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Since independent Ukraine sends us to hell, is it worth helping?

This question is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. On the one hand, the people of Ukraine are not strangers to us. Many there and all relatives live. In addition, not all of Ukraine supported the Maidan and voted for Poroshenko. Even if the Maidan was visited by a million, it is a couple of percent of the entire population of the country. It is impossible for two percent to judge all.

Since independent Ukraine sends us to hell, is it worth helping?

And in the election for Poroshenko hardly 35% voted, according to the polls, the rest 20% was stupidly attributed to him. Yes, and a little more than half of the voters came to the polls, the rest did not come because they did not support not only Poroshenko himself, but were against the whole circus as a whole.

Thus, it turns out that the minority supporters in Ukraine are a minority - about 20%. With a stretch - maybe up to 40%, but still a minority. In addition, many simply did not understand who they support and what will happen next.

It turns out that it is necessary to help Ukraine.

And our Orthodox faith also requires helping our neighbor, no matter how unlucky he may be. He who disbelieves, of course, can brush it off; but if you have an icon on the glove compartment, then it is necessary to help. Moreover, Russia will not lose some coal, some gas or give a discount on something to a freezing neighbor.

But now let's look at the situation from the other side: does Ukraine ask us for help? On the contrary, she accuses us of preventing her from living for the past three hundred years. As soon as Kiev got out from under the Poles (not without the help of Muscovites, it should be noted), so the Muscovites prevent him from living, interfere with the realization of the dream of independence, interfere with the magical way of turning into Europe.

So if Ukraine itself chooses not to depend on Russia, including energetically, maybe it is not necessary to interfere with it in this, and then we will again be guilty. The path of independence is difficult, painful, lies through cold and hunger, but if Ukraine firmly decided to go this way - can it give it such a chance?

Imagine a person who decided to go to the North Pole in order to find Sannikov's Land there, and we are catching up, trying to warm, feed and return. Does he need it? Well caught up, warmed, and confused? Tomorrow he will go on again, and if he is destined to freeze, he will still freeze only a day later.

Here the Jews wandered in the desert for forty years, too, probably, many died on the way, but some still came. The strongest. Something like that, if I understand correctly, Ukrainian nationalists also want to arrange. To lead their people through many trials, so that from forty million ten or fifteen worthy ones remain who learn to live independently of Russia, build their “European fairy tale”, turn Ukraine into northern Israel, and Kiev into the second Jerusalem. Or maybe even the first.

You can have a different attitude to this venture. It can be considered an idiotic and utopian venture. You can admire her on the contrary. That's not the question. The question is whether Ukrainians have the right to put this experiment on themselves or not.

If we consider Ukraine an independent country, and Ukrainians as a separate people - then they, of course, can put any experiments on themselves. They decided to leave from forty million fifteen - well, it is their choice, nothing to hold their skirt or run after a thermos to drink hot tea on the way to their promised land.

Humanism is humanism, but a person should have the right to choose their own path to the grave. In the end, everything will be there, just go the different ways.

However, there is one important nuance ... As already shown, not all Ukrainians want to go the road of separatism and die on it. Supporters of this path from the very beginning were a minority — about a million direct participants in the Maidan and another 20% who voted for Poroshenko in the national average (in the southeast there was hardly 10%).

It turns out that 2-3% of the population is pulling the rest of the country full of difficulties and dangers, with 20% following them more or less voluntarily, and 70-80% without any desire at all, simply because they have to go. Crimea, we helped jump out of this convoy. Donbass wanted to jump out after him, but he was given a bloodbath, after which the others sit and are afraid, moreover they are afraid quite rightly.

By the way, if you look into the situation, it is not even 2-3% of those who actively supported and participated in the Maidan, but the 0,1% (or even less) in general, are organizing all of Ukraine’s grave power and using it in personal interest. And they just will not freeze and starve, in the cold and hunger they drive others. And 2-3% of the activists of the Maidan are for the most part simply narrow-minded, weak-willed people who have fallen under the influence of smart and powerful organizers.

Thus, Ukraine did not voluntarily go to break with Russia, it was not a weighted decision of the people. This is the result of manipulation of public opinion, mass processing of consciousness and the use of political technologies, before which the average man is powerless.

And demanding that the townsfolk influence the situation somehow, come out from under the influence of the West, change the power in the country - this is the same as demanding the hostages to defeat the terrorists themselves.

If the hostages could independently defeat the terrorists, they would never have become hostages.

Well, the hostage cannot free himself. In the same way, ordinary people cannot escape from the system that has developed around them, because the authorities have a great resource - she has the police, special services, a media resource, and money in the end.
So you still need help? To help or not to help Ukraine depends on whether we consider ourselves responsible for what happens to the people living there. Roughly speaking, do we consider Ukraine independent or not. That's what you need to decide. And we need to decide for ourselves.

If we consider Ukraine independent, then we need to give it the opportunity to choose its own path, no matter how difficult and cruel it may be. They want to ruin half of the population on the way to Europe - their right. And that the population was taken hostage by its authorities - so after all, every nation has the power it deserves. Cruel, but fair. And this also applies to us fully.

