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Russia is ready to complete the construction of two 11356 frigate corps in the interests of the Indian Defense Ministry

Russia is ready to sell India two frigates of the 11356 project, the issue of obtaining power plants for them is being worked out, reports MIC with reference to the director of the military-technical cooperation department of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexei Dikiy.

Previously reported readiness to sell the second three frigates in full. The construction of these ships for the Russian Navy has been suspended due to the non-fulfillment by Ukraine of contractual obligations for the supply of ship power units.

“The fundamental possibility of the completion of two hulls laid at the Yantar shipyard (Kaliningrad) of the 11356 frigates in the interests of the Indian Navy is being considered. If the Indian side decides to purchase these frigates, there are several equipment options, ”Wild said on the sidelines of the Defexpo India 2016 exhibition.

Help newspaper: “The displacement of the 11356 frigates of the 4 is thousands of tons, the speed reaches 30 knots, the autonomy of navigation is 30 days. These ships are equipped with the Caliber-NK missile system, the Shtil-1 anti-aircraft missile system and the Palash missile and artillery, the 190 mm A-100 artillery, torpedo and anti-submarine armament. In addition, each ship carries a helicopter. "
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  1. DMB_95
    DMB_95 29 March 2016 18: 09
    One gets the impression that our military-industrial complex will soon serve India on a par with its own Army ..
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 29 March 2016 18: 10
      It’s good, there will be more work and profit.
      1. DMB_95
        DMB_95 29 March 2016 18: 19
        I mean not only ships. Take a look at the site news - the production of automatic machines, turntables. Everything is in India. We ourselves need new production here, and not over the hill.
        1. cniza
          cniza 29 March 2016 18: 29
          Don’t worry, that’s enough for us too, and India is one of the largest arms markets and we need to take them to our standards as much as possible.
          1. Nosgoth
            Nosgoth 31 March 2016 15: 50
            I don’t even want to comment on your nonsense ...

            India buys weapons from many countries and they don't specifically choose one supplier country. So your motto for drinking in the kitchen is more suitable, but the fact that "we have enough too" is already sheer nonsense. Not enough if you read at least the news. 1-2 normal ships per year (and not boats or small / ultra-small ones) is VERY SLOW, and at such a rate the rearmament to new equipment will last for 50-60 years. Weapons will become obsolete before they can be replaced, and hucksters will continue to sell over the hill.
          2. The comment was deleted.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Nick
          Nick 29 March 2016 20: 15
          Quote: DMB_95
          I mean not only ships. Take a look at the site news - the production of automatic machines, turntables. Everything is in India. We ourselves need new production here, and not over the hill.

          The presence of production here does not cancel production "over the hill", but supplements and increases the profitability of production. India is a responsible partner and does not engage in unauthorized copying. Let it be better if we produce weapons together with India than India will produce them with NATO countries.
        4. clidon
          clidon 29 March 2016 21: 20
          So rejoice that not American assembly lines will be assembled there.
    2. kagorta
      kagorta 29 March 2016 18: 11
      If not for the Indians, we did not have this project.
    3. ramzes1776
      ramzes1776 29 March 2016 18: 48
      And Kaklov’s engines, who will supply components, will come back to the Indians, if by that time the Ukrainians will cover all production.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 29 March 2016 18: 58
        Well, Zorya is building the same DT59 for the latest destroyers of Calcutta. These are the same afterburner turbines as on the 11356. And the supernew Indian 15B - 4 enclosures up to 2024 years have a power plant M36 of 4 turbines DT59 and gearbox RG54.
        1. Herman
          Herman 29 March 2016 19: 02
          And they also have 6 Talvar frigates (the same 11356) with these engines.
        2. APASUS
          APASUS 29 March 2016 19: 04
          I will express doubt in this purchase. As a rule, the Indians complete their ships to their own standards, and here either we will have to redo it again, or we will pay extra to the Indians.
          1. donavi49
            donavi49 29 March 2016 19: 11
            Well, the project was originally built on Indians' money.

            Of the real novelties, there is Calm-1, which the Indians refused to take on the money. But now they regret it, because the "friends" already have 22 frigates 054A with 32 Calm air control units, and the Indians have blooming with girder complexes throughout the 70s. That is, they obviously will not be against the strengthening of combat power, another thing is that the dough will be paid less for this.

