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98 years of homelessness

98 years of homelessness

The usual pharmacy are two used syringe. This pharmacy has a bad reputation: they rush to here by expensive cars and hurry away. Drug addicts today have gone is not the ones that were. Previously, it was the prerogative of creative people. And now largely addiction is rooted in the "abandonment of the soul," in the absence of life, "the rod" among young people, which for centuries was a bulwark of the future, she hoped for on and off the wildest scenarios glorious destinies. But everything can destroy drug addiction, which is still a threat to Russia's national security, although in some other countries it is considered the benchmark of life.

The beginning of the fight against asocial youth

In January 2016 98, it marked the years since the adoption of the decree "On commissions for minors" (was adopted in January 14 1918, the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR). People's Commissar of Education A.V. About a year later, Lunacharsky initiated the creation of another state institution - the Council for the Protection of Children, which includes almost all the people's commissariats involved in the socialization of children.

For children’s problems, F.E. Dzerzhinsky: he became the chief of the country on children's issues in December 1922 year: that's when the previous structure - the Council for Child Protection - was abolished, and a special committee dedicated to improving the lives of children has been organized instead. The emergence of many colonies for homeless and orphanages was one of the main results of the new state institution.

Much was done in the post-war period, when the level of homelessness in the country was the highest - about 700 thousands of children.

Another fundamental transformation became possible in the middle of 1967: local governments were supplemented by commissions for minors. In this form, the legal relationship in the chain "children - parents - state" still exists. True, different social institutions appear, but they cannot take government decisions, but only play a coordinating, preventive role.

The current situation in the system of prevention of homelessness and neglect - from here and begin to multiply mainly drug addicts - is one of the main tasks of government on the implementation of which involved security forces.

Registered to a narcologist

“Alcohol is one of the most common causes of such cases,” says the secretary of the commission on juvenile affairs of the administration of Aksai district (Rostov region), M. Yu. Zhigalina. - 40 legal representatives of adolescents were fined for the fact that their young children drank alcoholic beverages. Another 61 KDN case was examined in connection with the consumption of alcoholic drinks by teenagers who are over 16 years, guys fined and put on the account to Narcologist.

Young alcohol lovers are detected during regular raids. To a question fit strictly even if the teenager does not drink alcohol, and holding a closed container, it qualifies as a preparation for drinking alcohol.

Moreover, only guardians, and not other relatives (grandmothers, brothers and sisters) are considered to be persons replacing parents.

Already identified 38 minors who were at night on the street unaccompanied by adults. In 11 cases, the parents were fined.

“Of course, the amounts of fines are insignificant in our country,” says Margarita Yuryevna. - For example, in the Krasnodar Territory, parents will have to pay five thousand rubles for such offenses of children. Of course, this encourages them to be more attentive to the whereabouts and activities of their children.

Extortion about the registry office

In the summer, the commission often received young scooter drivers. The fact that the right to drive these vehicles are only issued to 16 years, but the parents neglecting the safety of children and common sense, give the scooter its more young children of.

In addition, young people often ride without helmets. In all of these areas, the 15 protocols were created.

Frequent complaints of theft in "Auchan". Children, as a rule, do not suspect that video cameras are installed in the hypermarket and the facts of theft are always recorded. For each stolen item, children, or rather, their parents, will have to pay damages in triple size. Moreover, if the theft of a large recognized (that is, its value exceeds 1000 rubles), and the child had turned 14 years, the plant is a criminal case.

For regular hits on the note commission teenager can go to a special school. This preventive measure is now facing a group of children, to which the mass of claims: time off school, loitering, fighting, training failures, vandalism, begging and even extortion. Among these teenagers and those who extorted money near the registry office, this история at one time thundered on the whole area. Children with the threat that they will spoil or stain the car, extorted rather large sums from the participants of the wedding procession. Now, every Saturday, police officers, employees of the commission on juvenile affairs, teachers from schools are on duty at the civil registry office.

The Commission on Juvenile Affairs regularly holds events in educational institutions, they are called Days of Major Prevention. The audience - schoolchildren, starting from the sixth grade. The children are told about their rights and obligations, they are shown videos about the dangers of alcohol and smoking, explains the responsibility for the offense.

Attract guys to socially useful work. Adolescents will also learn about what circles and sections exist, including sports, and learn how to behave correctly in the event of an emergency. The commission meets every two weeks, cases are considered, decisions are made.

The children who have committed offenses and their parents need to take into account that, for example when registering to narcologists subsequently be eliminated to obtain a driver's license. Upon admission to the university, applicants must present a characteristic, which will also reflect the “mistakes of youth”. Because of one unseemly act, the future can be endangered.

Addict artist with a ballpoint pen

The medical staff of the therapeutic department were admired by the sketches of portraits, which Vitaly drew with a ballpoint pen in his notebook.

- I'm 25 years old, and my life is just beginning! - He said cheerfully, introducing himself to everyone. Visitors came to it almost daily. Relatives, friends.

That's just the beloved girl he was waiting for, never looked here.

