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Conversation with Alexander Khodakovsky about Donbass


So it turns out that this material has become a kind of continuation of the two previous ones. But this time, our conversation on Skype became the basis. And, by the way, gave answers to some of the questions asked by readers in their comments on the article.

"Oddities DNR: Purgin write, Hodakovsky in the mind? Or write too?"

What can be said about my interlocutor? And a lot, on the one hand, and almost nothing, on the other. In general, a person is best judged by deeds, and not by rumors and gossip, which eventually grows over everyone who got up and took a step forward. And even more so if the step was not one.

You can talk a lot on the controversial figure of Khodakovsky in stories DNR, you can discuss, criticize, suck rumors and gossip. This is the choice of each individually.

But it’s impossible not to admit that at one time Khodakovsky created the battalion (and later the brigade) Vostok and organized the social movement Patriotic Forces of Donbass. For both of these associations are already inscribed in the history of Donbass.

By the way, I talked with Alexander Sergeyevich precisely as the organizer and leader of the “Patriotic Forces of Donbass”. For the team "East" - it's still his past. Position in the Security Council is the present. A “PSD” is the future. And not just the future as a project of a single person, but a real patriotic organization numbering thousands of real, not paper activists. The paper organization could not have formed battalions from its ranks, which later became a brigade.

Impressions of communication. Calm, without pathos, gestures. Since we didn’t discuss anything at all beforehand, and our conversation was "from the sheet", I really liked the fact that my interlocutor did not think long over the answers. Yes, we discussed very topical issues, the answers to which, in principle, and so sit in his head, but still. However, this can be seen in the video. A strong man, and self-righteous.

In the conversation very rarely uses the pronoun "I". Yes, "I said," "I think," but "we thought," "we decided," "we did." Trifle, but compared to some modern figures very, very ...

The first question that started everything was a proposal to formulate a detailed answer to the topic "What is happening in the DPR today?" Since the question is not an easy one, and the answer to it took quite a long time, I think it would be better if I bring it in full and without cuts.

There was a desync, alas.

After that, the conversation has just gone.

What are we not talked about. We did not talk about the outright persecution of Khodakovsky by the authorities. We did not talk about the pressure that the “Patriotic Forces of Donbass” are experiencing today. We didn’t talk about how deliberately and purposefully destroying useful PSD initiatives. Although I agree that there is something to talk about.

For example, about such a great initiative "PSD", as the organization of two bus routes in the areas of October and the Site. Areas difficult, as they are closely located to the so-called "contact line". And there is no public transport movement there since the start of hostilities. And, in spite of the fact that heavy battles have not been fought for a year now, the residents of these areas had to rely only on their strength, despite all appeals to the Donetsk mayor's office. But pre-election promises remained promises.

A month ago, the PSD on its own organized these two routes. Yes, just two buses, just five flights a day. Absolutely free. Moreover, this initiative was not covered by amateurs to talk about how everything is fine in Donetsk, moreover. February 21 representatives from the said mayor's office came to the districts on the subject of communicating with residents ... about turning off the routes.

“We offered the Donetsk Republic OD to replace our symbolism with our own: it doesn’t matter to us, under whose logos buses will go, or what will hang on public reception centers in these areas. Do not complicate the already difficult life of the Donetsk people. that, on the contrary, buses with the symbols of OD DR will appear in peak for us, and everyone will be better. But no ... so far there has been no answer. "

Conversation with Alexander Khodakovsky about Donbass

What is the "Patriotic Forces of Donbass"? Opposition to the existing government? According to Alexander Sergeevich, no and no again. PSD is not an opposition. And today in the DPR probably does not require the emergence of any direct opposition. Too much needs to be done and done quickly. And high quality. There is no time for chatter. However, here's how Khodakovsky himself described the design and estimate documentation:

We did not want to create some kind of opposition. Rather, the alternative and competition, and with obviously weaker positions. What shouldn’t be supposed to strain someone and make them fear that this is a threat to the system of power and everything else. Especially since no election was actually intended. Like a pike in a river so that the crucian would not sleep. Show your teeth and your own example, how to make life better.