Russia deserves Putin, whatever it may be, and Ukraine deserves Poroshenko. Belarus deserves Lukashenko, and Turkey Erdogan. Gorbachev deserved - get Gorbachev, deserved Kemal Ataturk - get signed. Who deserves what.
But! If we consider Ukraine independent, we agree with the position of Yeltsin and Kravchuk, who divided the USSR, as well as with the current Ukrainian authorities - we should not forget about this either. And do not forget about the Crimea and the Donbass. When we regained the Crimea, we did not consider Ukraine independent, we didn’t ask Kiev if he wanted to give us the Crimea, we asked the opinion of the Crimeans, but didn’t care about the opinion of Kiev.

And when we supported the Donbass, even if this support was unofficial - we also did not consider Ukraine independent, we considered the residents of Donbass to be part of our largest divided people.

That's the problem!

It turns out - here we consider Ukraine independent, we don’t think here, we play here, we don’t play here, the fish are wrapped here ...

23 was considered independent by Ukraine, and the Crimea was part of Ukraine, then they stopped thinking so, they took the Crimea, supported the Donbass, and now we will again consider Ukraine independent, only without the Crimea and with the Donbas divided in half?

If we took the Crimea, ignoring the opinion of the rest of Ukraine, if we supported the Donbass, if we laugh at the independence and separatism that Kiev boasts, then we do not consider Ukraine to be truly independent.

And if we do not consider Ukraine to be truly independent, we are not ready to abandon our common stories, from our family ties, if we consider Poroshenko and Kravchuk to be criminals, and we consider the division of the USSR in 1991 a mistake ... It means that we must help Ukraine!

But you can help in different ways.

Imagine a person who has become addicted to alcohol. How to help him? Suppose your friend was left without an apartment because he drank it, now he lives on the street and freezes. Yes, you can let him stay overnight. You can give him warm clothes, even give him a cottage, but how long will this help last?
Tomorrow he will drink again everything that you gave him, and he will again be freezing on the street. Coal and gas, which Russia "throws up" to Ukraine, is the same momentary help that does not change the situation, but only aggravates it.

With its gas-and-coal help, Russia simply closes the holes that the Ukrainian authorities create with their "European politics." And while Russia will plug these holes, the authorities in Kiev will consider their actions to be correct and take advantage of handouts from Russia. The next year, Kiev will buy even less coal and gas - Russia will still help if the winter turns out to be cold.

Gas-coal handouts from Russia - this is the help that will only get worse in the long run. And if we do not consider Ukraine to be truly independent and want to help its people, we should not indulge the policy of Kiev, plugging its holes with our handouts.

An alcoholic should not give money for drinks, but help to get rid of his addiction. The same applies to the whole nation, who was under a bad influence. The hostage must not be fed, but released.

Only it is necessary to release only those who actually want it. Here we must not forget that a person who is determined to kill himself against the wall will still be killed, and who will decide to find the promised land or freeze on the way of her will still go looking for her.

This means that you need to somehow help those 80% to the residents of the southeast, who in the coffin saw independence, independence, Maidan and other Banderaism, and at the same time take into account that 20% will still look for a way to achieve their own.

Inside one country, those and others will never come to an agreement. Just before, in Soviet times, 80% were satisfied, and 20% secretly dreamed of independent Ukraine. Now the opposite is true - 20% have achieved their goal, and 80% were taken hostage.
The ratio of those and others varies in space and time. Twenty years ago it was a little different than it is now. In the south-east, in the center and in the west, the ratio also differs.

And this duality - two fundamentally different views on the future path of Ukraine - this is a given, this is a problem that is obvious to everyone. And it is precisely this problem that must be helped to solve.

And to solve this question, we need:

1. Recognize that we do not consider Ukraine truly independent. Stop lying to those around you and yourself.

2. To recognize that in the 2014 year, we have already violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine and there is no going back, we must bring this to the logical end. And the Minsk Agreement is not a solution, but simply an emergency brake, on which the conflict has been put.

3. Understand that it was Russia that created this situation - partly in 1917-1922, largely in 1991 and then in 2014 year.

4. Understand that it is Russia who has the keys to the solution of the Ukrainian question and no one will solve it without Russia. So, stop samorachivatsya, hide his head in the sand and escape responsibility. This is a vicious path that harms Russia itself.

5. To deal with politics in Russia itself, because Ukraine is a mirror reflecting our own problems, and unless we solve them, we will not solve anything.

Russia cannot be a great power until it abandons its parts and at the same time does not fully recognize their independence. For the time being, it is withdrawing itself from solving problems whose roots go back to the history of Russia itself. When we understand this, then we will answer the question whether Ukraine needs to be helped - and how.

And not Ukraine, and especially not Europe and the United States, we must answer this question. We must answer it ourselves. And we must do this not for the future of Ukraine, but for the future of Russia.
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  1. Sasha75
    Sasha75 12 January 2016 05: 34
    Why do they need money))).
    1. Al_oriso
      Al_oriso 12 January 2016 05: 55
      The author says that since they started (Crimea, Donbass), then let's finish - to take all of Ukraine.
      If you follow this, then let us return all the former union republics. What is the little things?
      The author clearly goes too far.
      1. Sharapov
        Sharapov 12 January 2016 06: 18
        Quote: Al_oriso
        The author clearly goes too far.

