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Humanitarian aid arrived in Donbass

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation organized the delivery of another consignment of humanitarian goods to the Donbass, there were no emergency situations on the way, reports RIA News with reference to the agency.

"In Donetsk and Lugansk arrived convoy EMERCOM of Russia, and now unloading of cars begins in warehouses," - said in a release.

The Ministry added that “no emergency situations arose on the way, the equipment was working, the drivers feel fine, after unloading all the cars will leave the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk”.

It is noted that more than a hundred cars "brought thousands of humanitarian aid for residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions over 1,1, mainly foodstuffs."

In a row, this is the 43-I Emergency Ministry convoy, its formation was completed yesterday, October 28.
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  1. bronik
    bronik 29 October 2015 17: 48
    The Road of Life in action.
    1. herruvim
      herruvim 29 October 2015 17: 48
      Peacefulness of the policy of Kiev does not cause any doubts in the US State Department. For example, only over the past day, OSCE observers recorded 2 cases of opening fire by the separatists! While the Ukrainian security forces recorded as many as 46 cases of its termination!
    2. Tor5
      Tor5 29 October 2015 19: 04
      Yes, without help they would be hard ....
  2. Air Force captain
    Air Force captain 29 October 2015 17: 49
    As the saying goes ... as long as we can ... hold on and don't give up
  3. Balagan
    Balagan 29 October 2015 17: 53
    Convoys of life!
  4. avt
    avt 29 October 2015 18: 06
    It would be necessary to find some reason and drive the train on trains. Although of course it would be more vulnerable in terms of sabotage.
  5. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 29 October 2015 18: 13
    And it is right! Help for brothers with Ukrainian passports should be! At the same time, troll the ukrokiev puppets. 43rd column of Russian humanitarian aid to the Russian Donbass. For the 43rd time, dill is hysterical and "forbidden". Middle finger up to Banderas and their pimps. Donbass - Be with Russia! It's a question of time. Crimea is already with Russia. Donbass will also be HOME, only to endure the need for a trosh. The brotherly desire to live together is not to put anyone on their knees! All the more so not to the Bandera beggars! With all my heart for YOU, Heroes of New Russia!
  6. tyras85
    tyras85 29 October 2015 18: 46
    Helping Donbass is a sacred cause. It is important that this humanitarian aid does not turn into a "drug needle".
    It’s time to check in detail the citizens of Ukraine who live and work in Russia. Double citizenship is not allowed, for this particular group. Or Russian or forward to Ukraine. I think it's honest.
  7. roskot
    roskot 29 October 2015 19: 12
    Holy cause support DNI and LC.
    APASUS 29 October 2015 19: 38
    I am not against the support of the fraternal people, but the help is not provided correctly.
    You don’t need to feed the Donbass, but you need to help restore the bakeries, warehouses, refrigerators, chicken coops, pigsties. So we will never feed them, and the distribution problems have already been eaten by brains. There is always and everywhere a person who will stick to the hands of another machine with gum help .
    It is necessary to help restore power, the management system and it is time to be an independent part of the state, especially since this part of the country has everything that is needed!
    I don’t believe that they will become part of Ukraine, and the construction of a self-sufficient state is the main goal of Russia.
    Just put on your neck another small state I don’t see the point
  9. TsUS-Air Force
    TsUS-Air Force 29 October 2015 20: 41
    when there was a big flood in the Far East, we from all state employees requested a statement that we were eager to give part of our salary to help the Far East. interesting and now donbassers also rounded up for helping them?
  10. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 29 October 2015 21: 47
    After all, various smaller cars are sent from different cities of Russia. This is very good. I have no doubt that the republics would have switched to self-protection if the Ukrainians did not bother them in everything.
  11. Steppe
    Steppe 29 October 2015 21: 52
    I fully support the maintenance of Donbass.
  12. Raindragon
    Raindragon 29 October 2015 23: 45
    These humanitarian caravans are needed, needed. Donbass and Lugansk can’t give up, Russians don’t give up !!! And even if there’s not much sense in these cargoes (it’s just that LPR IDR cannot be fed), but this at least gives hope. Let them know that we are not abandoning our people in distress; we are not giving them back to the enemy. Hooray to the heroes !!!
  13. wk
    wk 30 October 2015 04: 56
    all humanitarian aid is sold in the stores of Zakharchenko (his wife) and Plotnitsky at prices somewhere higher than Moscow ..... it's time to cover this shop!