed them over to US representatives.

      Unfortunately, Roosevelt died, having formed nothing further than words and drafts on Vietnam. The new government relied on France - arming it to pacify Vietnam. In fact, Grandpa Ho began to reorient himself, to wage a struggle.
    2. godofwar6699
      godofwar6699 26 May 2016 08: 10
      times change. belay

      John McCain wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Jong, inviting Hanoi to expand naval cooperation with the United States.

      “Dear Secretary General Chong! I look forward to continuing to work with you. Your historic visit to Washington last July was an important step in this process. I was glad to receive you and your delegation, ”McCain wrote in a letter,
      “As we spoke in July, the United States and Vietnam share common strategic and economic interests and open regional trade objectives, maintaining a favorable balance of forces in the Asia-Pacific region and the principles of world order, such as freedom of the seas and a peaceful resolution of international conflicts,” he wrote.
  15. Russia
    Russia 26 May 2016 07: 50
    Obama reminded me of a street potter with beads! He walks around the courtyards (countries) and yells - "But beads (weapons) are not expensive. Fly in and buy! You citizen - a discount!"
  16. Vivan
    Vivan 26 May 2016 07: 52
    Comrades, do not rush to condemn the Vietnamese, or at least their memory. With the memory of the Vietnamese, everything is fine.
    This is written by the Americans. So far, Vietnamese officials have not made any statements regarding the purchase of American weapons.
    In my opinion, if in fact Vietnam buys some types of weapons from the USA, then such an action will have not so much military significance as political. That is, there will be very few American weapons in the Vietnamese People’s Army and their presence will not be able to significantly affect the defense capability of Vietnam. Vietnam just wants to show its northern neighbor: “Know, now I'm not alone. I now have a powerful ally, so you better not push me. I have teeth, and in which case there will be oh how many! ”
    1. 24rus
      24rus 26 May 2016 07: 59
      That's right, you need to buy a few Vietnamese samples to study, so that if something later it’s easier to handle the trophy
    2. ALABAY45
      ALABAY45 26 May 2016 08: 11
      "... I have teeth ..."
      These, the so-called "teeth" China pulls out at once, do not flatter yourself!
  17. Leonid Har
    Leonid Har 26 May 2016 08: 11
    F16 Junk. Would buy Su30MKI. One Su will make 2 F16 as God the tortoise.
    "In 2005, the Indian Air Force Su-30MKI showed superiority over the F-16 and F-15 C / D Eagle of the US Air Force in training battles in the skies over India."
  18. masiya
    masiya 26 May 2016 08: 14
    Vietnam during the war with China, even in those 70s showed itself not from the worst side, all the same, they opposed this monster against the huge military machine, and survived nothing. And by and large, they need Amer’s weapons more for the species, for costating the fact that there’s such a thing, well, maybe the grandmothers are wound up ... we’ll take for the collection (I’d also type different crap for the museum ...)
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 May 2016 08: 33
      Here you need to make one amendment.

      China at that time, the last time seriously fought in Korea. Vietnam only liberated Saigon and ended the era of the war of independence, defending the war with Japan, then with France, then with the USA and their satellites, then with South Vietnam.

      Today, the comparison will be incorrect, the war has changed tremendously, again from combat experience, preparation, everything turned upside down. China made a tremendous technological breakthrough with the 70's (Vietnam is trying to repeat this by launching a program in 2005 - intensively attracting Western corporations to the country, subject to the training and work of local personnel in all positions, the country gives land for the technological park / factory in 50 free summer rent + tax preferences, transparent business conditions), and this affected everything, the new fleet of China consisting of modern destroyers with their Aegis counterpart, new air forces with hundreds of new vehicles (including those equipped AFAR radar - in Vietnam the most modern is the ancient H001, not even Bars as on MKI / MKA / SM), AWACS.

      It is the fleet and aviation that will be the main participants in the wars for the islands, if any. Here China has overwhelming superiority.

      Vete has only a trump card in the 6 Varshavyanka, and the mosquito fleet of Lightning with 16 X-35.
  19. asadov
    asadov 26 May 2016 08: 38
    Vietnam will not buy from amers. It is the Americans who are spreading a rumor to annoy China and others who want to fight for these islands. You look who rushes to the amers for shopping. We in this country should now be interested in the base in Cam Ranh and economic cooperation with Vietnam.
    And the Americans are now trying to work with Vietnam according to the Soviet Union's method of inundating them with gifts, but taking into account their tightness, things are going hard. F-16s are not given as gifts, but sold at a "cheap price". I'm afraid the Vietnamese will refuse such a service - they will not want to be between a rock and a hard place (China and the USA)
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 May 2016 08: 49
      Well, 11 billion dollars went to the USA - Obama did his job, Watermelon flew by.

