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"Themselves will come"

At the conclusion of the Munich Security Conference, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave an interview to Euronews, as well as to the popular Time magazine. The conversation was about the Syrian crisis, the conflict in Ukraine, Russia's relations with the West, the Litvinenko case and, of course, sanctions. Relying on Comrade Bulgakov’s artistic theses, the Prime Minister declared that “we will never ask for the lifting of these sanctions.”

"Themselves will come"

The text (transcript) of D. Medvedev's interview to Time magazine is provided. on the website of the Russian government. Questions Medvedev asked Simon Shuster.

The question of sanctions was formulated as follows: “By the way, about relations with Western partners. You talked a lot in your speech today about sanctions, about how they harm relationships. How, perhaps in informal conversations, did your European colleagues respond to this call to cancel them and what is hindering this? ”

“You know, it somehow happened to me,” said Medvedev, “that under these sanctions, no matter who I said, for some reason everyone lowers their eyes, down to the floor, as if they have no relation to this, and they say: “Well, yes, it was accepted there. We, of course, against. In general, all this is bad, business interferes. We all understand this perfectly. But you let the Minsk protocol go faster there, implement the Minsk agreements, do it quickly. But in general, we have nothing to do with it. ” But this is not a completely honest position. This is a consolidated decision of all our European friends. They all voted for it. Nobody blocked, no one spoke against. So this is a consolidated position. And do not be shy. Tell me honestly that we wanted to punish you. ”

Did sanctions punish Russia? Medvedev does not think so: “Probably, we got some unpleasant moments somewhere. Strong? Not too much. We develop, we live, naturally, we will survive. Political position changed by the authorities of the Russian Federation? Not changed. Have the support of the population of the Russian Federation? You know very well, they have, and another one that no political force here has, because no one likes being pressured on your country. ”

According to the prime minister, Russia will not ask the West to lift the sanctions: “We are discussing all this, but our position is simple, I have repeatedly stated it: we will not ask anything. You know our literature well. Mikhail Bulgakov has a beautiful phrase in the book “The Master and Margarita”, when Woland says that you never ask anything, they will offer it themselves and they will give it all. So we will never ask for the lifting of these sanctions. Themselves will come and say: let's finally get rid of all this, because no one is better, everyone is only worse. "

Also on the margins of the Munich Security Policy Conference, the Chairman of the Russian Government answered the questions of the author and presenter of the Global Conversation program, Isabel Kumar (Euronews TV channel). D. Medvedev answers given on the government website.

The leading question about sanctions was: “One of the consequences of the deterioration of relations was the introduction of sanctions. Sanctions, which were imposed on Russia, cause serious damage. Tell me, is it a priority for your government to get these sanctions lifted? ”

D. Medvedev explained to the presenter that it was not Russia who invented the sanctions, and advised the West to announce their cancellation "from just such a date."

“Usually we say in such cases: we didn’t come up with these sanctions, we don’t have to start lifting them,” he said. - I have already answered this question in part when I answered the previous one. But they told us: you are not good, and we will punish you. And then they counted and shed tears - it turns out that it hits business. ”

He cited data: Russia's trade turnover with the European Union was 450 billion euros. And now - only 217 billion euros. “We must ask the people who in the European Union produce different products for Russia, who work in enterprises, do they like all this?”

“We didn’t think up this, we don’t have to start abolishing it. We were frightened all the time by sanctions, these sanctions were introduced in the Soviet period many times. It never led to anything, only money was lost. And now will be the same. We must have the courage and say: you know, guys, everything, we are completing this from such and such a date, and we also ask you to stop the response measures. This will be the right approach. ”

As for the West, we will add, he does not intend to complete the sanctions. This was made clear to US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is unhappy with the "settlement" in the Donbas.

Sanctions against Russia will be effective until Moscow fulfills all points of the Minsk agreements on a peaceful settlement in the east of Ukraine, said John Kerry. "Russia has a simple choice: fully implement the Minsk agreements or continue to endure sanctions that cause economic damage", - quotes Kerry "BBC".

