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Tisha against two hundred fascists

What a bright name - Tikhon! It seems a very calm, modest boy. He will defend his rightness without shouting, but with dignity.
I think that was exactly how little fearless defender of his land, Tisha Baran, was. The boy, alone killed more than two hundred fascists. The boy, during the Great Patriotic War, repeated the feat of the Kostroma peasant Ivan Susanin.

He himself was from a peasant family, large (six children!) And friendly. In everything he tried to be like his father, Maxim Ivanovich, he also loved work and took care of two younger sisters. And the Baran family lived in the village of Baiki, Ruzhansky district, Brest region (she lived not alone, but with the family of her father’s brother, Uncle Levon).

Already on the second day of the Great Patriotic War, the Fascists captured the Tales.

They broke into the house where the mother was, Daria Ivanovna, with the children. Began to search, look for the Communists and Komsomol members. And at the door was a suitcase. The second oldest brother Vasil had to go to Vitebsk on June 22 - to enroll in an art school. He folded his drawings into this small suitcase and locked it. And then - the war, Vasil went to Brest to fight with the enemy. So there was this bag, now become unnecessary. The Germans, of course, immediately spotted him. Pierced with bayonets and began to look at the pictures. Apparently, they liked the invaders of Vasil's work. And while they were looking at, Tikhon took all the children to the forest, where they sat until dark.

A few days later the wounded Red Army men were led through the village. Tikhon brought them a loaf of bread, he wanted to feed him. A fascist saw this, selected the bread and “football” him for a long time, like a ball.

Soon the whole Baran family, including even younger children, became partisans. The father and sons were in the detachment, and the mother and twin daughters, Zhenya and Nina, were at home, working as liaisons. They not only learned and delivered valuable information to the detachment. But also brought food, and sometimes, and ammunition. They distributed leaflets - there was an underground printing house in the house. They always signed these leaflets in the same way: "The Committee for the Fight against the German Occupants, the city of Brest."

The whole village helped the partisans - it so happened that almost every family had relatives in the detachment. Almost ... Except for one person who became a traitor. And this man, whose name I don’t know, once saw a mother with daughters and Tikhon in Baikas - that day the boys volunteered to help, he thought it would be hard to carry the food produced.

A traitor betrayed the fascist family Baran, they were captured on the same day. More than a month kept in prison. Starved, tortured, tortured. But they did not achieve anything: Tikhon was the first to be interrogated, and then her mother. There was a small gap between interrogations, and Tisha managed to tell her what he had thought up on the move and lied to the Germans.

The boy tried to escape several times. For the first time, they dug a certain resemblance of an underground passage, but they found Tikhon, beat them with whips and returned them. Another time he settled down in a column of prisoners who were going to work. Again noticed and beaten.

In the end, without knowing anything, the Germans sent the mother to a German concentration camp. And the children were “spared” and released.

Why? Exhausted children did not ask this question. Only Tikhon, who left the little sister at the neighbors, and himself, barely dragging his feet, was returning to the partisan detachment, guessed that they did not really let them go. I turned around, looked - suddenly tracked down, is there a “tail”? But there was no “tail”. No, really let go ...

Of course, really. Because the fascists knew that all the villagers did not have long to live. After all, the partisan detachment all the time attacked the invaders, conducted sabotage. The partisans even beat off a freight train with loot bread. They attached a red flag to it, drove on, handing out bread to people, and then poured gas on the train, set it on fire and let it into the Pina River.

The Germans suffered great losses, but they could not cope with the detachment, track down and take them by surprise. And they decided to destroy Tales cleaned.

But before, a few days (or maybe weeks) before, they had organized a “demonstration day.” It so happened that on this day Tisha also carried out the task of the partisans and came to the village. The boy saw the gallows, and on it - two hanged men, in whom he recognized his father and elder brother of his best friend Kolya. Around the gallows were the villagers - the fascists drove them to look at the massacre. They were kept for a whole day, they did not let me leave, nor to remove and bury the executed. They were released only in the late evening.