      Boeing (BA) Scores $ 11.3B order for 100 B737Max200 Airplanes From Vietnam's VietJet Air

      Boeing Co. scored an order for 100 planes from Vietnamese carrier VietJet Air in a deal valued at $ 11.3 billion. The deal, which has made the airline one of the region's fastest growing low-cost carriers, was signed Monday in the presence of US President Barack Obama and his Vietnamese counterpart Trần Đại Quang.

      “Vietjet is efficiently operating a fleet of narrow body airplanes. Our investment in a fleet of B737 Max 200 will accommodate our strategy of growing Vietjet's coming international route network including long haul flights, ”Vietjet President and CEO Nguyễn Thị Phương Thảo said Monday. "Through this Agreement, Vietjet will contribute increasing bilateral trade turnover between Vietnam and the United States, as well as contributing to the integration and development of the aviation industry in Vietnam."
  20. Ros 56
    Ros 56 26 May 2016 08: 51
    The descendants of Ho Chi Minh remember who these stripes are and what they brought to Vietnam.
  21. Platonich
    Platonich 26 May 2016 08: 51
    And where is our great president! Again delinquent, like Cuba?
  22. cap
    cap 26 May 2016 09: 01
    Is Hanoi ready for a real confrontation with Beijing? - the question is still open.

    In Syria, it didn’t break off, now they have taken up Vietnam with China. am
    Rumor had it that they had agreed to start five wars with chocolate, in a hurry to meet deadlines.
  23. Zomanus
    Zomanus 26 May 2016 09: 14
    America is building a belt around China,
    because it didn’t work out with Russia.
    The window of opportunities for bending Russia is closing.
    And now, Vietnam will buy this weapon.
    And then how? Ammunition, service ...
  24. BOB044
    BOB044 26 May 2016 09: 16
    Obama had to take McCain with Saba. So that his youth remembered how he was brought down by the Vietnamese and sat in captivity with them. Maybe under old age, the brains will fall into place, unless of course he has them. hi
  25. sergey2017
    sergey2017 26 May 2016 09: 18
    Quote: asadov
    And the Americans are now trying to work with Vietnam according to the Soviet Union's method of inundating them with gifts, but taking into account their tightness, things are going hard. F-16s are not given as gifts, but sold at a "cheap price". I'm afraid the Vietnamese will refuse such a service - they will not want to be between a rock and a hard place (China and the USA)

    At that time, the USSR was trying to expand the Socialist bloc, creating a naval base with a permanent presence in this region! At present, Russia is trying to restore its base in Vietnam, and the United States is a sickle in one place! Therefore, they are trying to pull Vietnam to their side and tighten the issue of restoring the Russian military base! Hence the concessions to arms!
  26. Mercenary
    Mercenary 26 May 2016 09: 28
    Urgently change Medvedev, wherever he goes so after the visit, something absurd is happening. I went to China, almost froze all contracts (including the Power of Siberia), I got to Vietnam, so they rushed to buy airplanes from mattresses ... their sworn friends.
    1. sergey2017
      sergey2017 26 May 2016 10: 43
      I went to Crimea and said that there was no money for indexing pensions! Such statements are from the head of the Russian government, nor any diplomacy! What’s gotten into your head, then it’s blurt out!
  27. ochakow703
    ochakow703 26 May 2016 09: 32
    Interestingly, deliveries will be carried out by "carpet" method, or "pointwise". I don’t understand such actions of the countries that grabbed American democracy.
  28. atamankko
    atamankko 26 May 2016 10: 55
    We will look further, Vietnamese friends or regular brothers.
  29. Egen
    Egen 26 May 2016 10: 56
    I didn’t understand from which and from which Vietnam they crossed over to the United States, like the old generation is still alive ...
    I was in Vietnam, a good people, in many ways similar to the Russians - probably because of the Soviet system. Not at all like neighboring royal Thailand)
  30. drundel861
    drundel861 26 May 2016 11: 53
    [quote = Putin] Flea marketers are pulling in their junk. Where else to get involved, if not in the 3rd world [/ quote Two words went, we strengthen relations with China and striped with Vietnam
  31. Evil 55
    Evil 55 26 May 2016 12: 49
    American aerial trash, given the cost of "golden" dviguns and "platinum" weapons, will become a headache for Vietnam no worse than our "Serdyukovshchina" with its "Lynx", "Mistral" and other nonsense ...
  32. Platonich
    Platonich 26 May 2016 14: 17
    And so, all the same, the US international authority is much higher than our Vatnikovskoy economy and a heap of foreign policy!
    Former enemies forget everything, they just hear the rustle of millions of dollars in their own pocket! And from us a poor, stealing country with stupid officials and deputies to the point, as from an empty barrel with napalm! Also, Belarus and Kazakhstan are already concluding agreements with mattresses and Chinese! And soon, our gas will be slowly reduced to a minimum! We shall never be the same in power and foreign policy!
  33. Vivan
    Vivan 27 May 2016 03: 58
    Quote: ALABAY45
    "... I have teeth ..."
    These, the so-called "teeth" China pulls out at once, do not flatter yourself!