        Quote: “To understand that it was Russia that created this situation - partly in 1917-1922, to a large extent in 1991 and then in 2014.
        To understand that it is Russia that has the keys to the solution of the Ukrainian question and no one will solve it without Russia. This means that it is enough to dismiss, hide your head in the sand and evade responsibility. This is a vicious path that harms Russia itself. "

        Well done, the author has already made Russia responsible for solving Ukrainian problems. I am sure that for Russia it would be cheaper and more prestigious to relocate the Russian population from Donbass to Russia and close the topic. But now it's too late.
        1. captain
          captain 12 January 2016 09: 25
          I do not quite agree with the author, the problem in 1917-22 was created by the Bolsheviks, not the Russian people. They invented the nationalities "Ukrainians", "Belarusians" and a number of others. They presented the newly created Union republics with territories for which the peoples of Russia (Russians, Tatars, Kalmyks, Cossacks, etc.) paid with blood. They arranged the indigenization of the Russian (and other peoples) living in the territories of modern, created by the Bolsheviks, independent states. They donated land together with the Russian people, while not asking the wishes of the people. Our glorious party created better living conditions in the "national outskirts", at the expense of the peoples inhabiting Russia. All this led to the creation of illusions that the national outskirts are feeding lazy Russians, Tatars, Bashkirs, etc. Naturally, a surge of nationalism and the slogan: "Have eaten our fat." I remembered this slogan for the rest of my life in 1991. Yes, not all Ukrainians are our enemies, but we need to figure out who needs to be helped and who never. You shouldn't help central and western Ukraine. They are alien to us mentally, by faith, culture and a number of other signs. Let Poland and Hungary help them. But in South-Eastern Ukraine, it is worth helping to disconnect from the Bandera region.
        2. igor1981
          igor1981 12 January 2016 15: 39
          Quote: Sharapov
          I am sure that for Russia it would be cheaper and more prestigious to relocate the Russian population from Donbass to Russia and close the topic. But now it's too late

          If to relocate, then only together with the territory.
        3. The comment was deleted.
      2. Sid.74
        Sid.74 12 January 2016 06: 20
        And the Minsk agreements are not a solution, but simply a manual brake on which the conflict was put.

        And the author did not ask himself why the conflict was frozen ...? Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that all sane Ukrainians who could not leave Ukraine are held hostage by the Nazis and the junta. The Ukrainians for the most part, although not happy with the current situation, are in no hurry to oppose the authorities ... to settle down in "life in a new way "began to get used to. And what can we do, with a saber bald ... for the amusement of NATO, the EU and the US ... which weapons will be tossed in Galicia and at the UN yelling about evil Russians.
        to a large extent in 1991 and then in 2014.

        Well, we no longer rewind 91, it’s understandable, and it’s unlikely that we will restore the USSR in that form, just what did Russia do to 2014?
        And about 17-22, if you please ... the devil will break his leg there. And the experiment on Ukrainization of the creators themselves was confused.

        In general, the author came up with a very strange conclusion. Approximately this - do it already at least something and immediately.
        And who needs this rush now ... request But we still have an operation in Syria, and the economic situation is not the most attractive, both in the country and on world markets.

        Meanwhile, Natsik howl that from Russia in Boryspil the plane landed ... with Gryzlov .... zrad. smile

        So ... maybe a little wait. Until spring, when the court will consider the case of three billion.
        1. 15ghost10
          15ghost10 12 January 2016 09: 43
          they even have illiterate magazines - the word "repentance" is written with "a", but this barrel-khvanchkara is written with "o". So patriotic - "heroes", Maidans.
      3. Panabebis
        Panabebis 12 January 2016 06: 31
        then let us return all the former union republics

        And why do we need to return Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others ...? If we are together (economically, politically-politically). This is already geopolitics, where Russia needs to defend its interests. Fortunately, we are not alone in the post-Soviet space :)
        1. Boos
          Boos 12 January 2016 10: 46
          And no one thought that for a start it would be necessary to restore order in the Motherland, to strengthen the State and all the former will reach out on their own ... Otherwise, the current "government" is only capable of chattering.
      4. Vladimir71
        Vladimir71 12 January 2016 08: 53
        And really, let's return Ukraine, pay their debts, and starve our pensioners and low-income people to starvation. In addition, if we need its western part there from people, then nothing is left completely 90% frostbitten and begin to absorb hatred with the milk of those ss-yk that feed them. Probably you need to wait and take the east, but without debt, and the center and the west are lost people and territories, and just all this will pass as debts to the west. And then let's see what comes out of this experiment fascinating I think it will be a sight ...
      5. Xergey
        Xergey 12 January 2016 09: 00
        You are wrong, the author wanted to say that it is necessary to slow down with any help such as discounts and any preferences and semi-legal business of our oligarchs, and begin to act to change the power to give normal information for people to show where they have come and where they can come with such an attitude towards themselves and to Russia, and about the countries that were part of the USSR, the main part was part of the USSR for so long and there are no roots there (Uzbekistan, Turkmens, etc.) you yourself probably know when they were added.
      6. prostorabochiy
        prostorabochiy 12 January 2016 12: 04
        And Poland, and Finland, and Alaska.
    2. Mahmut
      Mahmut 12 January 2016 06: 21
      Early to meddle in this dunghill. She has not yet crossed.
      1. Dembel77
        Dembel77 12 January 2016 06: 59
        Does the US need our help? Not. Why? Because it is a recognized, independent state with a recognized government - i.e. who came to power as a result of democratic elections and is economically sound (moreover, he doesn’t ask for help from us). Now Ukraine. Asks for help? Not. Ukraine - as a state, as well as its government - recognized? Yes. So it turns out that people came to power there in a legal way? A moot point. Why recognize if there was a coup? Well, once recognized, then everything is in accordance with the law.
        Moscow, August 25 - AiF-Moscow.
        Russia recognized Petro Poroshenko as the legitimate president of Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a briefing with reporters.
        Well, let them live as they want. Is it logical? Yes. Only there is one big BUT!
        “We have recognized President Poroshenko and hope that he will use the confidence mandate that he received with all the nuances of the elections that took place on May 25, in order to stop the war, and not to foment conflict and drive it deeper and deeper” - quotes the Minister of ITAR-TASS.
        That is why we helped the Crimeans to make a choice with whom they want to live and we will help the unrecognized republics in the south-east of Ukraine. Conclusion: "The Ukrainian authorities have exhausted the credibility of even their own people and must be replaced. The experiment has come to an end." I don’t smoke myself - I gave up a long time ago, and of all drinks I like good tea.
      2. twviewer
        twviewer 12 January 2016 07: 27
        Quote: Mahmut
        Early to meddle in this dunghill. She has not yet crossed.

