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Poroshenko beats first

Perhaps he was greatly impressed by the words of Vladimir Putin at the Valdai Club in Sochi: “When the fight is inevitable, we must beat first!” Well, there is a reason for this, and not only a yard fight: the president is the strongest figure on the political board , as in chess, and not a single figure taken separately can repel its blow.

President Poroshenko still has some power assets, and he let them in, conducted a special operation by the SBU and the GPU and not without noise and dust, but still arrested the right hand of the enemy oligarch Kolomoisky, the leader of the Ukrop party, Genu Korban. And, they say, his closest henchmen with criminal callsigns.

What will happen next is not entirely clear, because Putin has not delivered this strategy to the end: you need to beat the enemies to the end, and Poroshenko himself may not think of it before. Another important question is how Poroshenko’s enemies will react to this and, most importantly, US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette. And the last most important question: whether Poroshenko’s chocolate charisma, which has already been badly corroded by human rights activists, will withstand these tests, even with corruption!

But the main question of the second stage of the Bandera "revolution of hydration" that had come: would she give birth to a Fuhrer or not? All other questions depend on it.

In the battle of Poroshenko and Kolomoisky, the Bandera-Nazi Führer could be born, having accomplished his first feat: by eating a chocolate president. Or he will not be born, and Poroshenko will become the chocolate dictator Pinochet. This dilemma will be resolved under the cover of the “night of long nights”, about which they talked a lot, and I, too, and now it comes ... With Bandera folklore: “Yatsenyak is on the gilyak!” Homosexual Oleg Lyashko shouts “Tariff Maidan” in response, shouting because "onizhedeti"!

What are the layouts preceded by a presidential attack on the "Dill"? Jeffrey Payette accused the GPU (General Prosecutor of Ukraine!) Of covering up corruption, that is, he wanted to disperse the main force that is now at war with the “Dill” of the oligarch Kolomoisky.

It turns out, Payette wanted to disrupt the special operation of Chocolate against Dill! Chocolate did not succumb, and still prepared Dill in special storage. What does this work out? Chocolate came out of Payette obedience, and marks in Pinochet! And Payette makes a bet on the future Bandera Fuhrer, who will devour Chocolate!

It is noteworthy that Payette, and his superiors in Washington, did not summon Kolomoisky to the carpet, as they did it more than once, but they keep silent and do not speak words of encouragement and support from Poroshenko. It has been suggested that they Poroshenko have already written off, and then throw with loans, which the Kiev authorities need as gas! We are waiting for words of support from the fathers of Biden-McCain’s Bandera "democracy", if not wait, then Poroshenko’s affairs are very bad.

November 15 is expected to have a second round of local elections, which is expected, because the elections and dill harvesting can interfere with each other. This November day may be the moment of Bandera truth. All Banderia is now divided into two parties, according to famous dill and chocolates, which curse each other in the name of Putin.

The struggle is not only for the last assets of Ukraine in the form of mining and processing of Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa maritime berths. It is also a kind of feudal strife between the Dnepropetrovsk clan and the Kiev authorities, the Banderovites of the southeast and west of Ukraine. Note that Yarosh with the “Right Sector” is based in his native Dnepropetrovsk, and the militants of “Freedom” Tyagnybok in Western Ukraine, and they do not harbor sympathy for each other.

By force, he said the words of support to Dill: “You cannot call us fans of the Dill party, or, especially, Korban’s lawyers. To him really can have a lot of questions from law enforcement. He is definitely not holy. But we are outraged by selective justice. ” That is, Tiagnybok says that “selective justice” should not extend to them ...

Which party will win is unclear, but regardless of this, some results are already obvious. The ruling "pro-European" (!) Coalition in the parliament will collapse, which, according to the law, should lead to new parliamentary elections. The approval of amendments to the Constitution, according to the Minsk agreements, fails, as do the agreements themselves. The default becomes inevitable, loans of the West hang in the air. And all these gifts - to the new 2016 year! Banderia can not survive New Year's Eve! God grant that it is warm, and you can meet it without gas.