“Sanctions will never end on their own,” said the state secretary.

“However, we should not forget why they were initially introduced: in order to defend the fundamental rights of Ukraine - its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Simply put, Russia can prove by its actions that it respects Ukrainian sovereignty just as it insists on respecting its own, ”Kerry stressed.

Probably, these words contained a hint of the Crimea.

What do Russian experts think about Western sanctions?

“Recently, we are increasingly hearing from Europeans a proposal to first cancel our counter-sanctions, and then we will think whether to cancel their own measures,” said "Free Press" Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Political Science of the Financial University Alexander Shatilov. - This is, to put it mildly, not a constructive approach. In such a situation, it is the West as the initiator of the trade and economic war, who first applied sanctions, must make concessions, and not vice versa. ”

Of course, Russia is experiencing problems in the economy, however, according to the expert, much greater difficulties are created not by sanctions, but by low oil prices. Sanctions can even be an aid to development: “Certain problems of sanctions do cause, but they cannot be called super-heavy. A much greater difficulty is created by the fall in oil prices and the deterioration of the energy situation on the world market. As for the sanctions, we will live with them. Moreover, for some industries they open up new opportunities, for example, for the same agriculture or pharmaceuticals. For many enterprises, sanctions eliminated potential competitors and gave impetus to development. ”

Political analyst Sergei Mikheev did not rule out that the West would abandon the policy of sanctions, realizing their inefficiency.

“It all depends on whether sanctions will bring the desired result to the West,” he said, “SP”. - This kind of restrictions can act for a long time, but, as practice shows, over time, their cancellation is possible. Two examples that are now widely known are Iran and Belarus. At one time, sanctions against them were imposed under various pretexts, but for political reasons. The main goal was to change the political regime. But, despite the fact that the restrictions operated for a long time, due to various factors, the regime change did not occur. Sanctions were unsuccessful. ”

The expert noted that the West still did not completely abandon the levers of pressure on Iran or Belarus. And nevertheless, it was decided to cancel the sanctions against them, because they did not bring the desired result, but caused damage to the West itself. “Theoretically, the same can happen with sanctions against the Russian Federation,” said the political scientist, “which cause inconvenience to the countries of Europe.” But to be honest, I don’t think it can happen soon. ”

* * *

The abolition of US sanctions and their "partners" and allies, including the EU states, which in their entirety dance under the tune of the hegemon, would greatly spoil the political face of both Washington and Brussels. After all, the sanctions were imposed not only because of the conflict in the east of Ukraine, but also because of the annexation of the Crimea to Russia. The leaders of the West noisily declared that they "never recognize" neither this accession, nor the outcome of the Crimean referendum held "at the point of the guns."

