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Immortal memory of Donbass


Probably not news the fact that in Donetsk 9 May passed the Victory Parade. And this is despite the threats from Kiev, as well as an attempt by OSCE observers to ban it. (On this occasion, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko sarcastically remarked: “We do not forbid them to hold gay parades”). Nor will the news that in Donetsk, like in many other cities of the world, the legendary “Immortal Regiment” passed - it would, on the contrary, be strange if the city — the outpost of the Russian world — would not have joined this action, which had already become actually worldwide.

But what can be called news and surprise - that people in the procession "Immortal Regiment" went and went - it seemed like an endless column ... It took me more than an hour to wait for the end of this long column, which ran along the main street of the city - Artyom Street.

But first things first. From early morning many people rushed to the place of the parade. There were so many people that all the transport going to the center of the city was overcrowded - we had to pass through several buses. Many went on foot. This time the weather favored the great holiday - it was mostly sunny and warm, only in the second half of the day, after the main events, the rain began to drizzle slightly. The Donetsk team recalled in their conversations the previous holiday - the Victory's 70 jubilee - when everyone was soaked to the skin, and this time they were enjoying the good weather. Many were with children.

Balconies on the street Artem - decorated with the banners of the DNI and Russia. On both sides of the street lined up citizens. The whole area of ​​Lenin was tightly packed with people.

“On May 9, 1945, our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers completed the liberation campaign with the victorious assault on Berlin and the capture of the Reichstag. The most terrible enemy ever threatening humanity was defeated. This historical victory changed the course of history, became a symbol of heroism, valor and unparalleled courage of our multinational people. Today we, the inhabitants of Donbass, have again entered into a merciless battle with Nazism. The enemy is at our gates. Once again, hard trials fell to our people. But we withstood the tough struggle, defending our right to speak our native language, to honor the memory of our ancestors and our traditions, ”said the Head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko to the people, wishing the young state to overcome all obstacles and build a free and prosperous country .

When military equipment was driving down Artem Street, people warmly welcomed each crew, throwing flowers.

(The following five photos were sent to me by friends who managed to penetrate the solid sea of ​​people into the very center of events - on Lenin Square. For the path of technology was longer than the road of the marching soldiers).

And almost immediately after the parade, I did not have time to smoke the smoke from heavy equipment, - the endlessly long column of the Immortal Regiment went.

In addition to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, the “Immortal Regiment” recalled the soldiers-internationalists, and the fighters who fell for the DPR. Their portraits carried in columns.

All day in Donetsk were folk festivals. Especially - in the park to them. Shcherbakov and on Pushkin Boulevard are the most favorite places of the townspeople. Field kitchens treated passers-by to porridge. Artists of the Republic gave people songs of the front years.


It should be remembered that the holiday was held in a rather alarming situation. In recent days, since May, there have been fewer attacks, but the war, though “behind the scenes”, has not gone away. At his briefing, Eduard Basurin said that the enemy’s sabotage group attempted to spoil Victory Day and carry out a terrorist act - to undermine the fuel and lubricant storage. However, as Basurin said, “by coordinated actions of servicemen carrying guard duty, this attack was prevented. No one will succeed in denigrating this sacred holiday in memory of the feats of our fathers and grandfathers who put all their strength on the altar of the Great Victory. ”

He also said that along the contact line, the enemy continues to concentrate heavy weapons.


From the very beginning of May, many events related to the 71 anniversary of the Great Victory took place in Donetsk. Laying flowers at monuments and mass graves, art exhibitions, numerous concerts, a crowded rally of 7 in May at Saur-Grave, lessons of courage ... There is nothing to mention. I would like to tell you about two spiritual events that took place on the eve of 9 May in the wounded Kiev district of Donetsk.

5 May, on the Day of printing, a solemn ruler took place near the monument “They did not return to the editorial office”. This memorial is located on Kievsky Prospect, near the building of the publishing house "Donetskina" and is dedicated to the memory of journalists who died on the fronts. The building itself was hit by shelling. A small fragment fell into the monument, leaving a rusty scar on the manly face of the front-line journalist. This sad trail was not specifically removed.

Veterans of Donetsk journalism and future young employees of the pen and camera - now students - brought flowers to the monument. Perhaps in the near future, the memorial will be replenished with another granite slab - in memory of those journalists who died in the 21 century, highlighting the truth about the actions of the Kiev junta in the Donbas.

On May 7, at the broken Tochmash plant, veterans, schoolchildren and sympathetic citizens came to the monument to the employees of this large enterprise who died during the Great Patriotic War. They came to one of the most problematic places in Donetsk - not far from the front line. Stood in the pouring rain. The occasion was joyful - the monument that was damaged during the shelling was restored.

