TOSA on training. Photo report

We have recently written about the exercises of RCBZ troops using heavy flamethrowing systems TOC-1A at ​​the test site in Sheehan. Today we bring to your attention a photo report from the official website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
TOSA on training. Photo report

Transport-loading machine, which is part of a heavy flame-thrower system.

This photo is interesting because in the row of cars we see from the right a very rare "beast" - a heavy armored personnel carrier BMO-T on the chassis tank T-72

It is worth recalling that the heavy flamethrower system TOC-1А was developed and produced at the Design Bureau of Transport Engineering (Omsk), which is part of the Scientific and Production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod". Currently, in addition to supplies to the Army of the Russian Federation, TOC-1 began to disclose its export potential - the first three combat vehicles were delivered to the Army of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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  1. Sergh
    17 November 2011 10: 01
    A good car, develop the ammunition further and do not need anything else, the Chinese tanks are not scary. Thermoboric ammunition in fine weather is a thing!
    In Syria, I’d shoot a heel once and back home, for a show, and home, so as not to be stolen.
  2. +3
    17 November 2011 10: 45
    It is worth recalling that the TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system is designed and manufactured

    Nichrome it is not produced (not counting as many as 3 pieces in Kazakhstan) ... for the entire Russian army it seems only 10 pieces and there is .. nothing is heard about any additional deliveries ..
  3. 0
    17 November 2011 11: 21
    a good spiritual thing, but the firing range is small, it would be necessary to increase it by 2–3 times and go.
    1. 0
      17 November 2011 14: 29
      so yes, that's why they probably don’t buy it, what for it is asked when the same type of ammunition is for Grads, Hurricanes, Tornadoes with a higher range.
    2. Jaguar
      19 November 2011 23: 04
      For this there is MLRS Smerch

      The 300-mm 9M55S missile with a thermobaric warhead is designed to destroy manpower, open and sheltered in open-type fortifications and objects of unarmored and lightly armored military equipment. The development of the projectile was completed in 2004. By order of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1288 of October 7, 2004, the shell was adopted by the Russian army. The designation of the head part is 9M216 ("Excitement").

      Technical specifications
      Weight - 800kg
      Length - 7600mm
      Mass of the head - 243kg
      Head length - 2049mm
      The mass of the explosive mixture - 100kg
      Temperature field diameter with T> 1000 ° C - 25m
      Thermal field lifetime - 1440ms
      Self-destruction time of the warhead - 110-160s
      Firing range:
      maximum - 70km
      minimum - 25km
      Surface temperature range ± 50 ° С
      The mass of the container with two shells - 1934kg
  4. Artemka
    17 November 2011 12: 41
    Pinocchio ignites!
  5. 0
    6 December 2011 01: 13
    I think no one would want to get under such "pressure"