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Our memory. Kaluga wonder. Reportage. 1 part


Surprise is the best word to describe our condition. It all started with the fact that familiar reenactors offered to go with them to the city of Kaluga. At the opening of the first museum there dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. What was surprising was not the opening of the museum, but the fact that the 70 years in Kaluga didn’t get along well without him.

The second surprise was when we learned that the museum was opened not by state structures, but by private traders. Club historical reconstruction "Kaluga garrison". Since this did not fit into our understanding, we naturally went.

Kaluga met us with snow. But then the weather changed her mind and we did not spoil the shooting. Although Friday and frank cold played a cruel joke with the number of spectators. But they came the most persistent.

The discovery itself was brief. Then everyone was led through the museum, the guys from the Kaluga garrison "looked very worthy as guides. Then for those who wanted (everyone wanted) there was a lunch from the field kitchen and a small concert, and then reenactors from Kaluga, Moscow, Orel, Peter and Voronezh gave a show, narrating about one of the episodes of 1941 of the year.

Our opinion - everything was very professionally organized.

To begin, we talked with the organizer and the head of the club, Dmitry Chuprov.

Lunch under the snow - both informative and romantic

For those who wanted worked shooting

Who was interested, those rolled on the "lorry"

Kaluga singers. Sang heartily, despite the complete disgrace with the weather. And they sang, I must say, great

"Lorry" with a gun extends to the landfill

"Ganomag" also very vigorously shook back and forth. With noise and crash

Before we nominated ourselves to the site where the reconstruction was to take place, we asked to say a few words to one of the participants of this event.

And then they watched with pleasure as the events unfolded.

It should be noted another interesting point. The episode of October 1941 was played. When Kaluga was actually abandoned by our troops in favor of the defense of Moscow. However, the organizers decided to play a small episode in which the combined detachment of Soviet soldiers and militias stopped for some time the advance of the Germans. Small local success against the overall negative background of 1941 of the year. Very wise. Especially considering the fact that the majority of viewers were clearly less than 15 years old. Here the organizers in the political and educational plan are very good.

Build before starting

Evacuation of property by our fighters from some warehouse

Plait documents

Left barrier

The Germans kept themselves waiting a bit, but went on the attack

Pyrotechnics worked perfectly. And the powder did not spare. This explosion of some particularly intelligent lightly fell asleep. I had to change the shooting points

The car returned with the assembled detachment of soldiers of the Red Army. The Germans knocked her out of his gun

In response, our deployed their guns and began a form artillery duel

As a result, our revenge for the truck, damaging the German gun. Yes, and with the machine gun the Germans something happened

Taking advantage of this, the soldiers of the Red Army went on the attack. The enemy has been destroyed

And this is how our operator saw it.

What else can I add? You can congratulate the city of Kaluga with the fact that they now have at least a small but very informative museum. The photo report about the exhibits will be in the second part of our story. Very good selection. We must congratulate the city of Kaluga with the fact that there are such patriots in it, as the club "Kaluga Garrison". I am glad that the city authorities have found common points of contact with reenactors. It was made a matter of great importance.
Photos used:
Photo: Roman Skomorokhov, video: Roman Krivov
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 12 October 2015 08: 05 New
    Thank you, pleased. good
  2. Hubun
    Hubun 12 October 2015 08: 08 New
    well done guys, everything is correct. The main thing is to interest young people. It is much more interesting and informative and much more patriotic than any "Twilight" and "Fantastic Four"
  3. Stauffenberg
    Stauffenberg 12 October 2015 08: 30 New
    Class. I'll be in Kaluga for sure. Maybe they have a website?
  4. Bosha
    Bosha 12 October 2015 11: 41 New
    Wow, I’m from Kaluga, and I learned about the museum from here.
    1. teron
      teron 13 October 2015 12: 09 New
      The same thing.
  5. Barboskin
    Barboskin 12 October 2015 13: 18 New
    As for the truck, this is not a lorry, but Zakhar. But well done!
    1. Engineer engineer
      Engineer engineer 12 October 2015 14: 42 New
      Zakhar was called ZIL 164. I used him (Zakhara) at DOSAAF to study. And in the pictures - a lorry. I found them still "alive".
      1. moskowit
        moskowit 13 October 2015 19: 26 New
        Let me disagree with you. Most likely you studied at the "grandson" "Zakharka", and Zakhar Ivanovich is the ZIS-5.

        "ZIS-5 (" three-ton "," Zakhar "," Zakhar Ivanovich ") is a Soviet truck with a carrying capacity of 3 tons; the second largest truck in the 1930-1940s (the first place was taken by GAZ-AA). During the Second World War - one of the main transport vehicles of the Red Army.Produced at the Stalin Automobile Plant from 1933 to 1948. During the war, a simplified military modification of the ZIS-5V was produced by the ZIS factories (1942-1946) UlZIS (1942-1944) and UralZIS (1944-1947) ). "

        From an article published at VO two years ago ...
  6. Rusich Velikoross
    Rusich Velikoross 12 October 2015 16: 17 New
    Thanks for the article, very healthy told about the event. Dear Roman, how can I contact you through the site? I could not find where your PM is here, this is written by one of the reenactors with whom you spoke at the event, I also asked you to take some photos. I would like to contact you at your convenience. Sincerely.
  7. bmv1202
    bmv1202 12 October 2015 16: 17 New
    Well done, Kaluga! They love both their city and history. The honor guard of schoolchildren at the Eternal Flame pleasantly surprised us a couple of years ago.