            The rest is in a Hindu person, maybe the Frigate radar version is somewhat fresher, but the electronic warfare is different (but it's removable), plus communications, plus electronics, well, the furniture is different wassat , in general, it is solvable.
            1. alexmach
              alexmach 29 March 2016 22: 15
              Communication and electronics, let alone furniture, as far as I understand, are not mounted yet, there are only cases
    4. Blondy
      Blondy 29 March 2016 21: 58
      Quote: DMB_95
      One gets the impression that our military-industrial complex will soon serve India on a par with its own Army ..

      The impression is wrong. Our defense industry wants to serve India is on a par with the native Army. In India, the exhibition is now taking place, and PR is being promoted, as anyone can. Kalashnikov general prelag to establish in India the production of licensed weaving and sell the army of the Russian Federation
      March 29, 2016, / Licensed production of Kalashnikov assault rifles of the new series will be located in India. Deputy Chairman of Rosoboronexport Sergey Goreslavsky reports that "Indian" machines will go into service with the Russian army.
    5. Ride78
      Ride78 29 March 2016 22: 45
      Actually, the frigate is certainly weak. Gorshkovy would do, but the situation there seems to be worse, there are a lot of imported components.
  2. Rusik.S
    Rusik.S 29 March 2016 18: 12
    So for India they can find power plants, but for the Russian Federation in any way?
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 29 March 2016 18: 33
      On the 1 ship of the second three engines are already packaged and ready to be shipped, there were literally not enough weeks there, if the customer hurried, the engines would be delivered.

      On the second ship, both assemblies were ready for bench tests. On the third - the engines were in operation, but there it got up (including cooperation from Russia was closed).

      The scheme is something like this - Zorya and India sign an agreement, the Indian Navy is the final recipient. Under this agreement, engines are delivered to the Indian legal entity for installation on the same Amber (I doubt that they will drag boxes without a power plant to India, especially since this scheme works with the Vietnamese Cheetahs, where Zorya is also).

      Russian Federation launches turbine production M90FR are afterburners on 20 kW. On the project ship - frigate 22350 - they work in the assembly with the 16D49 marching diesel.

      The 11356 frigates have a slightly different scheme, there are 2 assemblies from the marching turbine DS71 (UTG6000) and afterburner turbine DT59 (UTG 16000) at 16,5 kW

      As a result, it will not work to replace painlessly. Either redo the 22350 power plant, that is, 16D49 + M90FR, or make smart with turbines.

      No one will develop DT59 and DS71, these are old turbines, under which there are no ships.
      1. Rusik.S
        Rusik.S 29 March 2016 19: 54
        And will the Indians agree to deliver?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. 73bor
    73bor 29 March 2016 18: 14
    Again they muddy the water, there - "the chicken is still in the nest ...", even for India, Ukrainians will not supply turbines, that's the whole story, but our turbines have already been paid for, so there is a struggle for money! Preserve the buildings, they will not rot in a year, they will negotiate with India longer!
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 29 March 2016 18: 30
      Quote: 73bor
      Preserve the enclosures, they will not go bad in a year, they will negotiate longer with India!

      HERE !!! good And then to me this sale of unfinished buildings begins to resemble the beginning of the 90s
      China even has an aircraft carrier
      someone wrote here, in. So everyone remembers where he came from? Time has changed, thank God I never want to see the 90s again! At least let them live in peace, looking at how everything has been going on for the last 5 years ... Often I envy my father and grandfather that they didn’t see the 90s ...

      And it’s not a year, but a couple of months will be needed to motivate those who develop and produce engines in our country. You can, of course, motivate in rubles. You can have an idea. And sometimes how Joseph Vissarionych
      1. Winnie76
        Winnie76 29 March 2016 21: 20
        Quote: Zoldat_A
        You can, of course, motivate in rubles. You can have an idea. And sometimes how Joseph Vissarionych

        Even nine women together will not be able to give birth to a baby in one month. It looks like the situation with RD 180. If there are unlimited financial resources, a scientific school and a bunch of competent specialists, Americans can reproduce RD 180 years ago in 10 years. This is at best.

        So how much time will take - so much. You can try to speed it up - but a couple of months is a utopia
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 30 March 2016 07: 30
          Quote: Winnie76
          Even nine women together will not be able to give birth to a baby in one month.