And if suddenly the West decides to “come by itself”, to act according to Medvedev, who referred to a literary classic, then the price on the world stage will be worthless to all the statements and promises of Washington and Brussels. In fact, thus the West recognizes the Russian Crimea. The White House cannot allow such an historical turn in any way, and therefore it is not necessary to wait for the lifting of sanctions in the coming years. You can wait for any talk about indulgences in connection with the next negotiations. But no more than that.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 17 February 2016 06: 28
    Medvedev is clearly eating something wrong, he says everything correctly! Except for one, the EU and the United States decided that the sanctions would be lifted only after the vaulting of the peninsula to the jumpers, which means they would never be lifted, and thank God !!! ps Oleg thanks for the article.
    1. bocsman
      bocsman 17 February 2016 07: 07
      Savoring the "sanctions" by the West is reminiscent of a masochist's diary - Yesterday was the "Merry Ukrainian" bar, cheated, beaten, robbed. I'll go again tomorrow!
    2. bocsman
      bocsman 17 February 2016 07: 07
      Savoring the "sanctions" by the West is reminiscent of a masochist's diary - Yesterday was the "Merry Ukrainian" bar, cheated, beaten, robbed. I'll go again tomorrow!
      1. Dembel77
        Dembel77 17 February 2016 09: 18
        “However, we should not forget why they were initially introduced: in order to defend the fundamental rights of Ukraine - its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Simply put, Russia can prove by its actions that it respects Ukrainian sovereignty just as it insists on respecting its own, ”Kerry stressed.
        There is a lie, there is a big lie, and there is politics. Kerry is primarily a politician and understands perfectly well that Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions are a fictitious combination! A coup in Ukraine and the entry of Crimea into Russia would not have happened, sanctions would have been the same. Politicians from Washington (and Westerners along with them for a sweet soul!) Would have found another reason to impose economic sanctions against our country. Already very much in recent years, Russia has become increasingly worried about them.
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 17 February 2016 20: 46
          Ukraine cuts itself without a knife. Trade with Crimea and Russia is closed, the transit of goods is closed, in 19. and there will be no gas transit. Will Ukraine (the reason for the sanctions) survive until this 2019 in its current form? The gold and foreign exchange reserves have been eaten up in a couple of years, investors have been scared off (non-repayment of a loan of 3 billion), the IMF is showing zero due to their "progressive" reforms. Okay, we skipped this warm winter, but where will they find the money for the next one? These problems are not enough for them, because they (the Kiev authorities) have their own internal showdowns. I'm afraid no one will unravel this "tangle".
          In short, the reason for the sanctions may "fall apart" by itself. And in what light will the West appear then? They obviously don't think about it yet. And I'm afraid the authorities in Kiev themselves will make a fatal mistake. Fighting will begin before the elections in Donbass. hi
  2. 2С5
    2С5 17 February 2016 06: 48
    ... and what's the point of "recognizing-not recognizing"? Crimea is Russia, and that's it! And let them choke on their sanctions, trade turnover has halved, enterprises are going bankrupt, unemployment and even refugees have "screwed up", how long will the geyropa last? They will also lower their eyes to the floor and assent to the states, and it’s not far from the revolution ... the government can tolerate, but the people have already understood for whom they were appointed as patients ... let's see how long they have enough patience and how it will end interestingly .. ...
  3. Hooks
    Hooks 17 February 2016 06: 54
    It's just in vain that Medvedev referred to Bulgakov. He was a genius writer, like his work "The Master and Margarita", but I'm afraid the European and American people will pull the phrase out of context and the headlines of the print media that have finally switched to the yellow side of power will proclaim that Russia is guided in politics by the logic of Woland (that is, Satan) and not by the postulates of good Christianity. Demonization will definitely continue, as will the sanctions, which are forever, as long as the fascist SGA exists.
    1. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 17 February 2016 19: 25
      Gromyko said something similar.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 February 2016 07: 16
    “Sanctions will never end on their own,” said the state secretary.

