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Russian-Jordanian RPG "Nashshab" is planned to be involved in the protection of nuclear power plants

Installation of paired grenade launchers RPG-32 "Nashshab" is proposed to be used in the protection of special objects, including Nuclear power plant transmits RIA News the report of the representative of the company-developer "Jadara Equipment & Defense Systems" Yuri Kashko.

“Project" Nashshab "moves on. Today we offer the customer a unique development of the QUAD-1, which is an installation of four remotely controlled RPG-32 grenade launchers. It can be used in the protection of special objects, including nuclear power plants - as you know, a nuclear power plant will now be built in Jordan with the assistance of Russia ”,
Kashko said at SOFEX-2016 in Amman.

He noted the rate of installation. “It is capable of firing on the enemy's technique with both four grenade launchers simultaneously, and with an interval of half a second. According to him, the price of the complex is relatively low if compared with "other means of protection of strategic facilities of this class."

Kasco also announced the completion of the development of a promising infantry support vehicle based on the QUAD-1.

“Watching the latest fighting in Syria, including in Aleppo, we realized that in the conditions of fighting within the city on foot, a fighting vehicle was needed that would go in front of them and eliminate all the sniper points. We decided to install our QUAD-1 installation on an armored car - it can attack enemy snipers and grenade launchers and can be installed on absolutely any car, from light jeeps to armored vehicles, ”said Casco.
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 11 May 2016 12: 54
    just wrote below that they and TOU are buying ... where are they all so many? or on the principle "you can't all eggs in one basket"?
    1. Themi30
      Themi30 11 May 2016 13: 08
      Granik and TOW, so that of the general have only a cylindrical shape. And don't they make 32 themselves?
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 11 May 2016 13: 15
      The TOU is still ATGM, plus they supply the southern front of the broads to Syria. Now many groups, after 3 months of in-depth training at the Royal Special Forces base, are moving to Syria for the war with the "Regime" and the Caliphate in the south. They are armed with Western weapons, Browning, TOU, M-16, EBR.
    3. Andrey K
      Andrey K 11 May 2016 14: 01
      Yes, there are no eggs in one basket here. Borders armed with ours, in full. laughing
      At the end of 2012, we built a plant in Jordan for licensed production of RPG-32 "Hashim". Now they renamed it to "Nashshab". hi
      The design capacity of the plant is 60000 grenade launchers per year. Now they produce about 20000 a year. They do not need these TOU, this is for the "moderate" opposition in neighboring Syria ... negative
      Politics is a dirty thing, I personally do not understand the rapprochement with the Jordanians, against the background of their opposition to us, in the Middle East request
  2. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 11 May 2016 12: 58
    Everything is fine --- currency, reserves for our army, but in Jordan there are training and supply bases for moderate opposition. This king is an ambiguous "partner" with English military training.
  3. Igor V
    Igor V 11 May 2016 13: 04
    "Russian - Jordanian"? Is this something new or am I missing something? Jordan did not go to contacts at all during the Soviet era, it was clearly a pro-American country. And here, without noise and dust, they are already presenting joint developments! This makes me happy. It is always nice to know that there are countries in the world that have not succumbed to any political husk.
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 11 May 2016 13: 33
      they have been producing it under license for several years, sort of like
  4. Igor V
    Igor V 11 May 2016 13: 07
    The article did not disclose the characteristics of the weapon. Is it a twin, quad or four twin grenade launchers? smile
    1. Rash
      Rash 11 May 2016 13: 18
      The photo and the name "QUAD-1" are evidenced by a quad grenade launcher. wink
  5. Taygerus
    Taygerus 11 May 2016 13: 13
    the main thing is that the moderates do not get it, otherwise we’ll arm ourselves on our heads
  6. engineer74
    engineer74 11 May 2016 13: 29
    One question: Will the RPG-32 be able to cause fatal damage to a nuclear reactor? And then wherever you spit, martyrs everywhere (already lit up at the Belgian nuclear power plant)!
    1. Themi30
      Themi30 11 May 2016 13: 33
      No, there the building is designed with the expectation that a plane hijacked by terrorists will fall on it.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 11 May 2016 13: 31
    Some kind of guarantee is needed that this weapon will not get to the barmaley. Or whatever our chip will put into this miracle, whatever it shoots at us.
    1. 31rus2
      31rus2 11 May 2016 13: 53
      Dear, what guarantees, we successfully sold them the development
  8. 31rus2
    31rus2 11 May 2016 13: 51
    Dear, this is primarily against suicide bombers with mined cars, we would go even further, a UAV tied to this installation or a remote robot on the ground
  9. Verdun
    Verdun 11 May 2016 14: 45
    installation of four twin RPG-32 grenade launchers,
    Four twin grenade launchers are eight. In the photo I see a quad installation. Probably someone thinks badly. But it's not that. At its core, an RPG is a tube equipped with a sight to launch ammunition connected to a marching engine. The whole chip is in the ammunition. To combine into a single unit equipped with one sight, several grenade launchers - what is a special achievement? If only in the sight, then then it is necessary to talk about him, and not about several launching rails connected together.