“I have a wonderful one,” said Vitaly, who suffers from bilateral pneumonia of the lungs, to the nurses. - Beautiful, mistress, good girl. I will leave the hospital, give up drugs, marry.

They say drug addicts are usually embittered people around them. But, looking at Vitaly, this could not be said. He was joking, telling stories of the lives of famous artists, writers and other artists, simply hitting surrounding their erudition and education.

Doctors knew that he had practically no chance to survive, despite all the measures taken to save Vitaly. But fought hard for the life of a guy. The weakened immunity of the addict constantly reminded of himself, antibiotics did not affect the patient’s body or had little effect. The guy began to choke more and more often. But still this time he survived.

- How to get sick again - immediately to you. You saved me! - He said goodbye to doctors and nurses. A month later he was gone. No, not from a drug overdose. Just refused a heart. The guy died at the hands of his mother, who begged money for another dose of desomorphine. A year later, she was gone.

A further relative of the will "left" their home. And neighbors who lived near Vitalik and his mother, and now, a few years after the tragedy, shaking their heads, remember what was this happy family, until his father took to drink and has not started to use drugs son.

The story of this woman shocked many

Severe form of hepatitis C, which Elena caught by fellow addicts, quietly and purposefully destroying her body for a few years. A woman turned for help to doctors when she had only one or two weeks left to live.

- Dying, she called the daughter, - one of the nurses does not hide tears. - I repeated that I wanted to live, that I would not give my child to anyone.

I wonder if the mother thought, starting to use desomorphine, that she would leave her five-year-old daughter orphaned?

But the story of Elena began so beautifully. She graduated from school, went to college, then got a job. By the way, colleagues speak about Elena very well and still can not believe that she used drugs. Then she, according to her friends, got married successfully. The couple had a daughter. But soon her husband left Helen and married another. About the presence of the child's former husband does not remember to this day.

Experiencing grief, every person seeks consolation for himself. Elena "found" him in drugs.

- If to our department received drug-dependent patients, it is usually young people between the ages of 20 to 30 years, - said the head of the therapy department at the hospital LE Zubovskaya. - It hurts to look at them! After all, many of the employees of our team have their children of about the same age! Immunity from young drug addicts entering the hospital has been almost completely destroyed. Their bodies are no longer able to fight for their lives. But at the same time, drug-addicted patients absolutely do not want to understand that they are sick with drug addiction. “I can jump off the needle at any moment!” - doctors often hear from them. Neither the young men nor the girls understand what torture they have sentenced themselves to. And only yourself?

Daughter of acquaintances and icons in wards

Heading to the district hospital, preparing materials for countering drug addiction with the medical staff, I did not even assume that in one of the departments I would meet the daughter of my acquaintances. Her mother did not hide tears, her father clenched his fists helplessly. A toxic violation of immunity was found in the student's daughter. Cause? Drugs. More precisely - desomorphine. You do not need to be a prophet to assume that the neighbors, friends and acquaintances of this family will say tomorrow. “There was a decent girl, she studied well, obeyed her parents, and such ...”

“It amazes me,” admits Lyudmila Evgenievna. - Among drug-addicted patients are most often those who are constantly, from childhood, were surrounded by the love and attention of adults. And parents, until the child passes away, until the last moment they believe in him, as doctors. That here, they say, such a moment will come by itself and the son or daughter will give up drugs and start a new life.

And more and more students are found among drug-addicted patients. Not so long ago, young people were admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of “drug overdose”. One of them is a student of a prestigious Rostov university. He was in less serious condition than his companion in misfortune, but he did not survive.

From a conversation with the guy's parents I find out that Maxim was one of those who could be called the future of our science. From childhood he worked on some very complex computer programs. Programming was for the guy all. Fascinated by work, he sat at a computer for days, then began taking some kind of stimulants, from which there was only one step to drugs.

Chambers in various departments of the district hospital, where there are people suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, it is very easy to find out. No, not even as patients who, because of drugs and alcohol, received a whole bunch of chronic diseases. It is just that in these wards on the bedside tables there are usually most of all the icons that the patients themselves, their relatives, friends and relatives bring with them.

I was also struck by the fact that both the artist and Elena were believers. The woman and in the intensive care unit took with her a small icon of the Virgin, from which she did not part until the last minute of life. Both the deceased Maxim and the drug addict who was taken to the hospital almost at the same time as him, wore the “Living Aid” prayer belt.

Is love for relatives and faith in God not enough reason to quit drug use?

Today, the level of educational education today is also trying to raise with the help of the introduction of new subjects that, according to the developers, raise the spiritual and moral state of education among the younger generation. There is no single opinion on this issue in the society. From the beginning of the current school year, the modular courses “Fundamentals of Business” and “Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture” were introduced into the school curricula. We are talking about one of the directions of the implementation of the presidential initiative “Our New School”.

Pupils get acquainted with the Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture from the fifth grade, and from the second half of the year (pupils of 2-3 classes learned about Orthodoxy about extracurricular activities. As the teacher O. Fedorova commented, information about the culture of Orthodoxy is given to children unobtrusively and in dosage form , as provided for by the program of a secular educational institution. At the expense of the regional budget, the issue of acquiring the necessary textbooks that come with workbooks was resolved. The author of the official textbook on Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture "- Archdeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church, Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy, writer, theologian and writer, secular and religious scholar AV Kuraev.