    So they do not arise by themselves. The United States with the support of Europe hoped that in a maximum of a year Russia would crawl on its knees with a prayer for forgiveness for all the sins that the West itself incriminated to our country. It didn’t work out. Moreover, they see that Russia is not going to ask anyone for anything. I support Oleg’s conclusion that this is for a long time.
  5. inkass_98
    inkass_98 17 February 2016 07: 19
    Dimsik in words is all so good and correct, but in reality it turns out something else. He gave out a brilliant phrase: it’s good that oil fell from 145 bucks to 30, otherwise officials did not want to do anything. Get fucked, what a hard worker! Aren't you a monster who heads the government, manages finances and industrial development? So I’ve got it done, it’s time, together with Rabbit, to go on a hiking erotic journey, and not to talk about how he is all in white, and the rest are head over heels in crisis.
  6. tehnokrat
    tehnokrat 17 February 2016 07: 21
    Our prime minister looks pitiful and unconvincing. But that would be half the trouble: he compromises our official position on the issue of sanctions. Longing - both listening to him and reading his speeches. Impression: a good mine with a bad game ... Dill on the head to snitch and then we can not, a lawsuit for 3 lard has not been filed? prime! what's the matter ?! Turks with dill sign a deal for 50 (!) Billion dollars;
    Dmitry Anatolyevich, and you understand that these billions will be fired at us, literally! And if you think about it, it’s not 50, but 100 billion, because 2 of our opponents, almost the enemy, solve their problems by this amount!
    I don’t know to whom the idea of ​​an analogy with MA Bulgakov belongs, but I will express my extreme disagreement with this analogy! "Never ask anything from those who are stronger than you ..." Stronger! That's who thinks so - that’s the minus!
    1. fzr1000
      fzr1000 17 February 2016 08: 25
      I think there will be no deal at 50 yards. Where do the diamonds come from? Most likely, the Ottomans at the right moment will make a feint with their ears and jump off the deal.
    2. lunoxod
      lunoxod 17 February 2016 09: 07
      50 million and not lard. Pennies nationwide.
    3. ARES623
      ARES623 17 February 2016 13: 56
      Quote: tehnokrat
      Turks with dill sign a deal for 50 (!) Billion dollars

      What resources have you dug it up on? The last info was about a $ 50 million loan to Ukraine from Turkey. Check it out. What can Ukrainians supply Turkey for 50 billion? And your proposal to knock dill on the head in general is a pearl. Let's bomb across Kiev, so what? Let's make ukrov also martyrs. I think you need to moderate your patriotic fervor and let VVP and LADIES work without idiotic advice. And I would recommend you to try to lead a group of people who doubt the correctness of your instructions, some kind of team of excavators. Then you will understand what it means to be "pathetic and unconvincing". We have many such advisers. Everyone does everything not "like that", only "workaholic engineers" understand everything and can, only they themselves cannot assemble a car from a dozen imported spare parts, we cannot really filter out information, and even then we cannot. Not that I was "crazy" about the LADIES, but the fact that we, with such tough pressure and betrayal from all sides, did not slip to the level of ukrov, can be called not a bad result.
      1. tehnokrat
        tehnokrat 17 February 2016 16: 28
        I will not argue about the figure of 50 lard: I did not save the link. What can Ukraine supply? can supply weapons (there was already information about the appearance of Soviet Grads), or re-export. And most importantly, for this money there can be obligations about a sharp aggravation in Donbass at the right time. On the "leadership of the doubters": don't you think that there are many doubters in some way? the whole company is out of step? About assembling foreign cars - not for me; we are doing other work.
        And the refrain "We are not afraid of sanctions" looks unconvincing. You don't need to mention them yourself! Moreover, to notify the "partners" that after the sanctions are lifted, we will not immediately lift our embargo, even if they do not count on it.
        Recommendations to guide return. Supervised. He returned to engineering work.
        1. ARES623
          ARES623 17 February 2016 22: 38
          Quote: tehnokrat
          Supervised. He returned to engineering work.