        with the current approach, she will spend eternity :) and this approach has never changed since 2000 ("all pidyat") for partners. OCGs are certainly different, but with long-established ties. So this circus will continue until one of the organized crime groups collapses. The "solidarity" of the customs union in relation to Ukraine is especially indicative.
    3. RDX
      RDX 12 January 2016 12: 36
      Here's how to eat up chocolate, so let them change something in their lives, and so there’s nothing to indulge in begging
  2. ALABAY45
    ALABAY45 12 January 2016 05: 34
    "... the inhabitants of Ukraine are not strangers to us ..."
    At first, I immediately wanted to quit reading ... I gathered my will into a fist, mastered it, I understood that it would be better if I smoked calmly in the frost and drank an extra cup of coffee. NOTHING ABOUT! recourse
    1. SAM 5
      SAM 5 12 January 2016 05: 57
      At first, I immediately wanted to quit reading ... I gathered my will into a fist, mastered it, I understood that it would be better if I smoked calmly in the frost and drank an extra cup of coffee. NOTHING ABOUT!

      I agree. Why are these percentages and reasoning "to help - not to help" request
      1. alvog
        alvog 12 January 2016 06: 09
        Sorry, but I didn’t understand anything ...
    2. Sharapov
      Sharapov 12 January 2016 06: 22
      As for me - such generalizations about all Ukrainians are a provocation. In right-bank (western) Ukraine, there are practically no friends of Russia and never will be. With the left bank you can still talk about something ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. vladimir_krm
        vladimir_krm 12 January 2016 10: 04
        There is a so-called. "Subtelny's line" is googled. It was confirmed at the elections from year to year, without changes. This is the friend / foe border. And the word "friends" is conditional here: there are no and never will be, and there should not be any friends in politics! And there is no Slavic brotherhood and never was, Dostoevsky proved it. There are interests of Russia. Dot.
    3. V.ic
      V.ic 12 January 2016 07: 10
      Quote: ALABAY45
      it would be better to smoke quietly in the frost

      It would be better if we could breathe clean air in the frost!
      Quote: ALABAY45
      and drank an extra cup of coffee.

      Well, you see, you yourself say that "superfluous"!
  3. Vladimyrych
    Vladimyrych 12 January 2016 05: 42
    Do not help in any way. Will not send - all is one.
    1. Oprychnik
      Oprychnik 12 January 2016 08: 37
      Fortune telling on a camomile:
      Love does not love,
      spit - kiss
      presses to heart - will send to hell.
      Funny and tired.
  4. Gavril
    Gavril 12 January 2016 05: 46
    And here are some more questions:
    - How is it, to recognize an independent country which is ruled insolently, openly from across the ocean?
    - In the Crimea. Recognize Ukraine as independent and wait calmly when independents independently ask our fleet to leave from there? So that the NATO fleet settles there?
    - In the Donbass. And if they were also attached, what would happen? Would it be worse than now?
    - Help someone? Distraught crowd of galloping morons?

