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In the recently liberated Syrian El Karjatayne traces of the stay of terrorists from Russia were found

In the Syrian city of Kariyatane, which was liberated from the IG group, evidence was found of Islamists from Russia staying there, reports Look with reference to tass.

In the recently liberated Syrian El Karjatayne traces of the stay of terrorists from Russia were found

“One of their command posts was launched by ISIS terrorists in the ruins of an ancient Christian monastery. Radical Islamists with the help of two bulldozers demolished the temple of the XIV century, then set fire to a new church building and took up defense in the monastic cells, ”the agency reports.

According to the commander of the military police unit, Sair Abdurakhman, who serves in the liberated city, “these were the command centers of the terrorists, based on the number of abandoned things, it can be assumed that several dozen militants and their commander lived here.”

Then, in the room of the commander of the formation of militants, he pointed to the inscription made on the door of the personal cabinet - "Abu Daud RUS". “This inscription suggests that the head of the gang, like some of its members, were from Russia,” the officer said.

His suggestion was also confirmed by the “Book of Jihad” found in the next room, printed in Russian in 2010.

“IG fighters fled from here immediately, as they realized that the storming of the city was inevitable. Look - they threw everything! Destroyed our homes, our schools, temples and fled. We will either destroy them, or squeeze them out from the territory of our homeland, ”said army officer Mukhrab, who participated in the liberation of the city.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy April 5 2016 18: 28
    "There are inscriptions in Russian in a public Parisian toilet" We must try to ensure that traces of ISIS are not found in Russia.
    1. cniza
      cniza April 5 2016 18: 32
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      "There are inscriptions in Russian in a public Parisian toilet" We must try to ensure that traces of ISIS are not found in Russia.

      Unfortunately, they already exist and it is necessary to make sure that they leave only a trace in the form of a wet place.
      1. Galich Kos
        Galich Kos April 5 2016 18: 44
        Unfortunately, you can’t let everyone know, let somebody stay and do things ...
      2. Pravdarm
        Pravdarm April 5 2016 18: 45
        Quote: cniza
        it is necessary to make sure that they leave only a trace in the form of a wet place.
        Better to catch it! And interrogate. To interrogate to death, and to judge someone is indicative so that it would be disgraceful for the romantic Islamists that we have.
        In the words of "pulp fiction":
        - "... I would give anything to catch it. Let him scratch later." am
        (the truth is there about the car, but I'm talking about the attitude to ...)
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN April 5 2016 18: 33
      Until these "camels" are calmed down, the Middle East will be ablaze ..
      1. Vend
        Vend April 5 2016 18: 34
        Terrorism has no nationality.
        1. Wiruz
          Wiruz April 5 2016 18: 38
          Terrorism has no nationality.

          Terrorism has sponsors. They are usually from the same edge
    4. gippernano
      gippernano April 7 2016 23: 31
      The devil is not so terrible as the Americans are painting)))))))))) God sees us as a throat)
  2. hartlend
    hartlend April 5 2016 18: 29
    So not all terrorists from Russia were destroyed. There is still work.
  3. rafaelich
    rafaelich April 5 2016 18: 29
    Crush scum ...
  4. Wiruz
    Wiruz April 5 2016 18: 29
    In the recently liberated Syrian El Karjatayne traces of the stay of terrorists from Russia were found

    Sick people! You have to feel sorry for them ... and kill, kill and feel sorry smile
  5. vglazunov
    vglazunov April 5 2016 18: 29
    They write a lot on the fence, including USA
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 April 5 2016 18: 36
      Yeah. And the Ishilovites are also studying Russian, so that they can read the book of jihad in Russian. fool
  6. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy April 5 2016 18: 31
    "We will either destroy them or drive them out of our homeland."
    And let's without either, we do not need them.
  7. Galich Kos
    Galich Kos April 5 2016 18: 32
    Watering scum in Syrian toilets. We do not need such fellow citizens alive.
  8. EvgNik
    EvgNik April 5 2016 18: 38
    Sick people. Seriously ill. The doctor said to the morgue, then to the morgue.
  9. Chyudilkin
    Chyudilkin April 5 2016 18: 46
    The saddest citizens of Russia who went to fight for ISIS in search of money or from their beliefs (xs which), if they are experienced fighters, and not romance, it will be difficult with them. IMHO
  10. Barakuda
    Barakuda April 5 2016 18: 55
    And what is there to be surprised. If I have books in English, so am I a spy for the British MI and the CIA? And the Koran is in Arabic, please - a ready saboteur, I even know which side of the world you need to beat with your forehead, and I know the words of Allah Akbar ... sorry there is no rug request
    But seriously, there is enough scum there, mainly from the Caucasus. And the Slovenes are crazy, stupid for grandmas. The family is not without a freak, it’s not a pity. sad
    Thank God they no longer offer me, I am a "separatist" anyway, the case with the SBU is open, and I am under house arrest. Thanks to the lawyer, I ruined the case at the initial stage (I was not afraid), otherwise I would have been in jail.
    1. 2s1122
      2s1122 April 5 2016 19: 05
      Eh friend, why say so laughing pirёezhay knam in Belarus buy a rug, a nice rug Mom swear belay
      1. Galich Kos
        Galich Kos April 5 2016 19: 15
        Belarusians are also noted in ISIS, so sho ne dissemble.
      2. Barakuda
        Barakuda April 5 2016 19: 38
        I would come, but where, to whom .. Yes, your dad is dumb, can pass ukrohokhlam. sad If you put on "skis", I'm sorry to Russia, to HOMELAND in Siberia.
    2. 34 region
      34 region April 5 2016 19: 51
      Baracuda! 18.55. Because they do not shout on the outskirts: Allahu akbar !, this does not mean that things are better in your country. Although the outskirts are twice as large as the Syrian outskirts, unfortunately there was no unassailable Assad there. Respect to the Syrians for stamina. The Syrian elite did not sell their country, but stood up for its defense. Caucasians do not seem to live on the outskirts, but nevertheless the Slavs were no less bloodthirsty than the Arabs. No offense personally told you, but offensive for the Slavs who surrendered their outskirts. Here's how a resident of an independent can explain what is happening in his country? There are no Arabs, no Caucasians, patriots of their country, Orthodox faith, and medieval atrocities. How did it happen that only two regions butted Kiev?
  11. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 April 5 2016 19: 02
    Shave and flee to the good Frau. Yes, they will yell: - Nicht Schissen, Camaraden, their bin San Zimmermans und prostitute!
  12. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg April 5 2016 19: 08
    Burn this scum napalm, so that there would be no trace of this evil !!!
    1. 34 region
      34 region April 5 2016 20: 03
      Fonmeg! 19.08/XNUMX. Who to burn? Can I clarify? These poor bearded men? But they were not born that way. They were placed in such conditions. More recently, dictators ruled there and there was no Bin Laden and ISIS. But democracy came and they appeared. Who will we burn, the Fed, Wall Street, or what else? From our country there are fighting on both sides. Why are our citizens there (not military)? What motivation is pushing for war? Why not talk about the psychological reasons for pushing people onto the warpath?
      1. Anglorussian
        Anglorussian April 6 2016 02: 24
        Understand and forgive ... And integrate into society ..
        1. igorka357
          igorka357 April 6 2016 05: 04
          Only in your society, ok? In ours, if you please!
  13. epsilon571
    epsilon571 April 5 2016 20: 11
    When Russian primordial culture becomes unnecessary for the state, and those who struggle to preserve it are called nationalists, a stranger comes. Apparently it was conceived by the ruling circles, and frankly since the Soviet era. Now we are reaping the fruits of our state tolerance, and by the remnants of the Russian Spirit we are trying to make up for what we lost and lost over many years. When will the understanding of common truths come, is it really only when the State is in danger?