          Why? Failed? Didn't it grow together? Not high? With regard to supplies. Our entire military-industrial complex earns hardly a third of this amount per year. About the "grads" of Soviet production + what else is there - they will not earn BP's salary with these deliveries. And the advance payment for exacerbation is generally hilarious. Although I could be wrong. Promise the impossible for the inability to do the impossible, why not? The main thing is that no one is going to pay anyone, in this case it makes no sense to mention such an agreement. Regarding "the whole company" - none of the "company" has any idea about those underwater and non-underwater currents and passions that are raging at the level of the DAM and GDP. Everything is not so simple there, and the higher the level of subordinates, the more difficult it is to manage them and even just find agreement in the group (government). And "the sanctions are not terrible," so we have not even strained ourselves. We have such a reserve of the unemployed population that in the regime of "mobilization economy" we have every opportunity to "shoot". If you involve idlers in Moscow alone (resellers, fund holders, speculators of various stripes), there will be no room for guest workers. Still not so bad to wait for improvement :-))))
    4. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 17 February 2016 19: 26
      The lawsuit has been filed. Don't you know?
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 17 February 2016 07: 24
    This is a consolidated decision of all our European friends. .. sounds like sarcasm ..
    1. viscount
      viscount 17 February 2016 07: 39
      You will not wish such friends to the enemy !!!
  8. afrikanez
    afrikanez 17 February 2016 07: 45
    Of course, Russia is experiencing problems in the economy
    And who created these problems? Are they not the same financiers and ministers who really cannot do anything? All they do is that they look into America's mouth. Let the sanctions never be lifted at all, maybe they will learn to work for the benefit of the country and the people. Well, if not, then straight to the "trash heap"
  9. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 February 2016 07: 45
    Big politics is a difficult game at the same time on many boards and pieces in many, different colors. Such a huge country like Russia is completely impossible to isolate. And when did we live not in partial isolation? Limitations have always been in force. Even in the 90s. There were restrictions on the sale of individual appliances, machine tools, installations, all kinds of lists - this is the hegemonic national sport - who does not obey - spank. If you can’t spank (they will surrender) - put in a corner, declare a boycott, isolate (underline as necessary)!
  10. Riv
    Riv 17 February 2016 08: 15
    "They will come themselves ... They will bring a new iPhone ..."
  11. Belousov
    Belousov 17 February 2016 08: 22
    With such friends (Medvedev, Kudrin, Gref, Nabiullina and other Miller-Sechin) and enemies (the United States, Turkey, etc.) is not necessary.
    And why did he dragged Bulgakov? Or does he think that the readers of Time magazine study Russian literature without exception? Rather, this passage is intended for an internal audience, such as "what a cleverness"
  12. 31rus
    31rus 17 February 2016 08: 32
    Dear, the United States needs to say thank you for the sanctions, and the fact that they will crawl so it has already been proven: Cuba, Iran, Belarus, only send Europe itself further, for their "flexibility", in fact, whoever wants to trade under sanctions and with them and with us
  13. wandlitz
    wandlitz 17 February 2016 08: 46
    The West may cancel some sanctions, but only if it is itself interested in this. Well, an example is the purchase of rocket engines with the corresponding characteristics, the production of which in America has not yet been observed.
    1. indulf
      indulf 22 February 2016 15: 37
