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Notes Soviet officer 5. In memory of Pasha Dremova


I experienced a tremendous bitterness when I learned about the death of Pashi Dremov. The more this bitterness was, since the day before my friend from St. Petersburg called me and said that PASHA was in the city and was preparing for the wedding. and I was glad for my commander. DREMOVA was blown up in his own car, and the cynical killers made it on Pasha's wedding day. Just like ALEXEI'S BRAIN, PUSH was killed not in an open battle, but vilely, having mined his car. His death was beneficial to both the great Ukram and the carpentry people.

PASHA did not make a big impression when I first saw him, it was a puny little man in a worn slide, but over time I remembered who he resembles with his behavior. Legendary KOVPAK from the film about the partisans, the internal and external similarity was on the face, even beards were similar. PASHA was not a public person, did not chase fame and public relations. Never boasted of his power in dealing with ordinary Cossacks. I remember how the Cossacks persuaded him to record a video message asking for material assistance when humanitarian aid went to Donbass. He resisted for a long time, but the argument that humanitarian aid was needed not only by the militia, but also by civilians, convinced him.

He sincerely supported the life of the local population, those unfortunate old people who were left without means of livelihood, abandoned by the Kiev junta. Someone from the great said: "Great people make revolutions, but the bastards, as a rule, enjoy their fruits." We see this on the territory of Ukraine and, it seems, now also on the territory of the LPR, since I believe Dryomov that not all the means of the government of the LPR went to the development of the republic, and much has become settled in private pockets.

For the second year, Poroshenko’s government has been in power of Ukraine, because of the anti-popular laws, the government’s rating is extremely low. However, most Ukrainians still continue to believe that Russia attacked Ukraine. After a trip to the Donbass via the Internet, my comrade from the military school, now living in Ukraine, came to me with the accusations that I was a murderer and a terrorist, and went to kill unhappy civilians. He ignored the fact that these supposedly civilians go mainly to BMP and shoot, not dismantling the residential areas of Donbass. At the end of the conversation, he said: "Well, two thousand zinc has already gone to Russia." This they said to the box then, and there will be even more. Here we managed to catch him and force him to turn on his brains even briefly.

Together we finished a military school, and what they told us about casualties in a conventional (non-nuclear) war: on average, there were three wounded per one dead person. “From your words, it turns out that the Russian army in Ukraine has lost about 6000 people wounded, so surely there will not be a couple of hundreds of these thousands that the contused, wounded could be taken prisoner by Bandera?” And the only thing your authorities can boast of is to show a dozen of the truly lost grief - warriors. ” Then my comrade finally thought, said: "This, of course, is true, but still Russia is the aggressor." I gave another example with Georgia. I say: “Georgia was forced to peace in 5 days (the participant himself), and this despite the fact that there were only two passes to the territory of Georgia from North Ossetia. And to Ukraine, the passage is even for hundreds of km, no mountains interfere, and even more so Yatsenyuk's grooves. I would like Russia to attack, it would pass, even without lingering, on the border. ” But I did not succeed in convincing finally that he was being fooled by the box. Moreover, he already believes that Bandera was not so bad, and this despite the fact that his grandfather had just fought against these very Bandera. So that the fraternal Ukrainian people are still in a dope, and zombie thorough. What can I say about Ukrainians, when I myself after a couple of hours watching Ukrainian TV, began to catch myself thinking that if I were not from Russia, I probably would have also believed that Russia had attacked Ukraine. Ukrainian commentators with serious physiognomies tell how moskalsko-buryat monsters kill peaceful Ukrainians, while showing photos and video documents, allegedly of our atrocities. I myself was stunned by such shameless lies.

And once I even witnessed how these so-called irrefutable documents are fabricated. Once in Pervomaisk we came under another shelling, great ukry beat the city with howitzers and heavy mortars. Coming out of the shelter, we saw that several breaks occurred nearby, even our car caught several fragments. Together with my group there was a local militia who filmed the destroyed buildings and a dead local resident who did not have time to reach the shelter, saying that he would post all this on the militia website. What was our rage and anger, when we saw the same video the next day on one of the Ukrainian channels, but with another voice acting, from which it appeared that Russian terrorists were shooting the peaceful Pervomaisk. That is, ukry shamelessly tore the video from the site of the militia, and their own atrocities give out for ours. On the video posted here, our car is shown just after this shelling. Filmed by the way you know Vine. Many thanks to all who helped him and support, and she gave the result.

