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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. In the hospital named after Comrade Pavlov

For a long, long time did not write anything for you. Not because there was nothing to write. Not even because something happened to me personally. Just felt that you, dear readers, were tired. Tired of me, tired of my country, tired of our stupidity. And the topic appeared hotter - Syria. I'm not mad. I get tired periodically. Even professional psychiatrists periodically go on vacation. But they still come back. Here I am back.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. In the hospital named after Comrade Pavlov

During the days that have passed since our last meeting, we have happened a lot of events. Not great, not very prominent from the outside, but events. What follows them is not very clear. But the fact that the consequences will be visible even from under the carpet.

I will begin, probably, with the most significant. The famous Right Sector was left without a head. Not. There was no action or flash mob for chopping heads off activists. Revolutionaries, they are people too. Understand that if the body to deprive the head, then through what then is? On the head is the mouth! Therefore I will explain. The head is not where our mouth is. Our head is the one who through his mouth voices all the ideas of the organization. Who stands with a flag on a barrel at rallies and shouts out slogans. Well, like football fans.

The right sector "chopped off" Yarosh himself. The very one under whose leadership his fighters created a name for themselves in this revolution. The one who became the symbol of the struggle. Exactly the same as Trotsky was in Russia a hundred years ago. Yarosh did not want to "be a wedding general." True, pravoseki themselves say a little differently. But who to believe now, in our times?

November 8 near Kiev hosted a PS conference. On which they accepted the resignation of Yarosh. “After the conference, individuals guided by mercantile interests, ambitions and, possibly, ties with the special services, did everything to set Yarosh to reject the decisions of the conference and reject the revolutionary strategy. This circle of people matured long ago in the ranks of the movement, and resorting to sycophancy and intrigue , spreading gossip, tried to influence his policies. It was the activities of these individuals that led to a situation in which Yarosh was forced to resign. "

I can not boast of personal acquaintance with this man. But for me it is very similar to the other, already on the other side of the front. On Brain. Imagine how some readers frowned. Bent a cockroach. Maybe he bent, only the cockroach has a brain. And your opinion is.

Both Brainstorming and Yarosh are the essence of the education of the post-Soviet environment. Both romantics to the bone. Both are charismatic. Both leaders are from God. Even the goals of both were the same. They wanted to build a new Ukrainian state. Build a state for the people. And for this we used all the possibilities. Including support for the forces against which they were going to fight. The only difference is that for Alexey the Brain the state was supposed to be nationwide. He did not really bother with nationality. People are those who live in this state. Regardless of the language, family life, traditions. Such a Cossack village, where everyone is equal and everything is decided by the will of all.

For Dmitry Yarosh, all other things being equal, the state should have become Ukrainian. Those. Ukrainization of one and all. Not violent, but by the type of Russia. People themselves, little by little, would become Ukrainians. Well, with some small differences. As in Russia. Northern Russian blondes are mostly or there, brown-haired, and southern blondes are brunettes. With a different way of life, a slightly different language, different national clothes. But they are all Russian. And the state proudly call their homeland.

I do not know the future fate of Yarosh. But the fact that with his departure the goals and objectives of the PS will change, obviously. How to change - the question. The answer to which we will receive very soon.

But back to our sheep. I did not quote this famous judge from an ancient parable. This is me about our leaders. Those who with persistence worthy of another application leads the country to the abyss.

Ukraine on the verge of bankruptcy. True, for a long time. Everyone got used to it. But yesterday, the first time one of the agencies declared the first bankrupt. They became the capital city of Kiev.

"The international rating agency Fitch downgraded the long-term rating of Kiev to the default level" D ".

Our mayor with his brain recaptured in many boxing fights has managed to collect credits worth as much as half a billion dollars. City budget seems to be filled. Dirt was removed in the central streets. Something built. Only here the credits differ from the handouts in that it is necessary to give them back. With what? Of course, you can, like an old woman from a Russian folk tale "scrape the bottom of the barrel". Only there you can not scrape the flour on the "bun". I mean, there's no money back there.