      Let me ask. And not the flag of the Siberian Republic on your avatar?
  14. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 17 February 2016 08: 48
    Sanctions from Iran were lifted at the moment when the states needed it. Goal # 1-Iran should throw the maximum amount of oil on the market and bring down the price. (Talking about shale oil in the states is a separate issue). Goal number 2 is to drive a wedge into the union of Russia and Iran. We will be lifted the same sanctions when the states consider it beneficial for themselves.
  15. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 17 February 2016 09: 34
    It is very sad that only the imposition of sanctions forced the government to look for ways to boost domestic industry and agriculture. I just want to ask what their bright minds thought about fifteen years ago, but now they woke up! Didn't the oil crisis of the 80s make you draw any conclusions?!? Our Chief Minister says very correctly and interestingly, but let's see what his government can really do to get the country out of the crisis into which, roughly speaking, this government drove it. Zero in general will probably remain in the memory of the people as a time of missed opportunities, a time when huge sums of money were so inept and stupidly squandered. When the funds run out in the big "stash", everything will immediately become clear ...
  16. Snail N9
    Snail N9 17 February 2016 10: 14
    Oh, come on, "sanctions do not work" - they work and how they work. And the fact that Medved is constantly talking about "lifting the sanctions" just says that the sanctions are effective. With his phrase that “we will never ask for the lifting of these sanctions,” he just asks for them to be canceled. Unfortunately, he doesn't understand this. It would be more prudent not to think about the "sanctions" at all, since it is "no brainer" that the sanctions will be lifted only after the return of Crimea to Ukraine and payment of repatriations to it and the EU and costs for destruction and losses in the "war" and during the "annexation" , as well as recognition of the "downed" Boeing, and only after the "democratic" presidential elections and the election of a new president from the "glorious cohort" of liberals Kasyanov-Navalny-Kasparov-Khodorkovsky-Yavlinsky, etc.
  17. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 17 February 2016 10: 29
    Indeed, having raised the issue of the return of Crimea as the main criterion for lifting the sanctions, Europe has generated a problem from the category of unresolvable, just like Japan, which is resting on the Kuril issue, cannot fully develop trade and economic relations with Russia. He wants to, but cannot. At the same time, both Europe and Japan forget that these "controversial" problems have arisen as a response from Russia to their actions.
    Europe guaranteed Yanukovych his presidency and a solution to the problems with the "opposition", and a day later Yanukovych barely lost his legs as a result of the coup, while the "guarantors" did not even fart in his defense, essentially supporting the coup and the violent seizure of power. And here it seems to me that our Foreign Ministry has some room for maneuver, namely, the emphasis on the Ukrainian Constitution, which has not been changed in two years ...
    - If urkaina still lives according to the old constitution, then it also prescribes the procedure for removing the president from power, which was not respected - that means Yanukovych (formally) is still considered the president of Ukraine. The law on depriving him of the title of president has not yet been signed !!!
    So what?
    If Yanukovych formally appeals to Russia with a request to accept Crimea as part of the restoration of historical justice to correct the Khrushchev’s error, given the will of the population of Crimea, we cannot refuse this act of justice!
    1. avia1991
      avia1991 17 February 2016 11: 45
      Quote: Nyrobsky
      If Yanukovych formally turns to Russia with a request to accept Crimea into its membership

