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US National Intelligence Director: Russia Tries to Discredit West

During a speech to representatives of the US Congress, the head of the national American intelligence, James Klapper, said that Russia is making special efforts to discredit the West. According to Clapper, Russia has launched an information war using television and online media.

US National Intelligence Director: Russia Tries to Discredit West

Clapper told the congressmen that Russia is trying to "inflate anti-Western and anti-American propaganda" not only in Russia itself, but also abroad. The US National Intelligence Director adds that such steps by Russia are aimed at misleading the world community about the role of the West in terms of “global consensus”, which “strikes at the image of Russia itself”. Reports about it RIA News.

At the same time, Mr. Klapper did not explain in what form the “introduction of the world community to the confusion about the role of the West in achieving global consensus” occurs. And where is this “global consensus” at all with the help of the West and specifically the USA achieved? Perhaps during the bombing of Yugoslavia, when the targets for the attacks of NATO aircraft were residents and infrastructure of Serbian cities, or at the moment when the valiant NATO coalition turned successful Libya into a hotbed of terrorism?

In the United States, Russia Today TV channel is considered the “mouthpiece of anti-American propaganda”, which is more popular than American CNN in a number of countries, and RT's popularity in the world, to put it mildly, worries Washington.
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  1. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 10 February 2016 06: 29
    So painfully perceived by our attempts to convey the truth to the western man in the street?
    1. Uran
      Uran 10 February 2016 06: 54
      the title would be better read like this. "the usa is wreaking havoc around the world"
      1. from punk
        from punk 10 February 2016 07: 29
        Quote: Uranus
        the title would be better read like this. "the usa is wreaking havoc around the world"

        Pentagon. Obama and the generals discuss when it is best to attack Russia. They cannot come to a consensus when it is better to do so to win.
        We decided to ask those who have already attacked. They ask the French: "When is it better to attack?"
        The French answer: "We don’t know, but certainly not in the winter ..." Then they ask the Germans: "When to attack?" The Germans say: "We do not know, but certainly not in the summer."
        Dead end. What to do? Someone suggests - Let's ask the Chinese, they are the most advanced and cunning, always come up with something ...
        They ask: "The Chinese, when will we attack Russia to win?"
        The Chinese answer: "Right now, immediately. The Russians are now" Power of Siberia ", they are still completing the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome, the bridge to the Crimea will soon begin, they decided to restore the BAM, new stadiums are being built for the 2018 World Cup, the Arctic is being mastered - THEM IS ABOUT LIKE CAPTIVE NECESSARY! "
        1. umah
          umah 10 February 2016 08: 20
          Russia launched an information war using television and online media

          We did not start this information war. We are constantly spread rot in the Western media, starting with 08.08.08, if not earlier. Only now we have something to answer to these information attacks, so the Anglo-Saxons feel retaliatory attacks and are nervous. After all, before the information field was completely under their control.
      2. 222222
        222222 10 February 2016 08: 48
        Uranus (3) RU Today, 06:54 ↑
        the title would be better read like this. "the usa is wreaking havoc around the world"
        ..Yesterday, the US Senate Military Affairs Committee heard the Director of US National Intelligence and the US Director of US Military Intelligence. The topic was "world threats."
        The reports come first ... Russia !!
        "The United States believes that Russia is conducting an operation in Syria, as it is concerned about extremists, but seeks to reach a settlement in this country on its own terms," ​​the head of American intelligence said.
        According to him, Washington believes that President "Putin will continue to try to use the Syrian conflict and calls for cooperation against IS (the Islamic State group is banned in Russia) to promote Russia's status as a great power and end international isolation." "Moscow's growing concern about IS and other extremists has led to direct intervention on the side of the Bashar al-Assad regime and efforts to achieve a political solution to the Syrian conflict on Russian terms," ​​Clapper said.
        At the same time, he believes that Russia will not agree to the introduction of ground forces into Syria. "I think that even the Russians see that we are heading towards a stagnant situation if there is no significant input of ground forces. But I don't think the Russians intend to do this," said Clapper.
        "Since the terrorist attacks in Paris and over the Sinai, Russia has doubled its calls for a broad anti-terrorist coalition," Klapper said.
        At the same time, he warned of the danger of an escalation between Russia and Turkey. "Tensions between Turkey and Russia, growing since Turkey shot down a Russian plane in November 2015, is fraught with a wide range of miscalculations and escalation," the head of the national intelligence said.

