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Wall Street Invaders Boo Obama

Wall Street Invaders Boo ObamaIn the United States, President Barack Obama has been booed by the participants of "Capture Wall Street". He decided in New Hampshire to give a speech as part of a pre-election tour, but there were others in the hall besides his supporters. Obama's self-control quickly brought the people to their senses, and he managed to keep the attention of the audience. The President of the United States has promised to take into account the interests of the broad masses, including the participants of "Capture Wall Street".

Obama acknowledged that unemployment and financial problems of many residents of the United States deprived of faith in the "American dream." According to Obama, this must be fought. However, in the next day, the president will have to fight against Republican congressmen. A special committee of the Congress cannot decide on whose account the budget deficit will be reduced. A compromise must be reached before tomorrow. Otherwise, the budget will be cut down automatically - and equally due to the social and military sphere, reports Russia-24 channel.

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  1. PSih2097
    PSih2097 24 November 2011 03: 20
    In the United States, President Barack Obama was booed by Occupy Wall Street members.

    Well, at least someone, it’s interesting that our medveputes do not escalate the situation, although it was possible to make a base in Greece under the guise, moreover, to bend Turkey a bit ... The Second Great Depression, after all ... just like the Great Patriotic War ... There were bullets and shells - there is a dollar and oil.
    1. itr
      itr 24 November 2011 14: 28
      So it turns out the American dream is the black man president wink
  2. Dmitry_24rus
    Dmitry_24rus 24 November 2011 04: 32
    "Obama acknowledged that unemployment and financial problems have deprived many US residents of faith in the American Dream."
    Nevermind a statement, this Pindos prezik said.
    This means that the UWB will continue to unleash wars around the world, "dismantle" countries further, and by this, revive the American dream. Scoundrels.
    According to Obama, this must be fought. You can see how they are already fighting. Pindossia must be dismantled and everything will be fine))
  3. esaul
    esaul 24 November 2011 05: 49
    Actually - this is the internal disassembly of the Yus in their kingdom-state. I am satisfied with the fact of "booing" that this event can poke in the nose of those "analysts" who, the other day, grumbled about Putin's brief speech, while congratulating Emelianenko with a victory over Monson. The pro-Western media ran the thesis - "Putin's speech was booed!" In each of these cases, this is the reaction of the public to events of different levels and significance, but (!) - how it is presented ...! Yes, the Yankees are masters of shadowing the fence.
  4. Rico1977
    Rico1977 24 November 2011 06: 05
    Yes, the greatest liars, they really know how to do that ... But usually, according to psychology, there comes a moment when a liar loses his sense of reality, he nonsense, and thinks that they believe him - but his lie is obvious to everyone around him. The Pindos have come to this point. All over the world, whatever bad is done - they immediately say - Pindos (even if they are not to blame). And if they begin to justify themselves through the "independent" media, they only make them angry and annoyed, and only more assure them of their guilt. This is a real "evil empire" ... The most immoral regime since Hitler ... But in general, this movement - I'm talking about wallstreet - somehow doesn't smell very well - it feels like it's a provocation, for introducing harsh measures and a police regime, everything is too awkward and lurid. If they do not spare their military (the same Pearl Harbor, and some kind of destroyer for the beginning of the occupation of Panama)), then they will definitely not spare the civilians. And the coffins have been prepared.
    1. Aleksey42
      Aleksey42 24 November 2011 07: 50
      The people who really rule the United States and the whole world will always inquire through corpses. Here I completely agree with you! Boeing allegedly shot down by our air defense would have added to your spike on September 11th.
  5. Tjumenec72
    Tjumenec72 24 November 2011 07: 11
    Otherwise, the budget will be cut automatically - and evenly at the expense of the social and military spheres, reports the TV channel "Russia-24".

    it’s better to immediately cut off your head, well, or circumcision under the root am
  6. Aleksey42
    Aleksey42 24 November 2011 07: 46
    This is the essence of the United States, "great democracy", even on the verge of the greatest crisis they cannot cut the military budget! It is also interesting that in New York, most of the population are visitors, often foreigners.
  7. maksim
    maksim 24 November 2011 08: 00
    well, what's so special - democracy where we want to whistle there, Putin was also booed after the fight by Emelianenko, and everyone liked it wink
  8. Anatoly
    Anatoly 24 November 2011 08: 06
    The flip side of "crap".
    Apparently, in the next election, the Republicans will win.
  9. urzul
    urzul 24 November 2011 08: 51
    We are waiting for Saakashvili’s statement that this is the end of Obama’s political career wink
  10. Che
    Che 2 December 2011 09: 07
    The American dream is to eat shit.