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Grantosos again undertook Katyn

When any organization that calls itself public decides to present the next “masterpiece” about the “Katyn truth”, scrawled by the next “expert”, and when representatives of Polish political and socio-political structures are invited to the presentation of this work, then we can confidently talk about orientation of the event. - Once again, the talk will be about “bloody gebna,” “the killing of tens of thousands of Polish officers by the Stalin regime,” “non-participation in Katyn and other similar executions of the Nazis” and everything that fits into one term “solemn Russophobia”.

It happened the other day when a rather noisy presentation of the book “Killed in Katyn” took place in the building of the so-called Memorial Scientific Information Center (St. Petersburg), previously recognized as a non-profit NGO, and was created with the active assistance of all the same non-profit foreign agent. From the material preceding the release of the “non-volatile” booklet (material from the Memorial site):

The term “Katyn crime” is collective, it means shooting in April – May 1940 of the year almost 22 thousand Polish citizens - more than 14,5 thousand prisoners of war (including more than 8,5 thousand officers) contained in the Kozelsky, Ostashkovsky and Starobelsky camps NKVD of the USSR and more than 7,3 thousand arrested, who were under investigation in the prisons of the western regions of the Ukrainian and Belarusian SSR. All of them were executed by decision of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) of 5 in March 1940. Prisoners of war of the Kozel camp were shot and buried in the Katynsky forest near Smolensk (some were shot in the NKVD prison in Smolensk). Prisoners of war of the Ostashkov camp were shot in Kalinin and buried near the village of Mednoye; prisoners of war of the Starobelsk camp were shot in Kharkov and buried on its outskirts. Prisoners were shot in Kiev, Kharkov, Minsk and in other (not installed) places on the territory of the BSSR and the Ukrainian SSR.

The noisy presentation of “righteous labor” was due to the fact that not only the advocates of the “doctrine of the hand of the NKVD and Stalin personally” were at the event. The organizers of the event themselves, apparently decided that the presentation will be attended exclusively "the right appraisers stories"But it didn’t work out ... In the hall, as the organizational group found out, there were also those who, to put it mildly, do not share the idea that all Polish officers were shot by the Soviet special services, and that it was Stalin’s hand that led to the death of the officer corps Poland. That same Poland, which not without pleasure annexed part of Czechoslovakia in 1938.

For a start, about who organized the next “symposium” on the Katyn issue with accusations exclusively in the direction of “Sovietism” and “Stalinism”. We are talking about the fund "Iofe" (with exactly one letter "f"). What a foundation, where did it come from? We read on the website of the Memorial Research Center St. Petersburg:

6 November 2015 The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation issued a decision recognizing the Memorial Scientific and Information Center in St. Petersburg as a “foreign agent”.

With this decision, in particular, we are obliged to anticipate all materials produced by us with an announcement announcing that they are prepared by "an organization acting as a foreign agent."

Memorial Research Center declares that it does not intend to put a similar stamp on its materials. At the same time, the staff of the Memorial Research and Development Center is not going to stop work, all projects and programs will be continued.

We inform all interested parties that the public activities previously carried out by the Memorial Scientific Information Center will be carried out by the Ioffe Foundation.

In other words, the Iofe Foundation is a kind of office of Horns and Hooves, which is called upon only to carry out the activities of the same St. Petersburg Memorial, which did not wish to put on itself, you understand the stigma. That is, the “memorials” want to take money from foreign sponsors for conducting, so to speak, specific activities, but you see, they don’t want to report this to the general public. Why would ...

Grantosos again undertook Katyn

Generally speaking, there is a systemic unwillingness of NPOs to talk about their loved ones. As soon as it comes to the need to report on the financing of vigorous activity from abroad, either a foundation strip immediately appears, or the office simply changes the sign and continues to crap in the usual mode. It is for this reason that over the last couple of years, the number of non-profit NGOs in the country has declined de jure, but the de facto financing of the system of such NGOs in Russia from foreign sponsors has increased in a number of ways. There is a clear attempt to circumvent the law.
In the meantime, the deputies of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly are studying the documents about whether the foundation itself receives to Joffe (who, incidentally, did not manage to concoct even his website in the format of force majeure connected with the SIC “Memorial”) presentations of the book mentioned above. The Polish "comrades" took an active part in the event. In particular, we are talking about the Polish Institute of St. Petersburg and the Polish consul in the northern capital. Even a great-nephew of two Polish officers shot in the forest near Smolensk even spoke at the presentation. The nephew told, of course, what had to be told to convince the Polish consul about the correct allocation of funds ...
Presenters of the book stated that they had not done Katynya before, believing that quite a lot had already been written and said, but then suddenly certain circumstances (I wonder what? Grandmas, no? ..) caused an urgent need to write the next " the creation "and once again tell how the bloody and clawed hand of the KGBists shot the poor Polish officers ... As it turned out, the authors of the work were going to" assist "the St. Petersburg libraries and spread their work, but none of the library associations of the city on the Neva River The section was not present ... But then there were people who became presenters and authors to ask, so to speak, uncomfortable questions and report uncomfortable facts.
One of the "inconvenient" for the "memorial" speeches from the representative of the Department of History of Slavic Countries of St. Petersburg State University Vladimir Vasilik:

