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India intends to purchase three more Scorpène submarines

The Indian Navy plans to acquire more 3 submarines of the Scorpène type, similar to those being built in India under a contract from 2005 with the French holding DCNS, the blog reports bmpd with reference to the newspaper Le Point.

India intends to purchase three more Scorpène submarines
Launch of a non-nuclear submarine S 50 Kalvari built for the Indian Navy

“India intends to receive from France not only Dassault Rafale fighter jets, but also submarines of the DCNS group. Pierre Legros, director of DCNS programs for the construction of surface combatants and submarines, was a member of the French delegation who was in India with French President Francois Hollande from 24 to 27 in January 2016 of the year, ”the newspaper writes.

It is reported that "The Indian Navy intends to purchase three more submarines, identical to the six Scorpène boats already contracted, as part of the option to the 2005 contract of the year (Р75 program)."

The publication notes that additional boats "can be equipped with an air-independent power plant of Indian development."

Their construction is planned to be carried out at the same Indian state-owned enterprise Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL).

“This shipyard has performed very well in the field of submarine construction,” a source told the newspaper.

According to Le Point, the Indians also "want to preserve the technological competencies that the DCNS has transferred to them under the 2005 r contract." Construction of additional submarines will provide loading of MDL to 2033.

The head submarine of the Scorpène type (S 50 Kalvari) was launched in May last year and will become part of the Navy in September of the 2016 (via 11 years after the conclusion of the contract). Subsequent 5 boats are scheduled to take on the 1 unit every 9 months.
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  1. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 28 January 2016 16: 35
    Well done Indians, continue to arm as an adult. Despite the friendship with the United States. They understand that today is friendship, and tomorrow the United States will need your resources and friendship will end abruptly.
    1. Tor5
      Tor5 28 January 2016 16: 37
      It is a pity that weapons are not bought from us ....
      1. yuriy55
        yuriy55 28 January 2016 16: 49
        To buy from us, you need to produce it in sufficient quantities. To bake like pies ... And, while we have not mastered this process yet ... I can only say one thing, our "pastries" are no worse. We will increase productivity, learn to meet deadlines and estimates, and will buy our developments, we will send spaceships from our cosmodrome ... yes

        PS By the way, lately India has been demonstratively "courting" the French. Either planes, then submarines ... Are they not offended that our "Caliber" flies further than the joint "Brahmos"? winked
        1. kote119
          kote119 28 January 2016 16: 52
          caliber and brahmos from different operas, they can not be compared (if you mean those calibers that were used in Syria)
        2. Stirbjorn
          Stirbjorn 28 January 2016 16: 57
          Quote: yuriy55
          .Only I can say one thing, our "cakes" are no worse.

          No worse, only everything without VNEU
        3. Pajamas
          Pajamas 28 January 2016 17: 20
          Quote: yuriy55
          To buy from us, it is necessary to produce it in sufficient quantities. To bake like pies ... And, until we have mastered this process ...

          A good thing is not quickly done, modern boats even make very technological Japanese for a year, though it should be noted that Japanese boats are larger, Indians for 9 months and even
          "additional boats" may be equipped with an Indian air-independent power plant. "
          good luck, BUT if the Indians solved the problem with torpedoes for these boats, and the problem is that they broke the contract with the Italians, there are only French RCC SM-39 "Exoset". So it’s not only the speed of baking pies, the main carrier + weapon complex, project 636.3, the last thing we do in this class as a series, no longer fully meets the market requirements. The market places high demands on dimension, propulsion, immersion depth, torpedoes - these are the parameters where we are not industry leaders. We are to some extent competitive in low noise and one of the leaders in missile weapons, for many customers this is not enough. I hope our new projects are doing everything, there are prerequisites for this, IMHO.
        4. de naturat
          de naturat 28 January 2016 20: 05
          To buy production should be in India, such is their condition.
          In addition, there are still silly conditions like - (hachut shoba plane looked like I hachut)
          - Only he will not fly!
          - I’m hachu all the same!
      2. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 28 January 2016 16: 51
        Quote: Tor5
        It is a pity that weapons are not bought from us ....