In July, the metal structure was removed from the hand, which fixed the arm after operations, and two weeks later he could not stand it and again went to the Donbass to strengthen the local militia, or rather, the regular army of Donbass. In the second short video, Alchevsk, where the general oath was taken by all the Cossacks, and then the ataman KAZYTSYNY was awarded the distinguished Cossacks by the ataman, although Pasha Dremova is poorly seen. Now it was reported that the Communist Party was banned in Ukraine, well, fascist Germany also started with this, and now we will ask the Ukrainians a question, so who does our Putin fool the Russians, or is it your Poroshenko Ukrainians?

Let the earth rest in peace to the dead, the defenders of Donbass, while you are in our memory, you are alive, you are with us. I would like to believe those who have committed evil, killing BRAIN AND DREMOV, will be rewarded according to merit.
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  1. seti
    seti 23 December 2015 10: 49
    I think the details of the death of Dremov, Brain and others, we will not know soon. Too many questions for which there are no intelligible answers.
    Yesterday again proclaimed the full regime of silence - a question for a long time ..? I think no. While the junta in Kiev will not have peace, they don’t need it; otherwise, what can be attributed to the collapse of the economy, the devaluation of the hryvnia, crazy price increases and much more. We need an extreme one and it has been successfully found. Yes, only sobering to the population all comes one. Only very slowly.
    1. venaya
      venaya 23 December 2015 10: 53
      "I think the details of their death, we will not know soon"- We already know the details and are described in some detail. It's a different matter with the customers, the article does not describe this issue in sufficient detail and there are numerous reasons for this, but this is a slightly different topic.
  2. vkl-47
    vkl-47 23 December 2015 10: 50
    what prevents you from coming to Kuev and blowing up all kinds of scum from there or from right-wingers. wipe the tears of men and go ahead. let us leave sorrow for later
    1. Vladimyrych
      Vladimyrych 23 December 2015 11: 18
      Quote: vkl-47
      what prevents you from coming to Kuev and blowing up all kinds of scum from there, or from law-enforcers

      I think a lot is in the way. And in today's times, everything can. Moreover, I think that there will not be any "hike" on the kuev. And Waltzman & Co will stay for a very long time. They will change places, new characters emerge from a puddle of feces, but they will last for a very long time.
      Real politician you know ... crying
    2. Zeppelin ml.
      Zeppelin ml. 23 December 2015 11: 56
      Quote: vkl-47
      what prevents to come to Kuev and blow up all the scum there

      Article 205.2 of the Criminal Code. Public calls for terrorist activities or public justification of terrorism
  3. WHEEL
    WHEEL 23 December 2015 11: 38
    Quote: vkl-47
    what prevents you from coming to Kuev and blowing up all kinds of scum from there or from right-wingers. wipe the tears of men and go ahead. let us leave sorrow for later

    so go, uncle, or just bark from the couch master?
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. holgert
    holgert 23 December 2015 11: 56
    The law of any war --- true heroes ((Not couch !!!)) die first, or they are surrendered by "theirs." , or Kolchak, sold by the next "" "" "--- with different colors - the essence is the same ---- betrayal !!!!
  6. vladimirw
    vladimirw 23 December 2015 12: 27
    I would like to believe those who committed evil by killing BRAIN AND DREAM, will be rewarded according to their deserts.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case. That's who the Nemtsov banged are looking for who is the Brain silence.
    I do not understand: if the Russian Federation cannot officially help Novorossia, then why is there no order for special services to help Novorossia? But there is no order, if there had been, then much would have gone differently.
  7. Vladimir
    Vladimir 23 December 2015 12: 51
    Quote: vkl-47
    what prevents to come to Kuev and blow up

    And what will it give, maybe Dremov will rise again? I think that the environment of both Dremov and Mozgovoy knows where the wind is blowing and is silent, because the wind is blowing from above. It would have been a personal showdown for a long time, someone banged in revenge, and so many probably know but are silent because they will live longer.
  8. The comment was deleted.