... 21 January 1944, Tikhon again went on a mission. He walked around the village, found out what he needed. In the evening I came to my neighbor, who sheltered my little sister. The girls were very happy about the brother, grabbed him, asked to be taken to the partisans. Tishka agreed, but offered to spend the night, so as not to go in the dark.

And in the morning a policeman broke into the hut and drove the children and the neighbor behind the outskirts. Tisha saw a terrible picture: all the villagers were digging a huge hole here. Guess why, it is not difficult: they dug their own grave. The fascists themselves did not intend to bury the Soviet people.

Adults dug in silence, the children cried. Many tried to escape from the ring of the fascists, who surrounded the future huge grave. But no one did it. Meanwhile, the monsters set fire to the village. And in the bitter January frost it became hot: the hard-earned, suffering good burned. It burned, giving the last heat to its masters before death.

Began shooting. One by one the inhabitants of Baek fell into a grave pit. Tikhon clasped his sister and persuaded them not to cry. He himself was preparing for death. But the Gestapo man who commanded the execution, recognized the boy, who had recently been to the mom during interrogation. And he guessed that Tikhon was still connected. The young partisan was tied up and forced to look at the massacre. Imagine: in the eyes of Silence, all nine hundred and fifty-seven people died, the last — the sisters ... What was happening at that moment in the soul of the tortured boy? What kind of monsters do you need to be in such an inhuman way of trying to subjugate yourself? And who - twelve boy ...

Tisha against two hundred fascistsThe massacre took about an hour. And then the fascists demanded from Tikhon that he lead them to the partisans. As an additional intimidation, they shot at the boy’s head. It was as if little had been fired before, as if something else could have intimidated Tikhon more than what he had seen in that hour.

There, in the forest, the partisans knew nothing and waited for Tikhon. Together with others in the squad were father and brothers. There was a commander Alexander Ivanovich Samuylik. Tikhon wondered what to do. But the fascists did not understand this reflection, took it for a deal with conscience. Gave a chocolate bar. "Calmed down": do not, they say, be afraid of their reprisals. Tikhon has a wonderful fate: he will go to Germany and from “no one” will become a man.

The boy took the chocolate and went to a dense forest. Behind him are several hundred German soldiers. They walked, walked ... The fascists suspected something was wrong several times, hailed a conductor. But he answered so confidently that they no longer doubted him. Until they realized that they had come to the marshes, which did not freeze even in winter.
- That's all for you! - shouted the boy and threw a chocolate at the nearest fascist. - For mom, for sisters! Get out of here!

He fell on the frozen ground, slain by bullets, this twelve-year fearless hero. But more than two hundred Nazis could not get out of the Belarusian swamps - almost all of those who went that night after the boy.

... Already after our Victory, the diary of one of those German soldiers who survived was found. So it became known about the feat of Tikhon Baran. There were such lines in the diary: “We will never win Russians, they even have children fighting like heroes.”

... Of the six children of the Baran family, only the eldest, Pavel, returned from the war. And the parents did not die - Maxim Ivanovich and Daria Ivanovna, who managed to survive in a concentration camp only because of the dream of meeting her dear sons and daughters.
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  1. V.ic
    V.ic 18 May 2016 06: 54
    “We will never defeat the Russians,

    So, even the "superman" "got" ...
    1. Vend
      Vend 18 May 2016 09: 54
      Eternal feat. Ivan Susanin started the Poles and died. And how many more were such brave ones who repeated his feat. But Susanin was an adult, and then a child. This boy needs a monument.
  2. testerman
    testerman 18 May 2016 06: 54
    Thank you Sophia for your regular essays. You read, understand that everything is relative in our life, everything that has any weight flies off like a husk after realizing how it really happens.
    It’s a pity that less and less such information for the younger generation in the school curriculum is year after year. Children grow up without realizing what feat their ancestors performed and at what cost that victory was given .....
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 18 May 2016 07: 05
      Sophia! Thank you very much for another story about real Soviet people!
      One hope is that parents or other relatives will read your stories to schoolchildren!
      1. techie
        techie 20 May 2016 23: 44
        Thank you so much! Just hair on end from this article. I am impressed by the walk.
        After our Victory, the diary of one of those German soldiers who survived was found. So it became known about the feat of Tikhon Baran. There were such lines in the diary: “We will never defeat the Russians, they even have children fighting like heroes”

