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Syrian army and opposition are leading the biggest battle

Syrian army and opposition are leading the biggest battleIn Syria, a fierce clash broke out between the opposition and the country's armed forces outside the city of Busra al-Harir, which is located a few kilometers from the border with Jordan. Local media reported that these hostilities are among the biggest in the nine months of the conflict between the forces supporting the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad and activists who are unhappy with his power. The incident raises a large number of questions in connection with the December 12 election to the local administration. The holding of the elections was to prove the good intentions of Assad, as well as his readiness for dialogue with the opposition.

The British news agency Reuters reports that, in the cities of Busra al-Harir and Luja in the south of the country, anti-government protests since December 11 have been suppressed by servicemen of the 12th Armored Brigade. Several dozens entered the border area with a brigade tanks. The city of Isra, located 40 kilometers from the Jordanian border, was used to house the division.

According to the Arab television channel Al-Jazeera, the Syrian army launched the attack on Busru al-Harir from tanks and heavy machine guns in the evening on December 11. The shelling was a retaliatory step at the beginning of a major anti-government strike, which took place in the morning of the same day. Her conduct actually paralyzed the city: most of the institutions and shops stopped working. The organizers of the strike want to put economic pressure on the authorities. They argue that the action will continue until January.

Cities now defended by government troops are considered to be strongholds of anti-government forces. They are located in a mountainous area which makes it impossible to use heavy armored vehicles or carry out a frontal infantry offensive. Anti-government militants and defectors from the army of loyal Assad from Lujah repeatedly attacked the lines of communication of the armed forces of Syria.

Human rights organizations that monitor the Syrian situation, cite evidence that at least 11 December killed at least 18 people, and at least two infantry vehicles were destroyed. Data on the wounded yet.

The incident at Busra al-Harir has a negative impact on the opinion on the elections to the local administration, which are to be held on December 12. In the 14 provincial administration, approximately 17 Thousands of Deputies should be elected by the Syrians.

Initially, the Syrian authorities wanted with the help of the elections to show the effectiveness of the reforms of President Assad, the beginning of which he announced in August. The policy of reforms by Damascus was taken after anti-government protests in the country took a serious turn.

Elections to the local administration used to take place on the system of closed lists. This guaranteed 50% seats for members of the National Progressive Front which is a government coalition headed by the ruling Baath Party. December 12 closed lists have been canceled.

However, foreign media operating in Syria report that voter turnout is likely to be very low. In addition to the onset of pro-government troops in the south, the Syrian armed forces warned of the start of operations in the city of Homs, which is located in the east of the state. A strike was also launched in this city at the weekend.

The Assad government insists that the armed forces protect the people from a dangerous uprising, funded by foreign powers. At the same time, the opposition claims that hundreds of thousands of people who are not willing to endure the dictatorship of the president are against the army. Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who visited Syria in early December, stated that the country has all the hallmarks of a civil war. According to the UN, more than 4000 people have already died as a result of the conflict.

Egyptian news agency MENA announced that on August 17 on Saturday, the member states of the Arab League will decide on the next steps regarding official Damascus. In particular, this international pan-Arab organization will consider Damascus’s written response to the demand to stop the brutal suppression of demonstrations. In the Arab League, Syria’s membership was suspended on November 16. December 4 League has put forward an ultimatum to Syria: either Syria stops persecuting the opposition and proves it to foreign observers, or economic sanctions are imposed against the country.

