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American interests in Turkmenistan: to be or not to be

Ashgabat approved the deployment of the US Air Force at the military airfield "Mary-2". It is assumed that the rental price will not exceed 200 million dollars per year (or even 100 million dollars). In a word, almost for nothing. The consistency of Turkmenistan is explained by the launch of the construction of the TAPI gas pipeline (from the Galkynysh field to India, 1735 km). Previously, construction was postponed due to the dangerous situation in Afghanistan. Now the future TAPI wanted to protect from the air the Americans.

American interests in Turkmenistan: to be or not to be

You don’t need to be surprised at the activity of Americans in Turkmenistan. Washington used to take care of Ashgabat’s security. For example, at the end of March 2015, USA agreed meet the request of the authorities of Turkmenistan for the provision of military assistance to this country. This was stated by the head of the United States Central Command, General Lloyd James Austin. An official request from the authorities of Turkmenistan entered Washington after receiving data on the presence of militants of the "Islamic State" in northern Afghanistan.

And now another help arrived. As reported October 22 "Arguments of the week", Turkmenistan gave the go-ahead to deploy the US military at the military airfield "Mary-2". The cost of rent is small: according to experts, we are talking about a relatively small amount in 100-200 million dollars per year.

The modest requests of Ashgabat "AN" are explained by the decision on the implementation of the TAPI gas pipeline project (Turkmenistan - Afghanistan - Pakistan - India) from the second in the world in terms of reserves of the Galkynysh field. The length of the pipeline will be 1735 kilometers, and most of it will pass through the territories of Afghanistan and Pakistan, which control the Taliban and IG. The Americans promised to protect the gas pipeline from the air.

An unnamed military diplomatic source told The Arguments of the Week that the main locations for the remaining NATO forces in Afghanistan coincide with the route of the gas pipeline.

Also, the publication indicates that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu canceled the planned visit to Ashgabat.

About security TAPI previously wrote and "Independent newspaper". Victoria Panfilova’s material from October 20 states that the Galkynysh field will be the resource base for TAPI, which will be developed by Japan and China, and the United States will provide security guarantees.

Turkmenistan has begun construction of TAPI. The pipeline will pass over 30 billion cubic meters. m of gas per year. At its own expense, and on its own, Ashgabat will build 215 km of pipes on Turkmen territory. The publication notes that the construction is probably associated with increased security guarantees that Ashgabat received from Washington during the visit of the Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov to the United States.

Alexander Knyazev, an expert on Central Asia and the Middle East, does not exclude that Washington promised security both at the border and on the construction of TAPI in exchange for the deployment of air forces at the Mary-2 airfield. Quote:

“The details are not yet known. I only know that, apparently, because of this, the alleged visit of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to Ashgabat was canceled without explanation and the status of the Turkmen-American consultations was raised, at which, in fact, everything was discussed. ”

The expert noted that the issue of extending the time frame and increasing the number of the American presence in Afghanistan after the events in Kunduz and Faryab should be considered “in the same context”.

And one more opinion, which is provided by Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

Director of the MGIMO Analytical Center, Andrei Kazantsev, said that “there is such a disposition based on preliminary agreements: Japan receives the Galkynysh deposit, and the construction of the TAPI begins, which corresponds to American interests within the framework of their Big Central Asia project.

The purpose of the project is to establish contacts between the Afghanistan-Pakistan region and post-Soviet Central Asia. The goal is to stabilize the situation in these countries with the help of energy projects of interest to both Kabul and Islamabad. The US has its own benefit. The expert noted that the United States "receives a military airfield" Mary-2 ", which was claimed for a long time, and will give security guarantees to Turkmenistan." In his opinion, the link between American geopolitical and Japanese economic interests is often found in Asia.

There are opinions and other Russian experts.

“Obviously, we are not implementing the TAPI project,” said "Free Press" Alexander Khramchikhin, Deputy Director of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis. - As for the American base, it is not at all clear why it is there? Of course, if the Americans and the Turkmen strongly want it, then, of course, you can shove it there, only this base will create problems for the States first of all - it can be instantly blocked, such as our grouping in Transnistria. Even more surprising, some politicians and experts continue to believe in some kind of American security guarantees, especially after the war in Iraq, Georgia and Ukraine. ”

“The neutrality of Turkmenistan has outlived itself,” remarks the military-economic expert Dmitry Verkhoturov. - For a long time already the question is sharp: to whom to join? Either to the CSTO (that is, to enter the channel of Russian policy), or seek help elsewhere — in this case, from the United States. The approach to politics here is typical for Central Asia: Turkmen are trying to bargain, as in the market, comparing the "prices" (benefits). I think at this stage, the relations of Turkmenistan with Russia and the United States are at such a “trading stage”. But Russia is unlikely to allow an air force base to appear near its underbelly - the Kremlin has leverage on Berdymukhamedov. ”

Andrei Grozin, head of the department of Central Asia and Kazakhstan at the Institute of CIS Countries, also doubts that Ashgabat will burn out with a gas pipeline: “... frankly, it is hard to believe in this. Taking into account the fact that now, in Afghanistan, as it is known, the Taliban movement has become more active, an “IG” appeared, it would simply be a “golden trumpet”, because you have to pay for loyalty to various field commanders, and they have been rapidly changing lately. ”

As for the former Soviet strategic airfield "Mary-2", the expert strongly doubts that the United States will get access to it. “To give the US a base means to automatically receive a lot of trouble and symmetrical answers from Russia,” he says. “No matter how neutral Turkmenistan may be, it’s still quite vulnerable ...” The expert believes that Turkmenistan is not ready to reconsider relations with Russia.

Finally, the reaction of the PRC. The appearance of Americans in Turkmenistan will cause a negative reaction from Beijing, Grozin said.

Moreover, let us add, the Chinese will be further irritated by the appearance of the Japanese, these American geopolitical allies, who are in conflict with China over the islands, near the gas pipeline. It seems that the Turkmen authorities, with their overly flexible policies, have created not a “bargaining”, but a tangle of contradictions.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 23 October 2015 06: 24 New
    It is not necessary to be surprised at the activity of Americans in Turkmenistan. Washington previously cared for the security of Ashgabat.