This was our main task, and this task was partially implemented. Yes, no one doubted that due to our stupidity and our inability to work in a normal competition environment, it would be easier to send several cars with fire brigade clothes and turn off electricity in the studio, where we wanted to organize a normal civilized dialogue. These resources are always at hand, yes, it's easier. But we achieved our goal, we made people talk. Yes, we are criticized, and this is fine, especially if they are criticized on the case. This means that people are not indifferent to the issues that we raise in PSD.

We do not want society to be warm and cool. Such a society quickly becomes indifferent. Let them scold, let them say, but they will not be indifferent. Such non-indifferent society can be raised and organized for something, as it happened in 2014 year.

Then we are talking about problems. But we were not talking about problems of a political or economic nature. Talked about people. Alexander Sergeevich identified several problems that not only exist, they really hinder the development of the republic.

Former militia. This is our pain, this is our problem. You should not compare the people who came to our rescue in the most difficult first time and those who came a year later. Unfortunately, we actually lost a lot of honest, strong and noble people who could not find themselves in the republic when the active hostilities ended. Someone returned home, someone left. And in their places, where possible, these people could be of immense benefit precisely because they did not come for material goods or thrills, those who quietly sat out behind their backs leaked.

Yes, a certain power vertical was built, and not everyone was able to adapt to this vertical. But this is something without which no state can exist. The fact that we were not able to properly dispose of the human resources at our disposal does not mean any evil intent, but only a lack of skills.

About ideology. Or, if you wish, about a popular idea. This is what makes people move, make decisions and act, and not sit waiting for someone to come and do everything for them. In this regard, we work very closely together with Andrey Purgin.

(Yes, the union of the good theoretician-idealist Purgin and the practice of Khodakovsky is quite a real political force, capable not only of giving birth to an idea, but also of putting it into practice. - Auth. Ed.)

Our union with Purgin took place long ago. We did not seek to demonstrate this union, since it did not have any political task. But we supported the concept of the South of Russia, which Pergin groped for, from the very beginning. Yes, the concept has only now taken certain outlines, has received support, including media. But we initially supported this project, because the vector to Russia, indicated in it, is the flag, the banner, for which people can go, and come somewhere.

Nobody says that this is a matter of a small time period. You can not wait for the final, but people will get a goal for which you can live and fight. Our goal is Russia. There is no other option for us. We are ready to work, we are ready to fight, we are ready to wait for this Decision as long as necessary.

We see no other way for ourselves. And our war today (you can call it anything, hybrid, informational) is our common war. Donbass and Russia. And we can only win or lose it together. The defeat and collapse of Donbass will become a defeat for Russia. Let not so noticeable, but defeat. Our victory sooner or later will become another of our common Victory.

But there is no other way for Donbass, as with Russia, I do not see.


Of course, in the framework of one article it was not possible to state the whole conversation. Therefore, the sequel will follow. Moreover, there is confidence that this is not our last communication. I am sure that despite all his employment, Alexander Sergeevich will find more time for communication. Moreover, if someone wants to ask him a question, I will arrange it with pleasure. Write in the comments, the next conversation, I ask these questions.

Now a little about the character himself. Someone Hodakovsky may not like. As some commentators have written here, he cannot be trusted, since he commanded the Alfa special forces unit of the Donetsk Security Service of Ukraine, and, they say, it is not known what his relations with this structure are.

Attention, the question: what kind of relationship can a retired lieutenant colonel, special forces have with the former duty station? Probably the same as the former employee of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine NV Poklonskaya could have, for example. Let's still get wiser in the mass. It is time.

When a person makes a choice and takes a certain path, then his choice, whatever it may be, deserves respect. Especially if this choice is connected with real actions.

Alexander Khodakovsky can be dismissed from his post as chairman of the DPR Security Council. But from this he will not cease to be the commander and creator of the "East". You can disperse the "Vostok", as it was already the case with other divisions in both republics, but from this it will not cease to be the leader and chairman of the "Patriotic Forces of Donbass". You can prohibit and disperse this organization.

But what would you do with people who believe him and follow him? This is the problem. And if the number of such people was measured in dozens, then I probably would not be so eloquent. But there are thousands of them.