With the filing of our rabbit, the Kiev Rada, however, attempted to overtake creditors. Like, and let us give you later ... Well, just then. Someday. Yes, and cut the interest. Or maybe the debt itself will be reduced. Percent so on xnumx. For some reason, only the lenders sent the Kiev authorities somewhere ... to the female body. So, it will be necessary to give. 25 millions have not given away. And there are still 250 millions ahead. Zrada, however.

It was even funnier with electricity. How many embroideries are torn on the chest of all our leaders in the fuel and energy sector. Peremoga! We will no longer buy Russian electrons! We are patriotic on the wire run. There is nowhere to go. So, let the country-aggressor and their leaves. We do not need these fascist. That's all! From November 11 and cut the wires!

“The Minister (Vladimir Demchishin) stated that Ukraine receives electricity imports on the basis of the closing principle (ed. - importing in case of a shortage of its own capacities). At the same time, he admitted:“ We have many capacities that are not used, for example, DTEK does not have unloaded blocks on 2 gigawatts. On Wednesday, we will stop receiving any electricity from Russia. This is a technological step. "

But this unfortunate 11 came on November. Why? But who knows. According to the calendar like. Electricians in orderly rows with tongs stand across the line. Gas cuttings are buzzing with fire from gas produced in Ukraine. So that means, quickly dump the pillars and pass on the scrap metal. "KrAZ" roar on diesel like from Europe. And bang ...

"Today, 11 in November, Ukraine imports 800 MW of Russian electricity. Yesterday, imports increased from 400 MW to 800 MW. Tomorrow, 12 in November, it is planned to purchase more 400 MW from Russia."

Again zrada. Probably, the Russian electrons are some particularly strong. Like sperm. Our not allowed in the wires. Or are we simply not there? I do not know. I sit here, I look, as the aggressive light from the office of "my" deputy makes its way through a gap in the floor, and I don’t know what to think.

Well at least we have real patriots. True, with passports of other countries. So what? Patriotism is not dependent on a passport. Here, for example, Aivaras Abromavicius, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. One word - well done. He now has an interesting challenge. It is necessary so to tell the people about Peremog in connection with the embargo of Russia for the supply of some Ukrainian goods, so that the people become proud and even more actively wait for the final economic collapse of Russia. With popcorn and pepsi-cola on TV.

"We see how unpredictable trade partner Russia is. They calculated the effect of a potential embargo: further sanctions against us will hit the Russians themselves more. Therefore, the expected effect from Russia’s further non-friendly relations is beginning to be minimal."

Scared? Or did not understand? Yes, it does not matter. The main thing in the last sentence. You will be worse. True, it is not clear why. So we have a lot of things are not clear.

Hooked? Now I will open my eyes even more. To tears wash them after sleep. Let me remind you that Russia is preparing another humanitarian convoy - 44. For residents of Lugansk and Donetsk regions. By the way, many still do not understand why they are so privileged. In other areas, too, not sugar. I also want to eat.

So, in this convoy will be over 100 cars. Going to deliver 1,1 thousands of tons of cargo. Well, where so much? That is because the vile Russians want the inhabitants of these areas to suffer from obesity. But it is theoretically. We do not doze. More precisely, our border guards. They, like us, see everything!

“As reported by the State Border Service of Ukraine, one of the previous columns of the Russian“ humanitarian convoys ”entered the Donbass half empty. In addition, the Russian side carries out clearance of cargoes unilaterally and in violation of international norms.”

That's it. Russians drive empty wagons back and forth and say they carry cargo. And the cargo, probably, is being dragged across the border at night along animal tracks. There is no other explanation for where all of this Donbas comes from. Our anger even stopped building a wall. What's the point? Russians may come up with some jumping trucks. Once - and jumped fence. Like a locust.

Well, the last news about our peremog. People's. You know that those who fight are sometimes injured, which leads to amputation of the limbs. War is a cripple production line. Sad theme. So, in the city of Lviv, people solved this problem. No, they did not stand near the administration with posters or did not begin to collect money for artificial limbs. Everything is easier.

"In Lviv, in the framework of the campaign to help the ATO fighters, they collected more than a ton of plastic caps. For the money collected, volunteers buy prostheses for war invalids. For one artificial limb, which costs from 6 thousands of euros, we need to collect approximately 750 thousands of caps," reports .