Another uncomfortable question is the question of the availability of the rolling license of the Katyn film, which the organizers of the presentation decided to show in St. Petersburg "on their own initiative":

Details about the presentation of the next propaganda sketches about the "atrocities of Stalinism against Polish officers" can be found in the material by Nikolai Kamnev - link.

The very fact of the party, where people gather for the sole purpose of working out grants for Russophobia in the publication mode of frankly dubious arguments, says that the system of grant suckers has not only disappeared anywhere, but also learned how to work in new conditions of non-compliance laws that directly concern this kind of activity.
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  1. MolGro
    MolGro 14 December 2015 06: 45
    skating Katyn))
    more and more I am convinced that this is all business on how to spoil Russia.
    Enough! You have already erected a monument, even the President of Poland died of joy, he tried to command the discovery of this miracle with bile)
    1. Yars
      Yars 14 December 2015 15: 24
      Quote: MolGro
      skating Katyn))
      more and more I am convinced that this is all business on how to spoil Russia.
      Enough! You have already erected a monument, even the President of Poland died of joy, he tried to command the discovery of this miracle with bile)

      I agree. And do you know how many of those we have on the forum who like to roll such topics in order to spoil in Russia and in its current leadership
      1. MolGro
        MolGro 15 December 2015 04: 25
        not more than 1-3% but they are very active psychos all like that)
  2. meriem1
    meriem1 14 December 2015 06: 49
    Before discussing Katyn, let Pilsudski be remembered !!! Who killed the Poles in Katyn is still a big question! But the fact that they simply starved and cold in the camps before the Katyn Russian soldiers, exceeding the number of people killed by the order of this Katyn, so no one even wants to remember! And the Poles especially!
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 14 December 2015 07: 33
      Who killed the Poles in Katyn was found out by a state commission led by N.N. Burdenko. A.N. Tolstoy, and Metropolitan Nikolai, and other famous people. And this commission, in fresh wake, established the guilt of the Germans.
      1. the polar
        the polar 14 December 2015 09: 22
        As we remember, and we will never forget this, our great leader and teacher Vladimir Vladimirovich, and behind him his right hand and comrade-in-arms Dmitry Anatolyich, at one time alternately fled to Poland and publicly, "on behalf of all the Russians" repented before the Polish priesthood for the "Katyn tragedy", for the brutal murder of officers by the communists-Stalinists. And no "Burdenko commissions" with "Metropolitans Nicholas" could interfere with the nobility of these two leaders and teachers of the Russian peoples.
        So the "memorial" is just a successor to their noble deed
        1. captain
          captain 14 December 2015 10: 54
          The Poles fought as part of the Wehrmacht against the USSR, and our Communists internationalists were modestly silent about this. I recommend reading ›Prisoners of war in the USSR during World War II.› users / 3126649 / post351552082 /. Up to half a million Poles fought in German army. they were in the SS,
        2. Viktortopwar
          Viktortopwar 14 December 2015 19: 11
          And why we constantly make excuses to these mongrels, there is too much honor. This monument is dear to them - to give a week of term, let them take it away (together with the plane of the "main pshek"), if they do not want to - to raze and sow the field. Squeal a little and that's it.
      2. alich
        alich 14 December 2015 23: 10
        It was then that Judas Gorbachev and Yakovlev presented fake documents about the involvement of the USSR in execution in Katyn!
  3. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 14 December 2015 07: 01
    Let them tell you how many soldiers died in Polish captivity in the 20s, and we will compare ...
  4. ImPerts
    ImPerts 14 December 2015 07: 36
    The result of this action should be the beginning of the construction of a memorial dedicated to the dead and deceased in concentration camps in Poland. The memorial should be there. Moreover, he should stand so that you can get into the Polish part only through him.
    PS And movies need to be constantly twisted about inconsistencies in the version that is being promoted in the West.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 14 December 2015 07: 40
    Grantosos again undertook Katyn.. The information war is in full swing ... This is one of the episodes on its vast front ... Although honestly ... sickened ... this is the behavior of grantosos ...
  6. Riv
    Riv 14 December 2015 07: 46
    Well, why be surprised? The chicken lays eggs, the cow gives milk, and the rat steals. You do not expect the rat to be beneficial? Do not wait. Well, do not expect from a foreign agent.
  7. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 14 December 2015 07: 55
    65797 Red Army soldiers who were captured were killed in Polish captivity, and in two camps Stshalkovo and Tukhol more than 30 thousand. My grandfather was there, but he was lucky enough to return alive. I completely agree with ImPertz. We need a memorial in front of the entrance to Katyn and so as not to get around it, not to go around.
    1. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 15 December 2015 04: 41
      Quote: Evgeniy667b
      We need a memorial in front of the entrance to Katyn and so as not to get around it, not to go around.