        RIA Novosti
    2. Pig
      Pig 10 February 2016 07: 15
      our truth is there nobody is interested in! everyone has their own truth ...
      it's just that the American "truth" has already lifted everyone up, and ours seems to be like a breath of fresh air in the rotten atmosphere of the "civilized" media ...
      something similar happened in the late 80s - when everyone laughed at the "truth" of the USSR and the "truth" of the United States was an "American dream"
      now on the contrary;) no one needs the rotten "American dream" and homosexual democracy with sodomy
      1. 222222
        222222 10 February 2016 09: 45
        Pig .. "nobody cares about our truth thai .."
        ..the way it is ...
        Test document on their intelligence site ..
        or from here right away ..
        .. "Russia threatens the security of US cyberspace. Firstly, Moscow is capable of hitting infrastructure facilities via the Internet, collecting information, and conducting influence operations. Secondly, Russia, through the Network, influences public opinion, creating a favorable environment for itself. in the report, Moscow is publishing disinformation on commercial sites to create confusion in online media. "
        .BBBB SI .. throws bonnets into the air ..
        "Russia" has an obsession "with NATO and its attempts to compete with American power could push us into a new Cold War," US National Intelligence Director James Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee.
        "They are extremely concerned about being held back," he added.

        ..Klepper said that despite the reduction in violence between the Ukrainian military and separatists in the Donbass, which is supported by Russia, the Kremlin will continue "long-term influence on Kiev" and will thwart "Ukraine's attempts to integrate into Western institutions."

        "Events in Ukraine are prompting Moscow to strengthen its presence in the region to prevent regime change in the former Soviet republics and to accelerate the transition to a multipolar world in which Russia is the undisputed hegemon in Eurasia," said Clapper. "
        .... "Russia continues to raise the level of information warfare, working to inflate anti-American and anti-Western sentiments both in Russia and globally. Moscow will continue to publish false and misleading information in an attempt to discredit the West, confuse or distort the picture events that threaten Russia's image, undermine consensus on Russia and defend Russia's role as a responsible and leading global power, "Clapper said at the US Congress.

        РИА Новости
    3. Red_Hamer
      Red_Hamer 10 February 2016 08: 34
      And how, they do not like that))! And what, then, is their difference in the vaunted "freedom of speech" from North Korea, which they hate so much?
      1. marna
        marna 10 February 2016 11: 17
        Quote: Red_Hamer
        James Klapper said that Russia is making special efforts to discredit the West.

        What a special effort. There is nothing to be done here, the West itself has done it wherever it could - Russia is discrediting. Another hysteria. They didn’t have to climb to Russia, they warned after all, and they would be happy.
    4. ARS56
      ARS56 10 February 2016 08: 40
      The US policy, built on continuous lies through subservient media, as it turned out, is very afraid of the truth.
      Russia Today is the only source of reliable information in the world of lies.
    5. IrOqUoIs
      IrOqUoIs 10 February 2016 09: 15
      So I would say:
      - Dear congressmen, the tactics of deceitful journalism do not justify themselves, the Russians, who tell only the truth, have outplayed us. We lied so that we ourselves do not know where the truth is, where the lie.
      1. 222222
        222222 10 February 2016 10: 33
        On February 10-11, 2-16, the annual winter session of NATO is held at the level of defense ministers of the participating countries. On February 9, NATO Secretary General gave a huge press conference on the eve of the meeting -"будем продолжать адаптировать нашу оборону для встречи угроз с любого направления"
        - advanced presence of troops in the eastern part of the alliance
        -more training and exercises
        -more storage of equipment and means of MTO
        -increase contributions to infrastructure-aerodromes. training centers. training grounds
        -improving NATO's defense against hybrid attacks
        -alliance as part of a coalition against ISIS
        -About SYRIA and RUSSIA "NATO strongly supports all efforts to end suffering, achieve a ceasefire and begin a political transition in Syria.
        Intense Russian air strikes, mainly against opposition forces that undermine these efforts.