    I doubt that China will be able to "instantly" destroy the air defense + air force + navy of Vietnam, and even more so without its own losses. Suppose that 2-3 days after the outbreak of the war, Vietnam will be left without airplanes, missile systems, surface and submarine ships. But this is not the end of the war. To capture Vietnam - you need to send troops. How many soldiers and officers can China provide to the Vietnamese front? Given the presence of Japan, South Korea, the United States and India - a maximum of 2-3 million, no more. And with total mobilization, we will have at least 15 million people who are able to take up arms. I will tell you a state secret: the Vietnamese have no desire to fight against the United States, Japan, France and the like, but against China - please, no hesitation! Vietnam will belong to China only after the death of the entire adult population (at least 50 million people).

    But I am sure that it will not come to a big war. For China, the “game” with Vietnam is “not worth the candle.” China will conquer Vietnam with a combination of political, cultural, economic and environmental events. The task of Vietnam is not to let yourself be subdued. But for this it is necessary to have a sufficiently strong armed forces capable of giving China a fitting rebuff. First you must be able to fend for yourself, and friends will help you. If you are a weakling and a coward, no one will want to help you.
  34. hotrungnghia
    hotrungnghia 28 May 2016 05: 24
    As you know, Beijing and Hanoi dispute the ownership of a number of small islands (Spratly and Paracel) and the natural gas-rich shelf of the South China Sea. Both archipelagos are located on the maritime transport route through the strategically important Strait of Malacca, which accounts for up to 10% of world trade. In addition, China’s military doctrine speaks of a transition to a “coastal defense” strategy, which implies the expansion of the PRC’s military presence in the disputed waters. Vietnam, considering such an expansion as a threat to national security and sovereignty, is forced to resort to the protection of more powerful external players capable of confronting China. It is easy to see that Washington supports all of Beijing’s regional opponents, a vivid confirmation of which can be seen in its military-political support for Taiwan.

    As for Russia, it is interested in relations with dynamically developing Vietnam for several reasons. Firstly, he is actually the only key partner of Moscow in the region of Southeast Asia. For example, back in 2012, Russia announced its readiness to begin construction of a nuclear power plant in Vietnam; in 2015, Vietnam signed an agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union on the formation of a free trade zone. Secondly, Hanoi accounts for 11% of Russian arms exports. Thirdly, both sides are conducting joint gas projects on the continental shelf of Vietnam in the South China Sea. Finally, in November 2015, Moscow and Hanoi agreed on a simplified procedure for the entry of Russian naval ships to the port of Kamran (Vietnam).
  35. hotrungnghia
    hotrungnghia 28 May 2016 05: 26
    All this makes Vietnam the object of close attention of Washington. For its part, Hanoi’s desire for rapprochement with the United States is largely dictated, firstly, by the attitude towards the policies of China, which is perceived by the countries of the region with caution, and secondly, by the need to obtain investments for the development of the national economy (in the framework of economic cooperation, it is necessary to note the active Hanoi's participation in the US-initiated Trans-Pacific Partnership).

    Thus, bilateral US-Vietnamese relations are mutually beneficial. It is important to note that the rapprochement between Washington and Hanoi does not at all mean the latter’s choice of a pro-American course. Vietnam traditionally has a balanced policy of maneuvering between the main (outside) regional players, pursuing its own interests.