However, society only concentrates its strength on the fight against drug addiction.

“The life expectancy of a person who started using drugs is, on average, five years,” explains L.N. Chief Physician of the Aksai Central District Hospital. Miller. - Few of the drug-addicted people live, having started using drugs, for more than ten years. The usual cause of their death is an overdose of narcotic substances. But quite often, drug addicts die from infectious diseases, with which their bodies simply cannot fight. As experts say, self-deception is the usual state of all those who use drugs. Drug-addicted people, whose body and psyche are already in irreversible stages of destruction, believe that they are able at any moment to “engage in drugs” and return to normal life.

The number of drug addicts in our country is growing. According to experts, the number of drug addicts in Russia is about six million. Official statistics gives figures that are smaller than the specified one in 10, because it takes into account only those citizens who voluntarily have entered medical records. According to statistics, out of the total number of drug addicts in Russia, 20 percent are schoolchildren, 60 percent are young people between the ages of 16 and 30 years, 20 percent are older people. Every year tens of thousands of Russians are killed by drugs in Russia. And if earlier the problem of drug addiction was mainly related to big cities, now it has come to the village. In rural feldsher points, outpatient clinics, central district hospitals, as a rule, there are no narcological departments, but narcologists constantly receive patients suffering from drug addiction. And often, citizens who use drugs, become patients of the infectious, therapeutic departments. After all, drug addiction brings with it not only AIDS and hepatitis C, but also bilateral pneumonia of the lungs, bronchitis, stroke, renal failure, and many other diseases.

Children at the stake in the yard bake pancakes

A dysfunctional family becomes a “breeding ground” for drug addiction, both in urban and in rural areas. Especially hard in this situation is children.

In the countryside, family ties are stronger than in the bustling cities. It always has been. Only here the facts of today's life overturn all the established foundations. The more difficult we live, the more in the farms of parents who have disown their own children; mothers of cuckoos traveling through life, like tumbleweeds, drowned in a glass of vodka, completely forgotten about their duties.

The Commission on Juvenile Affairs manages to deal with the fate of disadvantaged children, to admonish fallen parents that they should, the law requires the performance of parental responsibilities. It is a pity that the biological parents have long been less concerned about the lives of their children than a glass of "opohmelki" after a stormy night.

I was at one of the meetings of the commission. Before members of the commission - the mother of two children with disabilities. A woman does not work anywhere, she lives with the support of old parents. Weeks in weeks, forgetting about children. Parents who have long been behind 80 are trying to take care of the children. But only if they are able to make a tolerable life of children who need individual care and treatment? And what about mommy? She takes offense at her parents. They scold her, and therefore drinks. This is how she explains her behavior. This unfortunate mother had long since drowned her maternal feelings in vodka, and she already has little in common with a woman. But to the exhortations of the members of the commission she condescended: “I will heal from alcoholism, but I do not guarantee that I will not drink again. As parents begin to run down - leave. " Apparently, the cuckoo mother does not know that, having left today, she will never leave from old age. Children's pain will certainly return to her boomerang.

But another case was told during the meeting of the commission. The “star of the regional scale” has not yet fallen from memory from the village of Bogachev, “with a particular way of life”, as another similar family appeared on the regional horizon. Boris lives with a young female mistress in the farm Semyonovke. Two have five children, but there are no parental responsibilities. They live in a dilapidated house, in which there is a half-disassembled stove, three pillows for seven family members. Parents do not care about bed linen, fuel supplies, clothes, food for children in this family. In the morning, one concern: hang up, drink. A young female mistress, who appeared from an unknown place in a farm, successfully “stuck” to an unkempt single father of three minor children. She does not have any identity documents, and even two children - without birth certificates. Of course, neither children nor any other benefits are received. What do they live on? For children's allowances and social benefits for children of a hapless father.

Neighbors help children with food, clothes. Children on the fire right in the yard baked pancakes. Sometimes they get into other people's gardens.

The older daughters of Boris fled from the house. The father knows their whereabouts badly. Much better in the family situation of the family is a specialist in rural administration.

It is terrible to imagine how hungry, unprotected children feel in the difficult life of the Russian hinterland. When a living father lives three destitute orphans.

Boris’s children have no conditions not for life, but for elementary existence.

About a loving thirty-year-old person with a pretty worn look, the conversation is special. It is not as simple as it seems. After all, she, like a plant parasite, clung to a rustic peasant, and she even planted her children for children's allowances.
The members of the commission on juvenile affairs took measures to the unfortunate parents within the law. But what is a fine for these people if they have long ago lost the most important, vital, connection with their children.

Orphans with living parents - an ugly product of our time. Like mushrooms after a rain, grief-parents appear who do not live anywhere, do not work anywhere, love nobody.

How to protect a child

In the Rostov region, the project on introducing the school ombudsperson for children's rights in schools, which coordinates the efforts of various state and public entities, including on the problem of drug abuse prevention in the school environment, continues to be implemented since 2010.

