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Great victory over the Western Inquisition

Great victory over the Western Inquisition

March 31 The leader of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj, is a man who spent in the dungeons of the so-called. The International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), almost 12 years old - was suddenly acquitted in all respects.

This decision was extremely unexpected. The Hague judgment is known for its bias against the Serbs. It was the Serbs who were awarded the largest prison sentences. It is the Serbs most among the accused The Hague. It was against the Serbs that the politicians of the Western world worked all these years and, simultaneously with them, the world's leading media and the Hague Tribunal itself. Before Šešelj, of all the defendants of The Hague, only two Serbs were acquitted — and then the “pawns” in the big game.

And suddenly - an acquittal is handed down to the world-famous major politician. In addition - a violent patriot and defender of the Serbian national idea. An implacable fighter against the expansion of NATO and the EU. In Serbia, many, many thousands of people reacted to this news with joy. A wave of patriotic demonstrations swept across the country.

Voislav Seselj himself, who is in his homeland, before the verdict, declared that he was not interested in the verdict - there are more important matters. “I ridiculed this tribunal,” he said in an interview.

12 November 2014, the Šešelj was temporarily released. Unfortunately, he is seriously ill - he has been diagnosed with an oncological disease. How much he has yet been released - no one knows ...

Despite this, he is active in political activities. Currently engaged in the campaign of his party (early parliamentary elections are scheduled for April 24). He is one of the few major figures who strongly opposes Serbia’s accession to the EU and cooperation with NATO, with a terrorist organization that in 1999 caused incalculable damage to the country and killed thousands of people. Seselj also calls for closest cooperation with Russia - without hesitation and looking to the West.

Of course, it was not out of humane considerations that Vojislav Seselj was released for health reasons. About the "humanism" of this dubious institution, we have repeatedly spoken and written. We all know about the tragic fate of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, that Radovan Karadzic was sentenced to 40 years in prison, and that many other Serbs received the same fabulous time. At the same time, the Croatian generals involved in the destruction of the Serbian Krajina, Bosnian Muslims like Naser Orić, massacred the Serbian population, as well as the leaders of the Albanian terrorist organization Kosovo Liberation Army, who were personally involved in torture and murder, were justified by this pseudo-judicial body or got purely symbolic deadlines.

Just after the death of Slobodan Milosevic in the Hague prison in Slovenia, many people in the world reacted to this in the way that real people should have reacted with with a sharp rejection of what happened. The reputation of the Hague Tribunal fell sharply. The scandalous inquisitor in the prosecutor’s mantle Carl del Ponte was urgently resigned. It was all about the termination of the activities of the court, and only a huge support from Washington allowed this organ to survive. Allow yourself another similar reputational risk of the ICTY could not.

Moreover, the prosecutors, judges, and most importantly, their owners had hope that Vojislav Seselj, already at liberty, would not live to sentence, but would die quietly at home (given his terrible diagnosis). Otherwise, the disgraced Serb, who resolutely spoke and continues to oppose the policies of the West, would not have been released.


While in The Hague, Scheselj was repeatedly on the verge of life and death. His health (like S. Milosevic’s) was deliberately undermined by prison medicine. In addition, 10 November 2006, he was forced to go on a hunger strike, because he wanted to be deprived of the right to defend themselves. This hunger strike was very different from the widely publicized hunger strike of the notorious Nadezhda Savchenko, who “starved” so much that she was on her feet on 80 day. Seselj had a true hunger strike, and he was in critical condition already after 29 days. The tribunal was forced to make concessions and allow the defendant to defend himself.

Like Slobodan Milosevic, Vojislav Seselj refused lawyers. Both politicians had to endure a real battle for the right to conduct their defense. Both leaders behaved heroically and fearlessly at the judgment seat, skillfully smashing the charges against them.

However, if you compare the behavior of both, you can see the differences. So, Milosevic, with his behavior, reminded George Dimitrov: like the famous Bulgarian Communist, he turned into an accuser of his executioners. His defensive speech was more comprehensive - he exposed imperialism not only by the example of Yugoslavia, but also touched on many other international aspects.

As for Seselj, his behavior, perhaps, can be compared with the behavior of the leader of the Great French Revolution Danton: he was arrogantly ironic and bold (of course, without going down to petty criminality and banal bad manners, like Savchenko mentioned above).