        They are the cause of the movement of tens of thousands of people to the border of Turkey.

        And they make a desperate humanitarian crisis even more desperate and even worse.

        Increasing Russia's air activity in Syria also leads to violations of NATO airspace.

        Overall, Russia's significant military development in Syria and the eastern Mediterranean shifts the strategic balance and increases tension in the region.

        .. de-escalation and political decisions are more pressing than ever. "" "

        AH, what is the correlation (interconnecting) of the speeches of the directors of intelligence of the United States (national and military) on February 9 on the topic of world threats .. with the pre-sessional speech of the NATO Secretary General on February 9 .. yes and the NATO session itself at the level of the Defense Ministry

        Looks like one conductor and one score !!
    6. Vend
      Vend 10 February 2016 09: 32
      Quote: armored optimist
      So painfully perceived by our attempts to convey the truth to the western man in the street?
      And then. True pricks his eyes, and some prick laughing
    7. Poppy
      Poppy 10 February 2016 11: 32
      The West has long discredited itself
  2. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov 10 February 2016 06: 32
    All right! Your weapon is for you!
    1. Alexanast
      Alexanast 10 February 2016 08: 25
      But for something for sho laughing
  3. Wolka
    Wolka 10 February 2016 06: 33
    and that’s very good, let the Yankees itch like flea dogs
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 February 2016 06: 33
    Russia makes special efforts to discredit the West

    The United States, together with Europe, are discrediting themselves in the eyes of the still thinking world community. Russia only ascertains the facts of the "jambs" of the West and tries to convey the truth about what is really happening in different regions of the world.
    1. beck
      beck 10 February 2016 07: 58
      A petition was posted on the White House’s website for bringing Obama to trial as a war criminal.
  5. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 10 February 2016 06: 37
    Stunned ... what
    And what is then called all this filth and a lie that pours out on us daily ??? winked
    "The truth of democracy"?
    1. Armax
      Armax 10 February 2016 07: 05
      Quote: Rurikovich
      Stunned ... what
      And what is then called all this filth and a lie that pours out on us daily ??? winked
      "The truth of democracy"?

      For them it is their true, different from ours.

      “What is the reason for the West’s dislike of us?” Dostoevsky asked and answered this question like this:
      - The main reason is precisely that they cannot recognize us in any way.
      They will never believe that we can truly participate with them and on an equal footing with them in the further destinies of their civilization.
      There is one extraordinary reason for all this: we are bringing an idea not at all the same as they are to humanity - that is the reason! ... "
  6. dzzen
    dzzen 10 February 2016 06: 42
    This is an eternal disease of the Anglo-Saxons, everyone except me is to blame, they have never seen and will never see logs in their eyes.
  7. ava09
    ava09 10 February 2016 06: 43
    (C) Director of US National Intelligence: Russia is attempting to discredit the West (C)

    Nothing and no one will be able to discredit the West as much as he himself discredits his actions.
  8. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 10 February 2016 06: 43
    And ban the Internet! Turn off, close, transfer providers ... But how now to block the channels of information distribution? If you close a TV channel, they will watch it on the Internet. And they will find ways to bypass any blockages. And since RT scored such a rating, then fighting it by "force" methods will only add to its popularity. Scandals are so increasing interest.
  9. MarKon
    MarKon 10 February 2016 07: 15
    Interesting logic. If a person has a non-traditional orientation and declare this to the whole world - is this a discredit)?
  10. tehnokrat
    tehnokrat 10 February 2016 07: 24
    Mr., nothing personal. Just a war. Informational. You are our enemies, get used to it.
  11. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 10 February 2016 07: 28
    And the fact that they have been discrediting our country for a quarter of a century is considered normal for them.
    1. Begemot
      Begemot 10 February 2016 10: 17
      already a quarter century
      A quarter of a millennium - more precisely, at least I have been observing this with 50 for more than a few years.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  12. Gurtanchik
    Gurtanchik 10 February 2016 07: 37
    More needs to be spent on their media abroad. Gone are the days when we secretly listened to the radio of rotten freedom. May now they there listen to our truth.
  13. vic58
    vic58 10 February 2016 07: 50
    And note that the conclusions are made on the basis of "classified data" "secret intelligence of Papua New Guinea"! Looks like a really powerful structure laughing amers still cannot find her repeat
  14. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 10 February 2016 08: 00
    During a speech to representatives of the US Congress, the head of the national American intelligence, James Klapper, said that Russia was making special efforts to discredit the West.
    And the West is so all white and fluffy.
  15. Stinger
    Stinger 10 February 2016 08: 02
    What did they want? Themselves compared us to Ebola. Or did we bring the test tube to the UN? Nice business. They praise us, and we "discredit"! Look in the mirror and see who is discrediting.
  16. Same lech
    Same lech 10 February 2016 08: 07
    US National Intelligence Director: Russia Tries to Discredit West

