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"Crimean" test for the federal government

As you know, at the end of last year, a scandal broke out associated with claims of certain individuals from the federal leadership to the regional Crimean authorities. Claims - this is still relatively mildly ... Officials from among the central elites announced that the authorities of the Crimean Federal District, they say, useless business executives, because they did not manage to master the funds allocated from the state budget in a timely manner. They say, in Moscow, you understand, they climb out of their skin to provide the Crimeans with all the necessary financial assistance, and the Crimean authorities inhibit all federal initiatives and hamper the development of the peninsula that has returned to Russia.

It came to regional resignations. Several ministers of the Government of the Republic of Crimea left their posts. The resignation of powers was also announced by the chairman of the legislative assembly of Sevastopol Alexey Chaly. No resignations in the federal government followed ... How would everyone in their places, and all cope with the work ...

At the beginning of 2016, some details come to light, related to what was the reason why the Crimean authorities were so “indifferent” that the billions allocated from the state budget could not be mastered.

As previously assumed, according to the modern Russian tradition, the main amount of budget funds allocated for the development of the economy of the Crimean Federal District began to come in for 1,5-2 a month before the end of the financial year. More than 10 billions of budget rubles floated to the Crimean accounts in the usual emergency mode, according to the formula “just to report what they spent.” Apparently the main thing that worried at the time of allocating funds officials - "suitable" reporting. Does this scheme have a corruption component? - a separate question and concerning, as it happened, not only the Republic of Crimea and the hero-city of Sevastopol. This is real regional karma - all year expect the promised center of finance, and then, when there is no way to effectively spend these funds - “manna from heaven” in the form of federal millions or billions (depending on expenditure items) still falls on the region ... Many regional authorities in the country, they adapted to this method and succeeded with the "correct" reporting.

But for the Crimean authorities, who had not yet had time to join the all-Russian realities, this approach was very unexpected. So unexpected that in the Republic of Crimea alone, 8 billion rubles were left undeveloped, which, according to a number of rules, may require returning to the federal jug because of the “inability to effectively spend” these funds.

In Crimea, they decided that it was necessary to use all the forces and means to try to keep the allocated funds for real, not paper, development of the region. Official broker Head of the Republic of Crimea on the eve announced that the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov was addressed by the head of the Republican Ministry of Finance Irina Kiviko with a request to send an appeal to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak in order for the federal government to allow Crimea to spend the mentioned 8 billion rubles this coming year.

"Crimean" test for the federal government

In order to make the appeal not look unsupported by the argument, the republican authorities remind the government of the country that the Crimea has been living since November in an emergency situation caused by the diversion of the Ukrainian side - undermining the power lines in the Kherson region.

According to the head of the Crimean Ministry of Finance, Irina Kiviko, due to the emergency situation in force in Crimea since 22 in November, the regional authorities did not have time to close the acts of completed work and transfer funds under previously concluded contracts.

Irina Kiviko:
Therefore, I petition you to apply to the government of the Russian Federation so that the remnants of the municipalities and the over-fulfillment of the budget of the Republic of Crimea we can use in 2016 year. The municipalities - 3 billion rubles, and about 5 billion rubles - this means the budget of the republic. We have expenses, if we talk about the development of purely republican funds - 96 billion rubles. Federal funds were received in November-December, so it turned out that the percentage of federal funds disbursed was 83,3% of the amount received.

Sergey Aksenov:
A month and a half of emergency situations knocked us off track. I will contact the government of the Russian Federation. But all the ministries responsible for the use of budget funds must write official memos in which the procedure for disbursement of funds, terms and responsible persons must be written.

So, now the Crimean authorities have decided to arrange a sort of test for lice for the federal government. If there are officials sitting in the central cabinet, for whom it is more important not the statements on a piece of paper, but the destinies of millions of citizens, then, of course, they will not select the funds not spent for objective reasons, but will postpone their implementation to the current year. If, in the economic bloc of the government, the paper god and some doubtful desires are above the interests of the Crimeans, who are faced with serious problems in terms of energy supply, then they will withdraw the rhetoric about the “inefficient regional authorities” to be exploited with the sole purpose of reducing the amount of funds allocated this year to a minimum.

It remains to wait whether the “Crimean” test will pass the economic block of the federal government, or the Crimean authorities, having spat on honesty and transparency, “learn” the “traditional” spending of funds - first of all on paper ...
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 January 2016 06: 27
    Does this scheme have a corruption component? - The question is separate and concerning, it just so happened, by no means only the Republic of Crimea and the hero city of Sevastopol.

