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Council of Europe: An investigation into the tragedy in the Odessa House of Trade Unions did not meet the requirements of the European Convention

On Wednesday, an international advisory group of the Council of Europe presented a report on monitoring the investigation of events in Odessa in May last year, when, according to official figures, about 50 people died and the total number of victims exceeded 250 as a result of a fire in the House of Trade Unions.

In the published document it is noted that the investigation of the Odessa tragedy was carried out without taking into account the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), and the local MoES and the investigating authorities did not have enough “institutional independence”.

“The group found that the investigation could not meet the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights,” the extract from the RIA document “News».

It is also emphasized that the deficiencies discovered undermined the ability of the Ukrainian authorities to bring those responsible to justice.

“Although this can be partially explained by objective difficulties, the Council believes that the shortcomings pointed out in this report have undermined the ability of the authorities to establish the circumstances of the crimes related to Odessa and bring those responsible to justice,” the report says.

The head of the consulting group, Nicolas Bratza, noted during the press conference an insufficient level of independence of the investigation.

“Given the evidence that indicates the involvement of police officers in the 2 riots in May 2014 in Odessa ... (required), the investigation of the riots in general should be carried out by a body completely independent of the police officers. Similarly, given the structural links between the state emergency service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the investigation into the actions of the fire service cannot be considered independent, ”he said.

The report also reports insufficient public information.

“The 2 events in Odessa in May of 2014 were so important that the authorities were obliged to provide sufficient information about the investigation in order to promote effective public control. Although the authorities published a considerable amount of information, this was done in the absence of an effective communication policy, and, as a result, some of the information was incomprehensible and contradictory, and was also provided unevenly and with insufficient regularity. (...) The information that was presented to the general public was not in itself sufficient to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the victims and their relatives, ”the report says.
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  1. avvg
    avvg 5 November 2015 06: 55
    The investigation was led from Washington and therefore the perpetrators of the deaths are not identified.
    1. subbtin.725
      subbtin.725 5 November 2015 07: 30
      "Great" "awakening, your mother. We came back, after a year and a half ...
      1. Voha_krim
        Voha_krim 5 November 2015 07: 47
        The rhetoric is changing. President Poproshenko is directly pointed to his "shoals", encroaching on "sacred", on the Maidan! Of course, the accusations sounded cannot be called the last warning, but the attitude of Europe towards Ukraine is cooling before our eyes, and how it will end is a big question.
    2. brasist
      brasist 5 November 2015 07: 34
      What are they to take their own and all their work to smarka?
      1. oldseaman1957
        oldseaman1957 5 November 2015 08: 24
        What is encouraging is the great availability of videos about this massacre. Moreover, the executioners themselves also took off. So they will have to answer in every way!
        1. subbtin.725
          subbtin.725 5 November 2015 10: 47
          Quote: oldseaman1957
          What is encouraging is the great availability of videos about this massacre. Moreover, the executioners themselves also took off. So they will have to answer in every way!

          + Only not any Hague. The Tribunal will be in the Donbass.
      2. Dembel77
        Dembel77 5 November 2015 08: 28
        Although this can partially be explained by objective difficulties.
        Utter nonsense! The only reasonable explanation for what happened in Odessa is the gangster regime in Ukraine! How much they ss uki still good people in Ukraine will destroy - these poroshenkiyaytsenyukiavakov - scary to imagine! But this does not bother Europe - they have worse problems than refugees (as they see it)!
  2. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 5 November 2015 06: 58
    As always, the CE statement consists of omissions and hints.
    The fact that the authorities committed a terrible crime by burning people alive, hindering their salvation, finishing off the survivors and pursuing the survivors is never voiced by these arrogant Europeans.
  3. S_Baykala
    S_Baykala 5 November 2015 07: 01
    We will not forget, and Odessa residents, I hope, will not forgive.
    1. kagorta
      kagorta 5 November 2015 07: 08
      No, in Odessa there are very few Odessa residents. There are only housekeepers and occupiers.
      1. Rezident007
        Rezident007 5 November 2015 07: 28
        I agree. If in Odessa at least half a city came to the barricades and protests, then there would be a result, and so ... They are at least Russian, at least Ukrainians, at least Romanians, etc. ... However, the mentality.
        1. German Titov
          German Titov 5 November 2015 08: 33
          After the events in Odessa, I called a friend to find out the situation. The answer struck, "Odessans did not die there. Pridnestrovians from the region too." It came to Odessa 25 years ago from Rovno, and worked in the police. Donbass then stirred up "not childishly".
          1. kagorta
            kagorta 5 November 2015 09: 17
            Your friend is worthy of the great title of Odessa. wink
  4. EvgNik
    EvgNik 5 November 2015 07: 05

    “The Panel found that the investigation failed to satisfy the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights

    At least something more or less intelligible was squeezed out of themselves.
    1. Watchdog
      Watchdog 5 November 2015 08: 55
      Yeah, who would have thought ... what
  5. Maksus
    Maksus 5 November 2015 07: 10
    Where were they before? One and a half years have passed since the murder in Odessa. Or received an order to crush the junta?
  6. samara-58
    samara-58 5 November 2015 07: 26
    The EU came from a camel from an old joke! Brakesaaaa, the hare has long been eaten! fool
  7. Same lech
    Same lech 5 November 2015 07: 28
    Council of Europe: An investigation into the tragedy in the Odessa House of Trade Unions did not meet the requirements of the European Convention

    Well, still .. one of the ODESSA police officers Dmitry Fuchegi is in Russia and gives testimony (sings like a nightingale) .... although at the time of the tragedy he did nothing to stop the crime.
    1. builder
      builder 5 November 2015 08: 37
      He is in Transnistria.
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 5 November 2015 07: 41
    the investigation failed to meet the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights

    Woke up or what? Better tell me what actions, and even more so the investigations of the Kiev authorities correspond to this convection? What was visible to everyone and Europeans in particular was quietly ignored, distorted, falsified under the tacit consent of Europe. What they have sown, so reap.
  9. cniza
    cniza 5 November 2015 08: 02
    Quote: avvg
    The investigation was led from Washington and therefore the perpetrators of the deaths are not identified.

    Oh, how all the USA got tired, all of them will be rewarded with interest.
  10. APASUS
    APASUS 5 November 2015 08: 02
    How to recognize when power is involved in a crime, but reluctance?
    There are all sorts of OSCE, human rights defenders ............... But when they are hunting, F-16 and Tomahawk immediately fly to the scene of the crime !!!
  11. Vladimir71
    Vladimir71 5 November 2015 08: 04
    If you have already killed the blogger for the wild joy about the crashed airbus (I hope that’s exactly why), then not everything is lost in Ukraine and the line at the cemetery is slowly moving, and each participant in the May events is already waiting for his turn with a number. To everyone according to his deserts ...
  12. mr.vasilievich
    mr.vasilievich 5 November 2015 08: 10
    I can imagine with what torment the Council of Europe issued this conclusion, how they selected words in a more affectionate way to Kiev. After all, Europe recognizes this as its direct complicity in the development of Ukrainian fascism, and to some extent it is even, perhaps, ashamed.
  13. maikl50jrij
    maikl50jrij 5 November 2015 08: 14
    Yeah! You will envy such speed! When people burned, they finished off all the media about it Taldychili ... And here, on you! The investigation is useless! Where did you look?
  14. jPilot
    jPilot 5 November 2015 08: 15
    Well, after all, soon we will reach the investigation of the Maidan, and then the tribunal will creep up to the Ukrainian junta. Not otherwise as an old Europa, she was going to "wake up". belay No. That's what the "life-giving bombings" on ISIS are doing, they immediately thought (God forbid) about their behavior.
    1. WOLF 107
      WOLF 107 5 November 2015 09: 00
      With such speed, not earlier than in 15 years, or even more
    2. Karlovar
      Karlovar 5 November 2015 22: 24
      The old woman did not "wake up", she was awakened !!! I think the rhetoric and movements of the West changed after the publication of the data of the Almaz-Antey experiment. Most likely, this experiment is nothing more than a reproduction of the true picture of what happened, having satellite images in front of his eyes ... Uncle Vova let his "partners" understand that he was knows (as they are, "partners"), how everything was, and accordingly has irrefutable evidence !!! And how can you explain such changes?: The "moderate" opposition expressed a desire to cooperate with Assad, began to really kill IS, the US Air Force began to somehow thrash at IS, Turkey announced that it would thresh at IS, Assad was left alone with immediate resignation , this is a statement by the European Commission on the Odessa events, the junta's forcing to peace, the Britons shut up with the participation of their Air Force in Syria, Canada jumped off the coalition, and much more, you can't even remember everything ...
  15. leo3972
    leo3972 5 November 2015 08: 17
    Europe woke up all in shit, and now do not wash.
  16. slizhov
    slizhov 5 November 2015 09: 49
    International Criminals TO ANSWER !!!

    Well, that’s it ... Doubts are over
    Our callsign is “Odessa will not be forgiven ...”!
    It’s not for us to pray with God for luck,
    Cathedrals in the souls of each grow.
    And the hour will strike, and the mobile of midnight will perish
    Stripes of tape will lie on the sleeve ...
    And all the fragments will be collected
    For obelisks among succulent herbs.
  17. mamont5
    mamont5 5 November 2015 11: 34
    Quote: subbtin.725
    "Great" "awakening, your mother. We came back, after a year and a half ...

    No, they woke up, but not about the crimes on the Ruin. Everything affects here, and the tiredness of the sanctions-counter-sanctions, refugees, the war in Syria, and Europe (not all) begins to understand that there is no way without Russia, which means that it is necessary to establish contacts and dampen the squeals of dill.
  18. Shuttle
    Shuttle 5 November 2015 16: 54

    The by-television population sees absolutely nothing and does not want to know.
    The hardest thing to wake up is not the one who is sleeping, but the one who pretends to be sleeping.

    What the hell is such an investigation? To merge all the facts into one toilet and forget it completely! Wolves are rag!

    Poroshenko, Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, etc. to the Hague in court!