    Again, the new US base in the underbelly of RUSSIA ... but how many can be encircled with bases under a plausible pretext.

    Turkmens need to be made clear that they contacted Satan by concluding an agreement with him.
    1. science fiction writer
      science fiction writer 23 October 2015 06: 39 New
      The Americans promised to protect the gas pipeline from the air.

      The promised three years are waiting. But the most interesting thing is that from the air you can protect the gas pipeline from terrorists who are essentially located on their territory where there is no
      nor any laws and where de facto they are the government.
      It is real that USkaly will guard there so is its own drug business.
      1. Jack-b
        Jack-b 23 October 2015 07: 21 New
        Quote: fiction
        But the most interesting is how you can protect the gas pipeline from terrorists from the air

        like this:
        it will be just a “golden trumpet”, as various warlords will have to pay for loyalty

        So this will be another terrorist financing project.
        1. science fiction writer
          science fiction writer 23 October 2015 07: 38 New
          I sen stump What will be paid, But why did they come up with a bike about air protection?
          They couldn’t cook noodles more elegantly.
          1. Eugene-Eugene
            Eugene-Eugene 23 October 2015 08: 57 New
            Turkmenistan after the collapse of the Soviet Union went the beaten path of Asian despots. The daily oaths of loyalty to the people of Niyazov, the verse odes to him in the country's constitution are only minor parts of the medieval personality cult. Chauvinism typical of Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Baltic States is the extrusion of Russians from the country (333 thousand in 1989 g., 165 thousand in 2010), as a result - degradation of education, science and medicine, Islamization of the masses: the education of the Turkmen has sunk into oblivion, which The USSR led for decades, they returned to the embrace of darkness and ignorance that was comfortable for them.
            Against this background, economic growth is impressive: GDP - 3,1 billion dollars in 1990, 7,1 billion in 2013 (in constant prices 1990). At the same time, the growth of the economy, achieved through energy exports, is eaten up by population growth: 3,6 million. in 1990, 5,1 million in 2013. And here we see familiar paths: almost all southern countries develop in the same way - economic growth is accompanied by population growth, when economic problems begin and this whole house of well-being collapses and the idyllic picture gives way to civil war. For example, the population of Syria in 2000 is 16 million, in 2013, 23 million. In this regard, the question arises: in the face of falling prices for hydrocarbons, business problems in Turkmenistan have already begun?
            1. kepmor
              kepmor 23 October 2015 11: 42 New
              At all times they were BASMACHI- they remained! Nationalists in their most extreme form, vicious and greedy. Savages!
              1. 406ppm2gv
                406ppm2gv 23 October 2015 17: 46 New
                kepmor (2) RU
                Explain what nationalists are in extreme form. Have you lived there, what do you say?
                1. Talgat
                  Talgat 23 October 2015 21: 06 New
                  No, this is unreal! Turkmenistan cannot go against all neighbors! From the south, Iran - which is simply allergic to the United States, is surrounded by Kazakhs and Kyrgyz, CSTO members and allies of Russia, and from the north Russia - well, why should the Turkmens be asked the base of a hostile state?

                  Moreover, for example, Turkmen recently allowed to lay on their territory a section of the new railway line Kazakhstan-Iran - and these are strategic things. They will not strain relations with all neighbors at once - this is not logical simply
            2. _Vladislav_
              _Vladislav_ 23 October 2015 12: 05 New
              The US Air Force base itself, even if it appears an unpleasant factor, but not fatal.
              As correctly noted in the article, such a base is vulnerable, and in which case, it can be quickly neutralized. Ultimately, this is not a base with mine-based missiles, which, if used, leave little time for a decision.

              Why did Turkmenistan want to draw a target on her forehead? In principle, a country consisting predominantly (by 89%) of Sunnis does not particularly sympathize with Shiite Iran and Syria in the first place, and the second is the ability to realize itself beautifully with a gas pipeline.
              Well and ISIS, they relied on the United States and its allies. Loyal regimes are not attacked by ISIS.

              But now it doesn’t matter.
              The success of Russia in Syria, eliminates any gas pipelines and air bases in Turkmenistan. This is important.
              1. The comment was deleted.
              2. Oleg NSK
                Oleg NSK 23 October 2015 12: 44 New
                A gas pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan? ... I haven't heard anything more optimistic for a long time .... it seems to me that a gas pipeline, say "Turkmenistan - North Pole - Atlantic - Antarctica - Indian Ocean - India" - sounds more realistic
              3. svd-xnumx
                svd-xnumx 23 October 2015 20: 33 New
                and the opportunity to be beautifully realized with the gas pipeline is secondly.
                Now the Turkmen supply most of the gas to China. And having contacted three opponents of the PRC at once: India, the United States and Japan, Turkmenistan risks from the Chinese market "being imported" by Russian gas.
            3. Spnsr
              Spnsr 23 October 2015 18: 08 New
              Quote: Eugene-Eugene
              question: amid falling prices for hydrocarbons, economic problems in Turkmenistan have already begun?

              yes, otherwise why did they get pin-ups?
              and in general the article was incorrectly called:
              American interests in Turkmenistan: to be or not to be

              God forbid, of course!
            4. The comment was deleted.
            5. forwarder
              forwarder 24 October 2015 22: 53 New
              Quote: Eugene-Eugene
              as a result, the degradation of education, science and medicine, the Islamization of the masses: the enlightenment of the Turkmens, which the USSR conducted for decades, has sunk into oblivion, they have returned to the comfortable embrace of darkness and ignorance.

