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News on the other hand

The events taking place in Ukraine and in the territories adjacent to it are becoming more and more threatening. Either it is a planned incident system that is controlled by someone from the side with specific goals, or spontaneous “black swans” began to emerge in the masses in Ukraine. Recall, "black swans" are sometimes called difficult to predict events with significant consequences. For example, the murder of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Chernobyl, etc. The number of such “swans” per unit of time directly speaks about the stability or instability of the management structure. The gloomy irony is that in the historically difficult period another black representative of the fauna can come after each “black swan” - the polar fox.

News on the other hand

So the first event. Allegedly, the spontaneous popular "veche" in Kiev on November 22, which ended with local riots of the oligarch Akhmetov’s offices. Of course, there is nothing spontaneous about what happened: Ukraine continues to search for internal enemies, in which, if desired, you can write down every first one. It is profitable for the authorities to transfer the arrows at least to someone, in order to somehow cover up what she has done with the country during these two years, or simply to ensure the release of steam. Let it be better, they say, at meetings that “Poroshenko is a traitor” than truly take the risk of getting the head of the president. Inflated with aggressive propaganda and the armed population becomes dangerous by definition, especially during periods of calm on the fronts.

The second event is, of course, the undermining of power lines in the Kherson region. Until now, between the authorities of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, there was an unofficial, path and having an extremely unsympathetic appearance, but an agreement. Moscow is sponsoring Kiev with coal, gas, electricity and just currency, and the new Ukrainian government keeps its hands away from the switch. Actually, it was thanks to this help that the current power of the Square lasted so long - the help of the West was more virtual in nature, and the main help came from the east.

Now the agreement is violated. The question is whether this was a tacit initiative from above, or behind the arts there are activists of the Majlis who were offended at the division of the Ukrainian pie.

It is checked simply. Technically, supports can be restored in a very short time. If this happens, it was about the initiative on the ground, which was not coordinated with the Center. If the “repair” drags on for months, it means that Kiev itself has started everything, and a night circus with submachine gunners was created to avert the eyes. Like, tried to prevent, but could not. The blockade of goods for the Crimea, which Poroshenko announced on November 23, also speaks in favor of this version. If it used to be only about a purely public initiative, now the state takes up the case. By the way, in the evening of the same day, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov proposed to terminate contracts with the Russian Federation for the supply of electricity. It is unlikely that all this can be considered a coincidence. According to Russian media reports, the Crimea’s own generating capacity plus an energy bridge from the continent (submarine cable) will provide the peninsula by only two thirds, and that is by a very optimistic estimate.

The siege customers, of course, are not in Kiev, but in Washington. In the US, an election campaign is in full swing now, and candidates from the Democratic Party are being attacked on all fronts. Therefore, the current White House administration needs victories. Not only over the IG - the creation of a siege of the Crimea by the hands of Ukrainians can also be presented as a victory. As well as the next escalation of violence in the Donbass.

Speaking of Donbass. Some time ago an aggravation began along the whole contact line. Responsibility Western media immediately shifted to the DNI / LC and Russia. The escalation is not needed either by the rebels or by the Kremlin, of course, does not bother anyone. But Poroshenko’s regime and its American curators need an exacerbation, albeit for different reasons. Therefore, if the command “to the battle” came from across the ocean, there is no doubt that Kiev will fulfill it with double zeal. Frequent shelling of cities is a clear proof of this.

The survival of Donbass still rests on the political will of the leadership of the Russian Federation, as well as a year and a half ago. As well as the survival of the Crimea. In this sense, the Donbass is the key to the Crimea, and the Crimea - to Russia.

It cannot be ruled out that in December-January the Ukrainian Armed Forces will risk all-in and try to cut off the Donbass from the sea and build a “Novoazovsk boiler”. In this outline lies the increased interest of the Ukrainian authorities in armored boats and other remnants of the country's Navy. For the blockade of rebels from the sea, while simultaneously encircling them from land, this flotilla quite suitable.

These are just some of the considerations and conclusions on what is happening. How things really are, we will know in the very near future.