      good But a great idea - all the pathos will disappear at once, to be killed at the graves ..
  8. AX
    AX 14 December 2015 07: 56
    "Familiar" all faces ... I wanted money again.
  9. Born in USSR
    Born in USSR 14 December 2015 07: 58
    Since these creatures love the Poles so much, then let them live there in a crowd. Not as much as you can tolerate any comrade. Can really revise the article on treason. And let these comrades go to Kolyma to sharpen pencils and present their manuscripts to animals in the forest.
  10. Woodman
    Woodman 14 December 2015 08: 01
    As long as I live, I wonder how much you can earn a living by pouring mud on your country ... I just don’t understand such people ...
  11. Metallurgist
    Metallurgist 14 December 2015 08: 12
    The whole party on the plane and in Smolensk.
    They have already pulled up their "katynya".
    Can you recall how brave psheks shot a Russian soldier and then the Red Army?
    Borzot knows no bounds.
    And all of these grantos that survive after a trip to Smolensk - to mine uranium. At least some benefit will be.
  12. nivander
    nivander 14 December 2015 08: 23
    when the Poles are asked the question - And how much money do you need to close the bakery - they are inflated from importance and arrogance, But if the question is - How did people who were arrested by the Gestapo in the summer of 1941 get into the Katyn pits and accordingly and importance gives way to artistic hiss
  13. Belousov
    Belousov 14 December 2015 08: 45
    Enough for brother Katyn, to admit something. "Partners" do not recognize anything, enough to be honest with them. Erect a monument to those killed by the Gestapo.
  14. trophy
    trophy 14 December 2015 08: 55
    As soon as the Poles get nothing to say, either Katyn or the president who fell near Smolensk immediately pops up. It’s time for a long time to send them to the forest at the highest level in an official manner in order to dispel illusions.
  15. Stas57
    Stas57 14 December 2015 08: 59
    I was once asked - "who !?"
    I honestly answered, "I don't know"
    and added, "Yes, I don't care, even if ours."
    "But this is atrocity" - my universal opponent did not appease.
    "from hunger, bullying and disease in Polish captivity, about 20 thousand only susceptible and up to 80 thousand perished according to unconfirmed reports." I replied, "I have not heard about conferences, presentations, films on this issue"

    Therefore, I personally do not care who shot.
    Yes, such a time.
    Putin and Tusk laid, honored, and that’s it, I’m more concerned about the monument to Chernyakhovsky than some kind of executed Poles and their admirers, which are a whole abusive article on Topwar ..
  16. SALLAK
    SALLAK 14 December 2015 09: 00
    Demolish the memorial, close the left funds ... and who will try to rock the wall. They got their movers ... How much you can babysit with them ... Nobody will say a word about the Russian tortured ...
  17. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 December 2015 09: 53
    with one single purpose - to work out grants for Russophobia in the publication mode of frankly dubious arguments

    This organization, created in the wake of anti-Stalinist hysteria and hiding behind the rehabilitation of innocent convicts, which did not cause alienation at that time, turned into an open anti-Russian organization, existing on the money of a potential adversary. Often they hear from them about returning to the year 37. Yes, even if there would be a partial return, these clickers themselves have long been silent. It's good to blame, feeling impunity.
  18. Bolhevik
    Bolhevik 14 December 2015 10: 04
    Let the grant eaters apologize, since their conscience is eating, it means they themselves are to blame - and the rest will decide for themselves. They are generally a campaign of those grandmothers whom in the old days were hired to cry at a funeral - a hypocritical shit who does not care about all those killed. We don’t owe anything to the Poles and we never owe it.
  19. Amurets
    Amurets 14 December 2015 10: 07
    I think that all these grand-eaters should be sent to Siberia, Chukotka, the Kolyma Territory, and until the monuments to all the dead in the Gulag are erected, they should be prohibited from entering the central regions of Russia.
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. GOGY
    GOGY 14 December 2015 11: 30
    Guys, what do you want? Who will plant them? Everything is "legal". So they will spray with poison ...
    1. REVOCOM
      REVOCOM 14 December 2015 16: 57
      Quote: GOGY
      Guys, what do you want? Who will plant them? Everything is "legal". So they will spray with poison ...

