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LAS and Turkey put forward an ultimatum to Syria

LAS and Turkey put forward an ultimatum to Syria At the meeting of foreign ministers of states that are members of the League of Arab States (LAS), Morocco adopted a new decision against Syria and the regime of Bashar al-Assad. In fact, we see how the Syrian leadership was presented with an ultimatum, which can be compared with the requirements of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Serbia in 1914 (only Syria does not have a powerful patron in Russia).

Damascus should, within three days, put into its territory practically a whole battalion of foreign observers (five hundred people) who are represented not only by various human rights activists from 16 Arab organizations and journalists, but also by the military, who must control the “cessation of violence by the Bashar al-Assad regime” . Ultimatum is a frank infringement of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic. It is clear that Damascus is unlikely to agree to this.

Qatari Foreign Minister Hamad Al-Thani made a statement that if this ultimatum was not fulfilled, Damascus would face serious sanctions. He also said that "the countries of the League of Arab States have already reached the end of the road of diplomatic efforts."

It should be noted that Turkey took an active part in the meeting in the Moroccan capital. Ankara set the tone for this meeting in many ways, although it is not part of the League and is not an Arab country, but it is at the very forefront of the enemies of the current Syrian government. Indicative is the fact that the Kingdom of Morocco has begun to play a more active role in the alliance of Sunni countries. Moroccan King Mohammed VI is now more actively involved in the information war against Syria.

League conditions are virtually impossible. If Bashar Asad accepts this ultimatum, it will be the suicide of his regime and the power of the Alawites in Syria. Having taken this ultimatum, Damascus falls into a trap, from which the only way out to the next world. Indeed, in the conditions of the “counter-terrorist operation” it is impossible to give gangs a breathing space and the possibility of legalization through “democratic elections”; it suffices to recall the example of the First War in Chechnya. Any negotiations, concessions in relation to bandits, national separatists, Islamic radicals only lead to a worsening of the situation.

According to Ali Salim Assad, member of the leadership of the Syrian National Unity Committee (his opinion was published on the resource “Pravda. Ru”), “we are talking about the intention to repeat the Libyan scenario,” but now Turkey plays the role of striking force. The situation in the Middle East region is developing towards a big war.

Ali Salim Assad believes that the main role in this process is not Turkey, not Arab monarchies and not even European countries, but the United States, which has its own scenario for each country in the Middle East region. The United States sees the SAR "a weak link, knocking out that, they expect to isolate Iran." After the war is unleashed in Syria, it will be difficult for Tehran to maintain neutrality. Ankara in this game is not limited only to Syria, its plans are much broader - this is actually “an attempt at resuscitation in a new form of the Ottoman Empire”.

The media, hostile to Assad, somehow missed such a moment: none of the Syrian opposition groups accepted the League’s initiative on “fostering a peaceful dialogue”. And for some reason, they are going to exercise control only in relation to the official Damascus and the Syrian security forces, although if you look at the statistics of the victims of the conflict, it is clear that a significant part of the dead are law enforcement officers, the military, who were killed by “peaceful demonstrators”.

Syrian opposition reaction

The Syrian opposition expressed joy at the possible arrival of observers from the Arab League in the country. Luay Hussein, he heads the oppositional democratic “Movement for the construction of the Syrian state” (PRSP), believes that this is the “right decision”. Hussein expressed the hope that the League would be able to put pressure on Damascus and stop the bloodshed in the country.

In addition, according to the leader of the DSSG, the decision of the Arab League to suspend Syria’s membership in the League will have major negative consequences for the country. It deepened the split between supporters of Assad and his opponents. Hussein noted that now Saudi Arabia and Qatar began to use a lot of influence in the Arab League, and the Syrians for the most part do not accept interference in the internal affairs of the country by the monarchies, which they consider less developed politically and culturally. Riyadh and Doha can not act as leaders of the struggle for democracy in Syria, because their countries have "nothing to do with democracy."

It is noted that the decision of the League to suspend the membership of the SAR in this organization and the possible refusal of Damascus to accept observers opens the way for the transfer of the Syrian issue to the UN Security Council and for military intervention. France and the League are already developing a new resolution on Syria. Ali Salim Assad said that there is evidence of the transfer of Saudi armored vehicles to Jordan.

Some conclusions on the latest events around Syria

- Events so-called. "Arab Spring" led to a strong imbalance of the balance of power in the League of Arab States. Egypt, Libya and Syria have ceased to be centers of power. The League becomes an instrument for achieving specific goals by the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

- Damascus could not be persuaded to "peaceful Islamization" with the gradual introduction of the Islamists of the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood into power. This line bent Ankara, Doha and Riyadh. Assad and his associates did not take this step, which is why the League and Turkey began to act by the method of political information pressure and ultimatums.

- Apparently, the powerful figures of the generals could not break away from the Assad regime. The army is still loyal to Damascus and fulfills its role in eliminating gangs.

- The Anglo-Saxons have relied on the Arab monarchies. It takes into account their financial strength, control over energy resources and loyalty to the West. They should help to “clean out” the Islamic world from disloyal regimes and create a “unipolar” Arab world (Sunni Caliphate). That is why they have access to the latest weapons and technology, the monarchies have led and continue to pursue an arms race for almost two decades. Dependence on the West in this respect is almost complete. After the “cleansing” of the Islamic world, the caliphate should become a counterweight to India, China and Russia (if it continues the course of autonomy).