Seselj openly mocked the judges and prosecutors. Here is his typical statement: “As a Serbian nationalist, I pull feathers out of you, and your feathers fly into the sky, under the clouds. You have not even grown to my knees. No one can do anything to me. I destroy the Hague Tribunal. Because I am morally and intellectually more powerful. You have no medicine against me. ”

It is no wonder that Sheselj was charged with “contempt of court”. And this is the only thing for which he could solder a real term. This was done - from his many years of being behind bars, he served 15 months for the so-called "interference in justice cases" and 18 months for "contempt of court".

As for the main charge, it has not progressed one iota. And he was accused of “financing, directing and supporting Serbian volunteer formations” and “inciting ethnic hatred.” However, apart from speaking at rallies and in the press, he had nothing to show: Seselj did not hold any key posts and didn’t have real powers.

So, Slobodan Milosevic and Voislav Sheshel behaved somewhat differently at the trial (although both were bright, courageous and courageous). But Milosevic was assigned historical the burden is to defend the honor of the country and the army, which he really commanded, as well as to blame the US and NATO for crimes. Sheshel, who really did not command anything and was prosecuted without any reason, had a different mission - simply to ridicule this tribunal, to mock the executioners, which he did.

But both politicians during the cross-examination successfully exposed the prosecution witnesses.

Both politicians left no accusations of stone.

Both politicians have won their processes.

And both paid dearly for it. One - died, the other - returned with completely undermined health.


The day of the sentencing of Sheselj coincided with one date, which few people remembered. Exactly 15 years ago, on the night of March 31 on 1 on April 2001, Slobodan Milosevic was arrested.

Overthrown but not broken, after the coup of 5-6 of October Milosevic continued his political activities, despite the threats of the tribunal. While the clouds were gathering over his head: the US authorities openly pressured the Serbian "democrats" to arrest the ousted leader. For this promised to give Serbia loans. They put an ultimatum: Milosevic must be arrested before 31 March 2001. The pro-Western slaves fulfilled the will of their masters - however, the legitimate President was already arrested on April 1, so that at least a few extra hours of freedom he won from them.

Milosevic was first placed in the Belgrade Central, and three months later, on June 28, was given to The Hague. And here it is worthwhile to tell a little about the relationship between the two Serbian leaders, who will then be destined to firmly make friends in the Hague captivity.

For a long time, Šešelj was in opposition to Milosevic. According to his views, he is more just, he was not entirely satisfied with the socialist course of the president. In addition, Seselj had more nationalistic sentiments that were unacceptable for the socialist Milosevic. The hostility of politicians has even reached the point that Seselj spent some time in prison.

When NATO members went to war against Serbia, it brought Milosevic and Seselj together in the fight against a common enemy. But not for long: Milosevic was forced to save the country from carpet bombing, left without the support of Russia. With the filing of Chernomyrdin, he signed a peace agreement, according to which Yugoslav troops withdraw from Kosovo and UN peacekeepers enter there (while Kosovo remained part of Yugoslavia - this was a matter of principle). Not really a defeat, but it's hard to call a victory ...

Many are very and very critical about this act (although no one can offer any other serious alternative, except for “fighting to the last Serb”). Sheselj was easier: he was not so responsible for all the people, he could afford to criticize this decision. And he again went into opposition, albeit in soft.

In the September 24 presidential election, 2000 of the year (those that proved fatal for the country), Šešelj’s party nominated its candidate Tomislav Nikolic (now the President of Serbia). Then he nevertheless took a certain percentage of the votes from S. Milosevic. But the Serbian radical party did not support the coup d'état carried out by the "democratic" forces.

In the 2002 year, when S. Milosevic was already in the Hague prison, and Seselj is free, the Hague prisoner suddenly made an unexpected move. He managed to send a letter to the Socialist Party of Serbia (URF) headed by him, in which he called for supporting Seselj in the upcoming presidential elections. Forgetting all past disagreements, Milosevic saw in the leader of the Serbian Radical Party a man who could crush the pro-Western regime. And it was the only chance to win the patriotic forces.

