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Aviation of the Saudi coalition bombed the police station in Sana'a (Yemen)

China News Agency Xinhua reports that coalition aircraft headed Saudi Arabia launched an air strike on the territory adjacent to the police station in Sana'a (Yemen). As a result of air strikes, at least 30 people were injured. About whether there are dead, is not reported. The vast majority of victims are members of the Yemeni police.

Aviation of the Saudi coalition bombed the police station in Sana'a (Yemen)

In the Sana'a administration they say that there are civilians among the victims. According to the representative of the city authorities, there is a high probability that the number of victims will increase, as it has not yet been possible to extract all people from the rubble of several buildings. Rescuers and ordinary locals who volunteered to help state services work at the site of the tragedy. No official apologies from the authorities of Yemen from Riyadh for the strike on the territory adjacent to the police station, at the present time has not followed.

It should be recalled that in Yemen, the operation of the so-called Saudi coalition, whose members are fighting the Houthite groups, continues for several months. During this time, in a strange way, she managed to grow the area of ​​the territories that are controlled by Al-Qaida in Yemen.
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  1. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 19 January 2016 06: 53 New
    Saudis faithful followers of the United States need to bomb the infrastructure and civilian objects, but as they catch them by the hand, they will not give up on the last.
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 19 January 2016 09: 22 New
      From the bulletins:
      On January 16, an aviation coalition led by Saudi Arabia launched an airstrike on a pharmaceutical plant 15 kilometers from Sana'a in the Dabr Heira region.

      January 17, it became known that Saudi strikes are controlled by the British military. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, Abdel al-Jubeir. He said that British military advisers are working in the Saudi "control center" coordinating the invasion. The British Ministry of Defense has confirmed information about the existence of "agreements" between the two countries.
  2. Mihalich17
    Mihalich17 19 January 2016 06: 56 New
    And so they do not bomb civilians ?!
    It is both easier and more unpunished!
    To fight is scary, "jackal" is safe!
  3. EvgNik
    EvgNik 19 January 2016 07: 05 New
    During this time, the area that was controlled by Al Qaeda in Yemen strangely managed to grow.

    As required.
  4. bad
    bad 19 January 2016 07: 10 New
    Aviation of the Saudi coalition bombed the police station in Sana'a (Yemen)
    ..the Hussites pile on them too .. even I have no doubt .. the Hussites also give the Saudas a light .. On military operations in Yemen or the southern front of the war in the Middle East. | VIPERSON
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 19 January 2016 07: 19 New
    The Saudis have good teachers, so there is nothing to be surprised at. And in Yemen, past the Houthis, it is time to think about the "benefits" that the SA with its partners brings to the rest.
  6. The black
    The black 19 January 2016 07: 26 New
    ... and not a single Western "human rights activist" even meowed .... two-faced scum ...
  7. Dynamic systems
    Dynamic systems 19 January 2016 07: 53 New
    Saudis, Qatar and Turkey are carriers of obscurantism virus around the planet.
    The Saudis will first feel what war is.
  8. Zomanus
    Zomanus 19 January 2016 08: 24 New
    These tribal peoples massacre each other for centuries.
    This is wildness and misfortune for us, but the norm for them.
    1. BARKHAN
      BARKHAN 19 January 2016 10: 18 New
      Quote: Zomanus
      These tribal peoples massacre each other for centuries.
      This is wildness and misfortune for us, but the norm for them.

      For them it’s even a national sport. And they should not just get in the way, they should help them. And the planned sale of our weapons to the Saudis is such help.
      When they release all the bad blood by bloodletting there, it may become quieter in the Middle East and become ...
      Although, on the other hand, while there is oil there, and there is demand for oil, the Arabs will always be superfluous ... They now, like Indians in the "wild west" interfere with everyone. And the whites do not care what the tribes of "Indians" slaughter each other. about democratic values, just tinsel.
      The main thing is oil!
  9. Leader
    Leader 19 January 2016 09: 11 New
    There, the devil himself will break his leg in their relationship (as in Syria, and in Kurdistan, and beyond).
    Let all these "faithful" slaughter each other.