    Not only the United States, but Ukraine itself has planted a pig for everyone, and above all for its people.
  5. andre
    andre 12 January 2016 05: 48
    Damn, so many letters printed in vain.
    1. theadenter
      theadenter 12 January 2016 10: 26
      The author considers the situation through the prism of relations only between Russia and Ukraine, without taking into account other parties to the conflict.
  6. zgd_se_1955
    zgd_se_1955 12 January 2016 05: 49
    Where Ukrainians do not kiss ... everywhere she darling W ....
  7. Electrical
    Electrical 12 January 2016 05: 49
    You should not help by reading the censor)) they are all there except pensioners, let them remember the cookies for a long time so that they hiccup
    1. theadenter
      theadenter 12 January 2016 10: 27
      Do not read the censor. This is a garbage can with degenerates.
  8. domokl
    domokl 12 January 2016 05: 50
    Well, you can’t publish such articles in the morning. Did the author himself understand what he wrote? Tortured to the end. Now into the forest, then by firewood. Or I don’t have enough intelligence to understand thoughts. I do not know.
    The problem of Ukraine is not in relation to this state of other countries, including Russia. The problem is that no one knows where to go. Moreover, this applies to the entire territory of the former country. Maybe a little better in the Crimea. There is Russia. They have decided. The rest just rave about the crowd.
    I think that "onizhedeti" are the people of Ukraine. For them, the process is important, not the outcome. The people-player. Moreover, gambling addiction is already forcing people to sell things from their own home.
    1. theadenter
      theadenter 12 January 2016 10: 28
      It is also embarrassing that the author did not affect third parties. But they did not take part in provoking a conflict.
  9. Moore
    Moore 12 January 2016 05: 51
    These five points - to understand ..., to recognize ...
    Well understood, well recognized. So what? We went to conquer back the territory with a hostile (what is 80% there against the regime?) Population, which also needs to be fed later?
    Not, metastases of independence, but also confidence in the evilness of mo-ska-l-e too penetrated into Ukrainian society.
    Here the recipe is already different: until they get enough of their nezalezhnosti in half with shit and blood, they will not let go.
  10. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 12 January 2016 05: 52
    2. Recognize that in 2014 we already violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine
    And also ask for forgiveness and probably repent
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 12 January 2016 06: 14
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      And also ask for forgiveness and probably repent

      Good day, Alexander! To become the Akhedzhakovs with all chorus ?! repeat
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 12 January 2016 07: 18
        Quote: B.T.W.
        To become the Akhedzhakovs with all chorus ?!

        Hi, Tanya! And also return to Ukraine Rostov laughing
        1. B.T.V.
          B.T.V. 12 January 2016 07: 30
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          And also return to Ukraine Rostov

          Maybe it’s better to have more barbed wire, so that it is better than (m) wrapping faces so that they do not crack ?!
        2. Great-grandfather of Zeus
          Great-grandfather of Zeus 12 January 2016 07: 36
          Alexander Romanov, maybe Russia’s Kiev will return, so it wakes more reliably.
        3. Bayonet
          Bayonet 12 January 2016 12: 08
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          And also return to Ukraine Rostov

          But but! Do not touch Rostov !!! am
    2. aleks 62 next
      aleks 62 next 12 January 2016 10: 29
      .... 2. Recognize that in 2014 we already violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine ....

      .... Territorial integrity in today's world realities is a convention .... Remember Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq ..... hi
  11. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 12 January 2016 05: 54
    Not worth it, but have to.
  12. Same lech
    Same lech 12 January 2016 05: 55
    Humanism is humanism, but a person should have the right to choose their own path to the grave. In the end, everything will be there, just go the different ways.

    That's right ... only we are not in a hurry there, unlike EUROPE and UKRAINE.
    They were crazy there because of sadomasochism and tolerance for sadists.
    There is no and again there is no way to EUROPE to which we are being pushed hard ... we will never be Europeans because of different understandings of good and evil ... forgiveness and tolerance of evil between different civilizations.
  13. ochakow703
    ochakow703 12 January 2016 05: 55
    A really tough choice. On the one hand, you want to cover this whole mess with Iskander, and on the other, you will see a lump in your throat, and you are ready to take off the last shirt and give it back. I have seen dozens of Ukrainian refugees exhausted by the war and losses. A healthy man, 53 years old, is crying ... But what about? All his life in the mine otmantol, and in an instant he lost his wife, daughter, mother and a roof over his head. Grabbed the grandchildren to Russia ...
    I remember my grandmother often said with a bitter sigh - "The family has its black sheep, but that's just the unlucky one, it's still pathetic ..." So you will think here, to help or not, or how to help? I think that if psychiatrists are already powerless there, then the patient should be on the table with the surgeon.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 12 January 2016 06: 05
      Healthy man, 53 years old, worth crying ... But what about? He lifted his whole life in the mine, and in an instant lost his wife, daughter, mother and roof over his head. I also took grandchildren to Russia ...

      Sorry ...

      And if we have such a disaster ... where shall we run?

      In the Himalayan mountains or something ... you have to fight for a place in the sun ... there is no other way, there are too many people who want to drive the indigenous people out of their own home from UKRAINE and RUSSIA ... you have to fight for your homeland with your teeth angry ...
      which ordinary rank-and-file militias in the DPR and LPR are doing now.