          Quote: Winnie76
          So how much time will take - so much. You can try to speed it up - but a couple of months is a utopia

          Russian nine women if it is very necessary for the Victory, they will be able to give birth to a child in one month. Soviet nine women - for sure!

          Why is there such a difference between Russians and Soviet? The women have remained the same. It’s just that earlier there were directors at factories, production workers. After the army, in civilian life, in the 90s and in Ulyanovsk, and in Kuibyshev, and in Chelyabinsk, I had to meet with such - titans, not men !!! And now "effective managers" have come to whom the word "must" is unfamiliar, but who understand the word "loot" well. And the happiness of our defense industry is that there are still "fragments" of that era, from which, no, no, a titanium of the level of Korolev, Kozlov, Kalashnikov or Tupolev will grow ...

          For clarity, I will give a plate release IL-2 in Kuibyshev during the war. Why a fragment - and for clarity, for two years - 1941 (before the telegram), and 1942 (after the telegram).

          Alaverdi ...
      2. Blondy
        Blondy 30 March 2016 09: 12
        Guys, this is a concrete argument, at least for Putin, why it is impossible to privatize Rossi's Helicopters.
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 29 March 2016 18: 37
      Zorya has already reported that India will sell without question. Moreover, India for the destroyers under construction Zorya same GEM and makes wink , there are the same DT59 afterburners by the way.
      1. 73bor
        73bor 29 March 2016 18: 41
        What is there to do everything has already been done and paid for, just an attempt to remove one more skin from the same sheep!
  4. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 29 March 2016 18: 16
    Engines for these ships have already been produced in Ukraine, but they are not transferred to Russia.
    So we found a solution to the problem.
  5. Roman 11
    Roman 11 29 March 2016 18: 27
    Yes ...... Option with Varshavyanki? First, we will arm everyone who wants to, and finally, we will purchase a series ourselves. The option is possible, but modifications cannot be avoided, especially with changes in the power plant - this is how projects are transformed, changing their appearance - for political reasons ......
    And what about Ivan Gren and I? For some reason, except for Ash and Borea, all the other projects are floating away for Cardon? We will update the fleet, or wait for oil to grow in price, then they will take up construction ....... and will there be a fleet by then ??
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 29 March 2016 18: 42
      And what could be with Ivan Gren ??? Demagnetize, in April the first exits. Oh, for whom the buyer just can not be found, even with wild discounts on credit, so it’s on Grena.

      1. spravochnik
        spravochnik 30 March 2016 10: 12
        And then why sell it. There seem to be no problems with the energy sector.
      2. musorg
        musorg 30 March 2016 11: 49
        And what is so bad BDK?
  6. g1v2
    g1v2 29 March 2016 18: 33
    It's a pity, of course. Still, the fourth frigate, Admiral Butakov, has already been launched and would be in a high degree of readiness by the time its engines were received. Of course, Istomin and Kornilov can be reloaded for the Indians, but I would leave Butakov to the Black Sea. request Well, at least the first three this year should go to the fleet. Grigorovich is already waiting for the transition to the Black Sea Fleet, Essen is passing the state, and they promise to surrender Makarov by the end of the year. In my opinion, Butakov would have calmly waited at the engine’s wall - it would be faster than 22350 to build from scratch. hi
    1. 73bor
      73bor 29 March 2016 18: 51
      You know, but the body itself is more than a motor, the turbine can simply be bought in a third country, in my opinion someone simply did not want to move the brain matter! At one time, power units were bought for "Kirov" in Italy and nothing went!
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 29 March 2016 19: 05
        There are few turbine manufacturers in the world. You can turn to GE or RR. But what's the point? And the size still does not match.

        Even now the Chinese have appeared, but they took UGT 25000 (YES-80), gradually mastered the production, the stand was built with the help of Dawns and GE. The first-born of their QC-280 got to 28k kW and is installed on the latest destroyer 052D.

        However, for 11356 - it is necessary the turbines UTG6000 + UTG16000, which China now can not be bought because there is none. Or redo the unified power plant with 22350.
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 29 March 2016 18: 51
      So which ones?

      Established on 11356 - marching 2hDS-71 (UTG6000) - 7kw and afterburners 2hDT-59 (UTG16000) - 16,5kw.

