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Nuclear-powered icebreakers and helicopter carriers "Mistral" will build the USC and the Baltic Plant

Nuclear-powered icebreakers and helicopter carriers "Mistral" will build the USC and the Baltic Plant
The Baltic Plant and USC (United Shipbuilding Corporation) have signed an agreement for the manufacture of floating hull parts for two Mistral helicopter carriers. The contract in the presence of Vladimir Putin - the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - was signed by Roman Trotsenko, President of the USC, and Valery Venkov, and. about. general director of the Baltic plant. The contract is signed in the amount of 2,5 billion rubles.

Recall that the French and Russian parties in St. Petersburg signed an agreement at the economic forum (the sum of the contract is 1,2 billion euros) for the supply of two Mistral-type helicopter carriers. 980 million euros of the total amount of the contract will go to the construction of helicopter carriers; the rest of the money includes the cost of adapting documentation, training crews, as well as licenses for technology. The first ship will go into service with the Navy in 2014 g, the second - a year later.

The contract also provides for the construction of two more helicopter carriers in Russia. Earlier, representatives of the USC, which will build the Russian "Mistrali", said that the French side, in accordance with the contract, will transfer to Russia the technologies that are necessary for the production of helicopter carriers. Therefore, the corps of the next two helicopter carriers, at least 80%, will be made in Russia.

We are talking about the marine operational system of tactical information (SENIT-9), which will be equipped with ships "Mistral". The question of whether technology should enter into the amount of the contract was one of the obstacles in signing an agreement between France and Russia.

It is planned that the Ka-52K helicopters will be based on the helicopter carriers. "The Ka-52K helicopters will be mass-produced by the 2014 year, an experimental batch will be made in the 2012 year," said Y. Denisenko, managing director of Progress holding, earlier. It is planned that more than 2020 helicopters of this type will be delivered before 100. According to Denisenko, helicopters are currently undergoing bench tests. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation put forward a tactical and technical proposal to extend the engine life to 5 thousand hours.

These engines currently run approximately 2-2,5 for thousands of hours. The managing director also indicated that the Ka-52K variant should have folding blades made of composite materials. He also said that unlike the American Apache - the main competitor - the Ka-52 helicopters have a number of advantages, namely, a system of jet pilots rescue, which has no analogues in the world, and a coaxial scheme.

Helicopter carriers "Mistral" is likely to go into service with the Pacific fleet and will be based in Vladivostok. These ships will be used to ensure security in the Far Eastern region and support troops in the Kuril Islands.

Plants, except for the construction of "Mistral", will jointly build nuclear icebreakers. An agreement was reached on the construction of an atomic icebreaker with a capacity of 25 megawatts and 3 of icebreakers with a capacity of 16 megawatts. 25-megawatt icebreaker will cost 7,5 billion rubles, and each of the three - in 4 billion.
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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 5 December 2011 06: 40
    Here, please, Russia and goods and technologies can agree, so to speak, they saved money on development.
  2. Sergh
    Sergh 5 December 2011 07: 13
    They would have renewed the Ka-50, it was useful for Mistral.
    1. urzul
      urzul 5 December 2011 10: 28
      equipment will be tightened, there will be Ka-50
  3. vadimus
    vadimus 5 December 2011 07: 58
    Everyone knows about the political prostitution of Europe. So, do not bite the hand of the giver ... I have been in France for 16 years, I know their mentality to the fullest. Believe me, the future is not here, but in Russia ... And again, the benefit of the mentality
    1. master_rem
      master_rem 27 December 2012 08: 37
      Can you give examples of their mentality? Hunting, as Zadornov says, "feel proud of our people" wink
  4. "Leader"
    "Leader" 5 December 2011 11: 09
    May God live to 2020
  5. Rustam
    Rustam 5 December 2011 17: 35
    1) After signing the contract for the construction of the Mistral in the summer, we started talking about the construction of Mythical shipyards (bluffs) under the Mistral
    2) there were no plans to build any new ones; they were just waiting for USC to squeeze the smelter from Pugachev AND EVERYTHING