      There is no appeal more legitimate than the appeal of the people of Crimea, expressed in a referendum! And Yanukovych is not needed here at all - all the more, he himself, in fact, allowed the coup to take place, with his "cleanliness" and his inability to use force to establish constitutional order ..
      But we could use it - Yanyk - to sober up dill while they were in euphoria. DON'T WANT .. although this would help to avoid, for today, many problems. hi
      Quote: Nyrobsky
      the issue of the return of Crimea as the main criterion for the lifting of sanctions
      have long been removed from the agenda, forget it! Now the main one is the implementation of the Minsk agreements wink And when its relevance disappears - they’ll come up with a new one, don’t worry!
  18. avia1991
    avia1991 17 February 2016 11: 31
    Oh-oh-oh, a lot of things I would answer to the DAM! His hero is shown intensely, a fighter for Russia, damn .. forgetting that largely due to his companionship catastrophe began in Libya, and Gaddafi was killed - after which the current canoe unfolded throughout the Middle East! Nafig, I will not paint, I have repeatedly expressed my position. A couple of comments:
    The political position has changed the authorities of the Russian Federation? Not changed. Have support from the population of the Russian Federation? You know very well that they have, and also one that no political force has here
    This phrase only shows that people live in an illusory world where the population really supports it. wassat
    Or rather these thoughts are actively inspiring the population now, trying to shape public opinion for the elections! .. The saddest thing is that I’m afraid it will work out again .. because
    nobody likes it when they press on your country. ”
    and this ... "group of Tavarisches" successfully uses the patriotically oriented consciousness of citizens, switching their attention to an external enemy, and turning away from true enemies within the power itself!
  19. 1536
    1536 17 February 2016 11: 32
    In the end, Medvedev will lead a country where it does not need at all. And he, you know, was told so, he sees it that way. Familiar song. And the motive is familiar, already lost by one general secretary from 1985 to 1991. Do you really want to be the "last" president of Russia that even the fate of millions of people - citizens of our country, does not matter?
    1. castle
      castle 17 February 2016 12: 37
      What Medvedev !? Medvedev does only what Putin orders him to. That is why Putin needs Medvedev to blame the people's anger on another. There is not much. To rewrite the constitution of Russia, and everything goes to this, so that the "Chosen Leader and His entourage" would remain at the trough for centuries, and that then the free people of Russia would completely and freely vote for the one who will be indicated from above. Otherwise, on those who disagree, Kadyrov and the Cossacks, mummers with whips, will be released from the chain. In the constituencies before the elections, parliamentary parties are already agreeing on how to distribute their candidates so that "those who do not understand the Russian people" accidentally choose those people that the "Leaders of the State" do not need.
      God save the Russians! They forgot how to take care of themselves.
  20. qwert
    qwert 17 February 2016 11: 52
    Something with Medvedev is not right. I watched on TV. In them is universal emptiness and glassiness. If he were a neighbor, Yegorych, he would say that he is from a three-day boudun. I do not think that in this state you can push live speech only if you memorized it.
  21. engineer
    engineer 17 February 2016 12: 27
    they will not cancel anything. sanctions are beneficial to the usa. and the geyropa will tolerate and will find workarounds. what of course. will slow down the development of the economy of Europe and Russia.
    1. avia1991
      avia1991 17 February 2016 18: 19
      Quote: engineer
      what of course. will slow down the development of the economy of Europe and Russia.
      Why the heck are we lifting the sanctions ?! Now, if they remove it, then it will definitely "slow down" - to a complete stop, and backward movement! IPhone-type "skaters" sleep and see how everything would return: cheap Western loans, and high oil prices! "Whatever to do - just to do NOTHING" - this is the description of their vision of the "ideal world".
  22. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 17 February 2016 12: 38
    Well, Dimon uses no less Petro. It is enough to see how he danced to the "American battle" in Armenia! He's still an amateur. So he doesn't really care about sanctions and the economy! drinks
  23. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko 17 February 2016 12: 58
    Guys, reading the comments, I never cease to be amazed at your naivety: yes, NEVER will dimasik and his liberal economic gang be removed until: "... the government is doing its job competently ..." V, V, Putin from his speech at the All-Russian meeting of small business. belay Do you even think when you write comments? I have already made sure that no matter what these goblins have done, there will always be an excuse for them, but NEVER will the GDP of "their" dimasik be sold! as well as these goblins, such as the red-haired Tolik, the unkillable financier Gref, Mr. Taburetkin with his female battalion am and other bastard! look carefully, and call me by name, and who today really sits in the zone, along with Vasya Pupkin? Just yesterday, on Ren TV, they showed the head of one of the regional departments of the Autodor, (who got 160 MILLION rubles in potato bags in the garage), who was broken off by a court verdict for 7 years, which entered into force just 2 weeks ago, and showed where? in the restaurant ... requestin general, there are no words, there is only one mat, but !!!! forum rules are sacred. and you are talking about some kind of sanctions ?! Yes, we ourselves need to establish order and not engage in verbiage on the topic: "external enemies." internal pressure should be and not talk about external.
    1. shura7782
      shura7782 17 February 2016 14: 48
      Victor, you (+ x 100 !!!). I can only add that the biggest sanction that lasts for us long before the Crimea is impunity theft.
  24. Balagan
    Balagan 17 February 2016 15: 30
    Well, Dima spoke like a man, stopped mumbling.
    1. avia1991
      avia1991 17 February 2016 18: 21
      Quote: booth
      how a man spoke