      The M90FR turbines of the latest generation are being mastered, they are afterburners about 20k kW.

      DS-71 and DT-59 no one masters and does not think, this is the last century and there are no new ships for them.

      That is, you have to redo a good third of the ship. Either under CODAG unified with 22350 (16D49 + M90FR), or to be smart, for example, the same poster GTD E70 (8к kW) + M90FR, which will also lead to a redo.
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 29 March 2016 20: 37
        It’s time to redo it, that is, while the ship will stand at the wall. Although for the sake of one ship, of course, it can be unnecessary to bother. Well, there is another option - try to get the lesson to give the finished kit. For example, to hint that something might be in the Donbass. They say that this is part of Ukraine, so we can unload the property of the former Crimean units there. 36th coastal defense brigade or whatever else was there. They returned to the territory of Ukraine - they still consider it theirs. wink Or allow Ukraine to export something to the Russian Federation or through us to Kazakhstan. Helicopter engines from Zaporozhye still come to us - which means that this problem with the GTA can also be solved. hi
        1. musorg
          musorg 30 March 2016 11: 52
          And how many of their vessels cost, and could be exchanged for engines.
  7. sevsor
    sevsor 29 March 2016 19: 12
    This means that the ships intended to strengthen the Black Sea Fleet will leave to strengthen the "southern borders" of Indian "friends" ... another proof that one should only rely on one's own forces, and in the future, ALWAYS keep in mind that there is some kind of "brotherly people" , or "brothers", or all sorts of "strategic partners", can stab you in the back at any moment. Maybe, finally, we will understand that "we have only two reliable allies - the army and the navy"!
    1. stappler 2
      stappler 2 29 March 2016 22: 42
      what bros ... from mariupol to zaporozhye for half an hour on the btr, we had to go on time and would be happy with the engine ... the great strategist let us down again.
    2. Dewa1s
      Dewa1s 30 March 2016 06: 13
      There will still be roofing felts when Belarus kicks off ...
  8. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 29 March 2016 19: 30
    I do not think that we are selling these frigates of India to our own detriment, to the detriment of the army. So something with the power plants has not been decided to the end. It is not so easy to create a power plant to meet the requirements. Everyone thought that Ukraine would change its mind, but alas. Now we are reaping the results.
  9. Corvetkapitan
    Corvetkapitan 29 March 2016 19: 41
    Such a decision frankly stinks of treason to the Motherland. They will sell the Indies, and what they will defend the borders of Russia with, kayaks, or Chubais will be sent afloat like an unsinkable crusader ?! Engines need to be bought in China, once you create your own in time, the supposedly smart and supposedly effective officials receiving huge salaries did not have enough intelligence.
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 29 March 2016 20: 12
      Quote: Corvetkapitan
      Such a decision frankly stinks of treason. They will sell India, and the borders of Russia will become kayaks
    2. Mareman Vasilich
      Mareman Vasilich 29 March 2016 20: 44
      This is degradation, greed, cowardice and lack of will.
    3. Dewa1s
      Dewa1s 30 March 2016 06: 21
      and the borders of Russia will become something to protect

      Strategic Rocket Forces?
  10. proud
    proud 29 March 2016 21: 52
    The news is bad, but it’s better that shipbuilders work and gain experience than they will stand and wait for it is not known what they have families too, although ships and the fleet are generally a pity
  11. lopvlad
    lopvlad 29 March 2016 22: 03
    At least sell everything to India. Because we have a complete set on the Black Sea and our friends around.
  12. stappler 2
    stappler 2 29 March 2016 22: 38
    Quote: Vadim237
    It’s good, there will be more work and profit.

    here is the di from (s). entire armadas of their frigates walk in the Mediterranean ... when it was necessary to move to Zaporozhye, they got rid of it, and now they let one go, they sold three, and they are on duty under Syria since the time of Leonid Ilyich. in the end we run into tsushima ...
  13. Wolka
    Wolka 30 March 2016 05: 26
    I think this decision is too rash, then that while it is not in service it cannot be sold abroad, even if it seems like a potential "ally"
    1. Dewa1s
      Dewa1s 30 March 2016 06: 28
      That's right, you have to cut holes for the oars and type the blacks in chains to work as rowers.