              Well, let's compare the "ignorant Turkmens" with the inhabitants of other states of the former USSR. According to data in Credit Suisse 2015 (for 2014), the well-being of the average Turkmen over 20 years old was:
              1,27 residents of Estonia
              1,98 residents of Lithuania
              2,14 inhabitants of Latvia
              2,41 residents of Georgia
              2,52 residents of Azerbaijan
              3,83 residents of Russia
              8,03 residents of Kazakhstan
              8,41 Armenian residents
              9,17 Kyrgyz
              14,47 Moldovans
              16,69 residents of Tajikistan
              28,96 Belarusians
              31,26 residents of Ukraine
              At the same time, the average Turkmen is poorer than the richest of the Eastern Europeans (the average Slovenian is 0,80), but richer than the Czech following the word (1,08). By the way, Estonians in this conditional ranking immediately follow the Czechs.
              Quote: Eugene-Eugene
              In this regard, the question arises: in the face of falling hydrocarbon prices, have economic problems already begun in Turkmenistan?

              Prices began to fall not yesterday. Here it will be appropriate to see the dynamics for 2014. What happened to the well-being of residents of the countries of the former USSR over 20 years old in 2014, compare the data of Credit Suisse 2015 and Credit Suisse 2014 (+ this increase, became richer; - this decrease, became poorer).
              resident of Turkmenistan + 10,6%
              Latvian resident + 0,2%
              resident of Lithuania -0,3%
              resident of Kazakhstan -4,5%
              a resident of Kyrgyzstan -9,5%
              resident of Armenia -10,2%
              resident of Estonia -13,1%
              resident of Georgia -14,7%
              resident of Tajikistan and Azerbaijan -15,7%
              resident of Moldova -16,9%
              resident of Belarus -28,8%
              resident of Ukraine -39,5%
              resident of Russia -40,1%
        2. Ramzaj99
          Ramzaj99 23 October 2015 20: 24 New
          It seems that Turkmen history does not teach .....
          Since the Yankees came, we are waiting for another maidan soon .....
      2. Tktyfern
        Tktyfern 23 October 2015 09: 23 New
        Turkmens understand everything perfectly. Do not be surprised. Russia has been betrayed in all ages. A little bit again they will lean against Russia. And we are kind, forgive.
        1. Karabanov
          Karabanov 23 October 2015 14: 31 New
          Yes, and I am not at all surprised at the flexibility of the spine in Turkmen. They were geographically lucky for natural resources, and therefore they sway and build important people out of themselves. Razomlev from laziness invent idols for themselves, which alone is worth Turkmenbashi-Niyazov ...
          In general, nothing surprising and their position to bend is quite natural.
      3. yushch
        yushch 23 October 2015 10: 22 New
        From the air they will easily guard it. Look, analysts talk about the coincidence of the gas pipeline route and the locations of the US Army units that will remain in Afghanistan. Aviation will not be used for air protection; attack and reconnaissance drones will be used. These units will ensure their round-the-clock presence in the air. In fact, any objects present in the area of ​​the pipeline and the pit and perfume will be destroyed.
        It amazes me that not one expert indicated a very important reason for the presence of the US base in Turkmenistan - this is access to the Caspian Sea and control of deposits owned by the Turkmen. After all, the Americans called the Caspian a zone of their interests. I think this is the main reason.
      4. Karlovar
        Karlovar 23 October 2015 12: 15 New
        The effect of protecting the future gas pipeline from the air in Afghanistan (!) Will be the same as from the "fight" of the coalition (62 countries) from the air against ISIS .... In fact, both the Turkmens and the Indians understand this very well! It looks like just a shaking of the air ... Well, the main Wishlist for the United States is the Air Force base in Mary-2, the gas pipeline is on their side, moreover, it is unprofitable, as it will bring calm (relative) to Afghanistan, Pakistan, spur the Indian economy ... Along the way, a cunning plan The State Department is as follows: the base in Mary-2 was set up under this guise, but what about the protection of the gas pipeline? -Well, I didn’t, I didn’t do it !!! in the possible future promises the broadest opportunities for blackmailing India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan !!!
      5. Cossack Ermak
        Cossack Ermak 24 October 2015 01: 14 New
        That is, the Turkmens will pay the leaders of the groups that will currently control the pipeline. If they don’t, then no USA will help them.
        And that means direct financing of terrorists.

        About the base.
        It turns out on the Caspian Sea Tang planes will be able to fly up to Astrakhan?
    2. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 23 October 2015 07: 33 New
      I believe that the Americans, fleeing from Iraq, forced to curtail their air base in the Kyrgyz Manas, realizing that their military mission in Afghanistan, despite the growing military presence, is also stalling, are trying to get to the territory of their geopolitical rival and have long been no potential enemy (war The USA has been going against Russia for a long time, even if not in the form of direct clashes) from the most unprotected side. The presence of an air base in Turkmenistan will allow, apparently, the Americans believe, to control the airspace over Central Asia and the Caspian, to counteract the Russian fleet in the Caspian (which became relevant after missile attacks on ISIS militants from ships of the Caspian flotilla), as well as provide an air bridge to Afghanistan , independent of the position of Russia and its allies in this matter, unless they ask for an air corridor for their transporters.
      Ashgabat's security issues in this regard are not in the first, and not in the second, and most likely not even in tenth place, if at all, at least somehow interest the Americans. And the Turkmens grab themselves problems for the most do not indulge. Apparently, the examples of Japanese Okinawa, the neighboring Kyrgyz Manas (where the US presence eventually degenerated into a sway in the political and economic situation in the country, didn’t even get to the Ukrainian version), the Turkmen side does not teach anything.
      I have the honor.
      1. Apsit
        Apsit 23 October 2015 11: 11 New
        "some politicians and experts continue to believe in some sort of American security guarantee, especially after the war in Iraq, Georgia and Ukraine."
        Yeah, this is the first thing that comes to mind.
    3. Uzzy
      Uzzy 23 October 2015 08: 25 New
      Turkmens need to be made clear that they contacted Satan by concluding an agreement with him.