      And pity for healthy and strong men is fatal ... you can’t do this ...
      pity the feeble old people, children, women who are not able to resist the enemy.
  14. Grbear
    Grbear 12 January 2016 06: 00
    Demagogy ... Although the message is visible:
    - sprinkle ash on your head (to admit that we did not recognize, do not recognize and we will not recognize that we have offended, we are offended and will be, etc.);
    - to fulfill the dream of the EU and the black master - to take responsibility for the country they have destroyed and drag it into the "bright future";
    - get yourself a "hemorrhoid" in the form of offended ... lyami "nezalezhny" people, because the gap has already occurred. They want to be velikoukrami, they will be high, but within the boundaries of the 17th year. They do not understand historical justice, which means - by the right of the strong.
    We will deal with the rest, but we do not promise to feed on the way to a brighter future. hi
    1. nagel_Oz
      nagel_Oz 12 January 2016 09: 42
      I absolutely agree with you! The country is infected with hatred of Russia, which is important, it is the young generation, those who have the future. Will they be with us ?! How to help, not help .. DO NOT HELP. Cruel? Yes. But no matter how sorry the hand struck by gangrene, it needs to be cut, well, or removed.
  15. Red_Hamer
    Red_Hamer 12 January 2016 06: 00
    I read a lot of bukAF, I learned nothing new, from empty to empty.
  16. izya top
    izya top 12 January 2016 06: 02
    not all of Ukraine supported the Maidan
    and what are better than hatskrayniki?
    Recognize that in 2014 we already violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 12 January 2016 06: 37
      Quote: izya top
      and what are better than hatskrayniki?
      1. izya top
        izya top 12 January 2016 17: 24
        [quote = Bayonet]]
  17. Mr shrek
    Mr shrek 12 January 2016 06: 03
    Delirium, utter nonsense.
    The author is absolutely not in the subject of what he wrote.
    1. 66 Division IRA
      66 Division IRA 12 January 2016 06: 06
      I agree ! Article ravings ....
  18. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 12 January 2016 06: 04
    We got these attempts to comprehend, which is impossible in principle ..
  19. SklochPensioner
    SklochPensioner 12 January 2016 06: 08
    So you can go crazy, from such duality belay

    For me it’s so simple: Ukraine, not the dirty tricks of Russia and Russian and live as you want !!! Or die. All!
  20. Wolka
    Wolka 12 January 2016 06: 08
    the author is clearly a Ukrainian meager ...
  21. Ros 56
    Ros 56 12 January 2016 06: 08
    Of course, some of the statements in the article are controversial, but in general the article is correct, something needs to be decided, so it should not go on. Honestly, I was hoping that this issue would be resolved when the GDP declared support for Russian and Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine, and when I asked the Federation Council for permission to use force abroad. But when the Minsk affairs started, I realized that it’s a zrad. In my opinion, someone was very scared for their wallets. It was necessary to put a fist firmly and quickly to the nose of the states, not giving time to come to his senses, and everything would have been decided long ago. Both the EU and the states would swallow, shout, curl, but swallow.
    1. oracul
      oracul 12 January 2016 09: 17
      Why is there such confidence that a forceful solution to the problem would lead to success? When Napoleon invaded Russia, the peasants defended their homeland, remaining serfs. When the Red Army entered Poland in 1920 under the slogans of the liberation of the capitalists from power, the Polish people for some reason did not understand this and met us as invaders. In your opinion, in Ukraine everything would have been different and we had been greeted with bread and salt, where did you get so much holy simplicity from?
  22. RusDV
    RusDV 12 January 2016 06: 09
    And to demand from the townsfolk that they somehow influence the situation, get out of the influence of the West, change the power in the country - this is the same as demanding that the hostages defeat the terrorists on their own

    I disagree. If we compare the Ukrainians with the hostages of their own power, it would be nice to ask them themselves, do they consider themselves hostages? ... and do they need our help? ... When the "hostage" takes up arms and shoots at " assistants "- it's like ...? The only help that they obviously need from us is a freebie .... Let them take full measure of this power, try to change it, change it themselves .... then, if they themselves don't have enough strength, you might think about help .. ...
  23. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 12 January 2016 06: 10
    If, as the author of the article writes, two or three percent of the population of Bandera drag everyone else as a flock of sheep into the abyss, then they need to go there, all the same, do not expect anything good from the brainless idiots in the future; , will be accused of all universal sins. So mister author to help your beloved Khokhlov, will come out to himself a hundred times more expensive.
  24. patriot-rf
    patriot-rf 12 January 2016 06: 15
    not an article, but semolina spread on the table. And frankly, the article is just about nothing. IMHO.
  25. The comment was deleted.
  26. Stinger
    Stinger 12 January 2016 06: 17
    The article did not like. Love - do not love, believe - do not consider, etc. No need to help anyone. We must work with everyone, observing the interests of Russia. And remember the wise proverb: Do not do good, you will not receive evil. Especially lovers of freebies.
  27. Electrical
    Electrical 12 January 2016 06: 20
    80% of those who are dissatisfied, let the 20% of those who are satisfied with the Kuevo regime "bend down", you cannot help yourself, no one will help. Russia has enough of its own problems!
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 12 January 2016 06: 53
      Quote: Elektrik
      80% of the dissatisfied let the 20% of the satisfied

