Little Angels of Donbass


In Donetsk in the Leninsky Komsomol Park there is a monument to dead citizens of the DPR - a bouquet of mourning black roses forged from fragments of shells. This mournful bouquet is in memory of both adults and children whose life was cut short as a result of a criminal war unleashed by ukrohunta. And yet - two alleys of angels, where there are monuments to the dead children.

One of them is in Victory Park. Forged arch, under which is a plate. On this plate are carved the names of the dead children. The second is still in the same Park of Lenin Komsomol. This is a small, modest stove, located not far from the majestic memorial "To your liberators, Donbass".

I do not want to say platitudes that children are the most defenseless in the face of war. In the end, everyone is equally defenseless against a flying mortar shell or a full package of "Grad". One should not, perhaps, argue about whose life is more precious - an adult or a child. Any life is priceless, except, perhaps, the non-lives of fascists, murderers and punishers. And yet - special monuments are erected to children who died in the war. And they bring not only flowers to them, but also toys ...

On Christmas Eve, 6 in January, carnations tied with a mourning ribbon and toy animals were brought to the mournful stone at the Alley of Angels in the Lenin Komsomol Park. "Angels of Christmas" - the so-called action of memory of the dead children. The main participants in the mournful ceremony were small residents of Donbass, many of whom are of the same age as those who will never frolic under the sky of a mining region.

According to the adviser to the Head of the DPR on the rights of the child Yana Chepikova, 78 children became its victims during the long months of the war in the Donbas. So far, she said, a complete list of their names has been prepared. Among the young victims of punitive - a girl from the Kiev region, who came to her relatives and died as a result of shelling from the side of Ukrohunta.

“Our sacred duty is to remember the children who suffered and who died due to the fault of adults who threatened that the children of Donbass would be sitting in basements. But our children will raise our country in the post-war time. They will build cities and factories, develop the economy. But the memory of children who cannot do this should remain forever in our hearts, ”Chepikova said.

And in the museum of the Great Patriotic War another event took place with the participation of children - they wrote letters to Santa Claus, soldiers to the front, veterans.

“Dear Russian Grandfather Frost! Thank you for my new school. It is very warm and cozy, ”writes fourth-grade pupil Nazar in his message. “Give peace to all the children. I believe you can do it, ”the boy does not forget. And only after that makes a personal desire - table sea battle.

"Happy New Year - with a peaceful year," - says the New Year card, made by small children's hands.

People are always pleased to receive gifts, but such touching and naive, made by children’s hands, are perceived in a special way, cause tears ... And, of course, the death of children is also perceived in a special way, more acutely, although any life is priceless. Letters will go to the defenders of Novorossia in the trenches, go to the apartments of veterans of the Great Patriotic War ... And soft toys brought to the stone on the Alley of Angels will stand silently, quietly swept away by the snow.
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  1. +14
    11 January 2016 07: 02
    Eternal memory to the little angels! May they be damned to the 7th tribe of the ukrokhunt!
    1. +9
      11 January 2016 07: 07
      let the earth rest in peace. And WE WILL NOT FORGET NOT SIMPLY. And if we forget what awaits our children and grandchildren?
      1. +12
        11 January 2016 07: 10
        66 killed children in the list of the memorial, it is only in this place ... the genocide of the people of DONBASS am
        There can be no peace with their killers.
      2. +15
        11 January 2016 07: 39
        Quote: tobacco

        You can’t forgive this, you can’t forget this. Eternal memory and earth rest in peace to the little angels of Donbass ascended to heaven. crying
        1. +8
          11 January 2016 23: 09

          He would live on Earth and with the delight of a baby
          I would smile at the sun from a pram ...
          But crucified by the executioners, like the son of a militia,
          At the Donbass Calvary in the ruins of Slavyansk.
          He is crucified at the Pentagon at the main entrance.
          And crucified in Brussels, and - at the White House,
          And - on the statue of that bloodthirsty freedom,
          What gives rise to the thunder of war thunder.
          He no longer plays in the sandbox with his mom,
          Former little resident of a huge planet, -
          He hangs on the wall in Obama’s office
          And look is not afraid in the eyes of the cannibal.
          He did not fly either into angels or into cherubim.
          He is immortal with his reproaching power.
          And hanging like a cross on the chest of Ukraine.
          And looks into the merciful eyes of Russia.
          He does not cry from pain and childish resentment.
          He froze heroically in a sacrificial pose.
          And the cyclopean eye of the pyramid follows:
          Are the nails well driven into the palms?
          Leonid Kornilov
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +19
      11 January 2016 07: 16
      I read and tears drip, for which the most defenseless, who have not yet begun to live, are killed. These geeks who did this will receive revenge sooner or later. Forgive us ANGELS that did not protect you.
    4. +12
      11 January 2016 12: 08
      Is it possible to get used to this? Tears come to my eyes, let the earth be for little angels and eternal memory. crying
  2. +7
    11 January 2016 07: 59
    children are the most defenseless in the face of war.... Ukrainian "volunteers" do not know about it .. And those who "donate" money for the war .. Their children do not die ..
  3. +8
    11 January 2016 08: 10
    Let people of all countries learn about crimes against children! May the Lord punish criminals and all their descendants!
    I always remember the TV footage of the dead children.
    Kingdom of Heaven to the fallen children of Donbass.
    1. +9
      11 January 2016 11: 38
      Thank you Elena for your article.
      To be honest, I didn’t even know that so many children were killed by the Kiev regime in Donbass. All these Poroshenko Yaytsenyuk Kolomoisky Groismanov Berez should be tried and "punished" best of all by the highest measure. It is desirable, of course, to judge their "owners" from the United States and Israel.
      Eternal memory to the murdered children and all who died defending their homeland from the nationalist "evil".
  4. +3
    11 January 2016 13: 07
    It will be rewarded with ukrov punishers! You can’t argue against karma!
  5. +4
    11 January 2016 15: 21 have to answer in full and they will answer .....
  6. +1
    11 January 2016 22: 20
    And where are all the observatories? Where are the monitors and human rights defenders? Where is Akhedzhakova and others?
  7. -4
    12 January 2016 23: 08
    belay what laughing mdaaaa ... Sorry for the children that grow up under the St. George ribbon ... there will be lost people
    1. 0
      20 March 2023 05: 08
      Quote: Sarych
      belay what laughing mdaaaa ... Sorry for the children that grow up under the St. George ribbon ... there will be lost people

      "Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." (Galatians 6:7)
  8. 0
    20 March 2023 05: 06
    Little Angels of Donbass

    Eternal Memory Angels!

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