      LADIES also waved with trunks, supposedly real ...
      We blame Katyn, we open a serpentarium in honor of ebna,
      muck, in a word!
  22. Aitvaras
    Aitvaras 14 December 2015 12: 18
    I think Mr. Vasilik mistakenly accused Comrade Stalin was cowardly, that is, he was afraid of some kind of Anglo-French landing, when in the near future the German troops stood near Paris or the Hague Tribunal for war crimes, because the USSR did not sign the prisoners of war convention then.On the basis of this convention, the Katyn The shooting of the NKVD of the USSR by Polish officers was recognized as a war crime, which was confirmed by the State Duma of Russia on November 26, 2010, based on documents from the USSR archive-a resolution of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks of March 5, 1940.
    The difference from the death of the Red Army in Polish captivity in 1920 was that there was negligence of the Polish administration. Poles in Soviet captivity then died no less from the same diseases and hunger. In Katyn, a deliberate and deliberate war crime was committed.
    1. saber
      saber 14 December 2015 12: 50
      when, COMING SOON (!!!), German troops stood near Paris (THE CAPITAL OF THE COUNTRY WITH THE MOST STRENGTH ARMY OF EUROPE, THE ALLIANCE OF ENGLAND, EMPIRE, WHICH THE SUN DOESN'T COME ABOUT). He did not sign the convention, but undertook to fulfill its points! reference to the State Duma in general laughter. On the remaining points there is something to argue?
      1. Aitvaras
        Aitvaras 14 December 2015 13: 59
        About the "most powerful army" - so on May 10, the Germans launched an offensive, on this "army" on May 21, they went to the sea near the English Channel, surrounding it. At that time there were shootings in Katyn and what could be the landing there, from this "armies" - on paprashuts? The State Duma of Russia is "Fool" for you, and President Putin?
        1. Turkestan
          Turkestan 14 December 2015 16: 45
          And what do you offer us to repent

          Let's repent for the fact that in 1919 the Poles shot our Red Cross mission.
          Let us repent that the Poles shot our ambassador in 1927.
          Let us repent for the fact that in 1920 86 thousand Red Army soldiers were destroyed in Polish captivity.
          Let us repent for the learned genocide against Belarusians and Ukrainians in the territory they occupied, where 800 uprisings of the local population took place only in 1922.
          Let us repent for the killing by the Poles of one and a half thousand Jews in 1941 in the town of Edvaban.
          Let's repent for seizing the Czech region from the Czech Republic.
          Let us repent for the refusal of General Anders to fight on the Soviet front and the death of 500000 thousand Soviet soldiers for the liberation of Poland.
        2. saber
          saber 14 December 2015 16: 52
          so she was the strongest, until the Germans proved the opposite, before that no one could have suggested otherwise. the fact that they decided to approach the Poles is a fact, the thought-fool is also a fact. Once again, with other killer arguments, what will you do? German bullets and twine will also deny the decision of the State Duma?
        3. Proud.
          Proud. 14 December 2015 18: 55
          What are you joking about?
          Quote: Aitvaras
          About the "most powerful army" - so on May 10, the Germans launched an offensive, on this "army" on May 21, they reached the sea at the English Channel, surrounding it.

          That's true. After Germany, France had the strongest army in Europe. And the fact that they lay down with their paws up is their choice.
          Quote: Aitvaras
          .At this time there were executions in Katyn

          I repeat! There were no executions in Katyn in the 40th year!
          Quote: Aitvaras
          The State Duma of Russia is "Fool" for you, and President Putin?

          I repeat once again. The recognition of Katyn "is ours" is a political, very NOT smart move.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. ARES623
      ARES623 14 December 2015 13: 28
      Firstly, the commission of inquiry did not complete the investigation of the Katyn case, there is no direct evidence of the guilt of the NKVD officers. What the State Duma did in 2010 can be called a political PR, no more. The State Duma is not very versed in its work, and as a consequence, commenting on it is not its function at all. Putin’s history is not perfect either, after all, he’s not a historian, and it’s natural for anyone to make mistakes.
      Quote: Aitvaras
      The difference from the death of the Red Army in Polish captivity in 1920 was that there was negligence of the Polish administration

      There was no negligence, there was an elementary abandonment in danger, i.e. a crime committed intentionally, practically murder in a sophisticated form.

