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The Latvian Parliament will consider the issue of recognizing Russian as the second official language

The Latvian Parliament will consider the issue of recognizing Russian as the second official languageAndris Berzins, the President of Latvia, was sent to the Seimas for consideration of an amendment to the Constitution regarding the assignment of the status of the second official language to Russian. This was reported by the press service of the head of Latvia.

Berzins himself is actively opposing this popular initiative. He considers it to be the actual refusal of Latvia from the status of a national state. The Latvian president insists that the draft contradicts the foundations of the "Constitution, the idea of ​​establishing Latvia and restoring the independence of the state."

In the accompanying letter to Solvita Aboltine, Speaker of the Seimas, the Latvian President noted that the bill does not contribute to social cohesion. According to the Speaker of the Seimas, this issue may be considered by the parliamentarians on December 22. If the parliament does not accept these amendments, the question will be put to a referendum. The speaker said that already February 18 referendum on these issues may take place.

In order for the Russian language in Latvia to receive the status of the second official, 770 thousand citizens must vote for this proposal in a referendum.

Vladimir Linderman, the leader of the January 13 Movement party, one of the initiators of amending the Constitution, expressed the hope that citizens would be active in the referendum and would be a shock to the ruling elite.

"The referendum should be a shock therapy. It should relieve from the illusion that a purely national state can be created in Latvia," said Linderman in an interview with the radio station Baltcom. He believes that the authorities want to hold a referendum on this issue as soon as possible in order to avoid discussions in society about the role of the Russian language.

"Such discussions may show that the population of Latvia is not as radical as it is thought, and the ruling circles are very frightened," said Linderman.

The action "For the native language", the main purpose of which is to assign the status of the second official language in Latvia to Russian, was launched in the Republic of 7 in March of this year. At the first stage, notarized signatures were collected. The organizers, largely thanks to the activity on the Internet, managed to collect 12500 notarized signatures. Subsequently, they were filed with the central election commission.

This, according to the laws of Latvia, became the basis for the organization of a formal collection of signatures by the central election commission to bring up the issue of relevant amendments to the Constitution to parliament. The collection of signatures was carried out 1 – 30 this November. It was necessary to collect signatures from 10% of Latvian voters, which is approximately 155 thousand people.

On the eve of Arnis Tsimdars, chairman of the Central Election Commission, said that more than 187 thousand Latvian citizens, which is approximately equal to 12,14% of the total number of people who have the right to vote, spoke in support of Russian as the second official language.

Earlier, the Latvian president spoke out against giving the status of the second official Russian language and declared his readiness to resign if this becomes a reality. Against the introduction of these amendments were also the ruling coalition party. They called on Latvian citizens to support their appeal in a referendum. At the same time, the Russian-speaking opposition believes that all citizens of the country should take part in the referendum.

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  1. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 21 December 2011 11: 05
    Well, how do they consider it - keep your pocket wider. Bullshit hang it all on our ears.
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 21 December 2011 12: 07
      It's time to do the first Russian
    2. itr
      itr 21 December 2011 12: 54
      They need to seriously think about changing their coat of arms in order to start accepting it as a jar of sprats, then the hymn on sprats and introducing an article on sexual harassment of sprats into the legislation.
      nothing more can be said about them; they lived in a union like cheese in butter. separated and now in a complete ass so they are still watering the dogs with shit
  2. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 21 December 2011 11: 11
    The threat of resignation is an extreme measure, but it is only effective when the leader enjoys the unconditional support of the majority of the country's population. What I doubt very much.
    1. Odessa
      Odessa 21 December 2011 11: 56
      They threaten with resignation, as a rule, when they are in deadlock situations. Perhaps the truth is somewhere, but they do not agree on it.
  3. Aleksey42
    Aleksey42 21 December 2011 11: 23
    If they transgress through their pride, bordering on obstinacy, they will act very wisely. Still, it is better to be friends with neighbors than to dirty one another in a petty way.
  4. Lytzeff
    Lytzeff 21 December 2011 11: 30
    As long as these benefits are not promised to them and they are not scratched, it seems to me that they will push them away and in every way prevent this, after all, this is not the first year already. Rather, they will make English the second state for the sake of amers, and they will pray for missile defense. (This is about power and not about the people as a whole)
  5. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 21 December 2011 11: 35
    Rather, our growing military power forces us to consider the amendments.
    Let's see how it ends ...
  6. logic
    logic 21 December 2011 11: 56
    The amendments will be canceled, they will provide a vote against the introduction of a second state language by referendum and will scream with good conscience that Russians in Latvia should be even stronger.
    The usual provocation in order to justify their actions, and suddenly Russia really stands up for the Russians.
  7. Sobibor
    Sobibor 21 December 2011 11: 58
    Latvians will not support the referendum. There Russian-speaking citizens from a force of 200 thousand, all the rest do not have citizenship and do not have voting rights
    1. Ion coaelung
      Ion coaelung 21 December 2011 15: 08
      There are much more Russian speakers with Latvian citizenship, even more than the necessary votes for a decision. The question is, do they need it? Will they all vote? Or have they become the same lazy people like everyone else?
  8. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 21 December 2011 12: 27
    There is 1 more step left and the victory will be ours. bully
    SAMEDOV SULEYMAN 21 December 2011 13: 32
    The question here is not the number of Russians living in Latvia. If you think about it, neither under Gorbachev nor under Yeltsin would even have spoken about it. First of all, there would be a STRONG neighbor, thanks to Putin.
  10. Fantomac
    Fantomac 21 December 2011 14: 37
    The overwhelming majority of the Latvian "Elite" are Russophobes. If it were not for Russia, it is unknown there would be such a people as the Latvians, not to mention the state.
  11. mar.tira
    mar.tira 21 December 2011 14: 58
    What are the brothers Latvians !? It smelled of fried, there was plenty of European democracy! Now all eyes to the east, maybe Russia will help not to die of hunger! I liked that for all Latvia's stay in the USSR, they were supported at the level of European life. Therefore, they skated like cheese in butter, and pride of pearl. And after the collapse of the country, they wanted to show themselves as martyrs, and the main defenders of democracy, against the Soviet Union. That they would give them milk rivers, and jelly banks, for their venality. But now, bite it !!!! and you will be corrupt and despised all your life!
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 21 December 2011 15: 28
      Here, dear take a look
  12. akvald
    akvald 21 December 2011 20: 46
    Mar.tira, if you don’t get a chip, better chew than say!
    Even if there was a chance, the Russian language could become the state language, no one in Latvia, except for a couple of people, NEVER would ever agree to enter into an alliance with Russia! This is an option!
    And the collection of signatures was collected for the Russian language, knowing that with a referendum 50% FOR, do not collect! There are about 300 Russian-speaking people in Latvia, out of the total number of residents, slightly more than 000 million with citizenship and voting rights .. This was done to annoy the ruling party and show Europe that in Latvia the problem of non-citizens was not resolved and the European recommendations were ignored on minority rights, and EU recommendations on how to address these rights.
    And the president, from the first day, put himself against the Russian speakers! And his promises that if the Russian wins, resign, LITTER!