Journey to the wonderful world of "zrady" and "peremoga" continues.
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  1. populist
    populist 24 November 2015 06: 43
    In this sense, Donbass is the key to the Crimea

    The key to the Crimea is the lower left bank of the Dnieper.
    ... and Crimea - to Russia ...

    Too much said. Where is he going now?
    Journey to the wonderful world of "zrady" and "peremoga" continues.

    All the latest “hardships” and “trials” have an explanation in the Kremlin’s past mistakes.
    The lower left bank would guarantee against most of the trouble.
    Miser pays twice.
    All in all a good article.
  2. izya top
    izya top 24 November 2015 06: 49
    for some reason all peremogi skaklov smoothly into zrady request and sometimes not smoothly
    1. Evgen_Vasilich
      Evgen_Vasilich 24 November 2015 09: 01
      the wheel of genotby, read in detail on "peremogi LJ"))
    2. Nevsky_ZU
      Nevsky_ZU 24 November 2015 10: 22
      Quote: iza top
      for some reason all peremogi skaklov smoothly into zrady request and sometimes not smoothly

      That is why
      1. rotor
        rotor 24 November 2015 11: 49
        New Russia, Kiev good

        The final and inevitable part of any change is "zrada" (in Russian - betrayal), when a vile reality, not wanting to fulfill its assigned roles, betrays Ukraine, independence, independence, cherry liqueur, European integration and garden and takes the side of m o s k a l i.
  3. Nymp
    Nymp 24 November 2015 06: 51
    Kiev does not care about logic. "Europe and America will help us" - that is their whole logic. Therefore, their world is not at all amazing!
    1. cniza
      cniza 24 November 2015 08: 23
      Quote: Nymp
      Kiev does not care about logic. "Europe and America will help us" - that is their whole logic. Therefore, their world is not at all amazing!

      The thirst for a freebie overshadows the mind ... we all need help, we want to Europe.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Gorinich
      Gorinich 24 November 2015 09: 11
      You are not right. The logic is very clear, only this is not the logic of Kiev, but of Washington. Kiev is not independent in the logic of events.
      1. captain
        captain 24 November 2015 17: 40
        Our leadership made a strategic mistake by not allowing the capture of Mariupol. Apparently they tried to negotiate with the US and the EU. They did not allow New Russia to take place, they did not allow the collapse of Ukraine. I do not know what pursued our leadership by their actions, but the US and EU will not lift sanctions from us until we return Crimea to Ukraine. Obama and officials from the EU have repeatedly said this. Their foreign policy, unlike us, changes only in national interests. And as far as I understand, a strong and independent Russia is not included in the list of issues of national interests of the US and the EU. The Western elite does not keep their money and real estate in Russia, their children do not study with us in Moscow, unlike our "elite". Therefore, there were no companies willing to build a bridge across the Kerch Strait (Rottenberg made a very interesting interview when he agreed to build a bridge), our central banks do not have their own divisions in Crimea, Gazprom does not build a gas pipeline to Crimea, key cellular operators do not have their own communication centers in Crimea ... It was necessary to bring down Ukraine in the summer of 2014 and there would be no problem with Crimea and sanctions now.
        1. Scud
          Scud 24 November 2015 18: 49
          I agree with you almost completely, but the gas goes to the Crimea from the local Black Sea wells.
        2. ddd1975
          ddd1975 25 November 2015 02: 42
          ... for sure - for sure, the second year we are told tales of how crap in Ukraine and every month they bury her, but she won’t die ....
  4. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 24 November 2015 06: 55
    well, they don’t want to live humanly
    1. SibSlavRus
      SibSlavRus 24 November 2015 08: 11
      The Kremlin's conformism has brought the situation to a state of "loss of fear "'re coming out of a pseudo-power.
      But even initially they were afraid and did not dare to invade the Southeast, fearing the reaction of Russia.

      After the fading of the Russian Spring (under the direct influence of the Kremlin Russians (specifically Russians, not Russians!)), The leveling of the term "Novorossiya" in the media, and the creation of an indistinct situation without the possibility of any positive forecasting, the persecution of the leaders of the first wave of the militia (Strelkov) and ideological commanders, in my opinion, will no longer be provided with the same uplifting spirit and willingness to go to the end, which was initially.