    Countless Russian bones rest on a foreign land, even more on their own. Thanks to the Selflessness of the Russian People, many countries and states exist, but they continue to hate and destroy us, and even on our own land they forget about us as a Nation. All this neglect gives rise to outcasts and addicts, the ones mentioned in this article. If you do not change anything, then there will be more and more of them, look into the distance, face the truth and continue to fight.

    We will definitely win in Syria, we will never return the lands of Crimea, we will defend the Donbass, because we are Russians - we are the flesh and blood of this land. The truth is behind us, and even the dead we are scary for the enemies!
  14. dubovairina
    dubovairina April 5 2016 20: 50
    the wife gave drops that radically improved our SEX, it became several times longer, a hundred.yak stronger, the sensations are brighter and more pleasant. And the wife is now happy and I feel great! I myself did not know and did not believe until I read this article ---
    1. igorka357
      igorka357 April 6 2016 05: 05
      This, moderators, where are you ... awww?
  15. biserino
    biserino April 5 2016 22: 07
    A professor at the Volgograd Technical University became a mercenary of the "Islamic state" in Syria.
    39 year old Andrew Karasik. Volgograd, Russia.
    1. Denis Skiff
      Denis Skiff April 5 2016 23: 09
      Klikuha brother from Volgograd, professor?
  16. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot April 5 2016 22: 18
    "In the room of the militant formation commander, he pointed to the inscription on the door of the personal closet -" Abu Daud RUS "."

    If there were Russians there, they would have written "HU." laughing
  17. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff April 5 2016 23: 07
    Quote: Wend
    Terrorism has no nationality.

    What is it like; your skin color is black but you are not black.
    1. igorka357
      igorka357 April 6 2016 05: 08
      What kind of nonsense have you carried? Of course terrorism has no nationality! These scum come from all nationalities, and correctly said the synobi .. multiply all absolutely zero .. Russian or Chechen, or Kazakh with Azer .. or Arab, absolutely everyone!
  18. shinobi
    shinobi April 6 2016 01: 22
    Terrorism is an instrument in the hands of politicians or states when they cannot achieve their goals in the usual ways. This is almost quoted verbatim by Lenin, and he doesn’t have a nationality, religious affiliation in itself, this is just an excuse and a justification. And by this, there is no good reason for a humane attitude to terrorists and their sponsors. Multiply all by zero.
  19. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 April 6 2016 04: 21
    the news is certainly sensational !!! Where "crazy" money is paid, there are amateurs-murderers, you need to think about the safety of your country and of course to catch such monsters all over the world and it is advisable not to bring the case to court, ie when trying to escape or "put up armed resistance" !! !
    1. igorka357
      igorka357 April 6 2016 05: 13
      Uh her, so they die as heroes, to catch them if possible .. to judge, sentence the family to destruction up to the seventh generation, and hang the terrorist himself in public, wrap it in a rotten pork skin and dump it in the trash, let it rot! Radically and cruelly? And blow up children, seize schools and hospitals, cut the heads of innocent ...? With "such" only "so" and do, bitches-bitch death! hi !
  20. Icebreaker
    Icebreaker April 6 2016 09: 32
    Quote: biserino
    Professor of Volgograd Technical University became a mercenary of the "Islamic state" in Syria. 39-year-old Andrew Karasik. Volgograd, Russia.

    And why is he - "Andrew"? Just Andrew. And he is not a professor, but an ordinary teacher. More details - here:
    And where did they come from, bl ... in? am It seems that already 15 people have left there ...