      Quote: Aitvaras
      I think Mr. Vasilik mistakenly accused Comrade Stalin in cowardice, i.e., that he was afraid of some kind of Anglo-French landing

      One cannot see cowardice in the actions of Stalin; one can only speak of political expediency. Shyness is when they are afraid that they will give it to the eye. Accusing the politician of cowardice is, rather, an attempt to emotionally color the event, designed to humiliate his reputation as a person. Those. do wrong.
      Quote: Aitvaras
      In Katyn, a deliberate and deliberate war crime was committed.

      It remains to find and prove - KEM.
      1. Aitvaras
        Aitvaras 14 December 2015 14: 23
        I will consider your remark about correctness, but to be honest - I did not blame Stalin for cowardice. Quite the contrary. Agree-Katyn war crime is not the same as criminal negligence and deliberate leaving in danger to life. There was cruel and inhuman treatment of prisoners of war and I do not justify the Poles.
        1. Severomor
          Severomor 14 December 2015 16: 35
          Quote: Aitvaras
          Rather, the opposite. Agree-Katyn war crime is not the same as criminal negligence and deliberate abandonment of danger to life.

          So for the Germans, the Poles were not prisoners of war. Just shooting the prisoners. The usual German fun, there are still a lot of Soviet people shot. By the way, why in 1940 ??? The Germans were on Smolensk land in 1941, and then they shot him.
          Weapons (CARTRIDGES), at what time of the year there was a shooting, ropes, etc. etc. everything speaks for the Germans, as does the official commission of Burdenko.

          DO NOT go over Goebbels, he had such a job, although if there is a tendency towards Russophobia and (or) the Pole has bitten, then the version of the bloody NKVD will give a ride
        2. Turkestan
          Turkestan 14 December 2015 16: 37
          Polish researcher A. Velieveysky wrote about orders of General Sikorsky (the future prime minister of the second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) to shoot Russian prisoners of war with 23 machine guns and not Russian soldiers into the prisoner of 1994, which is a popular newspaper in Poland, the newspaper “Picks out” from 300 in February. There is information about other similar cases. Including the evidence of systematic reprisals of Poles with prisoners on the front lines of the aforementioned K. Svitsalsky, one of the closest officers of Pilsudski. Polish historian Marcin Handelsman, a volunteer in 1920, also recalled that "our commissars were not taken alive at all." This is confirmed by the participant of the Warsaw battle, Stanislav Kavchak, who is in the book “The Silent Echo. Memories of the 1914-1920 War. ”Describes how the commander of the 18 Infantry Regiment hung all the commissars taken prisoner. According to the testimony of the Red Army soldier A. Chestnov, who was taken prisoner in May 1920, after the arrival of their group of prisoners in Sedliec, all "... party comrades among 33 people were singled out and shot right there"
          According to the testimony of VVValuev, a Red Army man who escaped from captivity, who was captured on 18 in August near Novominsk: “Of the entire composition (about 1000 was captivated a man - approx.),” He showed during the interrogation in Kovno, “they chose communists, officers, commissars and Jews, and right there in front of all the Red Army soldiers, one Jewish commissar was beaten and then shot. ” He further testified that everyone was taken away their uniforms, and who did not immediately execute orders, the Polish legionaries were beaten to death. All those who were taken prisoner were sent to the Tuchol concentration camp of the Pomeranian province, where there were already many wounded who had not been tied up for weeks, as a result of which they had worms in their wounds. Many of the wounded died, every day they were buried by 30-35 people.
          In addition to the recollections of eyewitnesses and participants, there are at least two official reports about the execution of prisoners of Red Army. The first is contained in Summary III (Operational) Division of the High Command of the Polish Army (VP) of 5 in March 1919. The second is in the operational summary of the command of the 5 Army of the Interim Government signed by the Chief of Staff of the 5 Army Lieutenant Colonel R. Volikovsky, who says that 24 August 1920 west of the Dzyadlov-Mlawa-Tsekhanov line fell into Polish captivity around Soviet Cossacks 400 3 Guy's cavalry corps. In retaliation "for 92 soldiers and 7 officers who were brutally murdered by the Soviet cavalry corps 3", the soldiers of the 49 Infantry Regiment of the 5 Polish Army shot prisoner Cossacks with 200 guns. This fact was not noted in the reports of Division III of the Supreme Command of the Interim Government.
        3. ARES623
          ARES623 14 December 2015 20: 09
          Quote: Aitvaras
          You must admit that the Katyn war crime is not the same as criminal negligence and intentional leaving in danger to life.