The Serbian leader was not only punished by the jailers for this letter (for some time he was completely deprived of all contacts), but was also not understood by his own party. ATP nominated its candidate - Zhivoinovich, who was doomed to failure. (Then, alas, there was a split in the ATP). But a significant part of Milosevic’s rank and file supporters still heard the call and followed him.

29 September 2002 was the first round of presidential elections. There were two candidates from the pro-Western regime, differing only in shades, but competing with each other - V. Kosttunitsa and M. Labus. They went to the second round. But their Western hosts were alarmed by the fact that Seselj took third place in those elections and suddenly won 24% of votes, although he was predicted no more than 10-12%.

The second round of elections then did not take place due to low voter turnout. The next attempt to hold a presidential election was in December of the same 2012 of the year. And Seselj already confidently entered the second round, having collected 36% of votes. Then he had to compete with Kostunica, but the second round again failed for the same reason - insufficient turnout.

The West and its puppets in Belgrade were seriously concerned about the sharp increase in the popularity of Vojislav Seselj. He had to be urgently removed from the political arena. It was for this purpose that the indictment was hastily, “on the knee,” was concocted. The Hague issued a warrant for his arrest. And in February, 2003, Šešelj, voluntarily went to the tribunal - in order to expose the trial. He was accompanied by a huge crowd of supporters.

It is difficult now to say for sure whether it was really a voluntary surrender or whether there were any threats behind it. Personally, I am not inclined to think that Šešelj, quite from scratch, made the enemy such a gift. Most likely, they would have arrested him and sent him by force, or he would have physically removed them altogether ...

One thing is clear: an objectionable leader was removed from the political arena with the help of a false accusation.

And now this accusation has crumbled to dust. And this is a great victory over the Western Inquisition. This is a rematch by Serbian defenders over the unjust NATO trial.

By and large, this victory belongs to both Milosevic and Seselj. Slobodan Milosevic should have heard the exact same sentence - “innocent” - back in 2006 year. But, in order not to announce the acquittal verdict, he was simply physically removed.

Vojislav Seselj lived to justify, to the victory over the trial. It is necessary to clearly understand: it is a victory, and not the good will of the NATO Tribunal. It’s just that the leader of the Serbian Radical Party was so innocent that the accusation simply fell apart.

I got this victory very hard: one paid with his life, the other with his health. In addition, unfortunately, very similar processes took place in both the Socialist and the Radical parties - there was an internal betrayal. The Socialist Party changed the course, and many faithful people were forced to leave it. The PSA has split, and now its fragment - the Progressive Party - is in power and has a vague policy, trying to either cooperate with NATO, then try to be friends with Russia.

Well, when great people are in danger, not everyone is ready to follow them to their peaks ... Thus, the former party member of Šešela Tomislav Nikolic very coldly and indifferently spoke of the acquittal to a person without whom he would not mean anything in politics. Not even congratulated.

But thousands of people on that day welcomed Sheselj as a winner.

It remains to wish this courageous person health, longevity (no matter what) and political success in the upcoming elections. And also - good luck in such a case as the seizure of compensation for 12 years in captivity by the torturer-The Hague. Long years during which it was not possible to break it.
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  1. Siberia M 54
    Siberia M 54 April 1 2016 05: 43
    Jackals have settled in the Hague court. And the Serbs are our brothers.
    1. sherp2015
      sherp2015 April 1 2016 06: 01
      Quote: Siberia M 54
      Jackals have settled in the Hague court. And the Serbs are our brothers.

      Indeed the inquisition. All their "world government" with a "committee of 300"
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 April 1 2016 06: 14
        Do you know what I will say about the trial in The Hague? Koradzic was given a life sentence for nothing, and Seselj was released so that the townsfolk might think: “But perhaps the court was right, because one was released (no evidence, not guilty), and the other was imprisoned , maybe he really is guilty? "
        In general, the lawlessness and Yugoslavia were destroyed by setting up a similar theme with snipers and a terrorist attack, like on the Maidan, and blamed the Serbs. And they generally had nothing to do at first.
        1. AnpeL
          AnpeL April 1 2016 07: 48
          Why in all the news sources of Šešelj it is indicated as a Serbian NATIONALIST? Why not apply a word like a patriot, a fighter for freedom and the rights of Serbia?
          1. andj61
            andj61 April 1 2016 08: 32
            Quote: AnpeL
            Why in all the news sources of Šešelj it is indicated as a Serbian NATIONALIST? Why not apply a word like a patriot, a fighter for freedom and the rights of Serbia?