Smart rats will soon run from the ship Bandera "gidnosti", because they do not want to hang on his Gilyaks. I once wrote that the result of all controlled American democratic chaos becomes just chaos: revolution always burns to the ground, the art of “management” lies in looting the governors on the remains of the country, and roasting unwanted colleagues in its fire. Russia, a scientist with its own revolutions, pulled away from this fire, and who does not have time to hide, she is not guilty ...
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  1. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 3 November 2015 05: 54
    Poor Korban! Izgail multipass should have been presented))
    1. Ded_smerch
      Ded_smerch 3 November 2015 08: 48
      and how he screamed "My children live here! I defended you at the front !!"
      I laughed for a long time, it reminded me "What regiment did they serve in?"
  2. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 3 November 2015 05: 57
    Here, this poster)))
    1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin 3 November 2015 10: 55
      Not Dallas, but surrendered.
    2. g1v2
      g1v2 3 November 2015 15: 38
      A year ago, in an interview with a giant TV, Korban said that you need to throw a weak piece off the board. At the same time, everyone immediately understood that he called Poroshenko a weak figure. Korban led all the security forces of Kolomoisky at that time. At that time there were: 3 Dnepropetrovsk brigades of the VSU (93 mechanized, led by the 3rd ps Mikats, 25 airborne brigade, cleaned from pro-Russian soldiers and officers, 17th tank brigade) plus an air defense regiment and most likely an artillery brigade from Zaporizhia also 3 territorial defense battalions, a regiment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dnepr1, several more Dnepropetrovsk police battalions, the right sector, which was based in d-ka and contained a Benny, plus some other formations that received money from Beni. Under Kolomoisky were 2 of the most monetary areas - Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk. For him there were self-help, fatherland and the popular front of the Yatsenyuk, to whom Kolomoisky bought 20 percent in the parliament and in fact ensured him the premiere that Poroshenko prepared for the Groisman. Plus, Kolomoisky maintained contacts in the DNR and could coordinate in which case actions with the DNR. Everyone remembers his communication with false Gubarev in the internet? It was completely commonplace for Beni, since he had repeatedly talked with people from the DNI and did not think that this was a hoax. By the way, in the same interview, Korban voiced the possibility of recognizing the republics. In those conditions, the pig really was a weak figure, and he realized that either he would defeat the benny or they would throw him off and most likely he would not be able to escape.
      After that, the pig enters the support of the United States and removes Kolomoisky after talking with the US ambassador. The cleaning of the Dnepropetrovsk military units from the Kolomoisky people begins. Mikatsa was sent to lead the training. Officially with a raise, but actually removed him from the brigade. After that, the piglet persuaded the United States to put a man of the states - a tie-eater on Odessa. Kolomoisky could have bucked up against appointing a person from the BCP to Odessa, but did not dare to oppose the mattresses. A piglet shoved a bunch of foreigners into the government, not letting the Yatsenyuk put his ministers - the rabbit did not dare to bark at the states. Next, Petya removed the National Guard from Avakov's submission and put his man on it. Little by little, he began to crush Kolomoisky’s structures and set Saakashvilli against him. Well, now it inflicts a powerful blow to Kolomoisky. Korban is extremely smart and the right hand of Kolomoisky - if he is taken out of the game, then Kolomoisky will weaken sharply, since it was Korban who oversaw all the siloviki from Beni. In general, for a year Poroshenko made Kolomoisky and consolidated his power. And it all started with one sentence in one interview. wink
  3. Baloo
    Baloo 3 November 2015 06: 01
    Porosenko appealed to the European Union with a request for the introduction of peacekeepers into the territory of Donbass. He has little blood and grief in the Donbass.
    Who will win the battle of Kalomoy and Porosenko does not matter. Porosenko with eggs for today the largest landowners in Ukraine. How long will the agony of the ruins last? Judging by the Kiev guests at our talk shows, even they began to think about it. Olesya alone continues to lie. Chicken is not a bird and a pig will never be the king of animals.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 3 November 2015 06: 34
      Quote: Balu
      Porosenko appealed to the European Union with a request

      I offer a fragment of the film.
      Poroshenko - Gritsko.
      Obama, Merkel, etc. - Old Man.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 3 November 2015 06: 42
      Poroshenko beats first
      On the machine read-Poroshenko drinks first.
      Gunpowder defies Payet or someone else there is nonsense! Americans hold Gunpowder for the most important thing, for the chocolate eggs that he holds in Western banks.
      And then, to organize a new maidan throwing dough is not a problem.
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 3 November 2015 20: 58
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        I read it on the machine - Poroshenko drinks first. The powder defies Payet or someone else is nonsense!

        And what remains for him? Business, billions, a family with kids, palaces - all this now depends on the accuracy of the shooter who will be hired. And those who are interested in eliminating Petruha today are more than enough — there will be someone to blame all the failures - posthumously))) So Petyunya decided to organize a sweep. But it seems that he was late, he didn’t have much time left.)))
  4. Sirocco
    Sirocco 3 November 2015 06: 03
    I think everyone watched the film Wedding in Robin, I recommend watching it in a new way, given the Ukrainian events. By God, Ukraine is like a movie.
    1. sanja.grw
      sanja.grw 3 November 2015 07: 31
      given the Ukrainian events.

      2017 year ... TV announcer: - You will laugh, but in Ukraine a coup again!
    2. venaya
      venaya 3 November 2015 08: 08
      Quote: Sirocco
      ... By God, Ukraine is like a movie.