      With its tactics (for there has been no strategy at all, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, in relation to control of Ukraine) of the type "if you cannot control - lead!", The Kremlin relies, in making decisions, on a situational moment, due to the previously lost initiative and the lack of development of success after Crimean events.
      And the intensity of the development of world processes leaves no time for maneuvers, due to the protracted situation. The issue with New Russia (no less!) And Transnistria must be resolved now so that it would not return to it more.
      Showing excessive tolerance and caution with "partners", you can outsmart yourself once. Some opportunities that were previously missed, and the costs will only rise.
      It is difficult to understand the surgical intervention and recognition in the events of 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX, and the incomprehensible behavior in New Russia, where the ideas of socialism were declared.

      Maybe the capitalist Kremlin is afraid of this - the New Center of the Russian World Force?
      If this is so, then much is simply explained: the delay and agreements, and compromises with the agreements, and the elimination of the popular leaders of the militia of the South-East.
      Indeed, only during the war, with a high moral and fighting spirit, one can once be asked, by the Russian militia, very uncomfortable questions of a very unpopular Russian government (of a different tribe and internal content).
      I think so.
      1. Cap.Morgan
        Cap.Morgan 24 November 2015 09: 12
        Maybe it's easier? The Kremlin may not have followed the path of a "hot" war. Rather like that.
        I remember this "Russian spring". As it was, there was no single outburst of the masses. Did not have. Individual speeches, seizures of administration buildings, demonstrations with the participation of several thousand activists. And it's all.
        Don't like the "capitalist Kremlin"? So this is better than the Bolshevik Novorossia with another Trotsky at its head. So don't worry. After the Bandera junta, the ultra-left will surely come to power in Ukraine. With revolutionary tribunals and terror, as it has always been in the past. There will be an opportunity to enjoy the second part of the play called "Ukrainian Troubles". If there is a desire, our country can take part in this anew. It is boring to live in ordinary philistine capitalism. So let's try?
        1. SibSlavRus
          SibSlavRus 24 November 2015 09: 48
          I believe that you, Cap.Morgan, see the situation somewhat emotionally primitively.
          Historically and methodically, it turned out that revolutionary events are created by an active minority, to which mass adherence is taking place. There are always many more inert populations.

          To your question “Do you dislike the“ capitalist Kremlin ”?” I will answer with a question (so that the commentary does not turn into a lecture): “Why did you dislike the“ socialist Kremlin ”? Did you forget the events of 1991-93? Who and how, with with whose help he made a coup and is the heir to the new government.
          The essence of capitalism is worth a little more study.
          And where did you get the idea that Novorossia will be "Bolshevik"? After all, the "national-socialist" vector of development was clearly declared there.
          And the current situation of the capitalist neo-formation of economic slavery is far from being "philistine capitalism."
          And by the way, socialism is an exclusively Russian phenomenon, I think.

          And who are you trying to convince with your comment? Yourself? You did not convince me: your empirical basis for beliefs is too weak.

          It may be that your "try" suggestion is no longer relevant. Do you know about the bifurcation point in the "theory of management and organization"?
        2. Konstantin Yu
          Konstantin Yu 25 November 2015 11: 34
          So it will be .. the eternal series of rummaging to the sides and Ukrainians' betrayals is a common thing. This is the whole spirit of walking the fields, they are all so free, elusive-because on hr .. no one needs .. And no gingerbreads will save you from the next knife in the back
      2. max702
        max702 24 November 2015 09: 18
        Quote: SibSlavRus
        Maybe the capitalist Kremlin is afraid of this - the New Center of the Russian World Force?