      All these percentages are nonsense, but the mud is constantly pouring on Russia, this is a real fact! Yesterday they showed how in the Kiev tavern, to the applause and ISIS Mouzon, they staged the execution of a Russian pilot. And these are people ??? am
  28. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 12 January 2016 06: 21
    Alexander! -You are such a big man-write articles, really-nn about what, but these are trifles. And on ukroine-we them priziditsy which they constantly impeach them, perhaps? They even did not become a normal country-amorphous entities, in their troubles blaming everyone, including you and me, and the scum mixed with criminals who created all sorts of "natsbats" and parasitic on the rest of the "population", namely the population, not the people, for the territories are more or less populated with those non-religious amorphous entities that suit vse.that and think, in this situation, is it worth helping them? r.s (I do not cite the republic of Novorossia as an example, because even there not everything is sweet and smooth).
  29. vfqjh
    vfqjh 12 January 2016 06: 25
    Some kind of tuftalogy, a lot of words, but nothing.
  30. PValery53
    PValery53 12 January 2016 06: 34
    Ukraine will not be able to get out of the crisis on its own, and America "protects" it so that "the patient will safely reach death." To "get" Ukraine out, you first need to get America out of there. These "partners" themselves will not leave Ukraine.
  31. sgr291158
    sgr291158 12 January 2016 06: 42
    The couple didn’t understand anything, then it is necessary to help, then not. How many wolves do not feed, he still looks into the forest. So with Ukraine, no matter how much you help, it’s better we won’t do it for them. They washed their brains so that they have nothing else but hatred for Russia. Let them develop further as they want, enough to feed them, but they will climb to us, fill our faces.
  32. Zomanus
    Zomanus 12 January 2016 06: 47
    Maybe Ukrainians are not happy with Poroshenko,
    but most of them are definitely against Russia.
    This time ...
    What was the number of troops of the Wehrmacht,
    invading our country in 1941?
    Probably the same percentage of the German population.
    That is, we can say that there are enough people in Ukraine now (let's call them that)
    who are not against invading us and "being naughty".
    This two.
    The fact that we help with this and that is the "trick" of our international policy,
    we are peacekeepers and for friendship against war.
    Well, this requires some costs.
  33. Yak28
    Yak28 12 January 2016 06: 50
    Ukrainians are not a close people to us, they sniffed with our probable adversary, pour dirt and lies on Russia worse than our sworn Western friends and Russophobes Poles combined. They do not hide, but, on the contrary, flaunt their fascist inclinations. to make Ukrainians shudder for a hundred years ahead from the word Russia.
    They can’t even bury their soldiers without fascist nonsense
    1. V.ic
      V.ic 12 January 2016 07: 20
      Quote: Yak28
      Ukrainians are not our close people,

      About "zapadentsev" / excluding Rusyns / I agree. The rest of the "right-bank people" are a herd with dislocated brains. Nestor Ivanovich Mikhnenko, according to your version, is also "Ukrainian", but for me it is Russian.
      PS The Orthodox cannot be Ukrainian, only Russian, and Uniates = count!
      1. Yak28
        Yak28 12 January 2016 07: 24
        Ukrainians are not our close people, now. And what was dozens, hundreds of years ago, is no longer relevant
  34. Neophyte
    Neophyte 12 January 2016 06: 51
    Percentage arithmetic should be recounted? Up to 80-90% of the inhabitants of this territory have long gone mad on Svidomo, and young people are 100%! And therefore, just to send them to hell, let them rake their g ... oh!
    1. Yak28
      Yak28 12 January 2016 06: 54
      Yes, the brains of the residents went there for a long time, in no case can you divide people on the territory controlled by Kiev into good and bad. They have repeatedly proved that they treat Russia as an enemy, and therefore they must be treated like enemies, more It’s all enraging when Putin calls them fraternal people. And brothers, they wash him out of his mouth with tirelessly tirelessly.
  35. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 January 2016 07: 01
    Dealing with politics in Russia itself, because Ukraine is a mirror in which our own problems are reflected

    Well, if Ukraine is a mirror of Russia, then I have no questions for the author. What are the problems of our country reflected in Ukraine? Hatred of the Russian world, ruined economy in the wake of Russophobia, shelling of their cities, the possibility of external control? Or maybe the menu in cafes and restaurants? No, our problems are far from Ukrainian and are not at that level. Ukraine is a mirror of Western policy.
  36. Alex66
    Alex66 12 January 2016 07: 13
    There is a proverb: A well-fed belly is deaf to learning, and so while we feed the Ukrainians, they will not learn from their own mistakes from anyone else. As Shurik said it is necessary to conduct explanatory work, it is necessary Fedya, it is necessary !!!
  37. ARES623
    ARES623 12 January 2016 07: 17
    It's time to understand already that it is pointless to talk about Ukraine as a subject of the geopolitics of the current time. It is an object. This is the "fomka" with which the United States is trying to open Russia. Brothers, non-Brothers - it doesn't matter if they are citizens of another state. Brothers are those who are in the same family, and not in different trenches. Listen to Putin sometimes - relations between states cannot be built in the same way as between people. And help in some cases is demonstratively provided not only because it is cold there, but as a countermeasure. How many people have died on the European continent over the past year, and Europe saw only a baby on the shore. So it is in this case. Ukraine squeals at all crossroads - Russia is the aggressor, and Putin demonstratively promptly and loudly enough gas in Genichesk, right there - an interview with German journalists. Everything is clear on the shelves, each event with a specific purpose. You think this is for Europe. Fuck her. It is directed against the hysterics of the State Department. In addition, the author apparently does not understand the difference between the Crimea and Dobass and confuses "God's gift" with scrambled eggs. Crimea is a military-strategic position in Europe, Donbass is a weight around Kiev's neck. You can't equal.
  38. Neko75
    Neko75 12 January 2016 07: 17
    Not an article, but a conscientious diarrhea. The meaning of the article is zero. What does it mean or do not consider independent. It was not Russia that captured the Crimea, but the inhabitants themselves held a referendum (there is such an international norm), it was not Russia that organized the Maidan, but the State Deputies organized another revolution and brought chaos to our borders, it was not Russia that launched a war in the Donbass. And Europe is no longer independent for a long time, and because of the ocean they blather, they do it, and to the detriment of themselves. And what does Parashenko have to do with his ..... The USA has set them - they are dancing like clowns!
  39. MarKon
    MarKon 12 January 2016 07: 18
    . The patient has not yet been ill
  40. press officer
    press officer 12 January 2016 07: 21
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    2. Recognize that in 2014 we already violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine
    And also ask for forgiveness and probably repent

