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Russia plans to take part in equipping a new Indian aircraft carrier

Russian defenders can take part in equipping the aircraft carrier "Vikrant" under construction in India, reports RIA News the message of the director of international cooperation of the corporation Rostec Viktor Kladov.

Indian aircraft carrier Vikrant under construction after launching at the shipbuilding enterprise Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL). Cochin, 10.06.2015.

To the question of the correspondent, “Does Russia plan to participate in the project of a new Indian aircraft carrier,” Kladov answered:

“Of course. In India, the second aircraft carrier is now being built, the first, as you know, was built in Russia - the Admiral Gorshkov was converted and overhauled. The Indians build the second aircraft carrier Wikrant, but, of course, they need technological assistance - these are technologies construction of aircraft carrier, and numerous onboard equipment ".

“Onboard the aircraft carrier can be delivered guidance systems, air defense systems, as well as various onboard weapons systems, including anti-ship. The aircraft carrier is a large platform, and we have something to offer our partners, ”he said.
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  1. Michael67
    Michael67 April 21 2016 19: 15
    Very good.
    It is important in the same vein, both in military cooperation and in political work.
    India, if anything, is a strong ally.
    1. hobot
      hobot April 21 2016 21: 48
      Russia has only two allies - the army and navy.
      Ukraine was not only an ally and partner, but also one family.
      And what did the puppeteers do with them?
      Everything is much more complicated.
    2. sub307
      sub307 April 22 2016 09: 09
      "India, if anything, is a strong ally."
      Quite a dubious statement, interesting - what is it based on. First: "if what" - what is this? An armed conflict between Russia and NATO? Suppose ... Well, where does India? Are we connected with India by appropriate agreements?
      "The idea of ​​creating a strategic triangle Russia-India-China was the first of the well-known political figures to be put forward by Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov back in 1998. Unable to stop the NATO operation being prepared against Yugoslavia, Primakov called for cooperation between the three countries as a kind of counteraction to unipolarity in the world However, it took several years for this proposal to was supported by diplomats."
      What do we have:
      - The key mechanism of bilateral interaction is the Intergovernmental Russian-Indian Commission for Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technical and Cultural Cooperation;
      - Expanding interagency ties;
      - Cooperation in the military and military-technical fields is developing successfully .... Since October 2005, joint counter-terrorism military exercises have been held, and since April 2007 also naval exercises ...;
      - Contacts are being made through law enforcement and control bodies, including the Supreme Court and the Accounts Chamber of Russia. Agreements on mutual legal assistance in criminal, civil and commercial matters, an extradition agreement, a memorandum of understanding on the procedure for the transfer and reception of illegal migrants, as well as a number of interdepartmental documents were signed.
      Everything is great .... but no for some reason main allied treaty (as in Russia with Armenia. for example).
      So - good partners - it is, but the allies ..., not a fact.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. rov81
    rov81 April 21 2016 19: 20
    and the Indians are great, build up power!
  3. Andrey K
    Andrey K April 21 2016 19: 20
    The second aircraft carrier of India is the flesh of the first, that is, "Admiral Gorshkov".
    I am sure that without our technical assistance in equipping this aircraft carrier will not do.
  4. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 April 21 2016 19: 22
    To earn money by selling technologically sophisticated equipment with its subsequent maintenance and not trade in minerals - this is the way of the revival of Russia.
  5. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ April 21 2016 19: 43
    As the saying goes: "For your money, any fantasy."
  6. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi April 21 2016 20: 14
    Well, India chose air defense systems for its frigates and aircraft carriers.
    On the night of December 30, 2015, the Indian Ministry of Defense conducted successful tests of the Israeli air defense system Barak 8, designed for air defense of ships from aircraft, anti-ship missiles and guided bombs. The defense department calls the acquisition of this complex "an important milestone in the development of the country's defense capability" and "a giant leap forward in improving air defense capabilities."
    The Israeli air defense system, developed jointly by IAI and Rafael, will be installed on the Soviet aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov" purchased from Russia and renamed "Vikramaditya". Last year, the Indian Ministry of Defense finally abandoned the Russian Kashtan-type anti-aircraft missile and artillery system (ZRAK) for self-defense of ships, preferring to install the Barak 8 air defense system on the Vikramaditya.
  7. Charik
    Charik April 21 2016 20: 40
    and what kind of anti-ship weapon on an aircraft carrier can be placed
    1. Oleg7700
      Oleg7700 April 21 2016 21: 17
      Obviously BRAMOS is Indian as planned. And all this will be "guided" by the Israeli AFAR radars (the "holes" in the photo turn black) and, therefore, by the Israeli Combat Information System. Both active and passive electronic warfare - Israeli, and anti-submarine boosters, torpedo traps, and 25-30 mm machine guns and the naval version of "Spike" for self-defense against small size. It is possible that Rostec also has an opportunity to make big money if it is compatible with Israeli logistics, which is doubtful ... Of course, Russian aviation equipment for MIGs.
      1. Winnie76
        Winnie76 April 21 2016 21: 54
        In short, a kosher Jewish-Indian aircraft carrier wink
        1. Oleg7700
          Oleg7700 April 21 2016 22: 47
          In designing the case, the Indians were assisted by the Nevsky PKB (bow with a ramp), the rest was Italian Fincantieri. International...
  8. hartlend
    hartlend April 21 2016 20: 51
    Russia plans to take part in equipping a new Indian aircraft carrier

    In short: "Russia is planning." If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. We've gotten similar pseudo news. You need to write about real things. And then at the exhibition they will come to the stand with Russian products and look at the "news" at once - 98 countries are interested in our products. That's what exhibitions are to be looked at. Or more. When two countries go to war, both "plan" to win. Plans don't always come true.
  9. grawizapa
    grawizapa April 21 2016 21: 09
    Aircraft carriers would not hurt Russia either, but these are only dreams ...
  10. Cappit
    Cappit April 22 2016 04: 39
    Quote: Talker
    What for then, the Russian Federation tried to order the Mistral helicopter carriers?

    The question, of course, is interesting. Nobody seems to know the answer to it.
  11. zyablik.olga
    zyablik.olga April 22 2016 05: 35
    "Onboard the aircraft carrier can be delivered guidance systems, air defense systems, as well as various airborne weapons systems, including anti-ship
    As it seems to me, this is from the "wishlist" area. Why would the Indians step on our rake and clutter up the anti-ship missile carrier? There are escort ships for this. And on an aircraft carrier, it is better to occupy free space with aircraft, fuel and ammunition.
  12. Stoler
    Stoler April 22 2016 09: 31
    Someone at the top is sure that Russia is a very small country and "Such a Huge Ship belay "just won't fit. laughing
    1. ametist415
      ametist415 April 22 2016 10: 31
      We do not have large dry docks, over 100 thousand tons of ship displacement.
  13. kig
    kig April 22 2016 09: 45
    And rightly so. We’ll fill our hand, maybe it will come in handy.
  14. Verdun
    Verdun April 22 2016 09: 47
    Russia plans to take part in equipping a new Indian aircraft carrier
    The matter, of course, is monetary, no doubt. But what are the Indians planning themselves? For some reason, this side of the question is not covered in the article.
  15. cccr51
    cccr51 April 22 2016 10: 25
    And here is how a modern aircraft carrier will react to a modern hypersonic racket with a nuclear KAPETS warhead. This is me theoretically, speed 7 max.
    1. Memorandum
      Memorandum April 22 2016 11: 47
      when hit, through and through ... react :)