      Do not need anything. They will soon understand themselves ... In Iraq, the Americans fought against ISIS and guaranteed security so that the Iraqi government wanted to consider the possibility of assistance from Russia.
      Well, and so ... how many post-Soviet territories have crossed over to the USA?
    4. bornikrub
      bornikrub 23 October 2015 08: 32 New
      Not surprisingly, among the five Soviet Central Asian republics, it was the Turkmen Republic that was considered the most backward.
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 23 October 2015 08: 57 New
        After the "performance" of the Caspian flotilla, the US sleeps and sees to have its base near the Caspian. And thanks to the promises of the Turkmen leadership, the Americans succeed. They need an air base there, and the gas pipeline is just a cover. We need to make every effort to keep the United States out of this region.
    5. Rus2012
      Rus2012 23 October 2015 09: 28 New
      The appearance of Americans in Turkmenistan will cause a negative reaction itself!
      So a reaction will follow. In what form, let's see.
      Quite likely using one of the Yankees' rich arsenal:
      - color revolutions
      - "bermukhamed fell from a horse"
    6. marlin1203
      marlin1203 23 October 2015 11: 37 New
      And now, then, for TAPI the most suitable situation in Afghanistan! laughing here are naive - this gas pipeline is just a "gift from heaven" for the Taliban, you want to do it, you want to blow it up ...
    7. Pcorda38
      Pcorda38 23 October 2015 15: 51 New
      An alliance with the United States is how to sell your soul to the devil ... when you realize the danger is too late!

      The USA corrupts everything and everyone ... are the bubonic plague !!!
    8. mr.vasilievich
      mr.vasilievich 23 October 2015 17: 24 New
      The Turkmens themselves do not decide anything. Pasha decides. who gets the money.
    9. Asadullah
      Asadullah 23 October 2015 19: 34 New
      Turkmens need to be made clear that they contacted Satan by concluding an agreement with him.

      Turkmen thinks and decides for Turkmenbashi. And for Turkmenbashi the leadership of Turkey decides. So the Americans began to agree on this with Turkey. This base, convenient for DA, was actively used during the Afghan war. As for possible aggression against the Russian Federation, it is useless, because it will be destroyed at a time, since any base requires layered protection. Yes, let them sit in Afghanistan, the longer they get stuck there, the more they will receive in the face.
      1. Karlovar
        Karlovar 24 October 2015 14: 11 New
        Moreover, the Ottoman dynasty came to Asia Minor from Turkmenistan ... Like relatives with the Turks ...
  2. avvg
    avvg 23 October 2015 06: 31 New
    Does history with Ukraine not teach Turkmen? All republics of the former USSR attack the same rake.
    1. blizart
      blizart 23 October 2015 07: 18 New
      Quote: avvg
      Does history with Ukraine not teach Turkmen? All republics of the former USSR attack the same rake.

      All Republics are Bargainable.
      My grandmother: For busting and to hell in the yard.
    2. Zymran
      Zymran 23 October 2015 08: 48 New
      Quote: avvg
      Does history with Ukraine not teach Turkmen? All republics of the former USSR attack the same rake.

      The difference from Ukraine is that it will not work to threaten the Turkmen with military force or "invasion of aliens".
      1. Karlovar
        Karlovar 23 October 2015 12: 38 New
        They are already threatening the Turkmen with the "invasion" of the Chinese hordes! I here inadvertently wondered how they (the Turkmen) were going to sell gas to the Indians, when the Chinese bought up (contracted) all the Turkmen gas for twenty years ahead ????? Only right now I remembered about such an obstacle ... to American Wishlist ... Still, all these conversations around the TAPI gas pipeline look like empty nonsense ...
    3. Karlovar
      Karlovar 23 October 2015 12: 32 New
      Here it is worth remembering the history with Kyrgyzstan, with Uzbekistan, there American bases and "popular unrest" and revolutions went hand in hand! As a result, the Uzbeks and Kyrgyz had no choice but to expel the Yankees with their bases! Yes, and in North America, the Yankees first gifted the Indians with glass beads ..., and then cleaned them at the root (they shot them off, starved them, destroyed all the buffaloes, the food base of the Indians, they threw diseases with lice in donated blankets, etc., etc.) .) ... Berds do not like to read historical books, along the way !!!
    4. ostrovS2003
      ostrovS2003 23 October 2015 13: 51 New
      Why are YOU constantly threatening your neighbors. All former Soviet Republics are sovereign countries. They seek protection where it benefits them. Why should all of them be dependent on Russia?
      1. psg72
        psg72 23 October 2015 14: 23 New
        Firstly, there are no threats to Turkmenistan from Russia. And why does the US have geopolitical interests around the world, and Russia should not have them even in its underbelly?
      2. Bayun
        Bayun 23 October 2015 20: 39 New
        Sovereignty is an invention of professors. Kakstrany seriously believe that the United States will fight for their interests. Fools! They will die, fighting for the interests of the United States.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 23 October 2015 06: 31 New
    Ashgabat approved the deployment of the US Air Force at the Mary-2 military airfield. ..But there is such an omen for Central Asia ... In the country where the American base is located, Islamic militants are starting to pull themselves up to the borders of this country and the situation in the country is becoming unstable .. Examples, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan .. Peacefully tired of Turkmenistan ..
  4. Humpty
    Humpty 23 October 2015 06: 35 New
    Now let the Turkmen wait for the bearded.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Mera joota
      Mera joota 23 October 2015 06: 47 New
      Quote: Humpty
      Now let the Turkmen wait for the bearded.

      It was for the sake of protection against, as you put it, "bearded" Turkmens invited (in fact) the Americans. The Turkmen are absolutely independent from Russia and have nothing to threaten them with, but what will be the reaction of China ... Turkmenistan is the main supplier of gas to China.
      1. Humpty
        Humpty 23 October 2015 07: 21 New
        Knowing not by hearsay about the consequences of the American military presence, I imagine American help so, do you have bearded ones? What not !? So it will be.
      2. parusnik
        parusnik 23 October 2015 08: 15 New
        It was for the sake of protection against, as you put it, "bearded" Turkmens invited (in fact) the Americans...Oh yeah! In Iraq, so Americans from the bearded, defend that Iraq, do not know which evil is worse "defenders" or bearded
      3. viktorrymar
        viktorrymar 23 October 2015 08: 26 New
        Mera Joota: It was for the sake of protection from what you called "bearded" Turkmen invited (in fact) the Americans.