      Come on! PR managers are working - elections are on the way! Previously, he "looked" at TV once a week - and now 10 times a day! And for any reason wassat
      1. Victor Demchenko
        Victor Demchenko 17 February 2016 18: 52
        exactly! that's what I'm talking about!
    2. Victor Demchenko
      Victor Demchenko 17 February 2016 18: 51
      Quote: booth
      Well, Dima spoke like a man, stopped mumbling.

      and where? and when? something I did not see there man. so ... zdobol read clearly memorized text, not understanding what is! all his current words contradict all his actions at least a month ago.
  25. red_october
    red_october 17 February 2016 17: 32
    Of course, not Bulgakov ...
    But also true.
  26. valerii41
    valerii41 17 February 2016 18: 30
    The entire policy of the West towards Russia is in line with the "rain" and "echo of Moscow2" and according to Misha's denunciations, two percent and all those who run to the amers at the embassy for a salary. Only for this reason, these shops are not closed, and the amers are good at breaking pots without looking back
  27. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko 17 February 2016 18: 41
    and also backfilling or joy to us, stupid and dull: our prime minister climbed into Rutreker and there, oh God! was able to watch a pirate movie! HOW TO ACHIEVE! drinks IN PEREMOGA! bully WELL KEEP TERPERICHA PIRATE! drinks
    But seriously, how long will this clown be our prime minister? fool what does he have nothing to do, how to roam and climb pirate sites on an Internet ?! what do we have enough IT specialists for such a job?
    as you want, but it's time to drive EdRo out of power! it’s better to have business with Zhirinovsky, at least the peasant speaks correctly and tries to at least do something, but from the rest of the party I’m confused, like from Timur’s milk ... request
  28. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko 17 February 2016 21: 20
    I will not be a chatterbox:

    Alexander Trubnikov, sentenced to 7,5 years, was noticed in a Voronezh cafe.

    The well-known Voronezh journalist Konstantin Chaplin said on his Facebook page that the former chief road builder of the region, Alexander Trubnikov, was spotted at the Seasalt restaurant (formerly "Velvet"), where he arrived in an expensive Mercedes.

    However, Alexander Trubnikov claims that he is now sitting "without a penny of money" and came to the restaurant to "a friend who brought the medicine," reports "Notebook Voronezh".

    Further, according to the media, Alexander Trubnikov rummaged in his purse to get a recipe, allegedly brought by a friend. However, I could not find it. But he showed the journalist a disabled book. He also noted that his health was deteriorating by "major changes" - "metastases, adrenal glands and all things."

    We will remind that during the searches, 134 million rubles were found in the bags of the relatives of the former chief road builder of the region, Alexander Trubnikov. In general, he was found guilty of accepting bribes in the amount of 2,6 million rubles, but after appealing the sentence. Trubnikov's lawyer Artem Sokolenko told that the former official is going to appeal the verdict in full: "My client considers himself completely innocent."

    Found a typo? Select it and press Ctrl + Enter.

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  29. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 18 February 2016 00: 27
    I read the comments.
    With this attitude to your government, you have to go surrender to your enemies.
    No member of the government forum users do not like. Everyone considers officials to be thieves, fools and scoundrels. Then start a maidan and live well.
    I’ll tell you something.
    Suppose you are right. But who are our rulers. Yes, it’s us and you. The same loafers and thieves sit on any company and in any institution. The same fools live near you in the entrances, the same scoundrels are neighbors in your summer cottages.
    You have to start with yourself, friends. From myself.
    1. ARES623
      ARES623 18 February 2016 12: 55
      Quote: Cap.Morgan
      You have to start with yourself, friends. From myself.

      Quite right, Alexander! I read the branch - horror takes. There are not even signs of an everyday mind and the ability to think. I saw the face of the chairman of the government on the dim screen, and it drove off - both indecisive, and the text memorized, and "he drinks no less than Peter." And advice is given - one dense of the other, from "walking erotic travel" to "knocking on the head with dill." The proposal to choose Zhirinovsky came, apparently, from someone who wants to "wash boots in the Indian Ocean"? Commentators, especially critical ones, it would be more correct, I think, to start with their achievements, with confirmation, well, what kind of collective farm they raised, the plant brought out of the crisis, at worst, a team from the "rear" league into the champions of the country. And only then to share wisdom with Medvedev, they say it is necessary to do this and that, and there will be a bucket of happiness and oil for everyone. It's a shame to read, sometimes ...