          I repeat, the perpetrators of the events in Katyn should be FIND and then attracted. Regarding the comparison of abandonment in danger and execution. And you imagine yourself in the place of the victim in both cases. Freezing without clothes in the cold and on an empty stomach, feeling how life is slowly leaving you. You know, there is such a saying - a terrible end is better than horror without end. Reading the notes of some former prisoners, one often encounters cases when, out of hopelessness, people rushed to the guard to end their lives so quickly. They, I think, better represented us, which is better.
      2. mervino2007
        mervino2007 14 December 2015 19: 41
        Quote: ARES623
        the commission of inquiry did not complete the investigation of the Katyn case, there is no direct evidence of the guilt of the NKVD officers.

        In 2010, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, not paying attention to the facts and conclusions of experts, without a decision of a single court, on behalf of the entire Russian people apologized to Poland for the crime, which was not: .
        Andrey Karaulov in the author's program “Moment of Truth” dated 18.06.2012/2/1990 in detail analyzes the history of the Katyn falsification: In XNUMX, gross falsifications of documents on Katyn were prepared, on the basis of which Gorbachev declared that the Soviet government was guilty of the execution of Katyn.
        With those who are trying to get to the truth in the Katyn case, as a rule, something happens sooner or later. Yuri Mukhin, the author of the book "Anti-Russian meanness" and the film about Katyn, was arrested in July 2015.
        The most important thing: Polish officers in Katyn were shot by Germans. The Nuremberg Tribunal, probably the most authoritative court in human history, has recognized and recorded this. Attempts to blame the USSR are lies and falsifications. The film “Myths of Myth” is dedicated to their exposure:
    3. Turkestan
      Turkestan 14 December 2015 16: 27
      Speak negligence

      American Testimony - Christian Youth Association Delegation

      I will cite only excerpts from one document, this is the testimony of the Americans - the Christian Youth Association Delegation (now an associate member of the UN - YMKA), who visited Poland in October 1920 - Soviet prisoners were held in unsuitable housing, with windows without glass and through gaps in walls ... were placed on the floor, without mattresses and blankets. In the Polish army, it entered the system during the capture, to take away clothes and shoes. The mortality from wounds, illnesses and frostbite was such that, according to the conclusion of the American representatives, after 5-6 months there will be no one left in it (camp in Tukhol).
      “The cause of evil is the fatal conditions of prisoners, and above all the cold. Prisoners freeze. In cold weather, reaching - 10 degrees or more, they have not only blankets and senniki, but literally underwear and clothes. There is no question of shoes. There are prisoners in my outpatient clinic, covered only by a torn, thin paper bag on a naked body ... In such clothes, prisoners should work hard, all day in the air. I have repeatedly appealed to the management of construction of the quartermaster, but to no avail, since the management not only on this issue, but also on others, no less acute, constantly ignores requests and submissions, ”Pole Jan Pavlovsky writes to his management in a report classified as“ Secret ” , chief physician of the garrison of the fortress Deblin.
      It was a systematic policy of extermination of the Russian captured. So that there are no illusions, here are the facts.
      In February 1920, the 20th White Guard group of General Bredov was interned in Poland, retreating there under the onslaught of the Red Army from Ukraine. At that time, the Poles were at war with the Bolsheviks. However, instead of fraternally accepting the allies in arms and making it easier for themselves to fight the common enemy, the creator of the Polish state, Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, sent them to concentration camps.
      According to archival documents, the interned White Guards were almost not fed and did not provide medical assistance. Camp guards raged: she not only robbed the internees, but often brutally beat them. As a result, mortality was terrifying: by August 1920, at least four thousand people had died out before the survivors were sent to Wrangel. The situation was so egregious that Boris Savinkov, an ardent opponent of the Bolsheviks, in his letter to Pilsudski about the plight of officers and volunteers of the interned White Guard armies in the Polish camps of December 21, 1920, was compelled to humblely ask: “I respectfully ask you, Mr. Head of State, not to refuse and give the necessary orders so that the fate of people who, with arms in hand, shared the gravity and glory of the war with the Polish heroic army was facilitated. ”
      About the same way they treated the white army of Yudenich, forced to retreat to the Baltic. They passed through the border in small groups, then took away weapons, after another kilometer all valuables, and then clothes. So, as one of the historians put it, they didn’t beat on the “ideological passport”, but simply on the Russian face.
    4. Proud.
      Proud. 14 December 2015 18: 47
      Quote: Aitvaras
      After all, the USSR then signed the convention on prisoners of war.