    And I'm glad about that ...
    we confront the enemy with his own weapon ..
    traditionally we only benefit from this.
    I am sure that this time we will win in the information battle.
  17. brasist
    brasist 10 February 2016 08: 10
    The stripes and the west put themselves in a pose of prostomata. Someone is threatening them before they at least hid their rotten soul and now they put it up without hesitation on display and still blame Russia for their crimes, as they say, all the atrocities come back in a boomerang ...
  18. Dim Dimych
    Dim Dimych 10 February 2016 08: 21
    Not visible to anyone (except the United States) anti-Western propaganda, but in the hands (judging by the photo) an invisible test tube with white powder.)) "The little casket was just opening" - Russia is just telling the truth and acting in the world according to its conscience ...
  19. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 10 February 2016 08: 41
    Russia is trying to discredit the West

    Well, this is in vain, slander, as you yourself are discrediting yourself better than no one can do.
  20. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 10 February 2016 09: 21
    To "discredit" is to undermine trust. But what kind of confidence can there be in a sharper? Be happy. gentlemen, that you have not yet received a candelabrum on the head. So far, only very delicately Lavrov and Zakharova are whipping a deck on your cheeks and sentencing you ("don't twist, don't twist"). This is when the Russian Federation will present irrefutable evidence to the whole world. that the Boeing was shot down by your Ukrainian lackeys, and how their puppeteers suggested to do this, then you will have to turn around. And judging by our statement, we have such evidence. It’s not for nothing that your arrogance has diminished, and independent journalists are signaling to you how to hush up this case with Boeing.
  21. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 10 February 2016 09: 29
    Quote: dim dimych
    Not visible to anyone (except the United States) anti-Western propaganda, but in the hands (judging by the photo) an invisible test tube with white powder.)) "The little casket was just opening" - Russia is just telling the truth and acting in the world according to its conscience ...

    If they, without proof, called our president a corrupt official, then unlike them, we call their leaders according to the results of their activities)))
  22. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 10 February 2016 10: 04
    What a one-sided consensus in this west! Consensus - Consensus on a controversial issue as a result of a discussion.
  23. HAM
    HAM 10 February 2016 10: 07
    Recently I watched a program with the participation of Margarita Simonyan, the chief of "RT", I am very glad that our young people are such patriots, literate and professional. Margarita is in her place, so every bbc, cnn, skynews is guaranteed a headache.
  24. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 10 February 2016 10: 17
    "In the United States, the" mouthpiece of anti-American propaganda "is considered to be the Russia Today TV channel, which surpasses American CNN in popularity in a number of countries, and the popularity of RT in the world, to put it mildly, worries Washington."

    They reap what they have sown. The reverse side of their democratic-liberal values. As if they weren’t infuriated by RT, they just can’t close the channel, they need a reason, but ours don’t give it, they play within :)
  25. Stariknv
    Stariknv 10 February 2016 11: 44
    The United States that sowed and reaped.
  26. triglav
    triglav 10 February 2016 13: 23
    ... Russia is making special efforts to discredit the West.
    What is the United States doing?
  27. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 10 February 2016 15: 13
    And let the fat bald toad answer for his words!
    Where are the presidential and foreign ministers? Let the bald cattle be brought to justice.