The people elected to this position have passed and are still studying at courses in Rostov-on-Don, get acquainted with the experience of the Saratov and Volgograd regions, where they already have their own experience and methods. In many schools there are information boards on legal issues and on the time of reception by authorized persons, mailboxes for anonymous appeals. The interaction of representatives with other interested services, such as territorial divisions for work with the population, school inspectors for juvenile affairs, is being worked out.

School commissioners are elected at the general meeting of students. The Commissioner can choose any adult participant in the educational process: a teacher, educator, social teacher, psychologist, parent. Persons holding an administrative position in schools can not be elected authorized.

Today, such services began to operate in all urban schools, and therefore the school ombudsman’s children's rights workshop held in the education department was more numerous than before.

Like any new activity, the work of the commissioners needs a methodological basis, an exchange of experience and useful information. For this purpose, a methodical association of ombudsmen for children’s rights has been created at the education department, headed by MP Bashmachenkova. Opening the first seminar in this school year, she spoke about what was done at the beginning of the journey. First, the regulatory materials are systematized and the social status of the families in which the students live is analyzed. Today, probably, no one will argue that the rights of minors are violated to a greater degree in families that are far from being well-being, and these children require the primary attention of the commissioners. According to today's data, students of educational institutions of the city live in 7053 families, 3591 of which is low-income, 2008 - incomplete.

Already during the first year of work, appeals began to be received by authorized representatives.

Schoolchildren most often appealed because of conflicting relationships with classmates, theft of things, fights, and also complained about a large amount of homework. Parents raised issues of humiliation and insults of their children by classmates, asked for help in placing children in state educational institutions, the guardians consulted on issues of housing the wards. Teachers posed the problem of using cell phones during school lessons, the rudeness of schoolchildren with regard to teachers, and also asked for help in conducting extracurricular activities on legal topics.

By the end of the school year, not without the participation of the authorized representatives, the percentage of serious conflicts in the relations between teachers and students decreased. Mostly they were easily resolvable and were provoked by the incorrect behavior of schoolchildren and the response of teachers who did not take into account the age and psychological characteristics of children. In such cases, it was necessary to seek a compromise. Appeals concerning the relationship of students with each other, a little in comparison with the actual number of conflicts. Students of the 3-5 classes mostly complained about their classmates (boys and girls). Older children prefer to solve the problems of interpersonal communication independently, without resorting to the help of adults.

Methods of conflict resolution, elected by students, are still far from legal. And because the main task of the school commissioners was and remains to increase the legal literacy and culture of children. During the year, explanatory talks were held on the main provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, meetings with representatives of the juvenile affairs department, psychologists, doctors.

The schools conducted a survey of high school students to determine the degree of comfort of their stay in school. This is how teenagers answered the questionnaire. 52 percent of respondents go to school with joy, 60 percent are in a good mood at school. A good study is a serious work - 79 percent of respondents adhere to this opinion. 54 percentages of pro-questioned high school students think that school teachers can be consulted, 55 percent have such a teacher in their school, and 66 percent have answered yes to the question whether their school has a respected teacher. Answers to these and a number of other questions helped the school officials to form an opinion on the psychological state of adolescents in school.

Much, for example, the system of material incentives for commissioners, has not yet been defined at the oblast level. And the meeting participants also talked about this. Working mainly as subject teachers, they carry an extra load that requires high commitment and a lot of time, completely free of charge. It remains to be expected that the problem will nevertheless be considered by the regional administration and resolved.

“It’s still difficult for us, because we stand at the origins of this important matter,” said M.P. Bashmachenkova.- But you do not need to immediately retreat before a large amount of work, but start small and gradually achieve a certain result.

What did Olga Verbova, a student of 11 "A" class of secondary school №6, write:

“There is indeed the only effective way to not become addicted to drugs - it is never, under any circumstances, to try! And yet, if anyone has such a desire, then prepare a fee for a minute pleasure:
- crawling like a sleepy fly;
- your memory is full of holes like a colander;
- "twitch" like the last psychopath;
- you start to be afraid of your own shadow;
- you become stupid, like a Siberian felt boot;
- everything falls out of your shaking hands;
- "sound, color, image" disappears;
- your brains are not worth a rusty penny;
- and all the fluid in you brake;
- people of the opposite sex no longer interest you;
- and you them too;
- your race may be interrupted by you;
- You are known as a thief, a liar and a beggar.

Romantic, isn't it? “You wanted to be cool, but you became an outcast!”

The destruction of man begins with a swear word

But the efforts of public institutions today are not enough. I am convinced of this from my personal experience. Not so long ago, three schoolchildren of about ten were walking towards me. Looking at them with affection, I think: “Yes, children go to school, they will be literate, educated ...” We would have diverged from them, I am with a good opinion about our schoolchildren, they are leaving this opinion about themselves. But then the trinity wanted to communicate with each other. Their appearance and involvement in the younger age category of the population did not harmonize with the form of speech, which was based on virtuoso swear words. While I was trying to understand the content of the conversation behind this form, the boys noisily withdrew, leaving a trail of “abusive aftertaste” and frustration in the realities of modern life.