        It’s a very convenient ignition point, you can annoy both Iran and Russia at once - the Americans will not miss their chance, no one is going to defend the Turkmens. The government of Turkmenistan seems to have isolated its brains in the same way as the country.

        Turkmens are completely independent of Russia and there is nothing to threaten them

        Do you think Russia is threatening Turkmenistan? I wonder what?
        1. Karlovar
          Karlovar 23 October 2015 12: 45 New
          The main goal of the Yankees is to threaten China! Also, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan-Caspian littoral. Yes, and the New Silk Road should go into Iran through .... Turkmenistan (such a geography) ...
      4. Karlovar
        Karlovar 23 October 2015 12: 42 New
        Iraq also "invited" the Americans to defend against the bearded IS !!! And what are the results ????
  5. LeftPers
    LeftPers 23 October 2015 06: 38 New
    The loot decides everything, they threw money to the Turkmen cultivators, but most likely, they bought it with giblets and here is the result.
  6. Glot
    Glot 23 October 2015 06: 39 New
    Another test of our strength and attempts to introduce an imbalance in the relations between us, Turkmens and other Asian players.
    They are going to protect someone, yeah. They, the Americans, have already "defended" everyone all over the world.
  7. Babai Balkan
    Babai Balkan 23 October 2015 06: 41 New
    and we have silence - only the OBS reports what and how .... the condom does not take into account that the Balkan and Akhal regions are 80% pro-Russian. And the Oriental will not be happy amers.
  8. Junior, I
    Junior, I 23 October 2015 06: 49 New
    Convenient American strategy. First, they create a hotbed of Islamists, then they are sent to the right place. Then they are "fought" with creating new and new military bases around Russia, in order to then turn around and, together with ISIS, head into the depths of Our Country.
  9. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 23 October 2015 06: 56 New
    The Turkmens decided to have lunch with the devil. Did they stock up on a long spoon? The gas pipeline through Afghanistan is cool! And how is his mattress going to protect him? A soldier every 100 meters is about nothing, but already more than 10 thousand in one shift! And enough of a grenade launcher to arrange a little trouble, and the truck with explosives, so beloved in those places? No, this is some kind of gamble like American football. Throw a ball behind the opponent’s back, and there he will run away - he will not run away, or he will be damaged in the body - for luck! Only the rival - the Russian bear - breaks his legs.
  10. Nymp
    Nymp 23 October 2015 06: 57 New
    Of course, protection from Merikasos Turkmenistan will not wait! Hedgehog it is clear that mattresses want to control the flight space from one side to China, and from the other to Russia. And Turkmenistan itself, as a gas producer (economically independent for mattresses), will be under military supervision. It’s not for nothing that the puck flies there, I hope he will tell them what kind of game they try on their ass.
    1. Vladimir 1964
      Vladimir 1964 23 October 2015 07: 48 New
      Quote: Nymp
      It’s not for nothing that the puck flies there, I hope he will tell them what kind of game they try on their ass.

      Boris, you are wrong!

      Also, the publication indicates that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu canceled the planned visit to Ashgabat.

      Something like this, Dear, this is a phrase from an article. hi
      1. Nymp
        Nymp 23 October 2015 21: 51 New
        Quote: Vladimir 1964
        Boris, you are wrong!

        Sorry Vladimir, read in the morning at tea, getting ready for work. I read it in the evening, made a mistake. But in general, I'm not mistaken about the intentions of the mattresses! request
  11. paxil
    paxil 23 October 2015 07: 02 New
    Oh, Gurbanguly Myalikgulyevich Berdimuhamedov will wait for the cotton revolution laughing
    1. Lindon
      Lindon 23 October 2015 13: 39 New
      Cotton in Uzbekistan at Karimov Islam Abduganievich.
      The Turkmen have gas and deserts.
      1. paxil
        paxil 23 October 2015 19: 12 New
        Quote: Lindon
        Cotton in Uzbekistan at Karimov Islam Abduganievich.
        The Turkmen have gas and deserts.

        Yes, do not care anyway laughing
  12. Taygerus
    Taygerus 23 October 2015 07: 03 New
    such friends of enemies are not necessary
  13. natakor1949
    natakor1949 23 October 2015 07: 04 New
    Hmm ... One already tried to sit on 2 chairs, now in Rostov, resting from the cares of the sick. What kind of magnet is this - a rake, because all 15 republics attacked it, some even several times, and again I want to smash my face in the blood. The poor peoples of the republics ...
  14. Wise Kaa
    Wise Kaa 23 October 2015 07: 08 New
    US strategy is clear! So they want to control our Caspian flotilla, and don’t go to the grandmother here !!! But Turkmenistan probably hinted that if they do not agree, you will find the fate of Syria. It is unlikely that they would have agreed otherwise; they are living quite well anyway.
  15. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 23 October 2015 07: 09 New
    It’s interesting that it happened from the Turkmen-Bashi that he requested help from 3,14 ... wasps requested?
    1. Humpty
      Humpty 23 October 2015 07: 31 New
      Nothing happened to him. The gas is on sale, the people are packed with opium, the salt is free. The word is quiet and the surface is tired.
  16. VadimSt
    VadimSt 23 October 2015 07: 10 New
    I am outraged by the Uzbeks, like everyone else - the Kirghiz only sent "our partners" out, so these got involved. But at the same time I am outraged by the fact that it is impossible to follow the principle - "we have scouts, and they have spies."
    What am I talking about here
    The rental price is low: according to experts, we are talking about a relatively small amount of 100-200 million dollars per year,
    and in the title, so generally
    In a word, almost for nothing
    Why give food to raise last year's dust? Tomorrow, all ill-wishers will "poke their faces" - "For the Black Sea Fleet base in Crimea, Russia paid $ 90 lemons a year, and" stupid "Uzbekistan, for renting an airfield in Mary, will receive only $ 100 to $ 200 lemons. Stupid!
    1. Mart
      23 October 2015 07: 21 New
      Quote: VadimSt
      Indignant at uzbeks