      This time, it’s not Dovzhenko’s studio that drives it, but real Hollywood!
  5. mamont5
    mamont5 3 November 2015 06: 20
    "The main question of the onset of the second stage of Bandera's" revolution of hydration ": will it give birth to the Fuhrer or not?"

    In order to be born the Fuhrer, you must first have it. On the Ruin there are punishers, cowards, bandits and killers. Here are just statesmen of such a scale is not observed.
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 3 November 2015 06: 31
      Quote: mamont5
      "The main question of the onset of the second stage of Bandera's" revolution of hydration ": will it give birth to the Fuhrer or not?"

      In order to be born the Fuhrer, you must first have it. On the Ruin there are punishers, cowards, bandits and killers. Here are just statesmen of such a scale is not observed.

      As the ancients said, Mountain gave birth to a mouse.
    2. shuhartred
      shuhartred 3 November 2015 09: 21
      Quote: mamont5
      Here are just statesmen of such a scale is not observed.

      And who knew Hitler in the 20s? Yes, no one was he, but ten years later he became chancellor. Such people always appear suddenly and as if from nowhere. Someone took Stalin seriously, and who knew Putin until 2000?
      1. Comrade Bender
        Comrade Bender 3 November 2015 13: 21
        Do not put Hitler on a par with Putin, and even more so with Stalin. Hitler created small British money bags, as well as German bankers and industrialists at the request of the same British capital. If he hadn’t had such powerful financial support, he would have remained a minor loser.
        1. shuhartred
          shuhartred 4 November 2015 15: 08
          Quote: Comrade Bender
          Do not put Hitler on a par with Putin, and even more so with Stalin.

          Yes, my own eyes hurt. Well, I could not remember another European leader of a similar scale and that would be out of nowhere.
          Quote: Comrade Bender
          If he hadn’t had such powerful financial support, he would have remained a minor loser.

          Here let me disagree. He played on the most sensitive issue for the Germans, and if to be completely honest, he did a lot for Germany. So I think he would have had support without Aglitz grandmas.
          Z. By the way, German capital itself didn’t sponsor him very badly (which, at the request, is not sure why?). Felt the bourgeois profit. True, then everything went to the abyss. Well, what for got to us?
    3. Gardener91
      Gardener91 3 November 2015 19: 08
      And how do you like the hurerer A Beletsky? In all respects, horror and God forbid this parish to appear!
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 3 November 2015 06: 31
    In the battle of Poroshenko and Kolomoisky, the Bandera-Nazi Fuhrer may be born... there will be a miscarriage during childbirth ...
  7. Roust
    Roust 3 November 2015 06: 59
    Yes, it's time for them to cut each other's throats!
  8. bocsman
    bocsman 3 November 2015 07: 12
    It is interesting to whom in the states the first scarf will be connected Petsyune or Kolomoysha?
  9. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 3 November 2015 07: 27
    Quote: Strezhevchanin
    Poor Korban! Izgail multipass should have been presented))

    All this fuss fits into the stereotype of a certain level: the gypsy inter-brigade-to win, not to win-BUT ... they will steal everything that has not been nailed with nails ... as they had on non-fallow and it happened from hoary antiquity ... laughing
  10. rus-5819
    rus-5819 3 November 2015 08: 11
    Russia, a scientist with her own revolutions, pulled herself away from this fire, and whoever does not have time to hide is not to blame ...

    The most important thing is that "firebrands and sparks" from this fire do not fly to Russia. We have enough of our own abomination.
  11. Voha_krim
    Voha_krim 3 November 2015 08: 16
    Another most important question is how Poroshenko’s horns and, most importantly, US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette will react to this.
  12. glavnykarapuz
    glavnykarapuz 3 November 2015 09: 21
    New plot "twists" in this global "circus" under the name "Ukraine".
    It will be interesting to see what happens next. wink
  13. HAM
    HAM 3 November 2015 09: 31
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 3 November 2015 09: 43
      Well, how, how ...
      The other day at Solovyov's another couple of sweet-voiced, stubborn (a goose with a loon) were broadcasting "... We ourselves, don't bother, we ourselves ...!"
      This "We ourselves" is heard from February 2014.
      The result is on the face of Gunpowder and others like them ... laughing
  14. Grigorievich
    Grigorievich 3 November 2015 09: 37
    The squabble began, but after all, they wrote about it at the VO at the beginning of 2014. The prediction comes true.
    One thing is good: they will distract attention from New Russia.
  15. Scud
    Scud 3 November 2015 09: 46
    The collapse of Dill is inevitable, because quite a few people are simply hardened by the cannabis substance. For Russia, it is generally not profitable to have a walk-field right at your side. The best option is to expand New Russia, from Odessa to Lugansk, Kharkov.
  16. GRIG
    GRIG 3 November 2015 09: 46
    But the main question of the second stage of the Bandera "revolution of hydration" that had come: would she give birth to a Fuhrer or not? All other questions depend on it.