After the words “mom” and “dad”, our children begin to pronounce other, more interesting ones. Adults teach their children these words intentionally, being touched by the baby talk of “strong” words, or they talk among themselves so that they cannot be remembered, and taking into account their brevity and plainness is not easy to remember.

Having become acquainted with the lessons of the Russian language with the ways of forming words, young minds masterfully test the rules in practice, inventing very intricate in form, but quite understandable in content, expressions that have little to do with common words. Without these expressions, it is difficult to imagine a beating for a boss (and sometimes a boss), a conversation about fishing or hunting, just a heart-to-heart talk. But how! How many emotions can be conveyed by one strong word!

Profanity (still sounds better than swear words) has long become the norm in our everyday conversations. On the street, in the hospital, at school, at the train station, in the store ... everywhere you can hear "strong words". Two teenagers find out the relationship, repeatedly using different words of obscene language. Groups of young people in the park drink beer, animatedly telling something, naturally with the use of familiar words to everyone in different letters. “Yes, you went (went) ...” - in response to a phrase you liked little, and it’s good if specific coordinates are not added. The car does not start, but it is necessary to go, the son received a bad mark, it suddenly started to rain.

Any trouble is accompanied by expressions that are far from generally accepted. We have already stopped being ashamed of those who are near and should not hear these words from us - our own children or parents. In some families, communication in the language of expletives, profanity is quite normal. That's what scary.

In modern society, the use of profanity has become the scale of the epidemic, it has penetrated into literature, the cinema, the media, for many obscene language is becoming the norm. Its distribution is another proof that there are many problems in our life. Profanity is a form of social protest and self-assertion. Riot against the abominations of life. According to research by modern scientists, abusive words, in addition to other negative characteristics, reduce the level of intelligence, destroy our consciousness, deprive the human psyche of conscience and shame, make it uncontrollable, and even distort the structure of DNA.

It is from this that disrespect and contempt for their traditions begin to emerge, the search begins for new ideals and ways to please their already half-ruined, not yet formed soul, which is aimed at receiving only pleasures from life in the form of scooters, gratuitous parent money and, perhaps, all this leads end up with addiction. Weak people are subject to it in the first place.

Vocational school had ethical code

In the Rostov Region five years ago, in the 2011 year, more than 33 thousands of students from vocational schools and lyceums decided to voluntarily test for drug use in the XNUMX year. The results have not been made public yet.

Tests, of course, are good. But children need to be given more and moral foundations, which, unfortunately, are absent today in some moments.

Ivan Razinkov, former and last director of vocational schools, recalls: “I leaf through a family album, archives, and suddenly I find a very interesting thing - the cadet’s statement.

Year 1995. I am the director of the training course. In UKK they taught various specialties, mainly mechanization. Upon admission to our school, the exams did not surrender, but, apart from the desire to get a profession, the students were subject to ethical requirements.

The main one was not to smoke. His adherence was of great importance for academic success. Not to say that our cadets received more knowledge than in other educational institutions, but one indicator (which I am very proud of) was nevertheless decisive: 100 percent of students sat on the tractor. That is why it was the training course combine that was considered in our area as a “forge of personnel”.

It is a pity that this plant today is not. Seven years have passed since its closure, but young people still turn to me with a request for obtaining the specialty of a tractor driver, welder, and fireman. But alas! This is not in my power.

I would like to wish the educational institutions: the issue of cadet education to be considered the main one, and then the quality of study will be guaranteed. ”

Drug addicts need to be treated or planted.

We argued about this on the pages of one of the local newspapers in 2003. I was convinced that drug addicts, recognized as such, should be treated by force, by a court decision. By the way, the corresponding law on this was adopted, finally, in Russia in 2013. But then, the famous, honored doctor Katsman said that drug addicts should be treated. I wrote about prison again. As a result, the editor simply fired me, who made me laugh to confront such a respected human doctor who founded one private clinic in Rostov-on-Don, where they treated these unfortunate people. But the truth triumphed. The president made the right decision: too many doctors divorced, wanting to treat their patients for a considerable amount of money as long as possible. By the way, years later, I met Katsman’s grandson and this honorable young man, taking a sip of brandy, and sitting in my grandfather’s medical chair — was inherited — told with joyful arousal how to make all medicine in Russia pay, and which it is a limitless place to make all sorts of profit. I was sick of these words. But I had to listen. I think that justice will triumph in Russia in this respect too.

Today, Cossack societies have connected to the problem of drug addiction, there are even competitions (!) For the best journalistic work on drug addiction, various anti-drug commissions are established, operating in almost every region of the country, major resolution decisions of the courts are announced, but for now it all continues year after year, and there is no end to this. Perhaps in the near future, more severe measures will be taken against drug dealers who pose a threat to national security.
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  1. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 1 February 2016 06: 53 New
    The program for the collapse of the country from the inside brings its results - now when there is widespread legalized anarchy and everyone looks only in their own pocket, poverty and drug addiction is also a profitable business, because the "money does not smell" trailer has not been canceled. The power does not change priorities by putting life and health society is at the forefront, and do not expect drug addiction and poverty to disappear, because no one is really busy solving these problems, there is no desire for those in power to treat the country.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 1 February 2016 07: 49 New
    there are even contests (!) for the best journalistic work on drug addiction... What’s it like? .. who better to get a horror movie on a given topic?
    1. Darkness
      Darkness 1 February 2016 08: 28 New
      If it's a horror movie, you have to shoot about a "crocodile".
      I have seen different people dope, but THIS is the bottom.
    2. user
      user 1 February 2016 11: 44 New
      However, society only concentrates its strength on the fight against drug addiction.