      Quote: VadimSt
      "stupid" Uzbekistan, for renting an airfield in Mary, will receive only $ 100 to $ 200 lemons

      Sorry, but there is not a word about Uzbeks and Uzbekistan in the review. The definition of "dumb" doesn't paint you either.
      PS I did not put minuses to you.
      1. VadimSt
        VadimSt 23 October 2015 08: 27 New
        1. No one was going to insult Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan. I have enough friends and good acquaintances both there and there. This is a figurative expression, since Uzbekistan does not give anything to anyone at all!
        2. In the review "no", but I just showed
        Tomorrow, all ill-wishers will "poke their faces" -
        why such assessments are dangerous and how easy it is to turn them into an anti-Russian attack, in interested media.
        3. On the pros and cons, I do not pay attention from the first day on the site. I express my opinion, and do not bet!
        1. Apsit
          Apsit 23 October 2015 11: 33 New
          Quote: VadimSt
          No one was going to insult Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan

          Not going to, but still insulted calling the Turkmens Uzbeks.
          Quote: VadimSt
          and "stupid" Uzbekistan, for renting an airfield in Mary,

          Where is Uzbekistan, and where is Mary? Question for the 4th grader.
          Quote: VadimSt
          I have enough friends and good acquaintances both there and there.

          And they all look the same to you.
        2. Alibekulu
          Alibekulu 23 October 2015 16: 17 New
          Quote: VadimSt
          What am I talking about here
          The rental price is low: according to experts, we are talking about a relatively small amount of 100-200 million dollars per year,

          and in the title, so generally

          In a word, almost for nothing
          By the way, yes wink I also noticed, through the prism of Baikonur for which, together with the polygons pay approx. 90 million dollars According to the logic of Oleg Chuvakin, it turns out for nothing request ?!
          Where are these Mikhanes with a campaign that are outraged with and without cause about it .. repeat
          Quote: Stoler
          To hold a referendum in Turkmenistan on joining Russia - and all issues have been resolved!
          Yeah yes - they will put you on. Just recently one of us tried to conduct a vote "in contact" on a referendum in East Kazakhstan.
          In the East Kazakhstan region, a user of the VKontakte social network will appear before the court on charges of separatism. The reason for the proceedings was a poll posted in one of the groups, Channel 31 reports.

          A resident of the city of Ridder Igor Sychev was the administrator of the "Overheard in Ridder" public. This spring, a poll appeared there, in which readers were asked to vote "for" or "against" the entry of the East Kazakhstan region into the Russian Federation.

          How this action ended is not known. It was later naturally removed. However, such calls on the Internet today are not uncommon. As Sychev himself assures, he did not create this poll, but only allowed it to be published. However, ignorance of the law does not save from liability.

          As a result, employees of the National Security Committee became interested in this vote. A criminal case was opened against the administrator of the group under the article "Separatist activity".

          It provides for punishment up to 10 years in prison. The process will take place in Ridder. Igor Sychev himself, pending trial, has been held in pre-trial detention for several months.
  17. Babai Balkan
    Babai Balkan 23 October 2015 07: 23 New
    .... well, what does the TURKMEN have to do with it ???? The Turkmen take all the joys and sorrows of Russia as their own! They all have parabolic plates and watch growth, women love Turkish TV shows, and several local channels are 25 years old analogue of the Russian "swan lake" putschists. Turkmens honor traditions and ancestors, remember the pedigree .... but a layer of "Altynasyrovskaya" youth appears (an analogue of yours is appreciated), for them the main thing is loot! And with this they begin to neglect traditions. That's who over 35 of them and put in place ... for now.
    Well, about the prezik .. In the past prezik, in almost every house the hucksters sold drugs. The cemeteries in a terrible progression were filled with young people, they stole a rag for shoes and managed to snatch it. But Berdymukhammedov put things in order in half a year, and incurable drug addicts turned into chronic drunks, and most of them pulled themselves together! And a little later these events began to spread rumors about the "tricks" of the prezik nephew, daughters, himself ... and in response - all Turkish schools in the country were closed - and everything stopped !!!
    Well, and in agreements with mattresses - that I strongly doubt ...
    1. Humpty
      Humpty 23 October 2015 07: 36 New
      I am surprised if there are really fewer drug addicts in Turkmenistan.
    2. Xergey
      Xergey 23 October 2015 08: 33 New
      Are you sure that this is exactly how everything is in Turkmenistan, maybe you want it so much, but of course you wanted it to be true.
    3. Was mammoth
      Was mammoth 23 October 2015 09: 31 New
      Quote: Babay Balkan
      .... well, what does the TURKMEN have to do with ????

      It is enough to look at the map to understand that Turkmenistan is "the sphere of vital interests of the United States." I will not say anything about oil and gas. No wonder there was a separate TurKVO in the USSR.
      Modern Turkmenistan somehow reminds me of medieval Japan, an attempt to isolate itself from outside influence. Even sailors are not allowed out of the port. However, we live in the XXI century, it will not be possible to fence ourselves off. You are in the "sphere of vital US interests." wink
      Quote: Babai Balkan
      Well, and in agreements with mattresses - that I strongly doubt ...

      Wait and see. I also have doubts.
      They really know what is happening in Turkmenistan only by special services. You rarely see Turkmen on the Internet.
      PS Part of his childhood was spent in Kizyl-Arvat. Our pilots were there too. And motorized arrows.
      Funny case. They brought concrete on the platform. Filmed with one brick. One tank held the platform, the other concrete.
      I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. In the desert in the spring between the dunes in places, tulips are solid. The beauty!!!

    4. Turkir
      Turkir 23 October 2015 23: 39 New
      But Berdymukhammedov for half a year order led- and incurable drug addicts have turned in chronic drunks, and most pulled themselves together!