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    SAVA555.IVANOV 18 November 2011 07: 37
    So all the same, Turkey or the League of Arab States? Where are our Suvorovs, Nakhimovs and Ushakovs !!! ??? Go at least the Budanovs !! ??
    1. Marat
      Marat 18 November 2011 18: 43
      Of course, China is a threat - but now it’s impossible to succumb to the provocations of the West - the main enemy - who wants to play against China

      Turks are the eternal enemy and the Saudis are without a doubt. Venusuela with Cuba (yesterday I read everything I found on the ALBA and the Boltvarian Union) accepted Iran and Syria into the ALBA and support these 2 countries as they can

      This is significant for us - we have common interests and common enemies with ALBA and Iran and Syria (and China at the moment)
  2. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 18 November 2011 07: 50
    Yes, I don’t think that such people have been transferred, they just appear during the war ................ am but the situation is rubbish - so explicitly and openly neglecting common sense to strive to break the country! Already doubts about the adequacy of the coup in Libya are growing among the same Europeans more and more - and they already want to get in here ....... and why China is silent !? I think it would be enough, there would be a sharp speech by China, Russia. India, Iran - and it would be possible to cool the ardor, in any case, the LAGs would subside, and the EU am
    1. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 18 November 2011 08: 01
      China is ready for intervention, it’s like a boa constrictor waiting in the wings when we all will be beaten from the south China will come and Japan will come to the east of Russia, Turkish and Chinese soldiers are our future warders when we will be enslaved
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 18 November 2011 08: 25
        SAVA555.IVANOV, well, don’t need newspaper fables to feed us about the Chinese. This is pure disinformation to divert a look at a natural threat and pushing one's foreheads, because in China there is similar information, only from the north (Russia). And Japan, sorry, for a long time stuck in his own same homo!
        1. SAVA555.IVANOV
          SAVA555.IVANOV 18 November 2011 19: 35
          We’ll wait and see how late it would be
      2. itr
        itr 18 November 2011 09: 54
        Why should they fight against us with no dreams of territorial claims
        there are still more nuclear weapons. And for green papers they all get from us in full what they need for life
  3. Vadim
    Vadim 18 November 2011 09: 02
    "an end to the violence of the Bashar al-Assad regime against the civilian population."
    Who will guarantee that after a ceasefire by the government, this "civilian population" will stop shooting and negotiate?
    1. Dart weyder
      Dart weyder 18 November 2011 10: 02
      yes there and so - this "civilian population" attacks the military with machine guns and grenade launchers - in that case, why the fuck .. do I pendosy touch the civilian Afghan population !? they just want to crush Syria - what to expect from them, Libya is the clearest example of Western truth and humanity!
  4. Mujahiddin777
    Mujahiddin777 18 November 2011 09: 15
    You can’t give any move !!! As in Soviet times, the laser on the bulldozer of China, powerful aircraft and super-sophisticated air defense systems in aviation, and then, as in the 40s, HUMANITY AND UNITY !!!
  5. fellow misha
    fellow misha 18 November 2011 09: 59
    It should be noted that Turkey took an active part in the meeting in the Moroccan capital. In many ways, Ankara set the tone for this meeting, although it is not part of the League and is not an Arab country.
    Well, how do the Turks love the simple Syrian people, right now I’ll cry right away, such a people did not deserve such a bloody dictator, let’s not cut millions of Armenians to you.
  6. Mesniy
    Mesniy 18 November 2011 11: 25
    read komenty, well, how many people itch in one place! fight a hot man! open your eyes - a raskha is breathing in the air! she’ll get into a conflict of even low intensity - and that’s all, at best again wretchedness in the early 90s, at worst - further collapse. God forbid that the countries pulled the elections - there are already preparing new taxes, and the war will bury it.
    and do not have illusions - neither India nor China of Russia are allies.
    and no one is going to conquer Russia, well, I can’t vouch for China really.
    1. fellow misha
      fellow misha 18 November 2011 11: 43
      There seem to be no calls for direct military intervention here, only one type of rhetorical. Explain why you call the country in which you live (or not) the word "Rashka", is it your hatred for something specific in the country or just for the very fact of its existence?
      1. Draz
        Draz 18 November 2011 11: 56
        about not entering the Russian Federation in an open armed conflict, I agree, our body will not allow us to transfer all this. For just as the Soviet Union to supply arms to Syria / Iran-is expensive, I put my hope in gifts to China.
    2. cVM
      cVM 18 November 2011 17: 33
      and do not have illusions - neither India nor China of Russia are allies.

      it's true
      1. Draz
        Draz 19 November 2011 02: 55
        the enemy of my enemy is my future problem, and now it can be useful (s)
  7. starley77
    starley77 18 November 2011 12: 00
    In order for Russia to occupy NATO, it is necessary to mobilize many millions of people, they won’t go for it. It’s easier to buy our rulers.
  8. Phobia
    Phobia 18 November 2011 12: 20
    Comrade Misha, this is some kind of nit-picking. "Hate for existence"! Strong move. Dude writes all sorts of heresy, do not stoop to his level, to ignore and all the cases.
  9. Eric
    Eric 18 November 2011 23: 51
    Russia has never had allies ... And it won’t ... We were the center of the world and will be, and since we are the center of the world, all of us are tested! By Russia, I mean Ukraine and Belarus!
  10. Max79
    Max79 19 November 2011 00: 33
    In short, the author made it clear that there will soon be hostilities in Syria.
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 19 November 2011 02: 09
      Turks have always been goats
  11. Regodeageam
    Regodeageam 4 May 2012 01: 42