But on this is worth considering. Everybody.
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  1. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 26 February 2016 06: 46
    -21 qualifying.
    We need to keep it in reserve - as the future head of the DPR instead of Purgenov.
    1. Rock_n_roll
      Rock_n_roll 26 February 2016 08: 11
      You need to keep him in the basement, but not for long, then to the wall.
      1. Banshee
        26 February 2016 09: 31
        How capacious and brief! And most importantly, how clever and informative!

        Feels the voice of a knowledgeable specialist.

        My dear, are you the larger commander in general? Before such nonsense writing?
        1. Novor_Donetsk
          Novor_Donetsk 26 February 2016 12: 33
          Every day there is an article about the "offended hero". Roman, have you been to Donetsk for a long time? Did you communicate with someone other than his environment? And it turns out sold out ... or recruited?
          1. Banshee
            26 February 2016 14: 58
            Quote: Novor_Donetsk
            Roman, have you been to Donetsk for a long time?

            Long. And, moreover, I don’t rush there for quite specific reasons.

            Quote: Novor_Donetsk
            Did you communicate with someone other than his entourage?

            And I communicate as if with anyone, but not with his entourage. And in the article I said it clearly. Read line by line, everything is there.

            Quote: Novor_Donetsk
            And it turns out sold ... or recruited?

            So sold or recruited, you already define me to someone, either smart or beautiful. And then right out of it.

            With regards to my materials ... Well, to write about how everything is fine in Donetsk, it turns out better for Gromova. Why am I going to compete with her? And since time, the truth is somewhere in the middle and will be.
          2. g1v2
            g1v2 26 February 2016 17: 02
            Everything is simpler. Finally, quite strange articles of the novel of recent months became clear. It seems that a decision was made to grow a counterweight to Zakharchenko in the form of a public organization or party led by Purgin and Khodakovsky. Maybe someone from the old people will be attracted - Bezler, for example. Accordingly, this political force receives media support from VO, YURASUMA and so on. In general, most likely all those who spoke positively about Purgin were promoted and by Khodakovsky. Fortunately, the East has not only shoals of the YES type, but also victories - Yasinovataya, Saur-Grave, etc., it’s possible to untwist. And all this promotion began after his visit to the Russian Federation, that is, it seems that there is confidence in his loyalty to the Russian Federation. As for the fact that his Ukrainians control this nonsense. He certainly had connections with Akhmetov, but ties with Moscow are much cooler than the impoverished ukroligarch. In general, they create the right politician out of him, so that if it is necessary, it could be possible to put pressure on Zakharchenko. Well, in principle, for God's sake, although I personally like Zakhar much more, and he is not particularly noticed in the front-line movement. Well, the authorities know better. hi
      2. Alexy
        Alexy 26 February 2016 18: 12
        I wonder why. Explain, be so kind.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. vladek64
      vladek64 26 February 2016 12: 21
      There he will grow old in reserve. Together with your people.

      But what do you command to do with people who believe him and follow him? This is the problem.

      And with them they already "do". It is enough for them to simply not give anything to do and they will gnaw at them out of idleness and scatter to other leaders. The author in his previous article described how this is "done".
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. brasist
    brasist 26 February 2016 06: 54
    Givi about Khodakovsky
    1. Mik13
      Mik13 26 February 2016 08: 53
      -12 qualifying.
      Quote: brasist
      Givi about Khodakovsky

      Yes, this is an argument.
      And this is Strelkov about Givi.
      - ABOUT! I have been waiting for this for a long time. Mr. ____ n in Givi nevertheless hatched ... Well, yes, right. At me he would never advance above the second lieutenant-would ... And here is the UNDER-FLOOR-MAT. : D Such things need to be worked out ...
      1. Mik13
        Mik13 26 February 2016 09: 31
        PS - and here again we got faces of non-traditional orientation, which put the minuses anonymously?
        Do you disagree with what, sick?
        With Strelkov?
        1. g1v2
          g1v2 26 February 2016 17: 07
          For me personally, although the Givi battalion commander is not an authority on politics and his opinion on political construction is not particularly interesting, the dirt from Girkin’s side sharply elevates Givi in ​​my eyes. Anyone whom Mr. Girkin has blamed on me immediately becomes quite a good person for me. Tk, if the six pro-American oligarch Malofeev and a friend of the Nazi Prosvirnin, pro-American swamp Limonov, etc., are craping someone, it means that at least he is not from their gang.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 26 February 2016 09: 59
      For some reason, more faith in the words of Givi. Has anyone seen Khodakovsky on the battlefield with weapons in his hands? If there is such a photo I will be glad to see.
      1. Mik13
        Mik13 26 February 2016 10: 30
        -11 qualifying.
        Quote: siberalt
        For some reason, more faith in the words of Givi.