Here the Russian brain will never think of it. A Ukrainian can. Ukrainians in general, after digging up the Black Sea, became the smartest nation in the world.

But in general, in our psychiatric hospital, everything remains the same. The patient, more precisely, the patient, is connected to the apparatus of an artificial kidney, heart, lungs, and all other organs. Pumps drive artificial blood, the computer replaces the brain. Everything is artificial. And everyone is waiting with horror when electricity and gas will be cut off for non-payment. Then all these devices will be covered with a copper basin. And the fact that it was once proudly called Ukraine will be food for the scavengers already gathered around ...
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  1. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 17 November 2015 05: 57
    Yeah, mustachioed, I really look at you there is a seam ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 17 November 2015 06: 26
      laughing The main thing is a smoking room.
    2. Voha_krim
      Voha_krim 17 November 2015 07: 51
      Everything is artificial. And everyone is waiting with horror when they turn off the electricity and gas for non-payment. Then all these devices will be covered with a copper basin. And what was once proudly called Ukraine will become food for the scavengers already gathered around ...
    3. Grabberxnumx
      Grabberxnumx 17 November 2015 11: 45
      Yeah .. and after the 19 year in Ukraine, only fallopian tubes will remain of the necessary pipes ..
      1. Maksus
        Maksus 17 November 2015 18: 27
        Rather, the Eustachian, fallopian bandages ...
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 November 2015 06: 04
    A long time ago the gibberish did not appear. It seems that there was no big reason. And now - has appeared. It’s scary and bitter to watch your neighbor plunge into the swamp, discarding your sticks, extended to help and accusing you of pushing him there. Oh well them!
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 17 November 2015 06: 25
    War is a conveyor belt for the production of cripples. A sad topic.

    Lord ... when will people understand a bad world is better than a good quarrel.
    1. domokl
      domokl 17 November 2015 06: 45
      Understanding comes along in a crippled son. Or with a coffin ... There is no other way.
  4. Filxnumx
    Filxnumx 17 November 2015 06: 59
    An interesting comparison of the figures of Brain and Yarosh. Only one is killed, and the second is alive (maybe for now). Does this mean that Yarosh is a less dangerous figure for the government than Brain? Or did the former leader of the law-enforcers simply turn out to be a less principled and courageous fighter for his ideas and decided to jump off in time so that they would not bang? Well this is not the ATO zone.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 November 2015 07: 13
    collect about 750 thousand caps

    There’s nothing to even say. This know-how will probably be included in the book of records. On the other hand, it is obvious that in Ukraine it remains only to collect the caps. Can Ukraine toss lids instead of Russian gas?
    1. Voha_krim
      Voha_krim 17 November 2015 08: 01
      The most interesting thing is that they have a hefty mesh container next to the garbage container specifically for different plastic containers, essno with lids (at least in the Crimea, when it was Ukrainian, it was)!
      1. domokl
        domokl 17 November 2015 08: 07
        We also have such a capacity. The people bottle the elastic there and throws ...
    2. 2s1122
      2s1122 17 November 2015 10: 12
      Yes, it's just some kind of gamodril and pretty smart decided to earn credibility, because it’s so necessary to breed suckers
  6. belaz888
    belaz888 17 November 2015 07: 23
    Sad to read it all
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 17 November 2015 07: 44
    the computer replaces the brain.... No..hf "Gentlemen of Fortune" .. What a strong concrete, does not wash off .. It's about brains ..
  8. Belousov
    Belousov 17 November 2015 07: 56
    Some strange heroization of Yarosh. So he promised to cut everyone in the east, and now he suddenly became a romantic idealist?!? wassat
    1. domokl
      domokl 17 November 2015 08: 34
      I don’t know ... I think that such a point of view has a right to be. I myself sometimes sin with the same thoughts. and that Mozgovoy did not say something like that about the junta?
      Comparison is quite appropriate in my opinion. The romantics have done their job. The time has come for pragmatists.
      1. Sheikh
        Sheikh 17 November 2015 09: 32
        you are a hidden protoucr or is it a syndrome of not yet killed hostages.
      2. atos_kin
        atos_kin 17 November 2015 15: 28
        Quote: domokl
        Comparison is quite appropriate in my opinion.