        So you have answered all your questions. as well as on most questions on politics and economics within Russia .. If the world capital allows some tactical moves to be made by the Russian "elite", then there is absolutely NO strategic radical change in the course of Russia!
        1. SibSlavRus
          SibSlavRus 24 November 2015 10: 56
          I will try to clarify my critical point of view.
          Due to the fact that it is complex (there is no strategy for sure (and there was no), and tactical planning is subordinated to operational situational decision-making, in my opinion) and immediately in general, it is difficult to explain some of the missed opportunities and unused prospects (let me remind you that legislative , and in the executive branch there are diametrically opposite points of view) of the actions of the "Russians" in the Kremlin, tried to understand the logic of the development of events by simple methods of induction-didction, i.e. from the general to the particular and from parts to a whole (concept). Those. considered from different basic forms of action and decision-making (capitalist, socio-political, state security and even moral) and vice versa - the current situation - from different directions. I summed up for myself: considering how the socialist gains of the Russian people (the only real ones deserved with blood) are being liquidated, and how the socio-political system of the state was changed in 1991-93. (for the sake of the now ruling and near-power elements), the Kremlin and its contents of the "Russian nation" do not really want to have the Center of Power of the Russian World - Novorossia (won by blood), with a socialist vector of development, which in the event of the accumulation of some "critical mass" will become support of a new nationally oriented change and social justice.
          Maybe then the Constitution will spell out: "the Russian people as the core of Russian statehood" and the legislative branch will become an independent institution, not an appendage of the party of officials "United Russia" and the presidential administration.

          These are my beliefs; I do not impose them on anyone. I call only for objective judgment.
      3. Vadim237
        Vadim237 24 November 2015 10: 09
        The Kremlin is not afraid of any new center of the Russian world - it’s just that the Kremlin is not up to it now, and this new center is being held in the current conditions.
  5. inkass_98
    inkass_98 24 November 2015 06: 58
    As for Avakyan, I can say the following: there are open contradictions in the government of Plants, since he demanded to restore the power supply of Crimea (the supply of energy to the Nikolaev and Kherson regions depends on this), and the type of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the person of Arsen openly opposes him and does not provide access for repair teams to places sabotage. The search continues for a "rat wolf" capable of crushing all power in the Ruin, Avakov contributes to this goal.
  6. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 24 November 2015 06: 59
    "When the monuments to Lenin ran out in Ukraine," the great and invincible, ancient people "began to knock down the erect pillars."
    1. cniza
      cniza 24 November 2015 08: 26
      Quote: B.T.W.
      "When the monuments to Lenin ran out in Ukraine," the great and invincible, ancient people "began to knock down the erect pillars."

      Who or what is next ... everyone and everything will be transferred to the horizontal.
      1. B.T.V.
        B.T.V. 24 November 2015 08: 32
        Quote: cniza
        Who or what is next ... everyone and everything will be transferred to the horizontal.

        One gets the impression that they are acting under the not voiced motto: "We bring down everything that is worth!".
        1. Amurets
          Amurets 24 November 2015 13: 13
          Quote: B.T.W.
          One gets the impression that they are acting under the not voiced motto: "We bring down everything that is worth!".

          And in 2016 this phrase will sound like this: "We will bring everything down while we are alive."
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. Same lech
    Same lech 24 November 2015 06: 59
    If the "repair" is delayed for months, it means that Kiev itself started everything, and a night circus with machine gunners was created to divert eyes.

    Judging by the latest reports, this is exactly what is happening ...
    it is necessary to prepare for the worst scenario prepared in the corridors of the US State Department ... KIEV on its own would not go to such a dirty trick too dangerous for the current regime.
    1. Vita vko
      Vita vko 24 November 2015 08: 51
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      dangerous for the current regime

      Just the opposite. The aggravation of the situation in the Donbass and on the border with Russia, this is the only way for the Kiev junta to divert attention from internal problems - the war will write everything off.
      Moreover, the next step of the Nazis will be the shutdown and destruction of infrastructure for the support of the DPR and LPR.
  8. venaya
    venaya 24 November 2015 07: 12
    “Black swans” are sometimes called difficult-to-predict events with significant consequences. For example, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Chernobyl, etc.