      For a long time I did not get such pleasure from the written.
      The last time he laughed like that after reading Mark Twain, you have his literary style.
  18. 1536
    1536 23 October 2015 07: 26 New
    Did you overlook or couldn't give more? It's time to understand that there is no "friendship" at all, there is only calculation and money. As a result, all efforts, all military victories, all sacrifices may become in vain. Indeed, politics is not even the XNUMXth, but the XNUMXth century.
  19. Babai Balkan
    Babai Balkan 23 October 2015 07: 33 New
    "VadimSt (1) Today, 07:10NewI'm indignant with Uzbeks" I can feel the hand of the State Department-psakovskaya ..... Uzbeks, Uzbekistan ... it was back in the 90s that Uzbekistan tried to snatch CHARJOU, but not MARA! Therefore, the Uzbeks will not receive a dollar for Mary 2! )))))
  20. Babai Balkan
    Babai Balkan 23 October 2015 07: 40 New
    AND!! Turkmenistan is NOT Turkey, but the capital Ashgabat, previously Ashgabat, yet. earlier Askhabat, i.e. the city of Askhov, the homeland of Odin!)))))))
    1. psg72
      psg72 23 October 2015 13: 54 New
      And Ashgabat bore the name Poltoratsk, too, someone's homeland. The underground lake "Kov Ata" is the entrance to the domain of Hades. Don't mix everything up. Ashgabat is a beautiful city sometimes with a tragic history (1948). But it is not worth braiding the ravings of modern Turkmen historians in this topic.
      Ps I was born in Ashgabat and lived in it for 30 years. (On Gage)
  21. dojjdik
    dojjdik 23 October 2015 07: 51 New
    a worthy answer is the creation by Russia of China and Iran of a good air force-air defense base in Cuba, as long as Fidel is alive, it needs to be strengthened there well
  22. question
    question 23 October 2015 07: 57 New
    Let them drive gas to India! Fewer competitors in Europe. And it’s hard for Russia to reach India. Again, the Arabs will not be superfluous! That's just with the base, of course, not ice. But they survived Kyrgyzstan!
  23. maikl50jrij
    maikl50jrij 23 October 2015 08: 19 New
    Some kind of nonsense ... In a zone of serious conflicts, delay and hope for the "protection" of the amers ... Everyone knows what kind of "defenders" they are, especially in relation to IS. And the cost of "rent" is in doubt. Will they put a link of children's helicopters there? request
  24. asar
    asar 23 October 2015 08: 21 New
    “Obviously, the TAPI project is not feasible,” Alexander Khramchikhin, deputy director of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis, told the Free Press.

    The West had projects, at one time - "Central Eyesha Gez Papline" and "Central Eyesha Oil Papline" - that is, from the territory of Central Asia through Afghanistan to the terminals on the coast of the Arabian Sea (Pakistan), did not grow together! And this time too, I think it won't work!
    And it's time for the Turkmen leaders to "scratch their turnips" - who are you with ?!
  25. Million
    Million 23 October 2015 08: 21 New
    Turkmenistan is a fairly closed country. Why should they let Americans in themselves?
  26. tlauicol
    tlauicol 23 October 2015 08: 27 New
    The next step of the Americans will be the rental of naval assets in the Caspian Sea and a controlling stake in the gas pipeline
  27. Zumich
    Zumich 23 October 2015 08: 38 New
    Turkmens, proud free people, respect their Aksakals, many legends are written about their amazing courage, dexterity, wisdom, and how many beautiful fairy tales. They always live somewhat apart and closed to their neighbors, we Russians know very little about Turkmenistan, practically nothing. They say Ashgabat is incredibly beautiful.
    Americans behave like barbarians always and everywhere, forever shitting everything, these are people without clans, without a tribe, even Abama, was at home in Kenya Nairobi, and from his relatives, as if from a plague, he shied away ... a secular man, an American.
    1. asar
      asar 24 October 2015 08: 20 New
      It will be right - Ashgabat
      The city is simply amazing, a kind of Abu Dhabi in the Karakum!
      There was a friend there, threw off the "pictures"
      However, I can’t answer how the rest of the Turkmen cities live.
  28. Ogogoshka
    Ogogoshka 23 October 2015 08: 46 New
    Turkmenistan has already begun to shake, if you look at Russian-language Internet resources more and more about the most closed country, then the Belarusian went on a business trip, then they all go by Toyota, we will wait for the opposition to intensify and the arrival of democracy, I think so.
    1. Zymran
      Zymran 23 October 2015 08: 49 New
      If infa on Russian-speaking Internet resources, then who is rocking Turkmenistan?
      1. psg72
        psg72 23 October 2015 14: 01 New
        On Russian-language Internet resources there are a number of sites opposed to the current authorities of Turkmenistan, and they usually do not relate to Russia.
  29. F.Vastag
    F.Vastag 23 October 2015 08: 48 New
    And from Whom do you need Protection and Military assistance to the Turkmens and Turkmenistan ???? (so that - for pennies - Surrender to the United States). Who today threatens Turkmenistan that it is necessary to abandon Neutrality and Climb under the wing of the States ??? Well, with the Americans, everything is clear: to them, wherever they put their military base (stick) - just to put it (and then you can not drive them out of there - even if the Turkmens very much want to). But, from whom will the Americans defend Turkmenistan ??? From Iran or Russia (so we don’t even have a border with Turkmenistan - and after 1991 and practically no ties - everything is Frozen (even there are NO Migrants from Turkmenistan in Russia). And what was bad about the neutrality of Turkmenistan under Turkmenbashi Niyazov, that Berdymukhamedov blundered to the United States and NATO (under the wing) ???????????????? Questions, Questions, Questions.
  30. Mangel olys
    Mangel olys 23 October 2015 08: 56 New
    “Turkmenistan’s neutrality has outlived itself,” says military and economic expert Dmitry Verkhoturov. - For a long time now the question has been acute: to whom to join? Either to the CSTO (that is, to enter the channel of Russian politics), or to seek help elsewhere - in this case from the United States.