        Tell me, could you please clarify your position in some way?
        it just seems to me that if one character calls the other Mr. --- Mr. (though for the eyes), then one of the two in this situation is Mr..

        I understand correctly that you are betting on Strelkova? And will you believe Givi?
        And now there is no more faith for Strelkov.

        Or do you have a different opinion?
        1. Stirbjorn
          Stirbjorn 26 February 2016 11: 05
          And what about Strelkov? all the more so his statement a year ago - but Givi about Khodakovsky is completely fresh
          1. Mik13
            Mik13 26 February 2016 11: 28
            Quote: Stirbjorn
            And what about Strelkov? all the more so his statement a year ago - but Givi about Khodakovsky is completely fresh

            What do you dislike? Since we began to measure ourselves, whose quote is longer and thicker ... repeat
            brasist found a remounted video from the Tolstoys, I found Girkin's opinion of the Tolstoys.
            As for freshness, I strongly object. Girkin after that, never in one way or another did not withdraw his characteristic. So a year ago - it even increases confidence.

            Quote - against quote. or do we only believe in quotes that benefit you? I consider this practice to be vicious. All quotes are equal!

            Since you do not trust other sources)))
            1. Mik13
              Mik13 26 February 2016 11: 35
              Speaking of quotes, Bezler also spoke out on this subject:
              If you cannot become better yourself, then slap another, and at once you will show yourself great. If you want to destroy a person, kill the good things about him in your memory, slander his actions, blame his past and slander his present .... For several days now I have been watching the streams of frank, impudent lies, half-truths pouring from various sources about Alexander Khodakovsky. Video interviews are recorded in which speakers, like dogs in a race for a hare, try to beat each other in the degree of “sincerity” of what they say.
              I understand what I will say - this is just a “voice of one crying in the wilderness,” but it is from the heart.
              I read and hear the nonsense attributed to A. Khodakovsky about the surrender of Karlovka, figures who “heroically” merged Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka, Druzhkovka. So, in order to renew the short memory of these military experts on the Karlovka issue, I will open the veil of secrecy, how and why this happened, and who is responsible for this "Napoleon’s exodus from Egypt." Karlovka was held by two units. This is a platoon of the Vostok battalion, the commander of the Scorpion and 120 men of the Gorlovsky unit led by the North. It is these people who twice carried the Donbass battalion in Karlovka, these people held Karlovka for several months and did not allow the enemy to advance. And for all this time I have not received any help except from the "East". It was with these people that I blew up two ukrovoyak checkpoints on Umansky. And when he turned to the leader of Oplot to occupy these block posts, they promised me to do it, but did not, thereby leaving our right flank open. Of course, it was safer to guard the house in the Botanical Garden than to hold positions in Karlovka together with the Vostok and the now so hated by many now demonic. And when the "Rifle" units changed my people, then two days later they leaked Karlovka ... exactly eight days after the surrender of Slavyansk and half of the territory. The trend, however ... And do not drag the commander of the "East" here, since they themselves were snouting down. This is the first episode.
              1. Mik13
                Mik13 26 February 2016 11: 36
                Episode Two. Release Gorlovka. Ask me at any time of the day, who from Donetsk helped my units to release Gorlovka, I will answer without hesitation - the Vostok battalion of A. Khodakovsky. And no one else. Only with the commander of the "East", not informing the Ministry of Defense of the DPR, tactics were developed and goals for release were set. Why only with him? I will answer. Because as soon as the plan was announced at a meeting at the headquarters of the DPR on the release to the north, my units were already waiting for the APU. I had to change the plan of the operation for 12 hours without notifying anyone. I don’t know why, but in the southern direction of Horlivka - Krasny Partizan-Yasinovataya-Donetsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine resisted precisely the “East”. With Horlivka units moved to the rendezvous point, not meeting resistance. The hardest thing at that moment was precisely A. Khodakovsky, but the commander of the "East" completed everything that we outlined together.
                Episode Three Squeezed by all the assault on the Donetsk Internal Affairs Directorate of 1 on July 2014 of the year. Only the word of officer A. Khodakovsky influenced my decision to return 1500 fighters with heavy equipment and mortars from Putilovsky bridge to Yasinovatsky post. The commander of the "East" kept his word and provided a corridor for the exit of my assault groups from the air department to Gorlovka. If he hadn’t acted like this, some would have hanged 1 numbers on a lamppost, and would not have led the republic now, flaunting gold colonel epaulets and a general's cap. Not the "East" hit me in the back, but the sniper "Hold".
                Episode Four Only Sanya Bednov in the LPR and A. Khodakovsky in the DPR helped when my guys transported a truck with dead Ukrainian paratroopers from the Lugansk airport to Karlovka. The episode is small, just the attack of Aidar that day and the attack on Karlovka. And so nothing special for many in Donetsk. Many did not notice this.
                I will end with words from the play of Vsevolod Vishnevsky “Optimistic tragedy” for all “Hoarse” assistants of “Leader”: “Well, who else wants to try the commissar body?”
                I. Bezler