      And what difference does it make whether the USSR signed the Geneva Convention or not? However, in order: First, the main reason why the Soviet Union did not sign the Geneva Convention of 1929 as a whole was disagreement with the division of prisoners on a national basis. Second, the question of joining The Soviet government put the Geneva Convention of 1929 outside the brackets, at the same time it was approved by the resolution of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR of July 1, 1941 "Regulations on prisoners of war", based precisely on this convention and containing documentary confirmation of the statement on compliance with international legal norms of warfare. In addition to it, the orders of the NKVD of the USSR "On the procedure for keeping and registering prisoners of war in the NKVD camps" of August 7, 1941 and "On the state of the prisoner of war camps" of August 15, 1941 were issued. And by the way, the USSR fully complied with the Hague Convention, and it Not much different. And no one canceled it. Next, the Germans signed it, and what? Did they follow it? Killing defenseless people or even causing them some kind of harm out of revenge is contrary to military tradition. Germany was OBLIGED to abide by this principle.
      Quote: Aitvaras
      the Katyn execution of the NKVD of the USSR by Polish officers was recognized as a war crime, which was confirmed by the State Duma of Russia on November 26, 2010, based on documents from the USSR archive-resolution of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks of March 5, 1940

      Stinking delirium, falsified (this is about the decree), war against the truth. To date, legally, the mass execution of 11 Polish prisoners of war in the Katyn forest in the fall of 000, according to Article 1941 of the Charter of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal, is accused of the leadership of Nazi Germany. ... 21 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal. It stipulates the following: "The Tribunal will not require proof of well-known facts and will consider them proven. The Tribunal will also accept without evidence official government documents and reports of the United Nations, including acts and documents of committees established in various allied countries to investigate war crimes, protocols and sentences of military or other tribunals of each of the United Nations. "The committee from the USSR, was a special commission N. Burdenko. Everything else is political prostitution. Tochka.
  23. sdv68
    sdv68 14 December 2015 12: 24
    They simply though review the results of the tribunal 70 years ago. If anyone does not understand, this is me about Nuremberg. It was the Nuremberg tribunal that left the Katyn episode in indictment of Goering and Jodl. Those interested can find on the network.
  24. Yugra
    Yugra 14 December 2015 13: 04
    We are all trying to see the enemy at the distant approaches, but liberalism has already driven half a Finnish into my stomach by the side. Isn't it time to take and uproot the fifth column already?
  25. tacet
    tacet 14 December 2015 14: 46
    Why not write, for example, "Tortured in Tuchola" or "Killed in Strazhlkovo"? There is no one to pay for this grant? Just think of some 40 in two years, who counts Russians !?
    In general, it would not hurt Mr. Medinsky to finance such a project with the obligatory publication of books in Poland and the EU.
  26. nivander
    nivander 14 December 2015 14: 54
    By the way, the diary of a Polish officer found at the place of execution contains interesting facts ranging from the fact that the prisoners at the stage were well fed (why?) and ending with the fact that everyone was given all the necessary vaccinations. The diary ends in May 1940 with the phrase "... the guards are taking away all personal belongings" - and nevertheless, a far from small book the size of a diary was on the owner's corpse, and the pockets of other officers were simply filled with personal belongings, including OFFICERS 'ID cards !!! PASSPORTS !!! VALUES !!! , MONEY AND EVEN CORRESPONDENCE !!! A legitimate question arises --- Lord psheki why are you breaking a comedy here?
  27. bumbarash
    bumbarash 14 December 2015 15: 35

    Shaw, are the Germans fulfilled the decision of the Politburo ?! )))
    1. Angler
      Angler 14 December 2015 21: 37
      The Germans carried out the Ost plan. And the Politburo's decision is nothing more than a fake, as indicated by the paintings made at an unusual angle, as if the sheet was lying horizontally.
  28. lexx2038
    lexx2038 14 December 2015 16: 13
    I don’t know what happened in Katyn, because I don’t have reliable historical facts, but what to do with these guardians of human rights, yes, I suggest collecting them all, loading them into a transport plane and unloading them in the Syrian desert - let the rights be pumped there. And then our military protect them, and these Judas ...
  29. Mikado
    Mikado 14 December 2015 17: 04
    The topic is interesting. For example, I also do not really believe in the veracity of the documents about the executions, which at one time the marked Mishka handed over to the Poles with apologies. By the way, and so-called. It was not the first time for the Germans to throw "canned food" in Polish uniform in the right place at the right time.
    Can any of the authors of the site write a detailed research article on this topic? Reasoned. Both documented and with conclusions about the impact of this case on international relations (if you want to know the culprit, find someone who benefits from this). With views from several sides. And so far everything is limited only to the forum and our individual statements.
    I hope the site is not banned for such a study? wink