            He calls himself, first of all, a Serbian nationalist, and then only a patriot. Under I. Tito, a Croat by nationality, a kind of struggle was waged against "Serbian great-power chauvinism", but in reality the Serbs as a state-forming nation had a little less rights - just a little, well, like the Russians in the USSR. Many did not like this, and it was because of this that Serbian nationalism developed. But he was aimed at raising and exalting his nation, and not at the desire to enslave or oppress others.
            Sheshel confronted Milosevic as his heir to Tito, as a socialist who continued to pursue a bankrupt policy of internationalism in Yugoslavia and had a general course to preserve a single state, at a time when it was simply necessary to build a national Serbian state in the places of residence of the Serbs. As a result, they didn’t save Yugoslavia, a lot of people were simply destroyed and expelled from their homes, and if the Serbs stayed somewhere, they live as a minority in their own land in Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia.
            So a nationalist in Serbia is not a dirty word ...
            1. g1v2
              g1v2 April 1 2016 12: 37
              Seselj is the only Serbian politician worth supporting. All the rest are frankly pro-NATO. IF WE BELIEVE THAT WE NEED SERBIA, THERE SHOULD BE INVESTED IN THE CREW AND SUPPORT OF A SHESHEL AND ITS PARTY. and JUSTIFICATION FOR ALL ITEMS PLAYS INTO HAND. Pro-European sentiments are strong in Serbia, and if he had been condemned, they would have declared criminals and a significant part of society would have been against him. And so - no one can have complaints against him. Well, a person who spent 11 years in prison and was acquitted - according to any martyr and political prisoner, and the voter loves such. hi
          2. Imperialkolorad
            Imperialkolorad April 1 2016 08: 37
            Not at all. Indeed, a nationalist was written in the news feed on Yandex, so they have long been accused of liberalism. On one of the central channels, the representative of the radical party of Serbia said.
          3. elenagromova
            April 1 2016 10: 05
            I wrote "And suddenly - a verdict of acquittal is passed to a world famous big politician. Besides, to a fierce patriot and defender of the Serbian national idea. To an implacable fighter against the expansion of NATO and the EU."
            And he calls himself a nationalist.
            1. wax
              wax April 1 2016 12: 03
              Supporting the creation of the ICTY in 1993, Russia explicitly stated that the tribunal should not become a place of settling accounts or an instrument of revenge, but be a true institution of justice, which will lead to the triumph of justice and common sense. These expectations did not materialize. Today, even judges of this body publicly declare dubious methods of its work.
              We should not forget that the ICTY, as an ad hoc tribunal, that is, an essentially temporary institution, has existed for more than 20 years and has spent billions on its activities. He ignores the deadlines set by the UN Security Council for completing his work and rests heavily on the shoulders of the international community. We are convinced that the funds spent on the ICTY could be of great benefit if they were invested in restoring justice and conciliation processes in the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

              25.03.16 18:48
              Russian MFA Information and Press Department Commentary Regarding ICTY Verdict against R. Karadzicz
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt April 1 2016 11: 01
      If possible, then without unnecessary euphoria about the "victory" of Seselj and the Serbian people.
      Suffice it to recall how many heroes of Serbia were ground by the Hague tribunal. Seselj is an exception, just like the negro is the president of the United States. These are just games of Western democracy, tolerance and "justice". And we, as children, are happy about this, passing off as some of our achievements. Why were they silent for 11 years, when he toiled in the jail? And now they suddenly rejoiced. He fought practically alone! Oh, yes, for an enlightened geyrope, he is not at all like Gadya Savchenko! Then why don't patriots raise a protest against the illegal 40-year sentence of old man Radovan Karadzic? Or will we rejoice when Obama deigns to pardon? We won't wait.
      We wish Wojislav Seshel fortitude in the struggle for the health and long years taken away by the Hague inquisitors! hi
      1. elenagromova
        April 1 2016 11: 06
        The fact of the matter is that this is not a game, this is a genuine victory.
        I don't know if you were silent for 11 years or not. Personally, I was not silent. I personally conducted pickets against this judgment. Yes, and wrote repeatedly.
        But Milosevic and Sheshelle themselves won by their behavior in The Hague. Each in its own way. Huge price ...
        So this is - all the same victory.
  2. Aleksander
    Aleksander April 1 2016 06: 04
    Courageous man, a winner. The fact that he had nothing to present was understood earlier. But a bunch of criminals from the Hague tribunal could do anything, but he survived and defeated them. These criminal judges themselves to fish, because the innocent spent almost 12 years in prison ....
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 1 2016 09: 14
      Quote: Aleksander
      These criminal judges themselves to fish, because the innocent spent almost 12 years in prison ....