    Even the well-known "Fuhrer" had some kind of code, some principles.
    Well, where do they come from a corrupt nation?
    What to buy, what to sell the case of "a couple of cookies".
    Declare Russia an aggressor and buy gas from it?
    Chew snot about the attack and go to the "attackers" for work, and not go to the whole country in the militia?
    Their maximum "Fuehrerstvo" is more or less high-quality groveling, passed off as cheating.
    There are no Fuhrers from puppets.
  17. Vega
    Vega 3 November 2015 09: 52
    The battle of cockroaches in a rotten tin can began, you can scream Hurray and clap ... The puppeteers started a new performance.
  18. Vladislav 73
    Vladislav 73 3 November 2015 10: 42
    Yes, uzhzh ... This fragment of the world map (the hand does not rise to write, the country, the state) failed in Tartarara, and all the stubborn and svidomye on our channels continue to broadcast about the breakthroughs and achievements ... Honestly, not the fatigue from Ukraine, but the squeamishness that - or from such talking heads. Like from a chronic drunk who constantly begs for a sober bum, but at the same time every Monday he’s about to tie. Well, something like that ... request
  19. Belousov
    Belousov 3 November 2015 10: 52
    It will be interesting to look at all this. But with regard to the tranquility of Novorossia - on the contrary, they can start another "small and victorious" retreat operation. Terbabs are thrown there, the National Guard (support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be purely nominal) will naturally grind them there, and Waltzman's enemies will have no physical ability to resist the central government. And whoever refuses to go to the carefully prepared cauldron - declare a traitor to the interests of the nenki and the GPU.
    1. Cananecat
      Cananecat 3 November 2015 11: 59
      There will be no small victorious war. Both sides know that the opponents can, and therefore there will be sea of ​​blood. And perhaps the Geysoyuz itself will ask the Russian Federation to intervene, peacekeepers will stand along the line of demarcation. The contingent of the EEC on the one hand and ours on the other.
  20. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 3 November 2015 12: 57
    The rarest case in history - Jews eat Jews!
    Very funny turn of events! laughing
    We stock up on seeds, let the popcorn eat the mattresses - they will die faster.

    I don’t even know - maybe the higher powers finally decided to clean the planet from degenerates and debris?
  21. gallville
    gallville 3 November 2015 13: 21

    Something like this =)
  22. Patriot 771
    Patriot 771 3 November 2015 13: 21
    Until 2014, dill was compared with a farmyard in which those at the trough were sweetly champing, and those who were for yelling earnestly. What to compare now?
  23. Johnny51
    Johnny51 3 November 2015 14: 13
    Well, I don’t believe that the Ukrainian authorities will let even a little bit of "help" and loans into the economy! I DO NOT BELIEVE!!! The current power of Ukraine is ALIEN'S, non-humans ... Trying to build something on one naked hatred of Russia is complete absurdity! So why Adolf Hitler - and then proclaimed the Aryans "the highest race" (and here the Aryans are not clear .. .). He achieved in a short period of time an unprecedented economic growth! And these "great Ukrainians" ?! They don't even try to build anything! They do not need this, just as, in fact, the Ukrainian people themselves do not need ...
  24. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 3 November 2015 15: 43
    Russia, a scientist with her own revolutions, pulled herself away from this fire, and whoever does not have time to hide is not to blame ...
    It is the same in the "fight". Don't think about when to finish, but think about when to start. After that there will already be "debriefing".
  25. IAlex
    IAlex 3 November 2015 18: 22
    There were a lot of screams over the past two years, such as: "They will freeze", "They will die of hunger", "They will gnaw each other", "They will fall apart", "They will scatter" ...

    And things are still there, no where and no one will go away, for as long as the USA exists their trained hamsters will exist, and only those who are stubborn will repeat the mantra about their end ...
  26. Skiff
    Skiff 3 November 2015 19: 29
    The article is nonsense, another thinker for Putin. How much has been here, leaked - not leaked? etc. Was a distracting maneuver needed? did it, III .... we are waiting for the next tricky move ....
  27. RoTTor
    RoTTor 4 November 2015 00: 11
    Pendorasian hamadlo-half-educated payett, set up in Ukraine like a camp capo overseer on a slave plantation, unsuccessfully promoted under a diplomat’s behavior, behaves there completely unacceptable with either diplomat status or elementary ethics of interstate relations.
    Ukraine is not yet a state, not a colony or overseas territory of the United States.
    If the Ukrainians and their prezik-commander-in-chief would respect the country, expel this raging American hamadlo from the country, they would declare the Ukrainian to be called “persona non grata”. the ambassador from the United States and would officially inform the State Department and other countries about the inadmissibility of such behavior.
    But this is not and never will be. Because it is not a state, but a fiction.
    Poor Ukrainians have been mad for two years now ...