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Motorized infantry and grenade launchers teachings in the Southern Military District

On the Russian military base in the Republic of Abkhazia started grenade launchers. According to the press service of the Southern Military District, about 150 riflemen with RPG-7 and AGS-17 calculations were involved in the training. The main direction of training activities is to work out actions with various types of grenade launchers in difficult conditions, including mountainous areas and the sea coast with high humidity indices. In the mountains, rocket launchers will fire at the Tsabal training range, and coastal exercises will be performed at the Nagualou training range.

From the message press service of the Southern Military District:
Training of grenade launchers began with a course of theoretical training and training on computer simulators, providing a complete imitation of firing from a grenade launcher.

Before shooting with regular shots, the grenade launchers will practice their skills using training shooting devices (CCP), when targets are hit using an 7,62 caliber cartridge.

During field training, servicemen will learn how to survey targets, select, equip and mask firing positions, determine baseline data for shooting in various weather and climatic conditions, use day and night observation and aiming devices. Work out the actions of a grenade launcher in combat as part of a unit.

Motorized infantry and grenade launchers teachings in the Southern Military District

A separate set of exercises is the use of automatic grenade launchers to bombard the squares of finding a conditional enemy in the mountains at a distance of 1,7 km.

It is noted that at least half of the exercises will be held at night.

At the same time, on the test sites of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation in Dagestan and Chechnya, tankers of motorized rifle brigades of the Southern Military District develop their shooting skills with a regular shell. Training and practical activities are held at the "Guardsman" and "Kalinovsky" ranges. The maneuvers involved about 50 armored vehicles.

From the message of the press service of the Southern Military District:
Crews fire modern cannons tanks T-72B3 with a standard projectile, as well as with a coaxial machine gun for emerging and moving targets simulating a moving tank, anti-tank grenade launcher and recoilless artillery at distances from 300 to 2000 m.

Driver mechanics perform exercises on driving combat vehicles over rough terrain with overcoming natural obstacles, as well as anti-tank ditches and barriers.

Combat training in motorized rifle formations is planned in such a way as to cover all the main issues of combat by a tank unit in the offensive and defense during the day and at night.
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  1. Sinister
    Sinister 22 December 2015 14: 46
    I remember when a cadet shot deaf realistically and a lot of smoke was unrealistic, they shot blanks it was funny to watch them jump from the ground, the tank model was made of wire. Oh, where are my 17 years old ... laughing
  2. kil 31
    kil 31 22 December 2015 14: 48
    The main direction of training activities is the development of actions with various types of grenade launchers in difficult conditions
  3. Denis Obukhov
    Denis Obukhov 22 December 2015 14: 56
    He remembered himself, so awkward, in about the same surroundings. With an awkward, he ran in the wrong direction, clumsily bent his hat, covered his helmet, took aim somewhere in the white light ... and soooo pulled the trigger sad
  4. A-Sim
    A-Sim 22 December 2015 15: 32
    I remember, I forgot to open my mouth (RPG-7) ... I turned my head for a month with my healthy ear to hear. A numb ear a couple of months later let go gradually. Lucky, I guess.
  5. moskowit
    moskowit 22 December 2015 18: 25
    Well, the photo could be uploaded with a regular shot, and not with an extra barrel, all the more dented ... And since exercises and exercises are conducted in difficult conditions of the coast and mountainous areas, military provocations are apparently possible in similar landscape conditions.