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Winter uniform

Winter uniformThe creation of high-quality winter workwear is now reaching a new level. The use of new materials allows you to get rid of uncomfortable and unattractive garments of a particular professional accessory. Winter overalls today, in addition to this, it is distinguished by high strength and versatility.

If we talk about overalls for specialists in military professions, then it should have a number of additional characteristics. These characteristics should include the increased ergonomics of the winter military uniform, its excellent insulating qualities, windproofness and, at the same time, good ventilation.

The armies of the world, which are called upon to operate in low temperatures, are supplied with a special type of winter military uniform. If we talk about the Finnish army, then the uniform here, surprisingly, is being developed by forestry specialists. A whole research group is involved in creating the drawing of the Finnish winter uniform. Several people deliberately roam the Finnish forests and snow-covered shores of numerous lakes to capture the winter landscape. Then several thousand pictures and video files are loaded into a computer, which analyzes the color palette and, thanks to a special program, creates a single texture. More precisely, several textures are created at once, corresponding to different types of terrain. And on the basis of these textures, a universal texture is created, which will form the basis of the "war paint" of the uniform (uniform) of Finnish soldiers. Such amazing care allows you to create truly unique examples of the colors of military uniforms and workwear for gamekeepers.
The Americans are already preparing for the implementation of a new program, which will create 3D-coloring of winter overalls (uniforms) for various compounds. Such a texture will allow the American soldier, according to the designers of the form, to literally get lost not only among the snow-covered fir trees, but also in a fairly open area. The texture was originally planned for use with snipers. In the future, it will be used by other members of the American army. It is worth saying that American soldiers do not conduct hostilities in a pronounced winter, so this uniform is still being produced as prototypes. You can even guess who the American fighters imagine as the enemy if they have to conduct exercises in low temperatures on the snow-covered ranges of Alaska.

Russian servicemen also received new winter military uniforms. However, there are many rumors about its convenience, or rather, about the inconvenience. In particular, the soldiers complain that the new winter uniform does not have a high enough collar, and is also easy to let the wind through. The Ministry of Defense, however, speaks in the spirit that the new Russian winter uniform meets all modern requirements: not a 3D texture, of course, but it also has its advantages.

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  1. sprut
    sprut 19 November 2011 15: 51
    We were recently given - I, in principle, liked it ...
  2. Jarserge
    Jarserge 20 November 2011 22: 27
    Well written ............ And in the Russian Federation from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic and from the Arctic Ocean to Kazakhstan - in winter and summer in one color and the main thing is that it would be monotonous
  3. almost demobil
    almost demobil 24 November 2011 10: 57
    Today I got something from the winter. Most likely I won't have to test it in the field (see nickname), but I'll go hunting, wander with the boar and write off about the winter ankle boots, in my opinion they deserve attention, in any case I don't have such quality military shoes saw. The seam to the seam, inserts, gaskets, inside the garteks, where it is necessary there is soft, where it is necessary rigid there. A lot of labels describing the technology: Italian sole, German combined leather on special order, antibacterial wear-resistant insole, impregnation, welded seams, waterproof for 360 minutes
  4. almost demobil
    almost demobil 24 November 2011 12: 24

    These are the Faraday firms ..
  5. almost demobil
    almost demobil 24 November 2011 12: 30
    Who cares, dial: faraday company-products-military shoes-article s08089 /
  6. dred
    dred 29 November 2011 15: 21
    our winter form is dull, if I can say so at all.
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 1 December 2011 09: 08
      Of course, you can't say that. The form cannot be dumb, in contrast to the comments.
  7. Artemka
    Artemka 29 November 2011 15: 24
    I would say non-photogenic.
  8. tank64rus
    tank64rus 1 December 2011 08: 16
    Read about how in the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" they conducted an experiment with a new winter uniform. If everything is so good, then why the prosecutor's office became interested in this form.
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 1 December 2011 09: 07
      Yes, everything is very simple. After the illnesses of the greenhouse boys, soldiers' mothers began to fuss and the prosecutor's office is obliged to check.
  9. Sleptsoff
    Sleptsoff 15 January 2012 20: 52
    When they finally remove these earflaps, it's funny, by God. There are also warm knitted hats that tightly bind the head (I don’t know what they are called), they are warm and look modern.
    1. Mostovik
      Mostovik 1 March 2012 08: 39
      In winter in the wind in a knitted hat like no hat. I'll tell you like a Siberian.
  10. Viking
    Viking 29 February 2012 16: 24
    Quote: Sleptsoff
    When they finally remove these earflaps, it's funny, by God.

    Never. so it's uh, tradition !!! As well as a belt with a shiny plaque. After all, well, not who, in ordinary everyday winter conditions, does not wear felt boots, but they wear them either on a field trip, or on guard or somewhere else, specifically. But also to do with a hat with earflaps, the power of energy is not possible. So that when you need to, put it on, you don't need to lie in your locker. In Chechnya, for example, people in caps with earflaps were extremely rare.
    1. ss43ru
      ss43ru 15 August 2012 19: 24
      In Chechnya, for example, people in caps with earflaps were extremely rare.

      Try to stand in Krasnoyarsk at -40 with the wind in a bundle for at least half an hour, after the shift, when I went home from 31 to 1, my ears froze wink