      While it is concentrating, there are contests. This problem was largely solved in the USSR (just don’t give examples of the beginning of the 90s and beyond), of course you can’t solve this problem 100% - take at least Vysotsky (this is the most striking example), but there were no problems with drugs in Siberia , drank yes, but no drugs. But now in Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk. . . . . There are simply no words, but if there are all obscene.
      We remember how it was decided in the USSR. All the youth were occupied starting from the 1st grade, first the October, then the pioneers, and then the Komsomol is on its way. Moreover, they did this even in the most difficult years, although what is interesting is watch some modern TV series about those times, since there have never been these organizations anywhere (well, except when they want to show young careerists in the Komsomol). And after all, there, in addition to stories about Lenin and the Great Patriotic War, they took them on hikes, went to pioneer camps, and played Zarnitsa or passing the GTO norms (although grades 9-10 were reluctant, like adults, and they started to look at girls). It is in organizations of this level and sense that a teenager is formed as a person and a citizen, and not in such as ". On Seliger" or "Biryusa" (this is in the Krasnoyarsk Territory) where it is not clear who and it is not clear how and why he is going and who is there presents.
      The younger generation must be dealt with, and at the state level, even here the ideological component is not so important although necessary. If we do not deal with them, then there will always be someone who will, only then do not shake your head when you meet such people on the street. And this is the only way to fight drug addiction and its consequences, but distribution is the business of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Drug Control Service for what they get money.
  3. Pre-cat
    Pre-cat 1 February 2016 07: 49 New
    First of all, it is necessary to limit the availability of drugs for the population. And this requires more severe methods of punishment for those who disseminate them. Up to the highest measure. And the procedure for selling some types of drugs, from which drugs can be prepared, must also be revised. And then somehow I saw in a private pharmacy the sale of a "light tranquilizer". As it turned out, in combination with alcohol, "the drive at the disco gives".
    1. Mera joota
      Mera joota 1 February 2016 07: 55 New
      Quote: The cat is half-educated
      First of all, it is necessary to limit the availability of drugs to the population.

      What a naive you are. In a state where the state itself is involved in drug trafficking?
      1. Vadim237
        Vadim237 1 February 2016 10: 12 New
        It is not the state that deals with these things in our country, but the guys in the field, including the law enforcement agencies, are protecting the "drug shops" and ruining cases.
    2. Alex_T
      Alex_T 1 February 2016 08: 47 New
      Of course, it is necessary to limit the availability of drugs, but this is a half measure, the fight against the consequences. It is necessary to stop at the base so that there are no consumers. It is necessary to educate from childhood, so that every child from school knows that the drug is evil, and that this must be fought. And if a point of sale appears in the area, then everyone should know where to contact, to which authorities and by which phones and websites. Although I personally do not have anything against the lynching of drug dealers, the less scum the better.
      1. Mera joota
        Mera joota 1 February 2016 08: 55 New
        Quote: Alex_T
        It is necessary to stop at the base so that there are no consumers.

        Beautiful words. And how do you stop them? Executions?
        Quote: Alex_T
        And if a point of sale appears in the area, then everyone should know where to contact, to which authorities and by which phones and websites.

        And what will they do? Drug marketing schemes are diverse, you can’t keep up with them.
        1. Alex_T
          Alex_T 1 February 2016 11: 08 New
          You know a distribution point or a specific dealer, and the government is inactive, then close it either yourself or with friends.
      2. brn521
        brn521 1 February 2016 12: 55 New
        Quote: Alex_T
        It is necessary to educate from childhood, so that every child from school knows that the drug is evil, and that this must be fought.

        Well, try something simpler first. Here are smokers, for example.
    3. tolancop
      tolancop 1 February 2016 11: 41 New
      "First of all, it is necessary to limit the availability of drugs for the population ..."
      It is necessary. But as? The turnover of drug drugs is already limited by a bunch of documents, and so limited that those who need these drugs for medical reasons have considerable difficulties in obtaining them.

      ".. And this requires more severe methods of punishment for those who disseminate them. Up to the highest measure ..."
      Open the Penal Code and read. For the sale of drugs on an especially large scale - to LIFE.
      The question is not for the legislators, but for the judges.

      "..And the procedure for selling certain types of drugs, from which drugs can be prepared, must also be revised .."
      Desomorphine is repeatedly mentioned in the material. It was prepared from codeine-containing drugs that were on the free market. Drug control for 5 years pushed through the decision to transfer them to prescription leave. I sold it. Now another attack is "spice". It is even more difficult with them - it is not a specific substance that needs to be banned, but a whole class. They have also been struggling for 5 years already, but the end is not visible yet.