    It seems to me that ours need to be more flexible both politically and economically. Not everyone can row for themselves (gas to China), Turkmenistan also needs to be given something, to interest in this sense. Then they will gladly flounce in the "channel of Russian politics." And now, apparently, they are not interested. Here in this I see our flaw.
  31. Ogogoshka
    Ogogoshka 23 October 2015 08: 58 New
    The emphasis is always one, the cult of personality, corruption, the frightened population - the handwriting is always the same, our partners from across the ocean and their many friends are at our side.
  32. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 23 October 2015 09: 05 New
    Life teaches that someone else's experience teaches no one. While they themselves do not step on the rake, it does not brighten in the brain. Until a couple of revolutions shake up the top and sift it, until the people realize that something depends on it, they will have to suffer and suffer.
  33. Babai Balkan
    Babai Balkan 23 October 2015 09: 11 New
    "You are sure that this is how everything is in Turkmenistan, maybe you want it so badly, but of course you would like it to be true."
    Really better than it was. In the Nebitdag-Krasnovodsk Balkan. The average salary is ~ $ 250-300. For a communal apartment, I pay a 3-room apartment for $ 50 a year (in the past-$ 25). I generally keep quiet about gasoline. Shawl-telly many times cheaper than yours. Here the food and apartment prices are rising ...
    1. psg72
      psg72 23 October 2015 14: 08 New
      And what do not you write about the last Khalk Maslakhaty where the elders "persuaded" the president to remove everything free of charge. Like people live well and can pay. If you speak, tell the whole truth.
  34. VL33
    VL33 23 October 2015 09: 35 New
    Turkmens should be helped to make the right decision. Too many positions to close for Nato. Access to the Caspian, gas and a large number of uneducated youth. Try to swing and the result is known.
  35. Gardamir
    Gardamir 23 October 2015 10: 45 New
    Love Putin because he is great in international affairs. Kremlin policy should be such that such articles do not even arise. That is, we will have an American military base close by? Or is Ashgabat stuffing its price? Or again, everything will be like with Ukraine?
  36. Performance
    Performance 23 October 2015 11: 01 New
    In the understanding of the Americans, there is a dictatorship in Turkmenistan, so a military base is vital for the democratization of the country. Hello to the democracies of Iraq and Libya laughing And for the "transitional period" Berdymukhamed will be the best friend of the United States, and will fulfill the duties of the governor, for which he will be entrusted with the honorable duty of guarding the gas valve to China and India.
  37. Grigorievich
    Grigorievich 23 October 2015 11: 24 New
    And why is this base there? How will it be supplied? Only through Afghanistan, and there are already problems with the supply. A small mess in Pakistan and all.
    Who knows: Americans fly through Russia?
  38. yan 2015
    yan 2015 23 October 2015 12: 09 New
    When I lived in the USSR, I took everything for granted. This is my country. And my people. And now I understand how much we still lost ... thanks to this traitor Humpbacked. damn Judah.
  39. Megatron
    Megatron 23 October 2015 12: 15 New
    I think it's time for us to recognize the "moderate Taliban" and start negotiating with them, making it a condition to completely destroy the poppy plantations, as they already did when they were in power, and the defeat of this very TAPI.

    We will now supply them with weapons, and with Arrows, and let them pinch the Americans, as they once did with the Stingers, let them shoot down their aviation guarding the gas pipeline, and wet little African-American Zoldaten in the outhouse.
  40. Maksus
    Maksus 23 October 2015 13: 08 New
    And what a beautiful city Ashgabat was before the coming of the Sun to power. Now Turkmenistan takes an active anti-Russian position. Now the US base will appear there. Where the world is heading ...
    1. Maksus
      Maksus 23 October 2015 14: 11 New
      And what are the cons? Or is Ashgabat (I’m so used to let Ashgabat Turkmen write) not a beautiful city?
    2. psg72
      psg72 23 October 2015 14: 18 New
      What is the minus? Man wrote the truth.
  41. Sotnik77s
    Sotnik77s 23 October 2015 14: 20 New
    Skobelev and our children can’t forget in any way, but remember nothing, also the guys of our time .........
  42. kirpich
    kirpich 23 October 2015 15: 22 New
    Turkmenistan ... cotton fields .. cotton ... strategic raw materials ... God forbid we lose ...
  43. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 23 October 2015 15: 36 New
    Well, what do you want from an illegally born dentist who became Turkmenbashi inherited from his father? His asshole is used by everyone as a condom, both ours and not ours. And he just wants to live well, it does not matter under whom, if only to live in comfort.
  44. Stoler
    Stoler 23 October 2015 15: 43 New
    To hold a referendum in Turkmenistan on joining Russia - and all issues have been resolved! angry
  45. lecturer
    lecturer 23 October 2015 15: 43 New
    Ashgabat approved the deployment of the US Air Force ....
    ... and is ready to start the next (after Libya, Ukraine ... etc.) fulfillment of the duties of sixes to lick well ... and fulfill ... In a word, to join the ranks with the "ISIS" gangs!
  46. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 23 October 2015 17: 13 New
    Quote: The same LYOKHA
    Turkmens need to be made clear that they contacted Satan by concluding an agreement with him.

    So their Turkmenbashi himself is the corrupt son of Satan. He’ll sell anything for a penny, and the gas pipeline is a string with an empty wallet, there was such a rally in childhood, which greedy Turkmenbashi bought! fool
  47. pvv113
    pvv113 23 October 2015 19: 35 New
    the main locations of the remaining NATO troops in Afghanistan coincide with the gas pipeline route

    Suddenly unexpectedly purely by accident ... An amazing coincidence. Involuntarily believe in all the devilry
  48. onix757
    onix757 23 October 2015 20: 00 New
    The weak always reach for the strong, this is how the world works. And sometimes the economic power turns out to be much more significant than the military one. Russia itself has helped and is helping all the way to build the "civilized countries" (partners) such an economic order in which it itself will be in 3 roles.
  49. pogis
    pogis 23 October 2015 21: 34 New

    Glory to the tankmen!
  50. maximka
    maximka 23 October 2015 22: 19 New
    1. Putin offers a compromise, moreover, profitable
    2. Negotiation partner rejects compromise
    3. The situation is deteriorating sharply for the second side of the negotiations and improving for Putin
    4. Putin offers a compromise, already on more unfavorable conditions
    The procedure is repeated until a compromise is accepted or the negotiating partner has succeeded in scarfing.