        It really is. Over the centuries. It is useless for the enemies to try to break the Russian spirit; in a moment of mortal danger for the motherland this is clearly manifested.
  3. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 18 May 2016 06: 59
    Thank. Such stories should be included in books for reading under the school program of 4-5 grades, just the same age, for perceiving the actions of their peers during the Second World War.
  4. qwert
    qwert 18 May 2016 07: 03
    Quote: testerman
    Thank you Sophia for your regular essays.

    I am joining. Completely.
    And in schools they removed "The Story of a Real Man", replacing it with the story of Solzhinitsin.
    It’s just a shame for a country that is striving by all means to forget its heroes.
    1. testerman
      testerman 18 May 2016 07: 13
      One hope for parents that they themselves will explain.
      My 5 years old and little by little I begin to explain to the child the truth of things. I try not to overload the brain of the child, I give in small portions. For his age, he knows that his great-great-grandfathers fought at the front and died for peace on earth. He also knows who the enemy is and what thoughts he has.
    2. North Christmas Tree
      North Christmas Tree 18 May 2016 13: 12
      Grade 5, son. They read "The Story of a Real Man". "Perspective2011" program.
      This book is his desktop.
      I remember in Soviet times, I studied, passed optional in 10 classes. Solzhenitsyn.
      What parents are to it! Now - the main role - the parents. Unfortunately - education at school often leaves much to be desired ... And in children - what you sow, you will reap .... !!!!!
  5. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 18 May 2016 07: 25
    Thank you so much Sophia for your articles! I bring up my children on them! Eternal Glory to the Heroes who laid the very life - so that we Live!
  6. aba
    aba 18 May 2016 07: 56
    We are grateful to everyone who, at the cost of their own lives, allowed us to be born and live!
  7. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 18 May 2016 07: 58
    Thank you very much for the article .... I still hope that time will pass, and films about such heroes will be made ... And these guys will become a real example for children, and not for a different spill of "brothers" ...
  8. 18 May 2016 08: 07
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Indeed, why will not such a subject be introduced at school in grades 5-6? Heroes of the USSR, RUSSIA !!! Thank you so much Sophia for your articles! I bring up my daughter on them! Eternal Glory to the Heroes who laid the very life - so that we Live!
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  10. troyan
    troyan 18 May 2016 09: 18
    Damn, why not award Tikhon posthumously? In principle, the Hero of the Soviet Union, well, or Russia now, he fully deserved. He, of course, already doesn’t care, but for justice, memory and History it would not hurt.
    1. Stas57
      Stas57 18 May 2016 09: 21

      because I cited the interrogations and polls of the participants in the events above, but the administration deleted for some reason

      terrible tragedy and myths on it, why is this needed?

      related literature
      Natalya Kirillova Vyacheslav Semenov
      "Tragedy of Belarusian villages"
      (collection of documents) Minsk-Moscow 2011

      Documents of the Central Archive of the KGB of the Republic of Belarus on burned villages

      Nazi fighter politics and Latvian collaborationism
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 18 May 2016 09: 24
        Quote: Stas57
        because I cited the interrogations and polls of the participants in the events above, but the administration deleted
        - no one remembered such a case

        Expose the article separately.
        1. Stas57
          Stas57 18 May 2016 09: 30
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Expose the article separately.

          why, this topic, no one remembers a lonely boy and a detachment of Foshists.
          remember the opposite, they burned, killed, robbed and went on to rob further, by the way, if all the Nazis died in the swamps, then where did the survivor and the diary come from?
        2. testerman
          testerman 18 May 2016 10: 44
          Alexander, you shouldn’t be so. Sometimes a person does not get his hands on or does not have time to make up a separate article, but I want to speak. In his case, it was in the comments in addition to the main topic, comments were not superfluous. hi
          1. go21zd45few
            go21zd45few 20 May 2016 12: 59
            I have a question for our ministry of under-education, is it really so difficult to issue a publication for extracurricular reading about the exploits of Russian people from at least 1242 to the present day. And many thanks for the article.
  11. Jozhkin Cat
    Jozhkin Cat 18 May 2016 10: 33
    Germany was to be completely destroyed. she inflicted so much blood and pain on a Soviet man ...
    1. atakan
      atakan 19 May 2016 04: 33
      Quote: Yozhkin Cat
      Germany was to be completely destroyed.