6 December Damascus announced acceptance of the Arab League requirements, but at the same time it put forward a number of conditions. Among other things, Syria demanded its return to the League, the immediate lifting of the sanction, and also that the observers strictly coordinate their actions with the authorities of the country. In comments to the press, the representatives of the Arab League described the conditions of Damascus as counterproductive.
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  1. NovoSibirets
    NovoSibirets 13 December 2011 16: 01 New
    Burn fel with a hot iron! Assad, tougher! Even tougher!
  2. Redmont
    Redmont 13 December 2011 16: 02 New
    I think it began ... and just from the side where the border with Jordan is.
    1. Mujahiddin777
      Mujahiddin777 13 December 2011 17: 10 New
      And if Jordan gathered its troops at the borders, as mentioned earlier, then the war will begin, the Libyan rebels will also catch up ... We must slap everyone in the square to know their place !!! And be prepared for an attack by other states!
    2. esaul
      esaul 13 December 2011 18: 24 New
      This is the most offensive, REDMONT! Jordan said that it was not profitable for her to enter into conflict with Syria because its economy at 50% is tied to cooperation with Syria! Got candy wrappers from Pindos or went awry? Be that as it may, the war in Syria is already on the way!
    3. Dimka off
      Dimka off 13 December 2011 19: 12 New
      soon everyone will attack ... like wolves. Waiting for the right moment.
  3. Trudy
    Trudy 13 December 2011 16: 12 New
    Urine them all, Assad, and human rights activists, and rats, and Amer mercenaries, otherwise the fate of Gaddafi awaits you. It is better to die in battle, protecting your country. The jackals gathered again in a flock.
    1. Ostwind
      Ostwind 13 December 2011 18: 29 New
      The Syrian army is on the side of legitimate authority and it pleases !!!
  4. kotmster
    kotmster 13 December 2011 16: 16 New
    Using tanks Assad West will not forget !!!
    1. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 13 December 2011 17: 01 New
      As if the puppeteer in real life is the case, used Assad tanks or not used! Bets are made long. Now they will not forget the use of toilet paper.
  5. Perry
    Perry 13 December 2011 16: 16 New
    fake it all ... give proof of a collision! if info skopi3.14zhena from foreign media, then you can safely throw in the furnace
    1. Trudy
      Trudy 13 December 2011 16: 22 New
      here are direct sources for you.
      Will fit?
  6. Rashid
    Rashid 13 December 2011 16: 23 New
    Reuters, Al-Jazeera are the most deceitful media outlets. And in general, what is the term "pro-government troops"? Already in advance they begin to get along the same way as in Libya: "loyalists", "Gaddafists". They’re fooling people, troops can be either government or rebel, and not some incomprehensibly pro-government.
    1. kostiknet
      kostiknet 13 December 2011 16: 28 New
      pro-government troops are those who are currently on the way with the government (they will get to the "intersection" and shoot in the back, interests will change wink )
    2. Alexei
      Alexei 13 December 2011 17: 03 New
      Quite right ... As for me, the troops are "government" and "terrorist groups" (opposition), not even "rebellious". Would call a spade a spade ...
      1. GRIGORIY1957
        GRIGORIY1957 13 December 2011 20: 03 New
        Alexej: That's right ... As for me, the troops are “government” and “terrorist groups” (opposition), not even “rebellious”. Would call a spade a spade ...

  7. Perry
    Perry 13 December 2011 16: 25 New
    exactly. these are all propindos media. Give me specifically the journalism who wrote all this and where he was at the time this vysera was published
  8. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 13 December 2011 16: 26 New
    Eh nashiba su-34 there, bomb and bomb these nits.
    1. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 13 December 2011 16: 49 New
      Are you talking about Washington ?! wink
  9. Perry
    Perry 13 December 2011 16: 29 New
    yeah like "baptism of fire." but there is no conflict there. all this bob