                1. Ded_smerch
                  Ded_smerch 26 February 2016 12: 23
                  Thank you comrade, otherwise there are many believers in the holiness of Givi
              2. The comment was deleted.
        2. siberalt
          siberalt 26 February 2016 17: 30
          Miku 13.
          It would take a long time to explain this. But if you are really interested, visit me in PM. Fortunately, the site allows. hi
  4. Vita vko
    Vita vko 26 February 2016 07: 13
    This is not just an ideological crisis that A. Khodakovsky is talking about, but chaos in the minds of politicians and the minds of the population. People are tired of the power of the fascists of the Kiev junta and are tired of the war, which has no end in sight.
    When they went to the referendum, no one explained to them that they would have to defend independence with weapons, and then pay for it with blood. Everyone thought that everything would be like in Crimea. And the Minsk agreements are generally contrary to the ideas of independence of the LDNR! Moreover, ideas about joining Russia and its betrayal are often voiced by the same people.
    Even if all this mess happens in accordance with Sun Tzu's strategy to disorient the enemy, it is stupid. Because with this approach you can only disorient your own people and your allies. And the enemy in Kiev, with his numerous oligarchs, who are at the head of all corruption schemes with which he himself "fights", paid for by the National Battalions and Tsrushny advisers, is confused to such an extent that he actually pokes at random. And if the actions of the Kiev junta of oligarchs are made even more chaotic, then this insane energy of entropy will inevitably be transferred to the military-political circles of the LPNR and will absorb it, which is what is actually happening.
    1. brisk
      brisk 26 February 2016 07: 34
      Quote: Vita VKO
      Everyone thought that everything would be like in Crimea.

      Well, why didn't it become like in Crimea? Because there are Russians of the 1st grade, and there are 2nd and lower ones? The same stereotypical argument and response: "I have a stationery store!" --- "This is no excuse for you!"
  5. orphan 63
    orphan 63 26 February 2016 07: 54
    There is an interesting addition on Khodakovsky hi

    The military columnist from Sevastopol Boris Rozhin (Colonel Cassad) reports on internal political shifts in the Kremlin’s policy “in the Donbass”. According to him, one of the active players in the team of Rinat Akhmetov, the commander of the Vostok battalion Alexander Khodakovsky, will soon lose his political influence and resources.
    Read more: https: //
    1. Ded_smerch
      Ded_smerch 26 February 2016 12: 28
      and rozhin whose player is that? Malafeeva Co
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 26 February 2016 08: 09
    Roman good afternoon. A bit off topic. As it was a publication on the events in Germany (letter to Karl). Have you not received a response from your grandson? Very interesting.
  7. The comment was deleted.
    1. PKK
      PKK 26 February 2016 08: 32
      Now it became clear the behavior of Khodakovsky at the airport and the meaning of his orders was clear.
  8. pravednik
    pravednik 26 February 2016 08: 46
    But Khodakovsky didn’t betray the militias who died during the battle for the airport, although he (the hodak) sent them there. And now he praises himself for having discovered bus traffic.
    1. Banshee
      26 February 2016 09: 27
      Praises? I did not see.
      And, for the sake of justice: Minister Borodai sent the soldiers to the airport for an action of intimidation. This is reportedly quite competent people. And where does Hodakovsky, I personally do not understand.

