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Terrorist attack in a major city of Pakistan

In the north-west of Pakistan committed a terrorist act. According to local media, a suicide bomber committed a self-bombing at a police checkpoint in Peshawar. Information Agency Associated Press cites evidence that the terrorist had approached a checkpoint on a mined motorcycle, after which an explosive device was activated.

According to this minute, 11 people died, including four police officers. The rest are civilians, including two children of different ages. In the Pakistani media, they write that a famous journalist is among the dead.

Known and more than 20 injured. Most of them are also civilians.

Pakistani journalists write that numerous vehicles near the checkpoint were engulfed in flames by a suicide bombing, and blood and fragments of human bodies are visible everywhere.

Terrorist attack in a major city of Pakistan

For reference: Peshawar is a large city with a population of more than 3,7 million, which is the administrative center of Khyber Puhtunkhwa. The explosion took place at a checkpoint located on the road connecting the Pakistani province with the adjacent province in Afghanistan.

Responsibility for the terrorist act committed was taken over by a Taliban cell led by a certain MacBul Dawar.
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  1. St Petrov
    St Petrov 19 January 2016 15: 49
    What goes around comes around

    what else to say. Echo of Afghanistan. The Middle East has always been on fire and apparently there are no prerequisites for its attenuation

    Not a smart person is one who thinks that terrorism can be curbed and directed for his own purposes - he will be at the house sender anyway.

    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 19 January 2016 15: 53
      Quote: s-t Petrov
      he will be with the sender of the house anyway.

      For a long time he gets to the sender. recourse
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 19 January 2016 15: 58
        the main thing is inevitable. 100% guarantee. The main thing is to get to Omerika faster and not show ala September 11, but so that in tin and massively.

        Maybe they’ll understand what they’ve done for ...
  2. Darkoff
    Darkoff 19 January 2016 16: 20
    Absolutely overwhelming number of attacks occurs in Muslim countries.
    When will they begin to fight the radicalization of Islam at the state level?
  3. guzik007
    guzik007 19 January 2016 17: 44
    Judging by the facial expressions in the photo, they’ve been all for a long time. I'm used to it.
    APASUS 19 January 2016 18: 45
    For those who want to move the world to a global war, Pakistan is a win-win card. There are problems with India, problems with tribes on the border with Afghanistan, internal forces are constantly trying to play out religious contradictions and, of course, the army has nuclear weapons.