      Judging until it comes out, but Sheshel is simply obliged to demand financial compensation from them (Europe) now. At least there will be money for treatment.
      1. wax
        wax April 1 2016 12: 28
        The Hague Tribunal is funding the UN (i.e., Russia is the same). But there is private financing !!!
        See also analytics by Elena Ponomareva (2011) on this tribunal
        and comments by Alexander Mizyaev, Milosevic’s defense participant
        It can be said unequivocally that by voting in the UN Security Council for the creation and financing of this "tribunal", Russia got into complicity in crimes against Yugoslavia.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik April 1 2016 06: 34
    thousands of people on this day welcomed Sheshel precisely as a winner... With Victory!
  4. V.ic
    V.ic April 1 2016 07: 08
    When our troops occupy The Hague, it would be necessary to collect the notorious tribunal and force it to review the acquittals of Croats and Bosnians, while setting the norm of acquittals similar to the Serbs. Karl, who threw the show off, is also to be judged.
    1. wax
      wax April 1 2016 12: 34
      The time will come, and the illegal activity of this illegal institution will be recognized as null and void.

      Alexander Mezyaev, international lawyer, Milosevic’s defense attorney
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 1 2016 07: 46
    Seselj can only be congratulated and supported by his desire to financially punish the so-called. the tribunal for its brutality against the Serbs. And at this time the main Croat expresses his outrage with the verdict. Correctly, Šešelj has given a description to the Croats and Bosnians:
    - Croats are Catholics Serbs;
    - Bosnians are Muslim Serbs.
    First, the West divided Yugoslavia on a religious basis, then he fanned a civil war, and then he himself began to bomb peaceful cities.
  6. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 1 2016 09: 10
    After the acquittal, the tribunal itself must be judged, otherwise it will be a Pyrrhic victory ...
  7. vovandm
    vovandm April 1 2016 09: 31
    Speech of Wojislav Seselj in the Hague
  8. GOGY
    GOGY April 1 2016 09: 48
    The man spent 11 years and he has cancer! What a victory? What are you talking about? If they wanted to, they would plant and no legal education would help, do not believe the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the ICTY was created for that, there is no truth there. They simply imitate impartiality and justice.
    1. elenagromova
      April 1 2016 10: 04
      In general, my conclusions coincide with yours. But the victory also has a place to be.
      1. iouris
        iouris April 1 2016 10: 39
        ... this is a celebration with traces in his eyes ...
        Normally. We need an audit of everything that happened after 1985.
  9. Putnik_16
    Putnik_16 April 1 2016 11: 15
    Seselj is a patriot of his homeland of Serbia
    the infamous Hague so-called court won !!! soldier
    1. iouris
      iouris April 1 2016 21: 19
      Such a sentence, because NATO has finally won. All former Yugoslavia is in NATO or on the verge of NATO.
      1. elenagromova
        April 1 2016 21: 28
        Actually, in this case, the verdict of this - in spite of NATO.
  10. Gunther
    Gunther April 1 2016 12: 48
    The decision to drop the charge against Vojislav Sheshel is cunningly Jesuit - V. Sheshel is seriously ill (cancer) and, according to their hope, will not last long (they made a mistake here), and arrange a trial of a person who is brought on rapes (like Mubarak for example) additional damage to his reputation, especially after the ritual verdict to Radovan Karadzic.
    Tricky Paskuda :-(
  11. nik230794
    nik230794 20 May 2016 07: 46
    Vojislav Seshel is a true patriot of Serbia who is not afraid to tell the truth. The policies pursued by Seshel and the Serbian Radical Party really reflect the true aspirations of the Serbian people. The return of PSAs to the assembly following the results of the elections held in April is very important in the current situation in the country.