        This is the same as comparing Stalin and Hitler. In my opinion: it’s better not to trash the bright name of Brain. Yarosh can be compared and he wins in comparison with the combined Turchinov, Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk.
        1. domokl
          domokl 17 November 2015 16: 44
          Quote: atos_kin
          This is the same as comparing Stalin and Hitler.

          Yes you stop. Aleksey gave out a lot of things that do not really correspond to the current image of the monument. Just like Yarosh.
          And he had no less appeals to kill punishers than Yarosh to kill separatists.
          1. atos_kin
            atos_kin 17 November 2015 22: 35
            With the last phrase, you fully supported my humble assertion that Mozgovoy, who killed the PUNISHERS, cannot be compared with the leader of the PUNISHERS.
    2. Turkir
      Turkir 18 November 2015 02: 10
      Some strange heroization of Yarosh.

      I agree.
      Tired of me, tired of my country, tired of our stupidity. And a hot topic has appeared - Syria. I'm not offended. I myself get tired periodically. Even professional psychiatrists periodically go on vacation. But still they are coming back. So I came back.

      Cheeky article, author's condescending tone. Does the author accidentally consider himself a messenger of God on Earth? Or, a somewhat tired psychiatrist who is going to "straighten" our brains, though without our request for help?
      Is this Yarosh a romantic? The one who called for declaring war on the Russian Federation and reaching Moscow.
      The one who is wanted by the official investigative bodies of the Russian Federation as a criminal?
      What are the petty comparisons of Yarosh and Brain?
      The author crossed a certain human side that he simply does not see.
      A psychiatrist with cockroaches in his head is already a patient.
      Donbass and LPR - this topic is no longer interesting for the author, it is not "hot".
      Now there is a hotter topic for the author, this is Syria.
      Apparently, the great psychiatrist knows what topic will be of interest to his patients.
  9. Denis DV
    Denis DV 17 November 2015 08: 06
    The patient, or rather, the patient, is connected to the apparatus of an artificial kidney, heart, lungs and all other organs. Pumps drive artificial blood, a computer replaces the brain. Everything is artificial. And everyone is waiting with horror when they turn off the electricity and gas for non-payment. Then all these devices will be covered with a copper basin. And what was once proudly called Ukraine will become food for the scavengers already gathered around ...

    You can’t say better crying
  10. Gunia
    Gunia 17 November 2015 09: 06
    And what was once proudly called Ukraine will become food for the scavengers already gathered around!

    When will it reach the Ukrainians!? After all, normal people WERE!
  11. Sheikh
    Sheikh 17 November 2015 09: 20
    SW. Mr. Yarosh is a war criminal and his place should be indicated by a military tribunal, no matter how romantic and lofty he is.
    everything - IMHO.
  12. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 17 November 2015 10: 16
    Well, what can I say here, sick people want to cry, and sin is a laugh.
  13. _KM_
    _KM_ 17 November 2015 11: 52
    Quote: Gunia
    When will it reach the Ukrainians !?

    And who is asking them? Power lives separately, people separate. And even if the whole of Ukraine cut off the light and gas, Poroshenko and Yatsnyuk will not freeze. Their homes will still be warm and bright.
  14. Travian
    Travian 17 November 2015 12: 41
    let the dead organism die and make room for those who do not jump, for those who want a normal life, for those who understand that you can not love your neighbor (even if he is your brother) and you will have to respect and reckon with the opinion of the neighbor, especially since your neighbor is not some kind of moldavia, poland, slovakia, but a country capable of really resisting the "golden billion". Or let them change their brains, and the stoned one way out or live separately from Little Russia or emigrate, for example, to Canada ...
  15. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 17 November 2015 14: 15
    ... we had a lot of events ...
    Which led to what we have. It's a shame, annoying, but it's their choice.
  16. Balagan
    Balagan 17 November 2015 19: 05
    Dear Cockroach, from whom it’s from whom, but you’re not tired of it! On the contrary, we wait, sir hi
  17. xBoris
    xBoris 18 November 2015 12: 24
    ..Fireworks Around Rada .. !! =))
    Glad to return and new article.
    I think Ukraine will come to its senses, foam and slag will be washed off, with time of course ..
    Once upon a time, everything is normal.