      If there weren’t Germany, then Poland, or Austria-Hungary would completely have taken on this role (the list can be replenished)
      This one has a root, and that’s the root and you have to chop it.
      And then they are used to playing other people's games, according to the rules redone for us.
  12. Belousov
    Belousov 18 May 2016 10: 54
    Other nations invent heroes for themselves. It’s enough for us to open a truthful history textbook (it’s truthful, and not just trying to shove us in schools) and on each page there will be a dozen, or even more real heroes who performed their exploits not for the sake of likes or posts on Instagram , but for the sake of their homeland, for the sake of their loved ones, for the sake of conscience.
  13. nivander
    nivander 18 May 2016 12: 22
    by the way, the Germans in all seriousness argued that the Belarusian partisans use the witchcraft spell "Frog's Foot" which allows you to pass even the most swampy swamps
  14. EvgNik
    EvgNik 18 May 2016 15: 01
    Thank you, Sophia, the article is wonderful. And do not pay attention to individual attacks. We (those who regularly read your articles) are always with you and for you.
  15. Sofia
    19 May 2016 07: 46
    Thank you so much, dear members of the forum! Your feedback is very, very important to me!
  16. rune
    rune 19 May 2016 12: 23
    Glory to the young hero !!!
  17. von_Tilsit
    von_Tilsit 19 May 2016 12: 51
    Now please explain to me why, after SUCH, Germany still exists ??
  18. Russia
    Russia 20 May 2016 13: 14
    I am writing, but my thoughts are confused!
    And do not watch all sorts of "Batman", "spiders" and various "fraud"!

    Kowtow to Tikhon! soldier

    I hope that the Eurocements and liberals will be presented with an account.
    1. Appraiser
      Appraiser 20 May 2016 14: 55
      That's right! All this should be filmed, the scriptwriters have enough and the budget of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation should approve it. On patriotism, we must educate a new generation of Russian citizens. soldier
  19. realist
    realist 20 May 2016 15: 05
    such people must be remembered, create an encyclopedia on paper or on the Internet, we must not forget .....
    children at school must definitely tell all this, otherwise our children will not grow up, but Sam’s uncles ....
  20. t118an
    t118an 20 May 2016 17: 31
    How many of these boys and girls there were ... We still know, we remember Their Feats, and Children, Grandchildren .. Know Them .. Remember in schools there were "Pioneers-Heroes" stands ....
  21. Alfizik
    Alfizik 20 May 2016 18: 22
    I wish that bulk-Kasyanovs-gozmans read this story ... It is useless! They would have asked the Germans for more chocolate and taken to the partisan camp. And where do corrupt souls come from? ..
  22. 71rus
    71rus 20 May 2016 20: 43
    Behind all the rhetoric on the discussion of the article the main thing is not forgotten: Tikhon was a child, he was only twelve years old!
    Fifth grader! A wonderful article, you must not forget your story, it is criminal before such heroes!
  23. arkady149
    arkady149 25 May 2016 05: 17
    I read the essay about the young Hero, and I, a bearded, stern man, glittered my eyes. How many of these little-known Heroes were in our people, whose feat inspires to be cleaner, kinder and disinterested. Eternal Glory to the Hero.
    PS How, after all, the skippers ruined the word "hero" with their stupid chants.
  24. d.gksueyjd
    d.gksueyjd 4 June 2016 23: 33
    It is on such feats that patriotism is brought up - the pioneers of the Heroes, in essence, children who passionately loved their homeland. Unfortunately, real pioneers and Komsomol members are forgotten! What is wrong, for the country, did the pioneer and Komsomol organization (not counting Gorbachev’s times), why are they forced to forget about them?