    Yours faithfully, hi
    1. Angler
      Angler 14 December 2015 21: 43
      Everything has been written for a long time. Yu. Mukhin "Anti-Russian meanness". Or, if you are too lazy to read, you can watch his own movie on youtube.
      1. Mikado
        Mikado 14 December 2015 23: 52
        With all due respect, I can’t trust one writer, and the opinion about Mukhin is contradictory.
        Well, you understand, for example, there is Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev, my favorite ethnographer. But we can’t take ALL his statements on faith)) And opinions about him are the most controversial - from the most arrogant liar to the most brilliant historian))
        Therefore, as much as we would not like, it seems to me that research on Katyn still needs to be carried out, not from the point of view of jingoistic patriots, not from the point of view of liberals, but based on facts, presenting the points of view of different sides. For each argument, one can find a counterargument, for example, “Joseph Stalin had no need to shoot Polish officers in order not to incur general anger” - a counterargument: “Joseph Stalin received several thousand Polish officers who were our enemies and would become the fifth column, like kulaks - farmers in Galicia and the Baltic states, they would have to be destroyed, so as not to spoil. "
        You do not take offense at me for these words, just showing the argument, my friend hi

        But, taking into account the "throwing" of corpses by the Germans in Katyn at the right time (to quarrel with the allies), taking into account Gorbachev's apologies during the "friendship and publicity", taking into account the eternal speculations on this topic (according to the principle of "pray and repent") by our enemies creep in thoughts that, probably, the Soviet investigation was correct and true ..

        The truth about Katyn remains to be seen. I think we will find out.

        Let our authors write, for starters, many of them are talented. That is why we love this site ..

        Yours faithfully, hi
        1. Angler
          Angler 15 December 2015 08: 11
          We will hardly see anything new. Too much time has passed since then. There are no or almost no documents, and the killed and their executioners remain silent. The Germans destroyed all the witnesses before surrendering, which is the best proof of their guilt. So the question moves into the realm of logic and faith. I met "experts" who were confident in the German version because they saw a Hollywood movie.
          1. Mikado
            Mikado 15 December 2015 11: 45
            Yes, this is understandable)) some of the so-called crafts. "Suvorov" is believed with foam at the mouth))
  30. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 14 December 2015 18: 24
    In addition to Katyn, there is still an Anders army.
    When the Germans were eager for the Volga and the soldiers in Stalingrad fought for each house, the Polish lords slowly formed their army. They received contentment, provisions, uniforms, weapons, and when it came time to go to the front .... they suddenly refused to fight. Three divisions of sleeper, drunken bogeys sat in the rear, bargaining with army property and buying up the last family jewels from the impoverished population for nothing.
  31. Vladimir65
    Vladimir65 14 December 2015 21: 52
    In modern capitalist Russia, the grant pump system will not disappear anywhere. It will constantly transform and continue its disruptive work of a foreign agent.
    Katyn. A lie that has become history.
  32. xoma58
    xoma58 15 December 2015 16: 10
    To demolish everything in this Katyn. The Poles did not deserve a normal attitude. And where are the monuments to our soldiers, tortured by valiant Polish warriors in 1920? They quickly dealt with the defenseless, torturing everyone. And to listen to corrupt mongrels who were about to dance on the bones, do not respect yourself. To disperse this whole gop company.
  33. Idiot
    Idiot 12 January 2016 13: 03
    We talked about Y. Mukhin above. You can have a different attitude to this person (he is already an elderly person), but the fact that he is a talented and objective publicist, in my opinion, is beyond doubt. As an opera with ten years of experience regarding the version of Mukhin about the Germans' involvement in the execution of Polish officers, I have to say: the most convincing fact in its evidence base is the lack of operational information about the execution by the Polish intelligence. Defensive was a very serious structure, which had a ramified intelligence network in the USSR, even in the Urals and Siberia. Do not forget that since 1939 Poland was at war with the USSR, which in fact served as the basis for declaring them prisoners of war. The Polish government in exile lived in London, the NKVD was there before the lamp. If the Polish intelligence had this information, it would undoubtedly use it against the USSR. In the spring of 1940, our future allies had no reason to keep these militant Russophobes in check - the Baku oil fields themselves were about to bomb. But such information never surfaced for the simple reason that it was not there. In general, if someone is interested in the pre-war period, in-depth analysis, including in the field of geopolitics, can be found in the books of A.B. Martirosyan.