      All the screams about Khodakovsky's "betrayal" were raised first of all by Nesmiyan, who was El-Murid. And who has this character under ..., I hope not worth talking about. And who simply appointed Khodakovsky as responsible, because he, Nesmiyan, was told so.
      1. Stirbjorn
        Stirbjorn 26 February 2016 09: 59
        Operation to take the airport planned, and further led, civilian Borodai?
        1. Ded_smerch
          Ded_smerch 26 February 2016 12: 31
          that is, to accept the fact that the enemy can win is not fate, the militia is playing counter-strike against bots.
        2. Banshee
          26 February 2016 15: 03
          Quote: Stirbjorn
          Operation to take the airport planned, and further led, civilian Borodai?

          Sorry, but the civilian minister Kononov, who has not served a single day before the events, is no longer an example?
          1. Stirbjorn
            Stirbjorn 26 February 2016 16: 26
            Quote: Banshee
            Sorry, but the civilian minister Kononov, who has not served a single day before the events, is no longer an example?
            Kononov began with Strelkov as the group’s commander, then the company and so on up to the brigade - he was immediately appointed to the ministers.
  9. washi
    washi 26 February 2016 11: 34
    That's why it is not worth joining the Donbass to Russia. Let them understand.
    1. elenagromova
      elenagromova 26 February 2016 12: 12
      Ah, so on this attitude - the whole calculation ...
      1. Banshee
        26 February 2016 15: 04
        No, Vasya, not so. It is necessary to clean it, yes. But further life should be only together.
  10. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 26 February 2016 12: 18
    Where there is power, there is always a struggle for it. Especially in the absence of a clear national leader. And in the DPR and LPR, top-level leaders have always been appointed from outside and often changed. Therefore, a quite expected situation is now observed. Winners in the war, as a rule, are not allowed to power. To be afraid. So it was in the USSR after the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Zhukov was quickly wiped ... But there was an indisputable leader - Stalin. So all the battles for power in New Russia are yet to come.
  11. Maikl65
    Maikl65 26 February 2016 12: 36
    How Khodakovsky has recently started promoting himself !!!! Straight unrecognized "dick" !!! If this "dick" provided at least some help, and did not interfere with harm, it would be just fine !!! The head of the Security Council which does not exist in nature !!!
    1. Banshee
      26 February 2016 15: 08
      And all? And for this you are registered here? Toothless working.
  12. Irinaspb
    Irinaspb 26 February 2016 13: 07
    I wrote in another thread. I repeat
    I know from people who participated in this battle
    handed over these guys Khodakovsky
    1. Banshee
      26 February 2016 15: 07
      Unproven, as well as the rest of the arguments. Continue in the same spirit.
  13. Victor N
    Victor N 26 February 2016 13: 12
    The philistine swamp, of course, is always and everywhere. There are many inhabitants, but they are the people. But there is no other people for you. Not to take into account the interests and opinion of the people, with all due neglect, to put it mildly unreasonable. Let not soon, but if offended, then he will definitely sweep.
    A politician is doomed to be a populist, but he is categorically barred from arrogance.
  14. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 26 February 2016 15: 10
    No one can lie forever. Another thing is that fools and scoundrels quickly forget everything, that's the whole calculation.
  15. 2nd 12th
    2nd 12th 26 February 2016 19: 50
    I have not heard from anyone a single good word about Khodakovsky. Maybe not those listened. Starting from the airport. What Givi expressed was not surprising.
  16. 2nd 12th
    2nd 12th 26 February 2016 20: 33
    Donetsk airport. The story of one of the eyewitnesses
    It is still
  17. samarin1969
    samarin1969 27 February 2016 19: 59
    "the union of the good theorist-idealist Purgin and the practitioner of Khodakovsky" ... somewhat unexpectedly ... request