      As for the comments, the people could not resist kicking the police: "they are covering up, scoundrels ..". Probably not without it ..
      Only the police in this case were EXTREMELY MADE.
      The Ministry of Education, and not the Ministry of Internal Affairs, did anything out of schools. Mug sections, which in the Soviet era absorbed young animals, so as not to hang out on the alleyways and seek adventure, did not pay the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Legislation, strictly following which, for planting even small birch fish, seven pairs of boots must be trampled and a pile of paper (and not the fact that with a positive result) must be written down not by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but by other uncles, aunts ... Okay, trampled-scribbled-caught .. . All? No! Further, the prosecutor's office and the court come into effect. For the forgetful, I remind you that the decision on the date of landing is made by the judge, not the policeman. And the terms are, to put it mildly, inadequate ... But for some reason, the extreme is the police.
  4. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 1 February 2016 07: 55 New
    I read it. At night, through a dream, I heard a broadcast about how America’s plans were about nuclear strikes to destroy the industry of the USSR. It was 1956,1959, but they came up differently, as PREDED ZEUSA wrote. Drug addiction is part of this plan.
    About poverty. You can probably rephrase the classic. Poverty begins in the heads of people. Or in the heart?
    1. Mera joota
      Mera joota 1 February 2016 08: 47 New
      Quote: Reptiloid
      But they came up with a different way, as PREDED ZEUSA writes. Drug addiction is part of this plan

      And where did you get the idea that drug addiction is part of the American plan?
  5. Electrical
    Electrical 1 February 2016 07: 57 New
    Quote: The cat is half-educated
    there are even contests (!) for the best journalistic work on drug addiction

    but seriously, in our city such a competition was held, and the prize was given with drugs, then only the prize winner was given conditionally.
  6. Darkness
    Darkness 1 February 2016 08: 33 New
    It's time, it's time to return the death penalty for distribution.
    To identify and isolate drug addicts from society.
    PySy. For parents who buy scooters for their fools, apply physical punishment.
  7. 8140
    8140 1 February 2016 08: 42 New
    All points of sale are known to employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and they also oversee supply chains. In airports it was like that. With the train and the truck I do not know.
    This is a business for employees of the authorities, they believe that whoever wants to find it, and it’s not their business (from personal communication)
    They created a whole system with distribution.
    We have neither a system for combating drug trafficking nor a system for combating corruption
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 1 February 2016 10: 16 New
      We do most of the drugs inside the country, the same Spice, Anfetamina and so on.
  8. Svetovod
    Svetovod 1 February 2016 09: 05 New
    China could and We can.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 1 February 2016 10: 16 New
      Only it will not be very soon.
  9. Gray 43
    Gray 43 1 February 2016 09: 09 New
    If there was a desire, then it’s possible to eradicate all this. For this, it is necessary to demand from the people who are responsible for working with such families JOB, and not a pile of reports, now all problems are covered by pieces of paper. While at least one person in power is profitable, the existing order of life cannot be solved.
  10. Andy
    Andy 1 February 2016 12: 06 New
    dregs and not an article. toothless and snotty. you can throw minuses to me, but ...
    1 in the USSR, children were involved in circles — either dancing or modeling (read the basics of designing). With their help, children seemed (at least to themselves) to be older. Now this is being solved with the help of iPhones and free Wi-Fi in shopping centers, associated theft and cigarettes with alcohol, followed by a transition to a new level - Drug!
    2 drug dealers are not afraid of anything - money is everything. if they hadn’t planted them together, but injected them with a lethal dose of trash, taking everything from bills to the apartment, leaving their families on the street and hungry would be more useful. if you yourself have not thought better of it, then there is a chance to declare your roommate and avoid the above. Well, if not, I didn’t say something and there’s nothing to regret, as if they don’t know at the expense of what the income is.
    3 a normal person will not inject. They are pricked from the lack of a rod inside. here the psychiatrist is working. and it is not necessary to refer to the artists, they say Vysotsky and others also dabbled. I already wrote about the core, "dabbled" because not personalities, but just pictures, the appearance behind which is emptiness. drug addicts, you see, they did not go - drug addicts, they are drug addicts, regardless of position and age
    1. brn521
      brn521 1 February 2016 13: 37 New
      Quote: Andy
      in the USSR, children were involved in circles, either dancing or modeling

      I saw these circles. Sorry sight. How many guys are really interested in dancing and modeling? 1-2% at best. I remember what I was doing myself. No, the Soviet circles are no side here. One pyrotechnics is worth it.
      Quote: Andy
      a normal person will not prick. they prick from the lack of a rod inside. here is the work of a psychiatrist

      The main method of work of psychiatry is precisely the use of various kinds of substances. It’s just the right substances in the right doses. And in the west, as far as I know, this is quite widely used. A lot of people are sitting on completely legal chemistry. Illegal drugs - this is the next step when legal chemistry is no longer pulling, or not in fashion. There is a certain sense, the person who gets drunk with us becomes antisocial and glues fins in 2-3 years, it can stretch more or less decent 10 or 15 years on the right chemistry, but there’s also a bad point - people prefer pills , instead of otherwise solving their internal problems. As a result, those who could have pulled out quite well do so.
  11. Nikita Orlov
    Nikita Orlov 1 February 2016 12: 36 New
    The biggest foolishness in the fight against drug addiction is to create commissions from those who use alcohol and tobacco, because this is polydrug use hiding behind a fig leaf of "officially allowed drugs." People who are sober should fight addictions. Otherwise, this is hypocrisy and the basis for all sorts of cover-ups.