    THERE IS, and not only "corruption". To dig deeper and there are actions and inaction of officials, for which, in the good old days, "shook" long periods, up to the "tower". Our laws do not apply to everyone. What a pity!
    1. USSR 1971
      USSR 1971 12 January 2016 07: 20
      The fifth column will be dirty for a long time, all cases will be inflated and taught as a rebellion of the republic.
      1. Alexl
        Alexl 12 January 2016 09: 24
        Why foul? Putin recently announced that he was pleased with the work of the fifth column.
      2. Vend
        Vend 12 January 2016 09: 33
        Quote: USSR 1971
        The fifth column will be dirty for a long time, all cases will be inflated and taught as a rebellion of the republic.

        It's not about the fifth column. Crimea is a tidbit for an official. Crimea in Russia, now the struggle of bureaucrats for the Crimean chair begins.
        1. Schtaufenberg
          Schtaufenberg 12 January 2016 19: 41
          I think that the government should not ask questions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but, on the contrary, the government and state-owned banks.
          For example, Sberbank still does not open a branch in Crimea, and, as Gref says, this is possible only after the return of Crimea.
          So the question is - are the top echelons of Russian power ready for strategic projects such as the annexation of Crimea? Does Russian bureaucracy put its selfish interests and corrupt traditions above civic duty and service to its own people?
      3. 222222
        222222 12 January 2016 09: 50
        The population of the Russian Federation is only 2% of the world's population, and it extracts 40% of the minerals from world production !!

        ?????????? Where is walrus ???
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 12 January 2016 12: 36
          Quote: 222222
          The population of the Russian Federation is only 2% of the world's population, and it extracts 40% of the minerals from world production !!

          And to what you said, the ruble, even according to the "Westerners", is not great enough. I apologize for the taftologia):
        2. Tikhonya
          Tikhonya 13 January 2016 22: 08
          2% protect and I think optimally spend 40% of the world's minerals)))) Unlike some ...
    2. RDX
      RDX 12 January 2016 11: 11
      It always infuriated that the funds were received by the end of the year and the race began vertically, for the development of these funds, otherwise they would cut the budget for the next year, as a result, everything merged with big kickbacks and at sky-high prices. They would list on December 31st. Faced this personally and repeatedly.
      1. USSR 1971
        USSR 1971 12 January 2016 13: 21
        In order for the situation with disagreements in Crimea not to be used to escalate the hysteria that svidomye and belolentochny usually dream of, the Russian government, together with the local authorities, should have long ago published in the media detailed material about inconsistencies in opinions, the true causes of the conflict, the culprits in the conflict itself and in escalating the situation, as well as the draft of measures taken to eliminate the conflict situation. This is not a state defense order, the information is not secret, but it can be used in different ways. To a greater extent, not in favor of not only the authorities but also the people. Whatever they say there, the region will be special for a long time, recently it was ruled by another country (now no longer a country), according to completely different principles. It is naive to believe that everything will be like clockwork given the current situation in the country as a whole.

        Thanks to the Crimeans, no matter what, the homeland and Russia were not exchanged or sold. Officials come and go, sometimes to Kolyma, sometimes to London, but the Homeland remains.
      2. volodimer
        volodimer 12 January 2016 13: 37
        I agree, such crap in any office that receives money from the fed organs. They don't give you a penny for half a year - and work as you want without money for equipment, salaries, consumables. And at the end of the year, here they are money, but you have to spend it until December 31, otherwise the carriage goes into a pumpkin ... You start to figure out what you will need in the next half a year, how to get it quickly and so that it will be reported for this year "point" (we plowed on this money all year).
        And do not care that we have this year, say, some hydrophones were not used, thank God, we know that we will need them in the next.
        And if urgently what new garbage will be needed, in the first half of the year ...
    3. Tikhonya
      Tikhonya 13 January 2016 22: 01
      All right. The bottom line is that for emergencies there is not enough flexibility in using the budget, tight control over the validity of its use and the officials’ creative approach to optimizing expenses. This point applies to officials at all levels. Including Federals bringing limits from the beginning to the end of the year.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 12 January 2016 06: 46
    It remains to wait whether the “Crimean” test will pass the economic block of the federal government, or the Crimean authorities, having spat on honesty and transparency, “learn” the “traditional” spending of funds - first of all on paper ...

    Yeah, the choice is not great.