The Donbass keeps the sacred memory of the Great Patriotic War, Donbass remembers its heroes and during this difficult time does everything to preserve great traditions and continue the feats of those who rushed to attack in the distant forties. And, of course, with a huge pain in their hearts, the residents of the Republic perceive messages from Ukraine, where neo-Nazis attack those who still dare to go to actions like the Immortal Regiment.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 May 2016 06: 38
    as well as an attempt by OSCE observers to ban it.

    To enemies to spite! Thanks to Donbass and its heroic inhabitants!
    1. Andrey K
      Andrey K 10 May 2016 07: 59
      Yes, they are just great !!!
      And Zakharchenko dismissed Kuev and the OSCE with their "recommendations" just in a classic way. What does it mean born in the USSR good
      "On an attempt to ban the OSCE observers, Zakharchenko sarcastically remarked:" We do not forbid them to hold pederast parades. " laughing
      Well done, they will succeed, everything will be as ours good
      1. avt
        avt 10 May 2016 09: 48
        Quote: Andrey K
        To enemies to spite! Thanks to Donbass and its heroic inhabitants!

        Quote: Andrey K
        Yes, they are just great !!!

        good Powerfully celebrated Victory Day! Beautiful and with dignity! I saw the video from the quadcopter - it inspires.
  2. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 10 May 2016 06: 50
    Truly brave people laid on Kiev with a device and celebrated the Great Victory Day, great respect to the Donetsk and Lugansk peoples.
  3. bionik
    bionik 10 May 2016 06: 59
    T-34-85 with an inscription on the tower "Avengers of Donbass".
  4. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 10 May 2016 07: 00
    I can’t imagine such a procession of the Nazis, although these s ... arrange their own sabotages. Anyway, there are more of them, let it be .... and they know the true truth more.
  5. tomcat117
    tomcat117 10 May 2016 07: 07
    Unbending Donbass, thanks to the fighters of the great victory, thanks to the current, dead and alive, for everything !!!
  6. baudolino
    baudolino 10 May 2016 07: 20
    I don’t remember when so many people gathered in the center of Donetsk. Maybe only in Soviet times. And tomorrow is also Republic Day).
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 10 May 2016 07: 36
    Nooooooo .... even if the dill troops and begin the offensive ... end in defeat .. Such people can not be defeated ..
  8. Egor123
    Egor123 10 May 2016 07: 42
    I am glad that in addition to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, they do not forget the internationalist soldiers and the heroes of the DPR.
  9. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko 10 May 2016 08: 19
    Helen, thank you so much for your truly invaluable contribution to the cause of the revival of Donbas! I sincerely wish you good health and patience. and also: let there always be PEACE !!! how tired she is, this war! and this bastard in Kuev, Transcarpathian horned ... hi
  10. Dead hand
    Dead hand 10 May 2016 08: 53
    The girls of Donetsk are beautiful)))) .... it pleases that there are a lot of children, youth. That was sin, I thought that the young do not care. I'm glad I was wrong. Thanks to parents for raising sons and daughters ...... To Remember
  11. 72jora72
    72jora72 10 May 2016 08: 58
    And what kind of beautiful girls good !!
  12. avia12005
    avia12005 10 May 2016 09: 20
    Donbass, all Russian with you !!! Fascism will find its grave next to your waste heaps! Happy Victory Day!
  13. Arkan
    Arkan 10 May 2016 09: 50
    That's where the real Patriots stayed! Glory to the Heroes of Donbass!
  14. Russia
    Russia 10 May 2016 11: 12
    I am just delighted!
    In each frame, the strength and confidence of the Donbass!
  15. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 10 May 2016 12: 04
    I wish all Russians living in Novorossiya to return back to the Russian world.
  16. pigkiller
    pigkiller 10 May 2016 12: 21
    Victory Day parade was also held in Lugansk yesterday. Troops and equipment in perfect order.
  17. Belarus
    Belarus 10 May 2016 13: 15
    Yes, I also agree that the fascist ridge will also be broken in the Donbass, and the act of surrender of the fascist junta will be signed live in the Verkhovna Rada, and this will be because the fascist leadership in Kiev underestimated the hatred of fascism that the inhabitants of Donbass have.
  18. Ros 56
    Ros 56 10 May 2016 13: 16
    Well done LDNR! They did the right thing in spite of this tacking Potrokh and his state-owned company.
  19. Uncle Murzik
    Uncle Murzik 10 May 2016 14: 32
    Don’t break the junta of Donbass! I believe Donbass will be in Russia! soldier
  20. Kernel
    Kernel 10 May 2016 15: 02
    To the people who fought and are fighting for the Donbass, my respect and great glory!
  21. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 10 May 2016 19: 34
  22. Koronik
    Koronik 11 May 2016 04: 47
    We are proud of you !!! And we are confident in overcoming all difficulties on your way! Good to you, health and good luck, our dear residents of Donbass! Russians are with you!
  23. igorka357
    igorka357 12 May 2016 13: 41
    What kind of girls are, and armor in colors is generally .. just words can not describe .. !!!