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Check the combat readiness of the Russian military base in South Ossetia

The press service of the Ministry of Defense of Russia reports that in South Ossetia, a combat readiness test is being conducted at a military base of the RF Armed Forces located in a mountainous area. The submission says that the test is aimed at identifying the readiness of servicemen to solve a range of combat missions in difficult climatic and landscape conditions.

RIA News gives the text of the statement of the information management and the press service of the main defense department of the country:
In a landfill with motorized rifle, tank, as part of the verification, artillery and reconnaissance units of the Russian military base will conduct control tactical and tactical-special exercises, the main purpose of which is to assess the readiness of units to successfully solve combat missions in difficult mountainous conditions.

Check the combat readiness of the Russian military base in South Ossetia

Exercises in the framework of the verification of the combat readiness of the base troops are being worked out at the Dzartsi (Dzarts) mountain range. Particular attention is paid to the issues of camouflage, as well as the use of military equipment in the mountains.

The Russian military base in South Ossetia operates on the basis of bilateral agreements between the Russian Federation and the RSO.
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  1. Barnaul, Altai
    Barnaul, Altai 15 February 2016 12: 50
    Another hint to the Turks ...
    1. 33 Watcher
      33 Watcher 15 February 2016 12: 52
      We are waiting for exercises in Armenia yes
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 15 February 2016 12: 57
      And on the TV channel "Zvezda" they just show the film "State Border", what an alarming time all the same and how everything is similar to those events.
    3. Dam
      Dam 15 February 2016 16: 06
      Rather, the Georgians. And then, too, you may want to fish in troubled waters
  2. Michael67
    Michael67 15 February 2016 12: 51
    Galsutkoed there had to be brought. As a target, s.u.c.u.
    Children success in the exercises.
    1. Barnaul, Altai
      Barnaul, Altai 15 February 2016 13: 06
      They say he was hiding from Dimka Medved in Munich.
      Dima seemed to be a pimple, but the fat guy was still scared of him.
  3. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 15 February 2016 12: 51
    Is the Georgian army already retreating towards the Turkish border? laughing
    Now squealing ... laughing
  4. OlegV
    OlegV 15 February 2016 12: 58
    "Hard in training, easy in battle" (c)
  5. Corvetkapitan
    Corvetkapitan 15 February 2016 14: 02
    The exercises are of course to the benefit of the army, but the issue with South Ossetia and Abkhazia needs to be resolved, especially since the sanctions against Russia are still imposed and lifted, for the foreseeable future, they are not going to. It is necessary to hold a referendum on the entry of these territories into the Russian Federation. If this is the territory of the Russian Federation, then it should be protected, and if not, then it is time to end this charity, independent states must feed and protect themselves.