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Nigerian security forces freed more than 800 people from captivity

More than 800 people released from the captivity of the terrorist group "Boko Haram" security forces in the north-east of Nigeria, reports RIA News message of the press service of the military department of the country.

Nigerian security forces freed more than 800 people from captivity

“All prisoners were rescued in the state of Borno: 520 people were released in the village of Kusumma after clashes with militants, 309 more - in 11 villages controlled by Boko Haram”,
says the information department.

According to the report, "during the operations 22 militants were eliminated."

The Guardian newspaper, in turn, notes that the antiterrorist "operations took place on the day when militants kidnapped 16 women in the neighboring state of Adamawa."

The Islamist group "Boko Haram" acts primarily in Nigeria and stands, first of all, against the Western system of education, seeking the introduction of Sharia. Extremists claimed responsibility for most of the terrorist attacks in the country.
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AP Photo / Gbenga Olamikan
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    APASUS 26 March 2016 08: 53
    Right now, it’s necessary to suppress this “Boko Haram” 5-10 thousand soldiers and a couple of months, but ........... The West will throw up their weapons and inflate them to a real threat to the whole continent and while they carry out the will of the West, no one in the world will call them terrorists.
    1. Observer2014
      Observer2014 26 March 2016 09: 11
      Yes, it is. Boko Haram can easily make a new alkaida or igil from it. Yes, and new refugees from central Africa in Europe are just not enough for a change. By the way, resources can also be bought for cheap. So they can easily do a new monster. Yes and shoot horror movies. That would terribly catch up.
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 26 March 2016 09: 36
        Quote: Observer2014
        “Boko Haram” can easily make a new alkaida or igil from it.

        Actually, Boko Haram has already sworn allegiance to IS.
  2. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 26 March 2016 09: 22
    The states will not abandon their child in trouble, they will feed, and if they become very ill, they will come to heal, which means there will be another outbreak.
  3. Vega
    Vega 26 March 2016 09: 49
    Compare the numbers released and destroyed. So the rest of the terrorists just disappeared into the jungle? And the curators of "Boko Haram" will give them some more money and instructors from the PVP will be sent.
  4. saniajan
    saniajan 26 March 2016 09: 58
    Here are savages, here the United States, when releasing hostages, simply destroys "by mistake" ...
  5. Viewer 1.0
    Viewer 1.0 26 March 2016 10: 15
    Off-topic question: what kind of sample is this in the hands of the photo?
    1. Daniel
      Daniel 26 March 2016 12: 44
      Webley & Scott Schermuly Multi-Purpose Gun, 37 mm.

  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 March 2016 10: 29
    Nigerian security forces freed more than 800 people from captivity

    Strange things are happening in Nigeria. "Boko Haram" is as unlimited as it wants, it captures whomever it wants. Then the "glorious" Nigerian security forces release 800 people at once. It feels like they work for one pocket.
    1. Koshak
      Koshak 26 March 2016 14: 42
      Anything can be who will take them there belay