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Indian submarine Scorpene came to the test

Last week, with the Indian shipyard "Mazagon Dock Limited" (MDL) for the first time went to sea for testing the head diesel-electric submarines S 50 Kalvari of the Scorpene project, the blog bmpd.

Indian submarine Scorpene came to the test

The contract worth $ 3,2 billion for the construction of 6-submarines was concluded by the Indian side with the French company DCNS in 2005. Production of boats was organized in India. However, their construction was significantly delayed (the first submarine was planned to be handed over to 2012 d) “due to the technological problems of the Indian enterprise, as well as disagreements with the French side regarding the amount of assistance provided”.

“The head Indian submarine of the Scorpene S 50 Kalvari project was laid on MDL 1 on April 2009, removed from the 6 workshop on April 2015 of the year, and launched on October 27 on 2015. According to the current schedule, it is assumed that the boat will be commissioned by the Indian Navy in September 2016 of the year, ”the author specifies.

At the same time, experts believe that the diesel-electric submarines will require more lengthy tests and refinement, which will shift the date of its delivery to the customer to the right to 2018.

According to the new schedule, all 6 submarines should be transferred to the Indian the fleet until 2021. However, this schedule raises serious doubts among experts, "especially in the light of reports that the last two Indian Scorpene are planned to be equipped with the Indian air-independent power plant being developed by DRDO," the article notes.
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  1. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 28 March 2016 13: 34
    I have not heard of French anaerobic (non-volatile) EU? Maybe someone knows, these diesel submarines are better than German or Swedish? Or worse? What were the Indians led to, paying such crazy money for trash?
    1. Samen
      Samen 28 March 2016 13: 57
      Scorpio, sort of like a land insect ... Not?
      Maybe this is the problem rummaged? What do you call a ship ...
      1. iliitchitch
        iliitchitch 28 March 2016 14: 13
        Quote: Semen
        Scorpio, sort of like a land insect ... Not?

        Scorpion - this fish is so poisonous, it seems. And why is the boat not decorated with flowers? Why doesn’t she dance and sing? Many questions arise.
      2. inkass_98
        inkass_98 28 March 2016 14: 14
        Scorpio and scorpion - different animals laughing . The first is arthropod, the second is fish.
      3. kote119
        kote119 28 March 2016 14: 22
        Quote: Semen
        Scorpio, sort of like a land insect ... Not?

        not the boat is named after scorpion (sea ruff), the sea is a small but extremely unpleasant fish (poisonous) smile
    2. Amurets
      Amurets 28 March 2016 15: 13
      I can’t say whether it’s better or worse. All of them are of different types. The French are developing VNEU based on the Walter turbine. Our analogue is the project 617 boat. The Germans and our St. Petersburg have VNEU on electrochemical cells, in other words, on fuel cells. The Swedes use the Stirling engine .Which installation is better and safer, time will tell. PL St. Petersburg is still in trial operation.
    3. Amurets
      Amurets 28 March 2016 15: 34
      By the way, the post above. They promise to complete the trial operation of the St. Petersburg submarine this year.
  2. Yak-3P
    Yak-3P 28 March 2016 13: 34
    frogs and here lokhanulsya .. what with the Mistrals .. what with the planes .. on relaxation ..
    1. avvg
      avvg 28 March 2016 13: 38
      Apparently, Hindus prefer to learn from their mistakes, and not from the mistakes of others.
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 28 March 2016 14: 47
        Quote: avvg
        Apparently, Hindus prefer to learn from their mistakes, and not from the mistakes of others.

        Rather, the turnover - the whole time that they spent, the French sought signatures from them - sign here and put whatever you want - we do not respond.
  3. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 28 March 2016 13: 34
    Let's see what experience with the French the Indians will endure. Maybe that's why the plan is not in a hurry to conclude a contract. Submission deadlines are growing.
  4. Maksus
    Maksus 28 March 2016 13: 34
    Why is she some kind of rusty? Again, the Indians, with their thirst for freebies, got into some kind of nonsense.
    1. VNP1958PVN
      VNP1958PVN 28 March 2016 13: 58
      Why is she some kind of rusty?
      This skakly ordered for their steppes.
  5. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 28 March 2016 13: 52
    Well, if a simple one, without VNEU, managed to "push" in time to the right, then I can imagine what awaits "bhai-bhai" when installing its own, national development, AIP.
    Before that, there was infa that when the 10m compartment was inserted with the VNEU, the Skorpena lost its estimated buoyancy and the frogs had to recount everything.
    In this regard, the desire of yogis to get a second Russian-made PLA is quite understandable. It is strange why the "native" carrier of the "Brahmos" from Russia did not wait. And now they will swallow swords, adapting the SU and weapons to the Frenchwoman!
    Well, Buddha help them! Apparently, they learn to walk all the foreign rakes to find out where they gently hit the forehead!
    Good luck, you will once again remember our Viamas! laughing
  6. Berserks
    Berserks 28 March 2016 14: 04
    It would be better if they ordered Varshavyanka in Russia, it would come out faster and cheaper!
    1. VALERIK_097
      VALERIK_097 28 March 2016 15: 29
      Berserk: here you should not rush to contracts, first you need to fulfill the plan for yourself. Well, then think about selling to the side.
  7. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 28 March 2016 15: 02
    Quote: Berserks
    It would be better if they ordered Varshavyanka in Russia, it would come out faster and cheaper!

    And the Black Sea Fleet would be left without boats. Money is good of course, but you have to build yourself sometime. yes