    why then in the EU and the USA they closed access to the only private (!) television channel of Syria, after reporting that all these "clashes" were elementary vyser + staged scenes or a clash in another part of the world?
  10. Cardamom
    Cardamom 13 December 2011 16: 34 New
    Assad makes concessions, so they pressed him specifically, he doesn’t count on us especially, and Gaddafi’s share of fate is not eager. Apparently the Assad regime did not have long. Our ground operation will not be able to interfere in any way, and the bombing of NATO troops will end in World War III.
    1. Perry
      Perry 13 December 2011 16: 41 New
      look at the root. all this is disinformation in order to "help the Syrian people to determine themselves." Assad just holds the position. he just counts on us. not as warriors, but as support and material assistance.
  11. badabum
    badabum 13 December 2011 16: 42 New
    And what does Assad pull? Bordak in the country, declare martial law and the entire chantrap according to the law of wartime to the wall.
    Prepare the country for war, mobilize !!!
    No sits and waits when they crawl. sad
  12. Trudy
    Trudy 13 December 2011 16: 44 New
    On the border of Jordan with Syria, foreign troops begin to unfold
  13. sevas
    sevas 13 December 2011 16: 53 New
    urgent help propaganda. let them show the mercenaries and hang all the corpses on them. a good director in Syria. and if possible on TV, print and the Internet everything.
  14. midashko
    midashko 13 December 2011 17: 01 New
    Orange should be wetted not only in Syria, but also in Moscow. They took the fashion of shaking the state. The funny thing is that who is noisy in the squares is the one who loses. Only puppeteers benefit.
  15. Max79
    Max79 13 December 2011 17: 07 New
    In our place, following the example of pendos, Saakashvili also needs to be removed from the post of president. He drank a lot and will drink while he is the president of Georgia ... They help to undermine not only in Syria, Iran, Egypt and other countries, but also in Russia ... That's where the shit sips !!! And we are all about guarantees, democracy ... ugh
    1. Perry
      Perry 13 December 2011 17: 14 New
      Max, this is the whole chain of complex actions of Pindosia to deploy the same in Russia; the calculation is that the "spring" will spread to us, more precisely, to the southern part of our country. plus when there is instability in the world, the dollar will not collapse.
      1. Max79
        Max79 13 December 2011 17: 26 New
        Perry"No, but what are we sitting? Misha pi ... how much blood will he drink? There already exists someone to steer Georgia ... Some kind of oligarch and, as he said, wants to break the whole system that Saakashvili built ... And if tomorrow there will be radars in Georgia? E ... our government, they only think about their ratings ... no words, only emotions, not the best ones ... Well, tell me that I'm wrong !?
        1. Perry
          Perry 13 December 2011 17: 41 New
          Max, they already have the amers flying radars set, they fly and they see us at 3000 km. and the idea is good. you can do it according to the Amer’s principle, only our rulers will pinpoint something, although for sure no one will harness for Sahak, unless they shout that we are tyrants (we’re not the first time!), but as you know, a dog that barks does not bite
      2. ioann1
        ioann1 13 December 2011 18: 45 New
        Sorry, but the "spring" in the southern part will not stop, but will immediately flare up in the very center! That's the whole point. And the protesters have little idea who they are held by the Germans, Chirikov, Lemons, Yabloko and others ... Actually, the events are not very predictable, since each step of the state in defending the country will lead from both sides to an escalation of a possible conflict.
        1. Perry
          Perry 13 December 2011 19: 25 New
          Yes, you look at Libya and Egypt. Well, we will not have authoritative and legitimate power. the country will hang in the air. and liberals are for this purpose mishandled-in the process of struggle for power they themselves will eat each other and nothing will prevent Pindos from puppetry on us
  16. sevas
    sevas 13 December 2011 17: 15 New
    to feed the opposition in Georgia and kick in the ass GALSTKUVOYDOMU!
  17. Dock
    Dock 13 December 2011 18: 29 New
    Quote: tronin.maxim
    Eh nashiba su-34 there, bomb and bomb these nits.

    "We would have the enemy on the horns, but only the skin is dear, and the horns are not cheap now!" (K. Chukovsky)
  18. ioann1
    ioann1 13 December 2011 18: 39 New
    I didn’t want this. Something needs to be done to stop this wild war. Satanic Americans are doing what they planned, but what can stop this collapse?
    After all, one hundred thousand Russians and many Syrians - Orthodox will not be able to survive in this Muslim flogging. In Egypt, you can see that there the outcome of the Coptic Christians reached 100 people! And how many more Christians remain there and what will happen to them?
    If the policy of Russia a year ago would have indicated its position firmly and steadily, then perhaps there would have been no such dramatic situation in Libya and in Egypt. Russia should not stand aside. Otitsitsya in the trench with the hope that everything will work out - stupid.
    1. Cardamom
      Cardamom 14 December 2011 00: 08 New
      Syria, Egypt - is understandable. You forgot about Orthodox Christians in Serbia, who were also thrown much earlier. Christian unification is not in the plans ... whom? Someone is clearly not interested in this.
  19. VadimSt
    VadimSt 14 December 2011 19: 16 New
    Anticipating the inevitability of the second wave of the global crisis, and trying to survive at the expense of others, the "pendors" presented the Middle East with a pill of snowstorm. But the result of its action, as always, may not please - instead of obedient eunuchs, ardent Islamists come to power.