    Instead of doing disassembly again.
  3. Blondy
    Blondy 12 January 2016 07: 03
    In my opinion, it is time to satisfy elitist requests, there are clearly not enough Kalash and greenbacks, some have long been begging.
  4. inkass_98
    inkass_98 12 January 2016 07: 06
    It has already been imposed on our teeth that the economic bloc of the government, together with its immediate head Dimsik, must be driven away by a filthy broom, and their abilities to be used in those places where they can do the least harm are garbage collection and sweeping of the tundra.
    I honestly don’t understand the expediency of keeping this bunch of incompetent reindeer in the government, who have repeatedly proved their mediocrity. About "clean hands" already generally keep quiet.
  5. Aleksander
    Aleksander 12 January 2016 07: 27
    If the funds arrived in November-December and almost immediately required to spend and report, then this wildness is utter and complete mess.
    On the other hand, I read that by November of the 80 (800?) Million already allocated for the development of the Crimean energy sector, almost nothing had been mastered - and this is also a mess.
    A mess on a mess is a terrible force ....
    1. aleks 62 next
      aleks 62 next 12 January 2016 09: 31
      .... On the other hand, I read that by November, out of 80 (800?) Million already allocated for development ...

      .... And you read less crap .... Better come and talk to people on the spot .... I assure you that the picture drawn in the article, to put it mildly, is not entirely true ... As far as I know, what else in the spring, Crimea refused part of the allocated funds due to the impossibility of their development on time ... And all the noise raised around the 3 lards, which allegedly did not go to the accounts of Crimea, also raises doubts ... Judging by the publications, they were listed back in September , but for some reason they were not "seen" in Crimea .... Where is the end of the year here ???? ...
      1. evge-malyshev
        evge-malyshev 12 January 2016 16: 32
        Quote: aleks 62 next
        Judging by the publications, they were listed back in September, but for some reason they were not "seen" in Crimea .... Where is the end of the year here ???? ...

        But it’s not the beginning of the year either ... Money should both flow and be spent in accordance with the plans for their development, incl. linked to the calendar. Otherwise, we see the picture drawn above: "... the money was transferred back in September." And nothing has changed...
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Extraneous
      Extraneous 12 January 2016 10: 14
      Draining money at the end of the year is standard practice. The whole year the money is kept "no matter what happened to the fireman." They are drained by the end of the year. The problem is not so much in this, but in the fact that the unused money means that next year the budget will be cut by the amount that has not been used, or even more. And a wild dance begins with purchases of all sorts of shit for crazy money. A huge number of lured firms live at the expense of these drains, and they are also a mechanism for cashing out the budget. The scheme was worked out even with a humpback.
      1. Tikhonya
        Tikhonya 13 January 2016 22: 14
        The topic of cashing in is well mastered in the Crimea even with Donetsk boys. Fortunately, Crimea returned to Russia, I think we’ll turn the topic around ...
  6. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 12 January 2016 07: 48
    As it turned out: "It was not the reel - the dolt was sitting in the cockpit!" In this case, "in the cabinet!"
  7. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 12 January 2016 08: 17
    There, too, not everything is smooth. The Crimeans built such a justification for their costs that it was returned to them for revision. As a result, many estimates were "blown away" up to four times! That is why the money came late. Since the justification was late due to approvals (and not at all wasted, as it turns out). In such situations, there is no completely right and completely guilty.
  8. Riv
    Riv 12 January 2016 08: 21
    Well done, otmazatsya. And when there was no money all year - why were they silent? Where was the nyasha-prosecutor and the heroes of the Crimean spring? Why is Putin not aware of the problem? It was necessary to write to the president every day. That's the letter.

    Two eternal questions: who is to blame and what to do? What to do - it’s clear: to fuck. And the guilty one is just. Managed to turn the arrows - not to blame. Failed - prepare Vaseline.
  9. 0895055116
    0895055116 12 January 2016 08: 26
    Officials in the cabinet are officials in the cabinet who are accustomed to "pulling the rubber" with "benefit" for their pocket and nothing more ... Crimea branches of Sberbank RF "UNTIL CRIMEA IS RETURNED UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF UKRAINE"? What to call THIS ??? Personally, I have no other definition as sabotage and slanderous attitude towards the residents of the Crimea and the OFFICIAL POSITION of the PRESIDENT of the Russian Federation and the Russian Government! AND ALL THIS IS COMPLETELY UNPUNISHED!
    1. Dimal777
      Dimal777 12 January 2016 10: 24
      I’ll tell you that we have not only no savings bank, but also VTB. Personally, I, as a resident of Crimea, see this as a betrayal. And Gref still talks a lot about this, although after joining he went to the branches of Sberbank Ukraine and assured that Sberbank Russky would open soon. Yes, if you look, it’s not only banks that ignore us, but retail chains ??? except for Auchan and the Metro, did anyone come in ???
      1. gray_angel
        gray_angel 12 January 2016 18: 46
        Here is an interesting article about VTB Sberbank and Crimea -
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. evge-malyshev
      evge-malyshev 12 January 2016 16: 41
      Quote: 0895055116
      Sabotage and disregard for residents of Crimea and the official position of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation! And EVERYTHING is TOTALLY PUNISHED!