    The second point, we need a sober assessment of the consequences of drug addiction, because to put spice-desomorphine rubbish and hemp in one row, well, this is the height of the US-type hypocrisy. 20% of schoolchildren who "use drugs" are just quietly drinking and smoking tobacco jerks who smoke ganja and are convinced that all drugs are safe! That's where the trap is.

    The third point - on the basis of persistent national discussion, it is necessary to divide drugs into categories - alcohol, tobacco, hemp, as common and relatively safe (ancient types of drugs), but with its own limitations (age from 21 years + state license with registering drug users , a tobacco addict - pays a medical tax, alcohol addict - is deprived of the right to serve in the administration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense; hemp grower must engage in hemp breeding as a form of peasant farms, since sowing hemp is a valuable peasant product) The second category is chemically concentrated drugs that are prohibited for use. But it’s hard to work hard with this category, but not thoughtlessly, for using from forced treatment up to 10 years of forced labor, to death for selling. Including gypsy fraud with resale through children. That is, together with the children in the gas chambers.
  12. Free wind
    Free wind 1 February 2016 14: 04 New
    There is an initial stage of almost all drug addicts, these are cigarettes. in so many addicts, the path to the abyss begins with cigarettes. Cigarette, hash, heroin is an inextricable chain. Not all smokers are drug addicts, but all addicts are smokers. studies conducted on this subject, 90% have such a path
  13. Nikita Orlov
    Nikita Orlov 1 February 2016 14: 28 New
    I agree about cigarettes, but addiction is formed by beer and vodka, because "drug addiction" comes from alcohol, nicotine addiction cements drug potential.
  14. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 1 February 2016 15: 15 New
    I disagree about cigarettes. Himself a smoker with 26 years of experience, but never attracted to drugs. Although I understand that smoking is harmful and may be quit someday. But the word "smoke break" still appeared for a reason.
  15. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 1 February 2016 16: 00 New
    Add about alcohol. Alcoholism is certainly evil, I myself can give examples of how strong men drank and died. But this primarily depends on the person himself. For example, during the holidays I do not deny myself the pleasure of rolling the 300 gram. And among you, dear forum users, how many convinced teetotalers? If there is, then my respect. But my personal opinion is, do not mix everything together (cigarettes, alcohol and drugs).
    1. Nikita Orlov
      Nikita Orlov 2 February 2016 16: 55 New
      No, this one is just IMPORTANT. It's one thing you "roll" from a bottle with the inscription "Beware of poison! Narcotic drug causing heavy addiction", and another thing when you pour the "alcoholic drink" "Russian vodka".
      Loyalty to alcohol addiction gives rise to drug addiction, think about it, we are talking about young people. When everyone has a clear idea that drugs are not something there, but specifically your "innocent" 300 grams.
  16. rus-5819
    rus-5819 1 February 2016 16: 16 New
    Quote: Alex_T
    It is necessary to educate from childhood, so that every child from school knows that the drug is evil, and that this must be fought.

    If you say "halva" all the time, your mouth will not become sweeter!

    In Soviet times, there were Komsomol, pioneer organizations. You can arbitrarily negatively relate to them, but! ... Children, adolescents, youth in overwhelming majority were captured by the attention of the state. Worked Free sports sections, hobby groups were in every school, where teachers did not write stupid reports, but studied additionally with children!
    Enough for the state, legislators to reason beautifully! We chose you, so support legislatively, financially and practically those who have not yet completely dried out the shoots of children's additional education and development. This is your future, not all children in Princeton and Harvard!
    When children are busy with interesting and useful things, they will not have the desire to "try, otherwise it is boring"
  17. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 1 February 2016 21: 58 New
    Many authors wrote about socialist childhood besides Polina. And Sofya Milyutinskaya and Vyacheslav Shpakovsky just recently. And everyone reads with pleasure. I was wondering what was the matter? After all, my parents worked a lot. Mom remembers --- extensions were around the clock ! Even a boarding school for ordinary children! But probably this very socialist atmosphere acted like that! After all, not everyone went to circles!
  18. Klos
    Klos 1 February 2016 22: 39 New
    Undoubtedly, from an early age you were inspired to be a citizen of a great country. October-friendly guys! Pioneers, Komsomol members. Everyone felt their involvement in the life of the motherland.
  19. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 2 February 2016 17: 29 New
    I thought for a very long time --- Why is it so? The words were spinning ---- the information field. But somehow it was not written. And the children knew exactly what their parents were doing and were proud of it. And now it is not clear how the parents earn, for what the money receive. Mom scolded me for it then that I did not understand.