    All the events of the past two years are the search for the "black swan", that is, the search for all sorts of reasons to solve their own, difficult to identify, selfish goals. What else it may come to their head to determine is really impossible, but remember that the provocation of their true bread should be mandatory.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 November 2015 07: 20
    What is happening in Ukraine can be called sluggish schizophrenia with systematic periods of sharp exacerbation. Now it is precisely the period of exacerbation and the patient does not just need medicine (a tangible blow to the bad head), he just needs isolation (blocking all the faucets on the pipes and poles leading to Ukraine).
  10. Jarilo
    Jarilo 24 November 2015 07: 20
    The situation in Ukraine is getting worse, discontent is growing, the boiler is boiling, you need to let off steam, otherwise it will break the lid. And mobilization with utilization will continue until real enemies are found. Here, as they say, it is important to make the correct diagnosis.
  11. scoop
    scoop 24 November 2015 07: 46
    14 th
    oh, loves Vova to launch sores, loves. Don’t cost so do not get married. he is like an emir, who left to catch hodja nasreddin while nasreddin jammed his wife in his own harem. you understand hpp.
  12. Karayakupovo
    Karayakupovo 24 November 2015 07: 48
    As for the blockade from the Sea of ​​Azov, there is not far from the Don, and if "necessary" the Russian Federation can "take" this section to ensure the "safety" of "international" shipping. The spill is still OURS.
  13. aszzz888
    aszzz888 24 November 2015 07: 51
    A revolutionary idle is a potential criminal. So it is in non-fallow.
    The ATOshnikov horde needs to be built somewhere. What are they good for? Just like fluffy meat. So from phasington come instructions.
    Petski from Roshen wherever you throw, everywhere a wedge. Have a drink here!
    Here it is, i.e. Waltzman and spins, cook already in the pan.
    It remains only to raise the degree under the pan - and there is no president of the outskirts illegally occupying the place! laughing
    1. Voha_krim
      Voha_krim 24 November 2015 08: 40
      Quote: aszzz888
      The ATOshnikov horde needs to be built somewhere. What are they good for? Just like fluffy meat.
  14. Zomanus
    Zomanus 24 November 2015 08: 08
    If it drags on for months, then we will have time to completely build the entire energy bridge,
    start pulling the gas pipeline. At the same time, we cut off supplies to Ukraine of coal and electricity.
    Let the gas stolen from the pipe be heated.
  15. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 24 November 2015 08: 14
    It's no longer worth mentioning the polar fox. She has already come to many on the territory of 404, and is scratching at the doors. All the same, dill is a large country, almost forty million (how many there are left after the Crimea and Donbass) of the population, fabulous fertility, the climate is relatively mild (not Siberia, however). Well, they won't bend at all. Well, if they fall down in the 19th or the beginning of the 20th century, they will establish heating with wood, lighting - with kerosene stoves, locomotives will be reactivated - well, they will not die. Man is a resilient creature and adapts to many things. You have to get used to it, but if you want to live, you will adapt. This, of course, is the extreme point of the fall, but the desire for it is felt in every comment of the "independent companies" on their sites. The main idea: "Yes, we have gotten worse, but in Russia they already eat reindeer lichen and wash them down with glass." And Svidomo did not know that glass - aka "non-freezing" - is needed by those who have a car.
    And to explain to them that the photo of store shelves with price tags is not Photoshop, but shot on a cell phone in a nearby store - it is impossible!
    Yes, and let them. I have been talking with friends from Ukropia for a long time strictly about the case.
    1. sannych
      sannych 24 November 2015 08: 37
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      I have been talking with friends from Ukropia for a long time strictly about the case.

      It is useless to talk to them, to explain something. Relatives came from there, it’s in the head, it’s something. Putin, Putin, Russia, you are fighting against us, Putin, scum, you are fascists, etc. etc. Crazy gleam in the eyes, a feeling that some kind of intractable mental illness.
      1. Cap.Morgan
        Cap.Morgan 24 November 2015 09: 21
        You have some relatives - I have others. There are enough normal people there.
        If a Russian person has a Bandera barrel organ on TV, then very soon he will be completely stupefied. This is just information technology.
    2. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 24 November 2015 09: 17
      I agree.
      It’s just whether it was worthwhile to start all this so that then the whole country would switch to subsistence farming and bread on cards.
    3. Konstantin Yu
      Konstantin Yu 25 November 2015 11: 45
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      I have been talking with friends from Ukropia for a long time strictly about the case.