      The only way to qualify the position of the head of Sberbank of the Russian Federation.
  10. Viktor fm
    Viktor fm 12 January 2016 08: 34
    About 10 years ago, Medvedev lamented that money in Russia reached the regions only by the end of the year and that something had to be done about it ... Ahhh, Medvedev !!!!!!!!!!!! !
  11. 31rus
    31rus 12 January 2016 08: 40
    Dear, this is everywhere, at first there is no money, at the end of the year they allocate the entire amount and it must be "mastered", otherwise they will not give this amount anymore, so they master it, it's not the case, it's all about the system that was not born, rotted together with our government
  12. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 January 2016 08: 47
    Personally, I got the impression that the Crimean authorities still have not got rid of the Ukrainian vice - a freebie. And this can lead to very bad consequences, but for them.
  13. Fotoceva62
    Fotoceva62 12 January 2016 09: 03
    They were not silent, at least Aksyonov. There is a video showdown for money for the Crimea, look. Moreover, in the Crimea, and especially here in Sevastopol, there is a mess, incompetence and just wrecking. BUT against the general background of Russian reality, we are no different in this regard. Unless completely killed by infrastructure during ukrovladyvosti. We don’t intend to accept the insanity that is happening now in the hero-city of Sevastopol, just by getting rid of the occupying colonialists! Is it time for the President to pay attention to his surroundings, or will we continue to struggle with the difficulties that these mediocrities and undermineers will organize for us? It can be "according to relics and fir trees," because the people are silent, but they can say their weighty word.
    1. cergey51046
      cergey51046 13 January 2016 00: 25
      I completely agree with the cat.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  14. Korsar4
    Korsar4 12 January 2016 09: 03
    Someone is surprised that the financial crane opened in November-December? How many people are already accustomed to this state of affairs. Do we need it?
  15. Zomanus
    Zomanus 12 January 2016 09: 14
    Interesting movie ...
    Here it’s necessary to dismiss not only Crimean officials,
    but also some of the Russians would be attracted for sabotage and wrecking.
  16. oracul
    oracul 12 January 2016 09: 47
    The situation is basically regular. This happened in Soviet times under the planned system. In my opinion, one of the main reasons is that the budget is not being executed at the same time and money appears in it upon receipt. For this reason, the coincidence of the beginning and end of the fiscal and business year poses a similar problem. This is especially evident in the example of construction: the commissioning period, for example, of a plant on January 1, is allocated for construction and equipment at the beginning of the year, but the production cycles are different and the periods are corresponding. As a result, the equipment begins to arrive closer to the end of the year, when there is no timing matching. As a result: either the money is not spent (then there is a threat of reduced funding), or postscripts with deficiencies that are eliminated at the beginning of next year. Obviously, the fiscal year begins in the US not from the first of January.
    1. Tikhonya
      Tikhonya 13 January 2016 22: 23
      It is necessary to introduce transition costs and reports with a time limit of about 15 days before NG and 15-20 days after NG.
  17. Belousov
    Belousov 12 January 2016 10: 01
    Most likely both sides will mow. The federal government - here it is not even necessary to explain, everyone already sees the results of the "work", the allocation of money at the end when, and before that they are in the accounts of the Ministry of Finance (accounts in the Central Bank) and other departments and departments (and here where are the accounts opened? , in the "correct" banks, which gives account balances, deposits, etc.), and then urgently sent to a place where they do not have time to master. As a result, the bureaucrats earned money, chased the money through the necessary banks, unsubscribed that we gave money, but they do not know how to use it.
    What were the justifications and requests of the Crimean government - we do not reliably know, but for sure they are also not silver-free people sitting there, albeit not yet accustomed to our size of state corruption.
    1. avt
      avt 12 January 2016 10: 37
      Quote: Belousov
      Most likely, both sides mow.

      good Only the campaign has already been cut short by the time of the report and there is no desire to take boiling water on the head, and judging by the intensity of passions, well, since everything got out in the media, the boiling water was getting cool. So local and federal began to shove each other under the expected stream. But it was lucky - ukroholotatari cut off electricity and it seems like a delay came out. laughing
  18. sa-ag
    sa-ag 12 January 2016 11: 02
    how to leave money, the fiscal year is closed, but there are no acts or other invoices, they will be taken to the budget, otherwise I don’t know where all the reports will go, next year, after tenders, they will allocate again
  19. Chulman
    Chulman 12 January 2016 11: 07
    Quote: 222222
    The population of the Russian Federation is only 2% of the world's population, and it extracts 40% of the minerals from world production !!