        We are now building both for Vietnam and for ourselves, can we also pull the Indian order within a reasonable time? what
        1. Stirbjorn
          Stirbjorn 28 January 2016 16: 56
          Quote: Vladimirets
          We are now building both for Vietnam and for ourselves, can we also pull the Indian order within a reasonable time?
          So the Vietnamese is coming to an end, just like ours for the Black Sea Fleet - they are closing it in 2016. All Algerian two remain
          1. Vladimirets
            Vladimirets 28 January 2016 17: 02
            Quote: Stirbjorn
            like ours for the Black Sea Fleet - in 2016 they close

            And for KTOF?
            1. captain
              captain 28 January 2016 18: 03
              We want what would be bought from us, but we do not take on arms or we take a minuscule amount. Moreover, we are beginning to produce even American counterparts. For example, the K-226 helicopter, we can't take it for ourselves, we don't need it. The Hindus have started sorting out at home. And we release Americans under license. EKATERINBURG, May 21. / TASS /. The Ural Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA) and the American company Bell Helikopter signed an agreement on Thursday on the licensed assembly of Bell "407 GXP helicopters on the territory of the Russian plant. Agreements between the parties were reached at the 8th international exhibition of the helicopter industry" HeliRussia-2015 "in Moscow, Mikhail Peresadin, Deputy Commercial Director of UZGA, said in a telephone conversation to the TASS correspondent.It is planned to produce 20-30 Bell helicopters a year.He called the Ministry of Internal Affairs STRUCTURES, private business and flight schools as customers of the helicopter.
              More details: And we buy the French, for government agencies. Mr. Badeha saw the structures interested in providing medical assistance as the basic state customers of the helicopter.
              More details: And who then will buy ours from us if we ourselves do not buy it?
            2. Stirbjorn
              Stirbjorn 28 January 2016 21: 54
              So far, they are only gathering and have an option with the Amur NW
      3. REDBLUE
        REDBLUE 28 January 2016 16: 58
        Good incentive for our defense industry. Healthy competition. We must work more closely with our Indian comrades.
      4. Blondy
        Blondy 28 January 2016 17: 00
        I don’t think that French submarines will be fouled not as quickly as the Russians, and the French will receive complaints that they “do not work well”. And in three years they will again switch to Russian products, etc., in cycles.
        Probably the same story with airplanes.
        1. Mavrikiy
          Mavrikiy 28 January 2016 18: 20
          But I am sorry that the order for the ships has left. Yes, the development money is gone. But the slipway with us, alas, is not rubber. For his fleet, much more is needed, but not enough time.
          Everyone rushed suddenly, why would it?
      5. cheap trick
        cheap trick 29 January 2016 17: 11
        and I wrote about a week or two ago that the Indians are a very strange people, they are supposedly with Russia, and England, Vasya Vasya! and the weapons are only practically foreign, I mean not Russian. The answer is as simple as 2 penny-angles said = the Indians did! have questions?
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. WKS
      WKS 28 January 2016 16: 43
      In vain do they buy from the French. Those at the last moment can refuse delivery, these are unreliable suppliers.
      1. kote119
        kote119 28 January 2016 16: 54
        and Russia behaved no better in the history of s-300 shipments to Iran
        1. Saratoga833
          Saratoga833 28 January 2016 21: 52
          And the initiator of this (iPhone) is still at the helm!
  2. kote119
    kote119 28 January 2016 16: 38
    Indians campaign seriously took up the modernization of the Navy, and they are developing industrial potential, rather than stupidly buying over the hill, at such a pace will soon be leaders in their region
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 28 January 2016 16: 42
      The funny thing about all this is that, unlike many other large countries, India can easily buy weapons from the United States, Russia, and any European country; any country will sell everything it needs to it. Conveniently.
    ALEA IACTA EST 28 January 2016 16: 46
    Frogs are still partners ... what
  4. Fantazer911
    Fantazer911 28 January 2016 16: 50
    India follows in the footsteps of Japan buying up ready-made technologies with the condition of their independent development and promotion later on to the market but as it were. And after they go on their own development and developments, will it be either super weapons or super?
  5. kapitan92
    kapitan92 28 January 2016 16: 52
    ..... "Their construction is planned to be carried out at the same Indian state-owned enterprise Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) ......"
    They are well done even in the fact that they are loading up their capacities, rolling tech. personnel and specialists borrow the latest technology from the construction of such ships.
  6. MaxGerb
    MaxGerb 28 January 2016 17: 01
    very loud media shouted about a breakthrough in relations, and multi-billion dollar contracts upon the arrival of PM India. How much sarcasm was the loss of France contracts. And what is the result? Sadness The contracts are gone.