    Well, the author burns however! fool
    Recognize that in 2014 we already violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine and there is no turning back ............ YES? WHEN SUCCESSFUL? what
    Understand that it was Russia that created this situation - partly in 1917-1922, largely in 1991 and then in 2014. YOUR W DIVISION! AGAIN WE ARE EXTREME! belay
    Deal with politics in Russia itself, because Ukraine is a mirror in which our own problems are reflected, and until we solve them, we will not solve anything. belay WHAT IS OUR POLICY HERE? fool
    A life example: they brought a guy to the intensive care unit that was taken out of the noose, for the third time already ... He woke up and said: "They worked in vain, I will hang myself anyway!" And after a couple of weeks he was already being taken to the morgue ... sad
    So maybe not stop the outskirts finally go their own way? Let them go! yes Maybe they’ll stop blaming us for their troubles ... although it’s unlikely .. No.
  41. V.ic
    V.ic 12 January 2016 07: 26
    I will say about the article in the words of VS Vysotsky: "I broke all the brains into parts, I braided all the convolutions ...". Emotions gush over the edge, washing out thoughts.
  42. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 12 January 2016 07: 32
    Thus, Ukraine did not voluntarily go to break with Russia, it was not a weighted decision of the people. This is the result of manipulation of public opinion, mass processing of consciousness and the use of political technologies, before which the average man is powerless.

    Was the collapse of the USSR voluntary? Not mass processing and technology application?
    So let the Ukrainians first eat plenty of European democracy and put on lace shorts that are nicer to them than independence. But let it do without without
    our help. And it would be good for us to deal with our own Maidan people and their
    accomplices in the country.
    And help, of course, is necessary. To individual representatives and groups of Ukrainians. Who did not forget that they are Russian.
  43. sl22277
    sl22277 12 January 2016 07: 52
    I do not completely agree with the Author. For the most part, the people of the country and the authorities are absolutely two different poles. The Independent Power does not enjoy the support of the people at all. At the moment, this state has turned into a place where corrupt politicians can launder money, while remaining unpunished. What really brilliantly succeeded for Ukraine was to turn into a zone of instability and military conflict, providing its territory for the realization of US geopolitical interests. In this regard, the country is truly unique. Without any external aggression, without declaring war on anyone, it destroys its own citizens using artillery and armored vehicles.
  44. aleks700
    aleks700 12 January 2016 07: 57
    Russia decided to no longer sell electricity to Ukraine
    Here is the best news of the year. It remains to cut off the gas, Donbass ... This is help!
  45. aleks700
    aleks700 12 January 2016 08: 10
    And about the violation of sovereignty. Yes there was. The fact that they didn’t let the people out of the barracks and shoot the Russians in the Crimea is a violation of sovereignty and glory to God. The fact that the Donbass is still holding is a violation of sovereignty. Thank God. The fact that Ukraine is not an independent state? So who argues with this except for Bandera? The author is right in many ways. Is Russia to blame for this? In part. Helped too much. More work was needed among the population. But these are questions for politicians and foreign intelligence.
  46. X Y Z
    X Y Z 12 January 2016 08: 33
    In general, the author’s idea is correct, but those forum users are right who write that the patient has not yet been ill, and the dunghill has not yet been crossed. There is a delicate moment - you need to translate your responsibility into action at the right moment, not earlier, not later. And, if you do not guess, then you can get such a headache that all previous tests with sanctions and prohibitions seem to be a real sanatorium. And this is what our analysts must calculate.
  47. Dwarfik
    Dwarfik 12 January 2016 08: 56
    Point 2 is not entirely clear. This is how territorial integrity is violated? There was a referendum, people expressed the opinion, what is the violation?
  48. pts-m
    pts-m 12 January 2016 08: 56
    Maybe enough of our Russia to step on the rake. Urina is an independent ruin, well, let it stomp on wherever it wants. Why call her back. Looks like history does not teach anything to our authorities. You will not be forcibly sweet.
  49. pts-m
    pts-m 12 January 2016 08: 58
    What I don't like? Urinovtsi made their own decisions. They have down flag. Forward with exclamations to the geyropu.
  50. radik02
    radik02 12 January 2016 09: 16
    In Russia, there are few homeless, hungry, cold, sick, pensioners, unemployed ... they need help.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 12 January 2016 10: 48
      So help, who is stopping you.