    ?????????? Where is walrus ???

    Where I can’t say a walrus. But I know for sure that we have horseradish from that walrus !!!
  20. 4ekist
    4ekist 12 January 2016 11: 45
    Everyone knows how budget money is "used" in Russia, but for some reason no one is jailed for it. And it's high time. And, probably, we should start with the capital officials. Vorye !!!!!
  21. DPN
    DPN 12 January 2016 11: 50
    If the country was dragged into the market, then Medvedev should work according to the market. In the morning, money in the evening chairs, otherwise the money allocated at the end of the year can only be glued.

    Without landing and CONFISCATION, relatives will not succeed, and those in power will not agree to this. And the fact that we talk about the landings in the media, more than one janitor planted on a broomstick did not take. Example: Khodorkovsky With Vasilyeva, you’ll name the others.
  22. aviator1913
    aviator1913 12 January 2016 12: 15
    The stupid government of Crimea really does not know how to spend the budget.

    There is no clear hierarchy, all the leaders are constantly changing, no one wants to answer for anything, and this upheaval has occurred because of this leapfrog.

    I know this not by hearsay unfortunately, but from the personal experience of 2015 of the year ..
  23. Butt
    Butt 12 January 2016 12: 25
    Our government works on the principle: in the morning a chair - in the evening money, in the evening a chair - in the morning money. All contrary to logic and common sense! And all for the sake of HIS MAJESTY BABL in the form of a rollback. Indeed, at the end of the year, it is always driven into the princely sea of ​​muddy water in many ways of the allegedly completed work in the form of some kind of reporting that nobody reads!
    It's time to fish in troubled waters!
    Walk at this time along the corridors of the government offices and visually see how the wooden items listed from far and near places are divided for high-ranking officials in affiliated institutions for allegedly "support, consultations and other alleged services."
    And no lawyer will ever say that this is budget money. Because will transfer the budget only after the fact after receiving wooden from "unknown anonymous" for the settlement. lists of "business consultants".
    And whoever is looking for something else there, is nothing but the blind cat Basilio!
  24. Comrade Glebov
    Comrade Glebov 12 January 2016 13: 39
    I wanted to say that the government of our people is what our people deserve, but, to be honest, I know the people firsthand and the people are, in principle, satisfied. And from this I concluded that it was simply that this government had nothing to do with our Russian people. This is not a government at all, it is OKLO (Society without any responsibility). The fact that the GDP is satisfied is understandable, his salary comes on time and the light of the house is on. CLOSE by itself is all the more pretty, the dough inflicts immeasurably, drives around on steep wheelbarrows, lackeys open doors, security guards take care of the carcass. And the people of Crimea (as well as the rest of Russia) ... well, that’s the people for that, in order to endure adversity, and most importantly - to remain silent ... and serve.
  25. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 12 January 2016 14: 18
    This practice with money is widespread, money scrolls at the top, and they come to the regions either in the middle or at the end of the fiscal year. From that, all sorts of federal programs, highway repairs, military orders, etc. are covered
    with a copper basin, however, with the military order, they are now afraid of scrolling finances.
  26. TWO
    TWO 12 January 2016 17: 29
    And the caravan (the government headed by iPhone) goes on and on, even though we all crack it ...
  27. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 12 January 2016 17: 58
    The modern government of the Russian Federation has few specialists. The bulk there are those who want to improve their personal financial situation. This has been the custom since Yeltsin. Although at that time, US proteges dominated in power. Again sold.
  28. python2a
    python2a 12 January 2016 19: 21
    But what about the vaunted fight against corruption. Here you can immediately see why the governors and their retinue are getting fat?
  29. leon1204id
    leon1204id 12 January 2016 19: 54
    Those who did not leave remained in power. Aksenov fired a bunch of officials but did not leave himself. If he follows the instructions of the "vertical of power", the reports and the use of funds for him will be like seeds. In order not to be "drowned", he must be strong. make friends "with the feds and often please them with something or catch the eye.
    Time will show a dry residue. lol
  30. RomanS
    RomanS 12 January 2016 21: 45
    Today, in Crimea and Sevastopol, 90% of the people who came to power in Ukraine are in power. And they can work, in every sense, in Ukrainian. Here in the minds of people still the year 1997-98. Here they count in dollars and expect rich Russians to come and buy everything. Last summer I personally watched "purely boy's rasping by concepts." Only the crimson jacket was missing. And this thinking unexpectedly collided with Russian reality. When you have to answer for words and fulfill obligations.