    And it’s bad, of course, that the chances of a conflict with China are more likely to increase.
  7. Bradypodidae
    Bradypodidae 28 January 2016 17: 03
    An interesting thing. If you take a nuclear submarine for rent, so from Russia (and no one else will give it), but as a simple submarine, so from France. So you would rent their Rubis, why? Again, Bramos-sp is with Russia, so no one else has anything like it. But the French have "Rafali" for not sickly money. At the same time, they threaten to stop cooperation if Russia sells at least something serious to Pakistan. And for France, for example, such demands are not put forward. Maybe Russia is To the Hindus, I will push. If you take the technology from us, then we have the weapons. And if we have the technology, and who likes the weapon, then we are free to decide who and what to sell. Imho.
  8. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 28 January 2016 17: 10
    Do the Indians have their own technology? It turns out that they are ahead of us here, which is not good for us.
  9. 7 leo
    7 leo 28 January 2016 17: 14
    A logical step for the Indians. Avoid direct dependence on someone in the supply of components. Plus, ours screwed up several times. This should also be our lesson.
  10. Jan2016
    Jan2016 28 January 2016 17: 31
    Hmm Scorpen is an ordinary diesel-electric submarine, with the usual 4-blade propeller, a cruciform tail and ... no VNEU. I wonder what is the Indian VNEU?
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 28 January 2016 17: 40
      There is VNEU, others just didn’t have enough money for it, here is from the official brochure:
      There are two variants of Scorpene, the CM-2000 equipped with the conventional propulsion system and the AM-2000 equipped with air independent propulsion. The AM-2000 is capable of remaining submerged on underwater patrol for three times longer than the CM-2000.
    2. jjj
      jjj 28 January 2016 17: 40
      The French boat design is still a long-liver. At the beginning of the century, the French had problems pairing these boats against the backdrop of the success of the German 212 project. And even the 209-th German project was a wave of work for himself. And here even scaring the Papuans is somehow not funny. Apparently, politics and only
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 28 January 2016 19: 48
        Quote: jjj
        The French boat design is still a long-liver.
        The French do not stand still. They, like everyone else, are fighting for markets. They are ready to sell "Marlin" (developed on the basis of "Scorpena") to Pakistan, although there is not even an external appearance of the boat.
        According to the information that appeared in the open foreign press, "Marlin" is a single-hull boat with a combined main power plant in the form of a diesel-electric power plant and an air-independent power plant (VNEU) of the MESMA type. The design of the new submarine is carried out by French specialists on the basis of the well-known non-nuclear submarine of the "Scorpena" type. The new submarine will embody all the latest achievements in the field of submarine shipbuilding, which, in the opinion of the French, should provide their nuclear submarines "a place in the sun" on the international market of submarine naval equipment, which is quite crowded today.
    3. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 28 January 2016 19: 41
      Quote: Jan2016
      Scorpena is a conventional diesel-electric submarine, with a conventional 4-blade propeller, a cruciform tail and
      Scorpena has a seven-bladed propeller, which rotates the "Magtronic" electric motor of the "Jumont Electric" company - a multiphase synchronous AC electric motor with permanent magnetic excitation - with a power of 2900 kW. ( yes
  11. hartlend
    hartlend 28 January 2016 18: 32
    India is arming itself, preparing for war with the Chinnays.
  12. Jan2016
    Jan2016 28 January 2016 19: 16
    Yes, it really turns out there is a sterling engine for the French boat. Taken from the blog

    Moreover, the author swears at Russian producers with their cupid 1650. And he explains the choice of a French boat which is slightly worse than the Russian one! The fact that Russia refused to transfer VNEU technology to the Indian side, referring to its unpreparedness. And he asks a question and what do you want to do? Wait for the readiness of the Russian submarine Cupid? Just as we (India) were waiting for the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya? It seems that the Indians need submarines immediately. Those. just yesterday.

    Translation of the quote: "Transfer of technology by the French side. Also, let's not forget what trouble we had with the Russian side regarding the delay in the delivery of frigates and the long delay with the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya. Can we take another risk?"
  13. Jan2016
    Jan2016 28 January 2016 19: 39
    And yet I have the impression that Indians value Russian weapons! But! Apparently they do not like the non-binding nature of the Russian defense industry. In terms of compliance with agreements and contracts. By deadlines.
  14. aleks700
    aleks700 28 January 2016 21: 31
    What about the loss of France's image in connection with the Mistrals?
  15. Jan2016
    Jan2016 29 January 2016 05: 42

    When you give a link, pay attention to its year .. "News" since 2011 is hopelessly outdated ...

    For a year I just drew it. It's just that nothing has changed since 2011. The Russian VNEU was never adopted. The only submarine with VNEU was not accepted by the fleet into operation. And is currently in trial operation. The timing of the adoption of VNEU in service again shifted. Roughly 2020, and most likely not earlier than 2025-2030.
  16. Jan2016
    Jan2016 29 January 2016 12: 26
    Here in the news appeared American exaggerated Wishlist. But it seems that there are some problems in the military-technical cooperation between Russia and India. Hindus are diversifying their military purchases more and more.