      Cases .. don’t substitute your back there, than affairs and contracts with Ukrainians pump up a well-known business ... everything is going well .. to the big pile of shit in response.
  16. Neophyte
    Neophyte 24 November 2015 08: 27
    What’s interesting is the Kremlin’s response to a foolish neighbor? Even a certain European official declared that it was unacceptable to undermine power lines and a possible accident at Ukrainian nuclear power plants?
  17. Pharao7766
    Pharao7766 24 November 2015 08: 38
    In the morning I watched the news about the fierce change.
    People close to the fleet and shipbuilding will appreciate wassat
    Delivers the background and surroundings of the ongoing action ...
    The main thing is the photo to the article.
    e-svoego-flota-samyie-yarkie-foto / 2562
  18. wild
    wild 24 November 2015 08: 49
    Look at how much time the bridge was built in 1944 (6 months) and the cable was laid in the besieged Leningrad in 1942 (at night, manually, 2 crew of divers from the barge).
    Moreover, let me remind you that the bridge in 1944 had no military significance and only slightly shortened the path from the Caucasus to the southern front. That is, the devastated country, waging an exhausting war, built it with the help of the technology of the middle of the 20th century, not out of "extreme strategic necessity", but just with one left hand - in order to save a little on logistics. And if they weren't too lazy to make ice breakers, the bridge would have stood for many years.
  19. Stoler
    Stoler 24 November 2015 09: 03
    Until Russia starts to INSTANTLY RESPOND by "tightening the nuts" for every such tricks of the dill (or at least respond in a mirror image), they will not give a damn about all our "agreements." And "NOTA PROTEST" is not an answer but a painting in impotence.
  20. erased
    erased 24 November 2015 09: 33
    It is lousy that Russia will not respond to attacks on the outskirts of Russia. There will be no fines for energy interruptions, there will be no counter measures. Again they will give gas and coal and everything else. It seems that this is not all right, which means that the States are bending their line successfully. At least on the outskirts.
  21. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 24 November 2015 09: 57
    The joke is old, but I think out of place ..)
    "Morning. A man is drinking coffee, getting ready for work. He takes the TV remote control, clicks on" 1 + 1 "- the announcer announces:
    - Tonight the Verkhovna Rada burned down with all the deputies.
    The peasant has a shock, frantically clicks on the UT-1 with a remote control - news, announcer announces:
    - This morning, Tymoshenko, along with security on a personal car, got into an accident. No one survived.
    A peasant begins a nervous tic, frantically clicks on Inter:
    - Regrettable news. Today in his apiary he was bitten by bees until Yushchenko died.
    The man was completely stunned. What is going on ?? !!! Clicking on "ORT" - live broadcast, Putin speaks:
    - Dear compatriots, I will be brief ... Whether @@@. "
    1. Cruel beaver
      Cruel beaver 24 November 2015 20: 36
      And how do we, who live in Ukraine, want it to be not a joke! (The names of the characters do not really matter)
  22. Sergey Guriev
    Sergey Guriev 24 November 2015 12: 00
    Russia does not take radical measures in relation to Ukraine, as it considers it expedient to use the strategy of "horror without end". This allows us to constantly keep our "partners" by one egg, at least. For the second it is Syria. I hope that after the Syrian issue is resolved, the Russian leadership will follow the "terrible end" scenario for Ukraine, there are opportunities. How long can you torture a hungry rabid animal sick of Svidomism.
    1. iouris
      iouris 24 November 2015 13: 55
      "Our partners" are sure that they are keeping us. The problem is that our economy and trade are not geared towards war, but to maximize shareholder returns.
  23. Belousov
    Belousov 24 November 2015 13: 01
    If there is no tough response - then swallowed. And who will respect Russia if it is silent? It is necessary to answer so that even the most Svidomo under kicks from Fashington there is no desire to start something against. And we washed again ...
  24. Lelek
    Lelek 24 November 2015 13: 41
    (Therefore, if the command “to battle” came from across the ocean, there is no doubt that Kiev will fulfill it with a double zeal.)

    And thus he will sign a death sentence for himself, since the EU, where the Kiev clique is striving so much, is now not up to the Ukrainian showdown, its hemorrhoids with refugees and terrorist attacks are enough for the very "I can not". And the former Ukraine will not transfer to the continent of its main sovereign, but will remain where it is now and will not change its neighbors. So it's time to stop the "former" to stand vraskoryachku, otherwise, in fact, the hour is not equal, the dumbbells will fall off.
    And about "to fight" - Kuev can alienate, but it will end in disastrous for him, the LPR and DPR are not formations of 2014, but full-fledged republics with their armed forces, seasoned in battles. yes
  25. 1536
    1536 24 November 2015 15: 27
    "Until now, there has been an unspoken agreement between the authorities of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, albeit one that looks extremely unsympathetic. Moscow sponsors Kiev with coal, gas, electricity and just currency, and the new Ukrainian government keeps its hands off the switch."

    Interesting message. And in what other areas do we have this kind of "unsympathetic, but agreements"? It is strange that there are still no "rolling blackouts" of electricity in Moscow.
  26. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 24 November 2015 15: 31
    Already, in principle, it is not interesting how used suicide. Cut off the "allowance" for the corpse of a quasi-state and forget! For sanitary reasons, the abyss is buried in order to avoid epidemics. This chunk is "free in all holes" and its place is in the trash heap and not in society.
  27. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 24 November 2015 18: 18
    or in Ukraine, masses of spontaneous "black swans" began to arise.

    It looks like Russia will have to repaint these "swans" white, no matter how much our leadership would like not to do this.
  28. Gardener91
    Gardener91 24 November 2015 21: 26
    Quote: cniza
    Quote: Nymp
    Kiev does not care about logic. "Europe and America will help us" - that is their whole logic. Therefore, their world is not at all amazing!

    The thirst for a freebie overshadows the mind ... we all need help, we want to Europe.

    Yes, no. Rather, we are against Russia and we must all help.
  29. attuda
    attuda 24 November 2015 23: 44
    News from Crimea svezhak
    A friend there on a business trip:

    [12:55, 24.11.2015] attuda8888:
    Chotam in the Crimea by the light?
    Describe briefly. Dachshunds show sweep co-Being
    [22:06, 24.11.2015]
    OfficerR: Disabled the Buoy! Everything is on electric generators, shops by candlelight!
    [22:09, 24.11.2015] attuda8888:
    And the punchers? ...

    Well, hurt yourself.
    Though look at each other’s eyes and non-screens ...
    [22:11, 24.11.2015]
    officer: You're right !!!
    [22:11, 24.11.2015]
    Here aueno, endure !!!
  30. Fastenkov
    Fastenkov 25 November 2015 02: 26
    It will be improved both in Crimea and Ukraine. Not immediately, but certainly.
    Well, they brought to power a bunch of dEbils to solve geopolitical problems. Well created the problem of Russia. About the Ukrainian people did not remember at all. They do not think of high western ranks (well, many of ours too) in such small categories as the people. New Russia did not work out, because I did not meet 100% support in the republics themselves, and therefore, did not receive explicit support from the Kremlin either. It was said by the Leader - we need a strong, independent and ONE Ukraine. And then New Russia ..... Transnistria. How will it live?
    There will be a war in the Southeast for a long time. With the current set of influencing factors, syringation does not have a good solution.
  31. iAi
    iAi 25 November 2015 09: 52
    It cannot be ruled out that in December-January the Ukrainian Armed Forces will risk all-in and try to cut off the Donbass from the sea and build a “Novoazovsky boiler”.

    It cannot be ruled out .... the author’s unconventional orientation .-)

    In general, the phrase "cannot be ruled out" is very fruitful for the development of fantasy.

    The article is generally normal, but the penultimate paragraph is far-fetched. The sea in LDNR does not play any role whatsoever. The port of Mariupol was not defended.